• Title: ZTE AXON MINI (B2016 –force touch)
  • Listed: 12/12/2016 3:05 pm
  • ROM Version:Marshmallow 6.0.1 version B12/13
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ZTE AXON MINI (B2016 –force touch)
ZTE launcherZTE AXON MINI (B2016 - force touch) - Image 2modded settingsZTE AXON MINI (B2016 - force touch) - Image 4for google assistant, you need N-ify and assistant enablerZTE AXON MINI (B2016 - force touch) - Image 6ZTE AXON MINI (B2016 - force touch) - Image 7ZTE AXON MINI (B2016 - force touch) - Image 8ZTE AXON MINI (B2016 - force touch) - Image 9

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EDIT8/EDIT9: Small bug report:

on B12 and B13 Dolby keeps turning itself off when headphone is plugged in. You can simply turn it back on and works ok. But on B12 B09 it stays ON all the time. I thought you'd like to know.

Both B09 and B12 is still available from my Mega account (on the OLD roms link).


EDIT7: NEW ROM B13 "Clean-01"uploaded properly




Before placing your review, please kindly remember one simple thing:

You would NEVER be able to have a Marshmallow ROM on your ZTE AXON mini B2016, if it wasn't for our work (@Bormental, @Crisvendeta, myself, and some others from XDA).

Another relevant note: ZTE made this rom, not us, so if you are not happy with the rom itself please blame zte and not me, I'm here simply helping/sharing the way we found to keep our phones up-to-date.

However I find difficult for anyone NOT to like this ROM, mainly considering the poor implementation of the stock android L which is shipped with every B2016 model. I doubt ZTE will ever update our devices, but I hope I'm wrong.


INTRODUCTION:This ROM is based on the chinese stock from the B2015 phones. It only has English and Chinese language in principle (SORRY), although the translation for other languages using apps like language enabler isn't too bad.

This M Rom gave new life to our poor axon mini, which is now replaced by the axon 7 mini. The stock lollipop ROM was slow and laggy.

I will cut the story short, but it all started after @Bormental (from XDA) made a working custom twrp for this phone, which allowed us to backup and to flash anything. He also figured out that we can flash ANY rom from the B2015 model on the B2016, as long as we replace and use the Modem from the international lollipop for the B2016 phone.

All I did, other than removing some crappy stock apps and the stock recovery (otherwise it would replace twrp), was to replace the modem, the logo screen, the boot animation (all from the international ROM), edited the settings-ZTE app (to remove some of the bloats from the main setting menu), transferred the "force touch"capability from the last B08 into the B12 and added the gapps into the system.

I have also added someother google apps (keyboard, dialer, contacts, tts, etc) and es file explorer.

The ROM is cleanner now, more like a proper aosp, but there is still some ZTE stuff around, which are needed to have a fully functional system.

So……moving on to our business…..





if you have lollipop:

- Root and install twrp.

IMPORTANT: NOW USE THE RECOVERY TO MAKE A BACKUP, so you make sure you test the recovery too BEFORE wiping your system.

- reboot recovery/wipe/advance/ wipe system, data and cache

- flash the latest B13.zip (ROM);

- then flash superSU 2.62;than (optionally) flash xposed.

- reboot system (exeptionally, no need to flash aboot6 in this case, the ROM already has it)

First boot will take a little while to boot, wait up to about 5-7minutes.


if you already are on M rom (B09 or B12):

- you are already rooted so just reboot recovery and flash the aboot5*** file;

- flash B13.zip (ROM);then flash superSU 2.62;than (optionally) flash xposed.

- reboot system. First boot will take a little while to boot, wait up to about 5-7minutes.


IF YOU DON'T READ THE NOTES BELOW, PLEASE DO NOT BLAME ME IF YOU HAVE TO SEND YOU PHONE BACK TO ZTE FOR "BRICKING IT". However, many other guys, like me, never had any problems installing ROMs on this phone. Just do it right and you will be OK.


this twrp was developed for the android 5 (L) version. Once your have installed android 6 (M) you must flash this aboot5 and reboot recovery before:

- doing a nandroid backup;

- Flash files larger than ~350Mb (gapps, superSU and xposed CAN be flashed without this);

After doing the operation you want to do in the recovery, you MUST flash the aboot6 file BEFORE rebooting the system.

-failing to flash aboot5 before recovery operations will cause the screen to turn black.

-failing to flash aboot6 after backing up your system/data, will cause a bootloop.

However both failures above are harmless, you won't loose anything, just restart recovery, flash the correct aboot file and you are good to go again.

—->FAQ: I'd love to brick my phone in such a way even zte will have trouble in bringing it back to life. How do I achieve this?

-This easy and is the only way I can think you can manage to brick your phone: install twrp, then try flashin any M ROM or simply flash the aboot6 zip. To conclude, simply install the stock recovery either from twrp itself or from adb. DONE, you've got a BRICK in your hands, and only ZTE may fix it. I think this is exactly what you wanted?


&&&Notes about google Play store.

Once the system boots up, go straight to MI-assistant app, open it and hit the big green button in the middle. wait until it finishes. on the second result row (autostart) you MUST allow play services to autorun.

Finally you can add your google account.


If your phone is already up and running with an older version of any M ROM, but you wish to move the gapps to system.

- remove your google account;

- uninstall these 6 apps: calendar sync, contacts sync, playstore, google play services, google service framework and google account loggin. Don't worry, just uninstall them.

- Go to recovery and flash Gapps, reboot the phone and give Playservices the permissions from the Mi-assitant and said above



1) DO NOT flash roms for the B2015 directly downloaded from ZTE or you WILL loose the twrp recovery;These original files MUST be modified before flashing so you keep your twrp intact;

2) IF YOU HAVE A BOOTLOOP. @Crisvendeta (the founder of the axon mini XDA thread) discovered this useful trick to boot into recovery during a bootloop

(quick EDIT: someone in XDA just discovered the vol+ isn't needed to turn the phone off)

vol+power for 10 seconds –phone will reboot

keep holding vol+power for 10 more seconds –phone will reboot again;

keep holding vol+power…..in about 5 seconds, as soon as the screen turn off, release the buttons. Phone will turn off.

Now you simply vol+power to start in recovery mode, as usual. So please don't panic, as long as you have twrp you are safe.


Enjoy a much better phone.

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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

24 Responses to“ZTE AXON MINI (B2016 –force touch”

  1. 11/30/2013
    Posts: 2

    Does this ROM work on ZTE Axon Mini B2016 with no Force Touch? (i. e. ROM B2016V1.0.0B04 instead of B2016 FTV1.0.0B04)



  2. 10/03/2013
    Posts: 67

    This ROM wasn’t force touch originally, I have copied the “pressure touch”app from the b08 into it.
    Also, there is a “true/false”build.prop line I have set as true.

    Try flashing and see what happens. If it does work or it bootloops you can download the ROM.zip file, open it in win.rar and delete the pressure touch app from system/priv-app and also extract the build.prop, change the value to false and place it back into the zip.

    I think it is safe to do. But if you can’t get it to work let me know and I can simply upload the stock ROM with the recovery removed from it, and without any force touch mod.

    Remember NEVER to install the stock recovery back (you will likely brick your phone) and to read the instructions carefully.

    Good luck.

  3. 12/31/2016
    Posts: 7

    Please help! I followed correctly this instruction.

    I'm trying to install twrp via adb shell. but it deosn't work at here

    'dd of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery if=/sdcard/twrp.img'

    C:\adb>adb shell
    shell@msm8916_64:/ $ dd of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery if=/sdcard/twrp.img
    f=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery if=/sdcard/twrp.img                 <
    dd: /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery: Permission denied
    1|shell@msm8916_64:/ $

  4. 10/03/2013
    Posts: 67

    Make sure USB debug is turned on.
    I also remember the twrp.img should be in the INTERNAL memory, but to be honest I placed it also in my windows adb folder, in the SD card and in the internal to be sure :) .

    If you can’t do via PC adb, try downloading a terminal app and do from the phone, it also works.

    Also, I think this is what is missing, try typing adb shell, then “su”before the “dd of……”

  5. 12/31/2016
    Posts: 7

    you already are on M rom (B09 or B12):

    I was using the phone after complete flashing M rom(B13), su 2.62.(then I had to unroot the phone by super user and deleted kingo root on the phone to use bank apps)

    After 2 days uses, my phone got into bootloop suddenly while normal using

    I don't know why this happen. what i did wrong.

    If i want to re-install M, do I have to follow the instruction like on M rom(B09 or B12)?



    I am on M rom(B13), If I want to

    • 10/03/2013
      Posts: 67

      I’m not sure I understood what happened to you. Maybe you could be a bit clearer.

      You only need root to be able to install twrp for the first time.

      As long as you still have twrp (I.e. you didn’t lose it by trying to re-flash unmodified stock ROM and having you twrp replaced by stock recovery), you can root, unroot and re-flash any M ROM.
      However before re-flash any ROM, you must go to recovery, flash aboot5, reboot recovery then flash the ROM.

    • 12/31/2016
      Posts: 7

      I am on M rom(B13), If I want to re-install M rom(B13),

      How can I do it? just like when i had lollipop?

      - reboot recovery/wipe/advance/ wipe system, data and cache

      - flash the latest B13.zip (ROM);

      - then flash superSU 2.62;than (optionally) flash xposed.

  6. 12/31/2016
    Posts: 7

    Got it. thanks


    ' before re-flash any ROM, you must go to recovery, flash aboot5, reboot recovery then flash the ROM.'

  7. 12/31/2016
    Posts: 7

    Sorry. one more question.
    If I want to go back to initial. lollipop B2016.
    How can I do? I did back up right after root and install twrp.
    and do you have *.tar odin flash file?

    • 10/03/2013
      Posts: 67

      Boot into recovery, flash aboot 5.zip, reboot into recovery.

      Now you are ready to restore your backup or to flash stock lollipop (do not ever flash stock Mrom, unless it is the one I posted).

      By flashing the stock L ROM it will override everything including the recovery itself, back to square one.

      Odin is never needed, I never used it on this phone.

  8. 12/31/2016
    Posts: 7

    Thanks again.

    After Update to B13, I can see the firmware update in update manu. Can you see that too?

    What is it? What happen if i do?

  9. 10/03/2013
    Posts: 67

    No you don’t do it.
    You are likely seeing the zip file from your own SD card.
    Anyway never just update from the phone update.
    You will brick the phone if you don’t flash aboot 5 first before trying to flash any ROM.

  10. 01/11/2017
    Posts: 3


    Sorry, but I'm a little confused.

    The instructions on this page say:

    - Root and install twrp.

    - reboot recovery/wipe/advance/ wipe system, data and cache

    - flash the latest B13.zip (ROM);

    The instructions on the PDF in the zip file say:

    - boot into recovery, install aboot5, reboot into recovery.

    -flash B12-B2016-MROM-Clean-XX.zip ROM

    Do I have to install aboot5 when I update from stock 5.1.1 for the first time or not?

    Just want to make sure that I don't brick my phone…

    Thanks in advance!

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