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hi i m looking f10 f22 hisense factory file u can send me sms here +27722935024ch arshad 2017-12-13
Hello! I need a firmware for Susan X7 (sp6825c1_plus_A10_gt_gt022_s22_susan_x7_rda5991_fl , eng.longtao.20161029.155655 , IML74K , A10 V2.0 board) !!teogorghin 2017-12-12
HELLO please;i need FREETEL musashi(FTJ161A)ROM . Can you help me ? THANK YOUcookies1 2017-12-12
Hey Bro, I saw your post for \"Tradeno X3\" rom and I wanted to know if this rom could work for a \"Tradeno 640XL\" since they are both \"MT6580\" devices ? If not, please can you help me have the rom for this one ? by uploading it or by any other means. I will be really thankful for your help.steve640 2017-12-11
Hola, tengo un móvil Mobiola Atmos II, pero no encuentro el firmware original de este dispositivo en ningún sitio. ¿Me puedes ayudar y decirme cómo hacer para poder encontrar esa rom?Tengo el móvil brickeadoDiego-moreno 2017-12-10
Hola! Tengo un telefono TELE 1 P24 y tengo que renovarle el software pero no lo consigo. Podrias ayudarme. +584143863261FrancelisRausseo 2017-12-05
Boss, bakit po walang scatter file yung flare s5 mini? pano po ba gagawin boss? salamat pojunshet 2017-12-05
please;i need room for (vya elegance mobile). Can you help me ?nenorose 2017-12-05
Sir please upload custom recovery or new rom for Micromax a108ashokbharia 2017-11-28
Hello. I have some problem with this rom: I flashed it to my son's phone, a Navon Mizu M505LTE with dual sim. Everything fine, but no IMEI and can't connect to mobile service. What can do now? Maybe the upgrades can help? Thanks for your answer.toki33 2017-11-23
hi i have problem for flashed my phone with i can find up the mt65xxx preloaderweell 2017-11-23
plz i need rom freetel ice 2 plus fte 161g android 7.0abdohassan 2017-11-22
thaksnet15702 2017-11-22
Anything on the blu grand max g110qshottaz2003 2017-11-16
Hi Sir I'm looking hard for Roco C805 original stock firmware (android 6). There is a post here with 2 versions (V6 and V11) but the latest does not work. I flashed V6 (which is android 7) and bricked my device. I would really appreciate your help. It is the tablet from my young daughter. Thank you for your time.Satierf 2017-11-14
hello sir,how are you ? l am in a bit of a trouble,you see l have a yezz Andy A5QP that lost its firmware and l am looking for one.l was wondering if you could help me find one or create a dump file.l searched all over the internet and couldn't fins one .l will be very grateful if u could help me . thank youRafikAdam 2017-11-12
can u do a clean back up from hisense c1 and send me please? i cant flash thos u have on the side neither with recovery neither by adb sideload and i cant use qspt plstokyiro 2017-11-09
Please upload CCIT T3 fingerprint romfahimferozali 2017-11-09
i have a moto g4 version kernel 3.10.65 sc7731 i can donwload g5 sc7731 for my devicegabriel2580 2017-10-31
Hello..this vivo x7 plus rom is international version or chinese version??coz mine has chinese version and wanna change it to international version..Jwick75 2017-10-31
thankxxx brovkytv 2017-10-27
Hello, the version published here does not fit the model of your phone from 2017, is the ability to update the software for the model Dingding C2 2017?ir 2017-10-27
hey mate i need the 6.0 MT6735 IOS 10 Rom 64bit cause i cant find it anywhereOmarilzz 2017-10-27
Good morning, I have a samsung j2 clone with the following reference: MT6572_S00 - SW See: ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1 - m8v13_dhd_d33_fw_001_en_v01 - Fcc Id: A3LJ2 - SSN: J2DFGSMH - MOLY.Wr8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V43 (2015-10-09) - V.Kernel: 3.4.67 -hvangqw @ lmkj - desktop # 1 (Fri Feb 26 CST 2016) - Standard built-in version: 1456479113. I would like to get this rom. Thank you for your attention.fernando do rosario 2017-10-26
Good Morning I have a JS ME557 smartphone this is with some problems and would like to update the same. Is the software you provided is newer than what I have installed? I do not know how to see it! I put the images of the versions of my phone on the software page. If you could help me, I'd appreciate it. Thank youjscoelho 2017-10-16
you are awesome. thanks for symphony firmware...asif12141286 2017-10-15
goooooodmuhamad ayi 2017-10-12
Hi, socrate please can you have H-mobile galaxia S2 (dual sim) room? I will very greatfull if you can find it. Thank you for your workmorphus 2017-10-12
hello socrate, can you pls share the kempler & strauss helix rom? thank you!elviejojenkins 2017-10-11
Plz share bro , True Smart Max 4.0 Plus v4.0.2 org firmware.kolin2525 2017-10-11
can you help , i flashed your rom for TEENO i8, I got berom error 4032, problem in preloaderNacimo 2017-10-10
Hello Mr socrate. Can you help me? I need a rom for vodafone p353x. Vodafone smart tab 4g (alcatel pop 8s) My device is bricked I need flash with QPST,but i can not find rom nowhere on internet. Thank you so muth Best reagards petroati76petroati 2017-10-09
Hello Mr SoCr@Te Im wrote this message for asking your help here in Arabic country's like Morocco - Egypt - Saudi Arabia -Qatar ..... a lot of peoples have innjoo fire 3 lte smartphone but we face a problem this problem is that we can not find the official rom for this device or even a custom rom we fin 1 official rom but this rom not stable and so so so slow so please can you make us a custom rom or find any another official rom for this device we wish your help lot of people waiting this :good::good::good::good:MF0 2017-10-07
upload firefly swweet plus thanksUnderArrest12 2017-10-03
Good one spark room work nicely in my phone thanks for uploadingsumitnar9 2017-09-30
mds5 della rom mi da errore?fisico1 2017-09-28
brother, my fly iq4588 quad mt6580 has gone on black/blank screen after flashing the rom, please helpmahbublinkon 2017-09-23
Xgody y20 android update pleasebykartal 2017-09-23
Help us with firefly vision 5x please. We dont want to let our phone stuck from blackscreen.Jakosalem 2017-09-21
salut pro merci pour tout ca que tu fais pour nous. please can you have susan y10 rom?mayo12345 2017-09-15
how do i know if my firefly vision 5x is SC7731 ? and others say after they installed your rom their device became black screen how do they fix it ? i am still afraid to try if you can teach me how to do it maybe i'll do :)nae8ean 2017-09-15
hi guys i need firmware for spinup a1 model . i flashed wrong firmware so it bricked and white screen only pls help mevrgopal 2017-09-15
how to by pass google account for hi core z5ibtisamah 2017-09-15
Need Help. Flashed your Rom for Xgody D10. Now it´s bricked. Please Upload a working Rom. Thanks a lot.denisabbing 2017-09-06
preciso da room pro mt6572 replica moto g4plus alps h200rivelino fernandes 2017-09-04
hi. Please i need rom for the new HDC S8 SM-G950 clone with real 5.8 inch display with rounded corners and no black bars on top and bottom of the screen. please help because i bricked my phone. thank youlecco 2017-09-04
********** Need ROM for china fake Mi4 --- 'Zeaplus M4' PLEASE No working: ANY ideas? stefan.k@wp.plLukraix 2017-09-03
Mate NOA H10 Android 7.0 ?TheEzio5 2017-08-30
Hello, do yo have rom to w&o max 3 androin 6.0? Thankmario1965 2017-08-26
Hello SoCr@Te, is it possible for you to get and upload Huawei y3 2017 CR0-U00 full firmware? I would really thanks & appreciate itzainiummul 2017-08-25
Kronos Tech 4U la version 1.2 que no sea HD o HDQ men si me haces el favorsote gracias!! eres el mejorechokiss 2017-08-24
Hello SoCr@Te, is it possible for you to get and upload Six Mobile ILU firmware? I would really appreciate itcesarpz29 2017-08-16
That Tele2 Mini 1.1 really saves my butt, but how do i find out, what's my build version, e.g. Y8192.JM.L4072.4+4.Tele2 Mini.B1B8.6.0.V01.01.20170414 or something? I'd appreciate your feedback as a message here or to, or via VK by 2017-08-15
Dear Sir, please provide if possible the stock rom of Lenosed F9 (Android 6.0). Many thanksxbox900 2017-08-14
so far so good all the roms and verisions , but why there isnt any room with cm13.1 ( android 6.1 marshmallow ) for leagoo m5 ? please make one asap ...mrademmi 2017-08-13
hello, need rom for TELMA F+ build number is: Navtech_F1+_ver5.1_20161212 android: 6.0 cpu: sc7731c ( Hardware: sp7731c_ds1_1h10)frantsay 2017-08-12
Hi SoCr@Te, do you have the latest rom from hdc space ex s8 (from Your latest roms for hdc s8 don`t work, the phone does not start after flashing. Thank you very much. lod116lod116 2017-08-12
Gracias por las rooms utilice una para quitar el brick a un swissmovility PRA557 aun No consigo que se conecten las bandas esto es por no tener imei y mac. aunque he conseguido ya colocar las imeis (dos) (llamadas ok) no he conseguido la room stock que me de las imei y el mac por defaul el modelo tiene que estar liberado para mexico. saludos y de nueva cuenta GraciasLuis Erasmo Reyes 2017-08-12
hey man so i downloaded your stock rom for MLS IQTALK S8 and i get s_ft_enable_dram_fail (0xfc0) this errortheredpoop 2017-08-11
Hello sorry to bother you, but you could not get me a stock rom of a tcl e500 with mtk 6580 is urgent since my phone stayed with the white screen, from now on my thanksyonii33 2017-08-10
please i need the rom of blumix g9 plus.sayfe1113 2017-08-10
I Need Aci stylus Q75 frimware soc sc7731GShamim247 2017-08-09
thank you sir , i dont know how to thank you,you are the best.nikbooster 2017-08-08
thanks sir for providing a rom on SKK Mobile ATMOSjohnrpd 2017-08-07
hello sir thanks for your hard work can you please post iMAN i5800C with working touchscreen ? best regardspowa 2017-08-06
sir,what kind of tools should I used to install firefly vision 5x ROM because when I updated via OTA, screen becomes black. thank you and more power.tagugo 2017-08-02
Thanks you a lot for all ROMs for Beeline Pro 6.artyom2017bot 2017-08-01
u re the bestJonkur96 2017-08-01
por favor. tenho um orro s7 64 bits octa core, poderia me passar arquivo TWRP para instalar nele pelo flash tool e gostaria de saber se ele ja tem atualização para android N. me mande por favor pelo meu email ( muitissimo obrigadodeveto 2017-07-29
please i need really i need help whit orro y6 please. change bootanimation..............code?? or what???mauricioxdx 2017-07-28
Hi, The Leagoo M8 ROM 2 you posted, you never respond to the complain people are having bro? Kindly respond please.hamsong 2017-07-27
bro can u upload O king 4..thats the only oking u did not uploademmaugoh 2017-07-26
Good Day Sir,Thank you very much. Only you have Freetel ROM, Please make Freetel Musashi ROM (FTJ161A).Please~please~please~~~Love you~HAPI-China 2017-07-24
+1 for NOA H10le Rom please. Thank you in advancerubenfreitas 2017-07-21
Good Day Sir, Can you provide S Color S8 Rom, bcoz i bricked my phone.kaash412 2017-07-20
Sir, can you provide solution for blank screen after upgrading the istar i7 plusjrazonable 2017-07-20
день добрый залейте пожалуйста прошивку для Lark cumulus 5.5HD Android 5.1 lollipopdzhon 2017-07-17
Hi can u pls post rom for k touch e7 i need it to unbrick my phone plsThomson 2017-07-17
Hello there, is there any way to find MLS IQtab 3G (IQ7700) stock rom ? Is there another rom that I can use on it ?xHardc0re 2017-07-16
Hello, can you help me? I have a J7 Prime rom I'm looking for Hardware: MT6580 Model: gxq6580_weg_xz_1 Build number: LMY47I test-keys Build date UTC: 20161209-144922 Android V: 5.1albin76 2017-07-12
Hi . Can you find stock firmware for AKAI JOY ? This is the phone 2017-07-05
Hey pls repair zip of ROM Wiko pulg Fab 4G... Error unzip The file is corrupt: System_10.img, 20, 23 and system_5.img Screenshot 2017-07-03
Request: Can you obtain NOA H10le rom? Thank youLocDest 2017-07-01
tengo un intouch s5000 y no me aparese la rom me aparese solo este Intouch Note3A y cuando instalo el draiver me aparese error 10 no me deja porfavor tiene solucion me quedo en el logo y no termina de prender lo mande areiglar y me dijeron q no tiene areiglo ceci41 2017-06-25
can you help me to ni service in lenovo s850?sanjeevbaria 2017-06-23
hi, do you have Ding Ding guide c2 rom? i need it to unbrick my phone.evilpiggy6172 2017-06-23
Hi do you have a rom for stk storm 2e? ive been searching everywhere but i cant seem to find one.mattxdr1 2017-06-22
Prompt. Where can I find ROM Firmware for SM S7 clone ! Hardware : MT6572 (MT6589 is Fake!) Model : SM-G930F Build number : ALPS.JB3.MP.V1.8 Build date UTC : 20161223-070504 Android v : 6.0.1 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V4.P1,2016/05/09 16:26 Kernel v : 3.4.5 (whl@service-desctop) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106(prerelease)(GCC) ) #1 SMP WED Mar 22 10:06:32 CST 2017 Uboot build v : —– LCD Driver IC : 1-r63315_SHP_dsi_vdo Memory type is : NAND MotherBoard : rs722d-v1.0 r17417A4 Весь инет молчит (((redjoker11 2017-06-21
Where did u get those SYMPHONY P9 Roms? aro those safe to install in my device? I want to upgrade my firmware...RomFI 2017-06-19
Big thanks for NOA roms,. Best regardsfareky 2017-06-19
Hi! Please help me!I flashed the ECHO JAVA rom and have a big problem. I check the phone and same sc7731 processor but after i flash this firmware(all version) the phone turn on but only stripes can see on the lcd…and i haven't find any another firmware for what can i do?banditosz001 2017-06-14
Thanks a lot. I am planning to buy a Hisense A2, which has no gapps by default. Is it correct to download your update 6.03.10 for gapps? Hisense A2 Hisense A2 – Update 6.03.10edckh 2017-06-13
Thank you for sharing. God Bless :)kyccej.12 2017-06-11
sir help i flashed ur zh&k odyssey j5 rom and i cant use the front cam now Please help :(isaacadept23 2017-06-09
Hi, help me find a normal firmware for tele2 maxi not one is not suitable for my phone, I just maxi not 1.1 not lte, etc. If that I'm Russian and you can answer in Russian ----------------------------------------------------------------- Привет, помоги найти нормальную прошивку для tele2 maxi не одна не подходит для моего телефона, у меня просто maxi не 1.1 не lte и т.д. если что я русский и можешь отвечать на русскомpaladinsoul 2017-06-07
Many thanks!!!mundodigital 2017-06-06
hi please need custom rom for xt320 for other countries junior_az 2017-06-02
Do you have Polaroid A4 Rom?nigelbigmeeh 2017-06-01
Hi. Do you have a rom similar to this? Hardware : MT6592 Model : GQ3021 Build number : S509_GQ3021_B2_V1.0_20160927 Build date UTC : 20160928-055449 Android v : 4.4.2 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V35.P3, 2014/11/12 17:45 Kernel v : 3.4.67 (dingge@xc-buildsrv) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Wed Sep 28 13:51:33 CST 2016 Uboot build v : ----- should be root shell LCD Driver IC : 1-rm68200_auo50_hd720_dsi_vdo_ld I think i messed up the camera during my attempt to root the phone. I was able to root it but i lost the camera, front and back. I cannot find a flashable compatible rom with the same lcd driver as what i have now.onoakino 2017-05-31
Hello sir so you have custom recovery for the stk sync 5z?Molapo13 2017-05-30
Hi sir, i need customrom for spc s9 selfie, can you upload CustomRom for SPC S9 Selfie? please.rickylukman45 2017-05-25
Hi!! Is there any rom for MLS IQ1435??chrv80 2017-05-25
hii. sir After Flash My Ginger g5001 mate7 display is blue if u have the original file pleasse give me Contact Me:-1) 2) 3)9975578298 my whats appsachin nagrale 2017-05-22
Very good, the XPLAY G4 rom helped me save a G4 clone.pastel1500 2017-05-18
Hi, Kashi i7 or İnni X9 stock rom link ?bydublor 2017-05-18
hello can you tell me if you have most recent room for snopow m9aba214 2017-05-18
hello my friend you can give me this room please? movic w3 v12 thanks you very much.maguionk 2017-05-18
Hi SoCr@Te! I need sencor element p503 lte official or another rom. Cant your get it? Pleas help meejoepeas 2017-05-16
hi i need rom in ccit t2 maxhessianm 2017-05-16
dear sir you upload a rom for qmobile x500 mt6580, but i have the same phone but mtk is 6582. so if you have any for mt6582.....zebtext 2017-05-15
Thank for Update on Timmy x9loonbg 2017-05-12
Hy there! Can u find a rom for Mpie model Z8? or something similiar, that works 10Xafcmobile 2017-05-11
hi SoCr@Te do you have the ROM working for this model X-BO M9 Mini ROM Version: ROM Android 5.1pachuco 2017-05-10
sir can you help me with my android phone cherry mobile flare infinity it wont boot up even though i flash the stock rom still wont boot up help me pls sir and it wont boot into recovery mode and fastboot plss ASAPlinken141414 2017-05-09
Please have a problem with the phone immediately after the S600 when the phone data is running Not working Loading This update does not solve this problem I want helpel2mash 2017-05-08
sir can you upload O+ 8.16 Android Stock ROM? please :(zilchdim 2017-05-08
Please SoCr@Te could You upload Beelıne Pro 5 Rom for flashtools ?erosman 2017-05-07
hello, I just would like to ask why my hynex plus sim 1 is not detecting sims. If you have any idea why is this happening please let me know. is it because of the firmware? I really have no idea. thankyou :)schmlerry 2017-05-04
hello socrates do you have the rom SKY PLATINUM6.0+ i have been looknig for it , can you help me? pleaseeder1511 2017-05-03
Great Job, the v3.8 Image of the '"Doogee y6 Max'" saved may day. Thank you very much, keep on going.NoMarkAsp 2017-05-02
Very good job! Please keep sharing the roms. All the best to you.woingenau 2017-04-27
Hi Socrate. do you have Polytron 4G501 MM 6.0 rom?febru ris 2017-04-21
ZTE E9Q+ rom is bricked the tabletintercoolermp 2017-04-19
Hello bro, do you have any ROM for W&O W3? Please bro, I need it. I rate you with 5 stars :)diegogamer 2017-04-17
Hi Socr@ate, You might be greek and your name might be (Σοκράτης) Don't worry i am too. im writing this to english. please answer to me in greek if you are. So listen. i try to update lenovo A859 and i can't understand how to. i extracted and loaded scatter from but i still stuck on S118 Please help me i can't understand the instructions!ADMJohnny 2017-04-14
hi socr@te i need the firmwre for SPD RELAXX R10 plaise.... +243970222728lexam ISULA 2017-04-12
Good work my friend, I have a problem with the LANDVO V1 ROM, my phone uses this version: BB CHIP: MT6580 MS BOARD: magc6580_we_l SW VER: ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_MAGC6580.WE.L_P45 CUSTOM BULD SEE NO .: V128_QHD_V2.0_20161122_0950_V.1.0.2_JJX_G13C_V1 MODEM SEE: MOLY.WR8.W1449.MD.WG.MP.V6.P2, 2016/01/06 21:13 I have tried with other LK.BIN, but it does not work for me, could you help me? Thank you and greetings.fmorales 2017-04-10
Please, lay out source codes of a kernel on leagoo m5vrnwalle 2017-04-10
Amazing work. Can you by any chance post Oeina R8s firmware? the closest firmware i got to work was Xgody x15s but no sound,,, ThankszedBEL 2017-04-06
One of the best authors on site! keep up the good work!Theone1 2017-04-04
Need k7-mb-ebom-v1.8 Motherboard k7-mb-v1.3 firmware. Its for I-joy Pyrox tablet please helpovimotocross 2017-04-02
used the padgeme s9 plus software and no sorted cheers couldnt have done it without this as no other ion the net ..cheers againgarfeilduk 2017-04-01
tnxgsmdulal 2017-03-29
Can you post MLS IQTAB 10 3G (model iq1010) rom? Thanks a lot!DarkQueen 2017-03-28
I'm sorry, please I wanna find the rom for AVVIO L630, I was looking, but I couldn't find it, please try to upload that.SERGES24 2017-03-28
I did the procedure on my A9 and he does not call, can anyone help me?sautoro 2017-03-26
cobia cb515nxdiego24ocarina 2017-03-26
cant download the vinovo r1 rom helpleichristine96 2017-03-23
please XBO V13 MTK6572 firmwaregggg1997 2017-03-23
Maybe do you have a Airis TM51Q .pac file? Or do you know the clone of the Airis TM51QSerabile 2017-03-23
That ROM Intex aqua shine 4g 6.0 . there was a battery charging bug. How can I solve that bug. Please,please,please help meparthchopra111 2017-03-21
need rom for clone i6 mother j7266-mb_pcb v2.2 my mail is thanksmatuxcs03 2017-03-18
Please can you post the rom for MLS IQTalk Spicy (IQ1511)? You are my last chance before paying for unbricking it..riblee 2017-03-18
plz make a logic x4.5 lite romkronos1999 2017-03-17
Downloaded the Hisense U989 Official stock rom, to unbrick my phone, used latest version of SP Flashtools, phone still bricked. Myself and another user have the same issue after using this rom.acteev 2017-03-16
Wants the developer to describe the problem with the phone and find a way to fix the phone screen is white. After flash romphathit 2017-03-16
Please help me! I have an Samsung G530H with NAND type of memory, can u help me to find the correct firmware for my phone i have tried to many and no one is working. U are the best;)lind66 2017-03-13
can you please report downlaoad link for inew u8w ? thanksmiaw88 2017-03-11
i have always trusted you posts about roms here, just wanted to know how to upload here and to other sites some of the backups that i still have.. hope you can help me, thank you.rowelzki18 2017-03-11
Hello please upload firmware for tmovi yeah live, this firmware is only avaliable on gsmclan for vip members 2017-03-11
plz give me tutorial Symphony H250 V12 Flash tutorialgsmsufi 2017-03-10
could you provide the scatter file for a G510 CHINESE version waiting positively for your helpUriey 2017-03-10
Please an update for Doogee Y6nontas 2017-03-09
can u help me looking for LK.bin for GFIVE President Tango 3 T3100? after flashing GFIVE President Tango 3 T3100, I got problem in LCD lines display. thanksArstrain 2017-03-08
Please sir i like you upload gmango c7 stock rom big need youshehbaz ahmed 2017-03-07
φιλε SoCr@Te (προφανως Ελληνας εισαι) ¨ μπορω να χρησιμοποιησω καποιο απο τα MLS που εχεις ανεβασει για ενα iQtab 3G 7'" (IQ5010) ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩtherafys 2017-03-05
hey bro can you up load the rom for sky 6.0L PLEASE!!! phone is bricked please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!RomModGod 2017-03-03
can you pls upload Lark STRATUS 5 LTE firmware, thanksazanduu 2017-03-03
hi socrate, can you please help me rooting my 'OneClick X-music II pro' phone? i am from cairo and i want to contact you please.alattal 2017-03-01
Hi, can you upload Mito a82 t06 sc7731c firmware? please, i need themxrempon 2017-02-28
great job 2017-02-26
great jobcatarrin 2017-02-24
Please..i need the original firmware of oukitel u15 pro, I am no longer receiving updates via otasaogarofalo 2017-02-23
please help me with the i robot evolta plus rom, no display after flashing. i did also flash both roms but still got no luck. thanks in advance.Patotz 2017-02-22
Please can u help me to repair my hisense hs-u972 it is bricked and i without ccomands i need reinstalll firmware but with your utils i cant , i have an error installing drivers . pm me plz.goxks 2017-02-21
hola me puede ayudar para la room movic k4 por correo please. venezuela te lo agradescoyollfranks 2017-02-19
hi, please help me! need firmware for iq x oku official or not makes no difference. Email: Evstratov.alekse@list.rualekse 2017-02-19
Thanks for the good work, i really need help with my clone z4 it says invalid imei how do i fix it ..i followed all tutorial on fixing the imei but the phone freezes whenever its booting to meta mode...cant enter to meta mode so cant fix the imei. i have all the drivers required and they work just fine because i used the same software to solve same issues with other mtk phones..i have downloaded countless number of the roms for z4 you posted hoping the problem will be fixed but not able to fix .kindly help on what i can email jwaforo@gmail.comDAUBLESS 2017-02-19
Hey there chief. I recently downloaded X-BO O6 ROM but it didn't work. My phone is X-BO HTC o6 clone. Could you please help me identify the right ROM to download? The flash tool did not work, formatting didn't work and hard reset didn't work. It just kept saying '"PMT changed for ROM. It must be downloaded'". Please help.Space_Pirate 2017-02-18
Please return the firmware UMI plus e. The creators have switched to a new brand and we are left with nothing(((stealthz 2017-02-16
Hi HTC desire 530 ROM does not download on my phone I have the right drivers can you help me plz.keep up the good worktoonman 2017-02-16
hope to get correct Android 6.0 Marshmallow Rom for i.Robot Stone Evo.chunchun018 2017-02-14
Thanks sa Cherry Mobile Flare Infinity ROM brad ! Sana makahanap na rin tayo ng pang Root and Recovery sa Flare Infinity :)Marlexhari 2017-02-14
Hi, thanks for the UMI Plus Latest Nougat Update, can you send me or upload the changelog?mmiz 2017-02-13
bro give me skaype my skape uprexup inv me broopenness 2017-02-13
Hi, sorry for disrupt you, you upload a ROM for POSH Orion Mini S350A i used in flash tool with hope of revive my phone but still brick, in the sticker behind battery tell: S/W S350A/MTK6572/v2.0 H/W S350A/MTK6572/v1.0 FCC ID: 2ABN6S350 I hope you can send me a more old version of the rom (i remember the recovery tell V9.0 before brick) or if you know other rom maybe work for turn on again my phone :( please if you can help me i will be very thankfulawbusker 2017-02-13
terbaik boss!tqogen2 2017-02-11
You are awesome. Good workKobicity 2017-02-11
Hi, sorry for asking. I'm looking somebody who can help me with TCL s960. I'm trying to find normal nvram for this device. I found one in, but sound doesn't work( Please can you help me? Regards, Yaroslav( 2017-02-09
Hello, Am looking for Conquest S8 sim toolkit to access my sim applications. Please help.Amtizo 2017-02-05
Intex_Cloud_S9_V10_Indian_SER Bugs * Slow GPS * Less network capturing, especially LTE signals * Call Conferance not working in VoLTE * In some reboots, the device losts Fingerprint data. (Figer namea are not lost, Need to re add the fingerprint) * Quick pulldown shortcuts are not present in lock screen (flash, wifi , mobiledata etc)sarathchakru 2017-02-02
Hello. . I've successfully tested Freetel y991 Toro ROM build You've submitted & now I'm testing 2015-12-24 build. . Since You've posted some Android 6.0 updated ROMs for some device, can You post/upload also Android 6.0 build FREETEL_FTJ152D_20161214 for Freetel Samurai Kiwami FTJ152D (MT6795) or at least one of former 2016 5.1 builds for FTJ152D ? . Thanks in advance & Kudos.rawmain 2017-02-02
You have great work here, but can you help me with your frimware for ngm e507, when I flash it just black screen. Thank you!camperuros 2017-02-02
Hello. I saw you put a few rom for vivax phones. do you have a stock rom for vivax point x450 MT6580. I am so urgent. My mail is thanks in advancepribla 2017-02-01
Hi, friend, I want to know how you've rooted the doogee x5 max pro, because I've tried it by twrp with super su and it works, but when I want to make a backup in Mtk_Droid_Tool_v2.5.3 and it only stays in blue box, it does not happen To green. I hope you can help me. My email is: Pd: I have the last update you posted. a greetingelsoni2 2017-01-31
Dear sir, I extremely need rom for i-Mobile i-Style 711 sc8830. Have you it or some idea how to get it? Great thanks in advance.astat 2017-01-31
sir i cant download the starmobile play five rom pls help naman po tnx so muchkaizen13 2017-01-30
Big Thank's For youjiungsay 2017-01-29
Brother i need QCN file for ..LYF LS 5015............plz help.....plz mail me the .......thansk a lot.............roopesh.sharma2013@gmail.comroopu007 2017-01-28
I need rom for chinese device clon of Moto G Turbo. But I don't know who is fabricant. I remember it starts with a word 'welcome' on the screen. Help me! Please!ph_freire 2017-01-28
hellow sir, thanks for uploading rom of starmobile, can i make a request, could you upload a rom for starmobile play max marshmallow 6.0 sc7731 hope you granted my request, thankskaze02se 2017-01-27
Hi I have a hard to solve problem, i bought a Palma X5 which seems to be a Doogee X5 using android 5.1 I need to upgrade to 6.0 or 7 the actual version is bogus, i want flash and clean install any version able to manage a sd card as a prologation of ram memory. Each time i try to install an app it says please remove another one, but it also says i have 7.1 Gig of free ram... Weird... and i have a 64 gig that the device recognise... My chip is a MT6580 Can you lead me to the right download page WITH installation instructions? Thanks reach me at mrjazzz gmailforexcue 2017-01-26
Hey und wie bekomme ich die neuste nougat umi super aufs handy ,weder über firmware lokaler pfad nocht mit sp flash tool. bitte um hilfe . mfgtysontaps 2017-01-25
plis help me andromax A X58 BRICKHuntu20 2017-01-22
my friend, hello, i nedd you rom oficial to nubia nx405h to venezuela. can you help me please?RYAASOCIADOSCOL 2017-01-21
Hi míster Can you provided todo muy a stock rom of zte blade v6 plus ir tell where i can find it Thankseddy.rugal 2017-01-20
Exelentaqifkhan 2017-01-18
Thanks to your post ROM 2 - TIMMY M12 - Update 09/05/2016 I was able to use that as a base to make a rom that is clean of malware and I have also fixed the camera issue from boot.img .I will upload to this site the new rom once testing is complete , I will also give credit to you for the base rom upload. please update your original post to advise only ROM 2 - TIMMY M12 - Update 09/05/2016 is flashable and has camera bug.muzzz33 2017-01-17
Your posts are awesome, I really appreciate your work on this site.. thank you so much for contribution with us without password & payments etc.... Keep it up buddy (Rating: 5)iSofts 2017-01-17
Thank you Lenovo P1ma40 Update . Will there be another update?palshindima 2017-01-17
Dear Sir , please update the official rom for HDC i6s plus 5.0 into IOS 10.2Dian_juniawan 2017-01-16
need for firmware Stark Impress Noda MT6735PDronnN 2017-01-14
sir i need flash filesof listed below eMMC_ID : FE014E5030585858581000980D42302B Brand : IZOOM ProdName : z260_wvga_txi_izoom MTKxCPU : MT6572 MTKxPRJ : ALPS.JB3.MP.V1.8sagar323 2017-01-14
can i ask for a5(6) a510f clone a7251 code for samsung a5(6)logo version A7251_5.1_V1.9_20161222lim57320638 2017-01-12
Hii, Do you have a Stock ROM S7 Note HDC MTK6580 OS 6.0 ? please help me. Thank You.rudiafr 2017-01-11
Hello my friend, can you help me with an ROM for i6s+ A235WP. All Rom´s i have tested give an error. Display whrits software is P3 Board is V2?? Please help me. Greatings from Germanyhackbert9891 2017-01-11
Please upload LYF Flame 7 aka LYF_LS-4006 stock firmware.Bloody.Badboy 2017-01-10
Good afternoon, I downloaded a rom of the model x-bo v5 and it went down well but the omento of decompressing it asks me a password where I can see that password? my mail is isaac_dsbloka@outlook.comdsbloka 2017-01-09
Nice work boss, keep it up. wish you plenty more brain! Please how can someone flash lenovo phone model s90-A. SP flash tool is not viable due to scatter file absent, that is, there is no scatter file in the zipped firmware uploaded. Thank you. Momoh Kabiru +2347089711286.kaybee246 2017-01-09
Hello, Have you a Stockrom for HDC S7 MTK 6735 OS 6.0 please? thank you! regards, nicknickmok 2017-01-04
Help Me Please! How do i recover imei from my lenovo k5 note?Jheeck 2017-01-03
Hi first thank you so much for the solo eccooqtium rom it would be really nice if you helped be by sending me a recovery backup of the system ( same phone solo eccooqtium) i really need it my phone is dead and so will i if i didn't fix it again thank youboutghat 2017-01-01
Hey sir. I'm newbie in this upgrading and flashing life. Can I ask something. How can I flash cherry mobile flare s5 mini even my phone was in bootloop . what application should I use? Thanks in advance.starmobplayspark 2017-01-01
i have a k-free f6 phone i want its official firmware. I find this '"'" but its not work for me it gives an error that'"BROM_error s_chip_type_not_match (3168)'". i think because its ROM version is: 4350D0D1_KF_V006 and in my device build number is:K-Free F6 version: 4360C0C1_KF_V002 can you provide me the suitable rom for my device.faisal330 2016-12-31
i used mtn i860 rom and my phone stock on black screen. help please. thanksdickson4 2016-12-30
slm jai un problem avc doogee x6 avc le mic . ils m entend pas clair loin . c e peoblem arrive apres le flashreda130 2016-12-27
Please help me. me and my friends have many Custom Rom's for LYF Flame 2 (LS-4004) But a problem on Every Rom That VoLTE not working please help to fix VoLTEsantosh baghel 2016-12-27
Hello...please man i do need a ron for Blu Studio M HD S110L, rom V12 to flash with the Sp flash tools....mine is stucked at logo screen and V7 doesnt works, much appreciated1 tnksedneyhelene 2016-12-23
Pls..! rom of Zenek Chile Z401 pls! pls!IvanRivera 2016-12-23
Hello,thank for listen me:),i have one problem,in the post of this rom:(,is there writed ONLY MT6735M processor,but the MAJESTIC ARES HAVE MT6735P,if you visit the link for verify :(,there is a error,is there a difference for MT6735P OR MT6735M for flash this rom???robelupo 2016-12-22
Please help me sky fire 4.0d software does not work leave the screen flickering and camera flash on.carlos_1 2016-12-22
hi, I used your htc d516t rom, and thank you for this first of all, but I can't perform a system update, and it clearly shows this rom is not the official one, it's a modified. can you release an official one pls? thank you, wish you the best.xuekan 2016-12-22
Respected Sir,How r u??hope u r best..I alway use ur I need Disko T1(sc6820 cpu)firmware..plz share us...My email id is : Thanks sir..stay happy all time.GAUTAM BOMIK 2016-12-21
привет, пожалуйста помоги найти прошивку lenovo p850, подошла прошивка sc8825 jiami E8,нет русского языка и не ловит мобильную сеть россии, спасибо!oitanich1 2016-12-17
hi Please i need a help i need ROM for istar mate 9 phone.abbad1111 2016-12-17
If you do not want to file a false break.azahacking99 2016-12-15
Hi! Pls. Help me My phone is dead I need this stock rom Model : S7Edge Build number : G5_kk_3GW_B15_EMMC_32_4_QHD_TT_T15_D_LK_S7_Edge 20160928.205552 Build date UTC : 20160927-125552 Android v : 5.1 If you have this rom, please share on it Thanks a lot in advance!mike2875 2016-12-15
hi pliiz rom z3+m11v20_dhd_a01_b_001_qhd_en_v11_jlts-ilyes 2016-12-14
Hi. Please Help, I need Stock ROM for Attila Mate 8+ MTK6580 Android 5.1 as my Phone is vurrently Dead and I need urgently to revived it.mdisk74 2016-12-13
please help i need myphone myt1 dtv firmware/pac file badly or can you suggest same firmware/pac file of myphone myt1 dtv this is the specs of myphone myt1 dtv MyPhone MyT1 DTV Specifications: Dual SIM / Dual Standby 2G EDGE, & 3G HSPA+ Connectivity 7.0 Inches (1024X600) (With 170 ppi) Capacitive WSVGA TFT Display Android OS V5.1 Lollipop Quad-Core 1.2GHz Spreadtrum SC7731 Processor. With Mali-400MP GPU 4GB of Internal Storage, 512MB of RAM, and an Expandable microSD Card Slot Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, microUSB V2.0, FM Radio, Full Seg Digital TV, GPS, and 3.5mm Headphone Jack. 2 Megapixel Rear Camera 2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera.. and.. A Non-Removable Li-Ion Battery. please helpineedrom2016 2016-12-13
hi friend..i have m-horse A10 after flash with android 4.2.2 without user data phone turns on but with white screen... and with user data flash tool stops at 100% and error. i wont android 5.1 rom for this phone please help me best regards Johndidube2005 2016-12-13
Your rom for the ECHO SMART 4g don't work !!! my phone is dead please give a real rom !!gaby948 2016-12-12
Hello! Do you know where i can find firmware for Logicom L-EMET 503? Thank you for your helpvoodoo0903 2016-12-11
Hi Master-SoCr@Te Sincerely thankfull for listing iNew U9 Plus rom Greatly appreciate it. Thanks a mill ***** Super Rating Your efforts is remarkably oustanding Gregni(South-Africa)-Johannesburh. :) GTN55943 2016-12-11
hi buddy i got a question, currently i have a stuffactory spirit cellphone, a couple days ago my cellphone start working wrong so i choose to flash it, the flashing process complete successfully and then when i start my cell phone it turning into white screen. I dont know what is happening and i dont find yey any solution. I appreciate if somebody has a solution and help me to fix my cellphone. Thank you. And sorry about my english.wayfaredark 2016-12-10
Hi Socrates, found you thru the Hisense L678 rom link and recommendation, didn't get the rom so I must be in the wrong part of your symposium.zXnoobisan 2016-12-09
Can you fix Rom 2 of MOVIC W3 pleaseDreiksilver 2016-12-08
thanks bossfaridpdm 2016-12-08
Please HELP!!! Samsung S3 copy gt-i9300, mtk6577, 2sim, 512mb ram, 4gb rom. model ALPS GT-I9300 need stok…bricked TnksAL_16 2016-12-07
Bro Plz I need a rom for kodak IM5, Please help me i desperately need it. I donot have either drivers or custom recovery for this device. Ur reply would be much appreciated. my email - mannixd@yahoo.commannixd 2016-12-07
Can you help me with update to enlarge internal partition doogee f1 thanksbwizz 2016-12-05
hey bro do you have I.ROBOT RAINBOW J21 firmware please bro give me if you have thanks :)eliteskill 2016-12-05
hi bro can i have your contact??mine is 678133676 i have whatsap with itNgahLion 2016-12-03
bro can u help me for backup stock rom Andromax E2 Plus (+) '"Hisense'" B16C2G please? because since last there's no update for tf update.. :( thanks bro.. i'll be wait for your replay..A7KSE 2016-12-01
Blackview E7 - Обновление 11/12/2016shornik 2016-11-30
Sir Ask Ko Lang About Sa Starmobile Up Max Ko Software Version Is v10 Bakit Po Yung IMEI Nya Hindi Po Maibalik ASAP :(chris20 2016-11-30
Hello im using a doogee x6 pro mt6735 and i used ur rom for mt6735M but i got some bugs 1. the false wi-fi in the list 2. auto rotation keeps activating by itself 3 the system bar is white not dark grey how i usualy seen on 6.0 OS. plz leave me an answar as soon as u can. Have a great dayRekzox 2016-11-28
Hi friend, I have a logic x5 lite Download your firmware, but does not recognize my sim card, change the imei same Also download the second firmware you uploaded and get me error in the researchdownloadseryosv 2016-11-28
Thank you for the Great Work !!!colombia1008 2016-11-27
Thank you so much. You are a life saver, been waiting for myt2 rom. You're a nice guy.ericmparan 2016-11-26
hi plzz help me i need rom for my phone (mywigo magnum)kingzibouh 2016-11-25
Hola Amigos baje la rom del HYUNDAI E545 Y EL Flash SPMDT y cuando busco el scatter file me dice !incorrect scatter file format ! Ayuda... mi dispositivo no arranca se queda en el logo de inicio hyundai mobile y de ahi no pasa. ya intente hacer hard reset y es igual... el spmdt lo probe en windows 10 y windows 7 y dice lo mismo...ManuelVR461 2016-11-24
Hi can you upload a stock ROM for Happy Mobile ASPIRE 2... Android 5.1 Please.. Thank you.garuda16108 2016-11-22
the ROM 4.2.2 official Huawei u9508 emui 1.6 that language this? can be put in Spanish?yaferson 2016-11-22
bro i need a good doogee x6 6.0 andriod v i don't know what to downloadmiloud.berrabah 2016-11-20
Thank you for the official Cubot GT99 ROM!!!!shady78 2016-11-20
all goodwinstonpushbike 2016-11-18
Sorry, you can get the rom tmovi visiontunazzz 2016-11-17
heeloo why dont work thiss ATHEROS XPLORE XP7501? i click scatter loading and brings me error SPS FLASH TOOLS ERROR 8417 THE LOAD SCATTER FILE IS INVALID?? PLEAS CHECHK THE SCATTER FILE AND SELECT AGAIN.. plesas help medjforever2016 2016-11-17
Sir, yung Cherry Touch HD V10 .pac na LINK not working. pls. paki update naman salamat.dheeland07 2016-11-17
HP 7 VoiceTab 1321ra MediaTek MT8382 Stock ROM please!Mrglitch 2016-11-16
Need rom SVMSMVG s7+ sc6815 android 5.1.1 Build number:ad892_m52_nuojin_s7_v1.0.1 ID:ad892_m52_nuojin_s7 thankschuhungls 2016-11-16
Hello . there is a problem with this rom. I have uploaded it. phone went off running, but does not work at all touch. does not respond at all to touch 2016-11-16
Hello SoCr@Te, Please help-me In there: I have one ML7G2CH/A but with one MT6795 and not MT6735. Can i put this ROM ? Thanks buddyxBrunex 2016-11-16
sir, hello po, about po sa Oplus air. ask lng po if pwede ba ung v810 sa v811? salamat po. kase ung phone ko deleted na ung settings mismocanny126 2016-11-15
sir help m i need rom forr bigo m3 many thanks for your work... chababb100 2016-11-14
sir how can i fix my kata C1 gets hardbrick after flashing ROM from your post..Jamesfalcon 2016-11-11
flashed my z4 and wifi bluetooth and camera acting up what do i do ?bradleykunene 2016-11-11 Hi my phone is this... can youport a custom recovery...? and a slim rom for this phone....? many thanks for your work...otricello 2016-11-11
Greetings! I do not know how to contact you... seems this is the place Is there any updates avail for the Conquest S6 3GB/32GB MTK8752? Last was in May Thanks for the already provided ROM' 2016-11-10
hello sir, i would like to request for a rom , magnus bravo z25... not plus, just '"bravoZ25'" ..thanks for the good work, the one posted on the site said invalid scatter filenastelix 2016-11-10
Installed your rom for VIDO A410 using sp flash tool. My mobile is hard bricked, not turning on. I cannot go to recovery as mobile is not turning on. Please help.amjad_roms 2016-11-07
Hi, can you confirm the PPTV King 7 firmware you posted is the official latest please. If you could massage me back with a link to the original website files for this phone, i would be very grateful. Regards Rich.fleebleflam 2016-11-07
Hi. help. rom that you went to azumi LT50 does not work because the processor is a mt6735m and my azumi LT50 is a mt6732 or mt6752. Please upload the rom for LT50 mt6752 or mt6732 it. thanksEDWINCORT820923 2016-11-04
good day boss.. may QNET RAVEN scatter files po ba kayo.. pa help naman po. nag boot-loop kasi ung raven q. di ko mahanap ung flash files nya sa net... thanks nga po pala sa mga helpful posts mo boss...retlove 2016-11-04
i want huawei Y560-U02V100R001C326B104 pleasemuhammadmagdy 2016-11-03
Hi sir Can you pleas send me buckup for this model tengda n907 i need for backup my phone thnksfouadma 2016-11-02
DDC L5 pleaseee!!flamelove 2016-11-01
Puis je flasher mon Itel 1551 SANS RISQUEjojo54yu 2016-10-29
hi i need TSM T8i rom/firmware pls help me thank ufgb 2016-10-28
gracias por todo!leirelalala 2016-10-26
tanks SoCrATemigueldjace 2016-10-26
hi I'm trying to install the rom lenovo k52e78 but I do not get there I have a Roma bd error J need of help as quickly as possible because I no longer have my lenovo based can you help me s they please youtahsin68100 2016-10-21
can you help me my orro g3 firmware please doesn't workbingo11 2016-10-20
Many ROMS, but not the one I need.caspergeest 2016-10-15
Hey man!i need help!can you give me some contacts?you neeeed mevadimfirago 2016-10-14
Good day! When the expected firmware update (DEXP Ixion MS350) ??? Give update !!! Thank you!D1MSON 2016-10-13
Немогли бы Вы мне помочь,после прошивки ALPS M99/T99 неработают клавиши громкости нельзя ли исправить как нибудь зарание Большое Спасибо.skiff2014 2016-10-12
Could you add a new ROM to Navon Mizu F552 android 5.1, please? :) (previous didn't work;'"SP Flash Tool Error: 8417)'"Elandiela 2016-10-12
Can you please help me with Ginzzu RS93D (dual)? i tryed to flash '"Ginzzu RS93D KK - Update 06/18/2016'" and now i have not working touchscreen... plz help;~(4igivara 2016-10-10
rom please for ? Hardware : MT6582 (MT6592 is Fake!) Model : SM-G920F Build number : KTU84P.N9100ZCU1ANIF Build date UTC : 20150422-093457 Android v : 5.0.2 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V34, 2014/09/30 12:06 Kernel v : 3.10.0-2828982 (se.infra@SEP-92) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Wed Apr 22 17:23:03 CST 2015 Uboot build v : ----- LCD Driver IC : 1-rm68200a_hd_dsi_vdo_wanchanglong_boeCHEVI 2016-10-10
I don't know who you are and you upload all these roms but you have saved my life a lot of times!!! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!soulfunkdjx 2016-10-10
can you help me Firefly mobile intense razor mt6580 scatter file error pleaseCharishzard09 2016-10-10
If you've this ROM '"A208_8G_base_NTC_V2.0_V01_20151208 (in build.prop A208_8G_Mula / v2.0_v01_2015-12-08) can You give me a link, please? Thanks and sorry for my english!..LeeRos 2016-10-10
navon mizu f552 dont work scatter errormartinkane13 2016-10-09
Hello SoCr@Te, thanks for the firmware Official ROM 5s SC6820 Version: T910_I5_V2.1.0 – 0806_release. Do you have the firmware Russian language?bm27 2016-10-07
Hello Sokrath do you have working rom and rooted for lollipop 5.1 for lenovo vibe p1c58?zorikmor 2016-10-07
Is there any website for LK Mobile. I hope you know co'z you've posted LK Mobile Roms here.. By the wa, Is there any update for LK Mobile X5 Pro rom update?jmark138 2016-10-07
I have g615-u10 i cant open thus phone help me71234567 2016-10-06
Do you know who manufactures the SOTEN XL01A? I'm looking for some more information.skidm 2016-10-06
Tell me friend, can I flash my phone A231CP_P1MB9_XLS_HD_1288_ this firmware? 2016-10-06
thanks buddyandroid1984 2016-10-05
Room Nix Join Telcel Good .. Kolaval ..adolfoneed2 2016-10-04
Это для DOOGEE T6 ИЛИ DOOGEE T6PRO - Official ROM Doogee T6 version: DOOGEE-T6-Android6.0-20160818 – full_hct6753_65u_m0-user 6.0 MRA58K – t875c-dg-a43t-63u-hd-256g24g-fdd-5p-bom39-M-ahrty036 2016-10-04
can u upload lenovo a858t rom with gapps?tqdarkgila 2016-10-03
Sir, please upload a firmware for Jinga Basco L451 (aka Wink Share), thank you.hearttouch 2016-09-30
thank for allbagiadivesba 2016-09-30
please can you upload a firmware for wink city se Jan 21 17:07:29 CST 2016 ro.product.model=Wink_City_SE ro.product.brand=Wink City SE Please help. thxbounce007 2016-09-28
perfectSerdarli19 2016-09-28
You can upload ZTE Blade A410?estefanocassu 2016-09-28
greetings thanks for your post in AccessGo GoTune 3i, it's work for me can help the best for rooting n cwm/twrp for my accessgo gotune 3i Thank you in advanceidon 2016-09-27
Can you help phone is Archos bush Helium AC55HEP..Its stuck on Bush Logo..Can get to recovery menu but Win 7 Can detect it but Cant install the Driver for flashing.. Please can you help me..Thanks in Advance.dhhj245 2016-09-27
please help me asoft bricked my hisense x1 and there are no tutorials on how to fix thiszaheer540 2016-09-27
Thank you sir for your good job I need a rom for my china xperia x1. It's unfortunate all I know is it is mt6580 but looks like experia x. tnx in advancemenlah18 2016-09-26
It seems to me the file for Innos I7A missing the Hex file. I couldn't flash the ROMdp1300 2016-09-26
Sir, Thank you very much for posting the PPTV King 7 ROM. I was able to revive my bricked King7 using your ROM. The phone I initially received had a Western version ROM with Google Play Service installed. I wonder if there is a way that you can help find that ROM and post it. It will be greatly appreciated if you can have root pre-applied as well. Thank you very much.jyzhang 2016-09-25
sir can i have your scatter file for ZH&K A2+ tiasoultaker17 2016-09-25
Micromax Q392 after flash handset is dead.. PLZ upload working filepranav.raj2587 2016-09-24
sir do you have pac files of hotwav fone j7 sp6820a chipset 4.0 inch known as 5.0. lolipop but fake the truth is android 2.3.7 gb i already have cwm back up of this fone but i dont have cwm my phone was totaly formated o already flash the lk mobile l3 firmware but only white screen but tuchscreen is ok and the pawer vulome button working and i can lock it sype but its only white screen. pls mail me at f u nid my nandroid full buck up and help me thanks in advance sir kip up the good work may god bless ujoemx02 2016-09-22
hi i have problem for install rom of oukitel 4000! where can i ask you some questions thanks!versochal 2016-09-22
It is good thanksgabriel bautista 2016-09-20
Hi, I was wondering how you were able to extract the rom since this terminal has the bootloader locked? I wasn't able to unlock it, could you please tell me how you did it? Thanks & Regards,gaqhfdmk 2016-09-19
rom for noblex n451 6.0 plsTheNico101 2016-09-19
Can you update the firmware version 2.7 for oukitel c3? I reinstalled the 1.7 but now ota update doesn't workmirko93s 2016-09-19
Sir do you have a custom or stock rom for MYPHONE MY 36? PLEASE GIVE ME A ROM FOR THIS THANK YOU!kevin803 2016-09-19
plz give me a coustom rom for istar p9 plussamcd 2016-09-18
I luv you! Thank you for saving my phone from being bricked.Tuith 2016-09-18
Do you have GLX G3 rom? Tnxzomby 2016-09-17
punya rom vido a420 ngga gan?tksedoblaz 2016-09-17
Hello I need the ROM Andy 5EL LTE AM5EL137 . I have my phone with ROOTE KingRoot and install SuperSU . After the phone will not start . I did a hard reset and it's worse. I installed a Rom Andy AC5 , but various app crashes, and it recognizes that 1 a SIM . Please , if you have the ROM AM5EL 137, I am very interested . Thank you.manvantara 2016-09-15
Hi, you have the Stock Rom for Sendtelbang2? I can't find it nowhere. Thanks!sossg 2016-09-15
Hello! Can you help me find the stock ROM for Tengda g3? I can't find it nowhere. Thanks!smirj 2016-09-13
boss SoCr@Te tulong naman o. I already tried all the stockrom for KATA M2L in this site but it doesn't work. Only black and white lines appeared. Do you have another update?arch27 2016-09-13
pls can you upload rom for tp-tel A4. I NEED IT URGENTLY THANKSSSSSSSSSbanji 2016-09-13
hi. need to know wat lenovo-a560.cmd is and where to get itbronx3 2016-09-13
please backup polaroid pro5023pev01 , the firmware posted here after flash the phone dont boot thanks so muchwoot26 2016-09-12
Hey bro, can you update the Cherry Flare XL plus to a v06 please i think that is the only version that will work on my phone. Tya.axecell 2016-09-12
Need QMobile T Series Firmwaressahassan82 2016-09-11
jeep f605 Phone turned into a brick;-( Firmware phone runs without errors, but after flashing the phone continuously restarts (bootloop) please help! adminbo@ukr.netkotbobo 2016-09-10
Need ROM for LYF LS-4005(Flame 8) please.redhotiron2004 2016-09-07
hi bro. I need firmware x-bo v3+(a,b,c) All version. Please help meteyfur744 2016-09-07
helow sir soc. thanks for the istar g5 rom, can you make a deodex, rooted via supersu and with custom recovery! thanx in advance :)aramerz 2016-09-07
hello sir. can you please fix the ROM for Kata M2L. the newly updated ROM 31 for Kata M2L still not working. im getting only lines after i flash my Kata. hope you read this and thanks in advance.mayo2 2016-09-06
Pls post mivo 400 rom.....?Hossain00 2016-09-04
I no say thank you to you because your ROM for YEZZ Andy 4EL2 LTE don't work. The touch screen is out after installed this rom. My phone stopped working.caldeterre 2016-09-03
Hope you don't mind if I ask mate, but do you happen to have a ROM for the MT6580-based Galaxy S7? It doesn't appear to be made by HDC as it has a different build string, with the id '"Z6U030HA_V101En'" written on my phone's build.prop.huckleberrypie 2016-09-03
LYF-LS-5013-31 this model latest firmware scatter is not working getting error that the scatter is not validsivabhi 2016-09-02
Gracias!! Eres un Chingón!!rinko861508 2016-09-02
Puedes ayudarme con la rom para el cetus c1 g3?brionesed11 2016-08-31
Thank you for the roms, you save my phone :) (Landvo v80)girlgamer14015 2016-08-30
goodgsmsohel 2016-08-29
By any chance you can upload STOCK ROM for ZTE Blade S7 would be super greatly appreciated. Has been a paperweight for the past 2 months since my daughter meddled with it. Even emailed ZTE to no response. Very sad....RbY 2016-08-29
hi. whether there is a newer firmware for UMI Rome X than Official UMI Rome X Version: UMI ROME X.V3.05_20160421 – full_w325-user 5.1 LMY47I – ONLY 1G Ram + 8G Rom + New Battery 2400mAh ?? after flashing when turn on - green lines on the screen (probably the new revision of the phone)kuaktus 2016-08-29
sir pls upload firefly mobile intense razor stock rom,.. i need to reflash my phone...please thanks in advance :)wiztlez 2016-08-29
HI thanks for ur hard work. Is it possible to have the stock rom with the scatter info of the infinix x511 plzchraor 2016-08-29
Sir i am in real trouble please provide me SYH U1 model rom which is MTK6582 cipset I will be thankful to you. Please.waqassaeed12 2016-08-28
Hello Socr@Te.I really appreciate your job. Now, i have bought the mtn L860 on monday july 21, 2016. But I have try to flash the ROMs you've posted here and they didn't worked. Now I have my brand new phone bricked. Could you please post the ROM of this new MTN L860?mng-pro 2016-08-27
Hi, I need Stock Rom Yezz Andy C5VP Please! Thanksovirod 2016-08-27
Kingelon N9500 MTK6582 pray for firmware or romsvetoslakis 2016-08-26
hello socr@te, I want to ask you something, if u can help. I have a bush spira C2 16GB 5 inch screen, (after getting a bootlop by trying to instal a zip file using flashfire) I flashed one of ur rooms, the bush 5 4g, it is the right room, but not the same has I had originaly. it works fine, but my system memory got down to 1.45GB and I have 10.5GB Internal memory separated from system (the original system memory should be 16GB - 11.50GB available for use) phone memory is showing up as sdcard1, and my SDcard is showing as sdcard0 I also lost my originals IMEI's and Build Number. can u please provide me with the full specs of ur room? (the original phone model etc) or do u know how to fix the memory problem? the problem of the imei and BM I don't care about as the phone works fine, making calls, receiving calls and messages. or if u can get in touch with me I would be very happy, Im going nuts trying to merge back the memory. I think the problem came from selecting '"Format all+ download'" as it formatted the nand flash or something, 1st tries with download only, or FW update didn't work, only the flash all option did the job. Thank you in advance for your time.sychodekx 2016-08-26
sir pls upload the latest version rom of firefly mobile AURII ENVY. tnx!yogaw 2016-08-24
Thank You - Hisense Pureshot userreynaldish 2016-08-24
'" True Smart 4G Speedy 4.0 Plus '" Full backup please. I need it urgent.4kl-ln 2016-08-23
Greetings, I was trying to install a CWM recovery and ended up flashing the wrong rom now need the original rom to go to beginning . I can not find the original rom the official website, only the update . There will be someone who can indicate where I FIND the desired rom ? Tkx in advance .pauloiva 2016-08-22
Thk's for all Rom ! Bluboo, Yezz ect... But can you upload the ROM for Yezz Andy 4E ? Thks a lot !Tredon 2016-08-22
Boss pa upload naman po rom para sa zh&k pac25 thanks in advancemichael_joe 2016-08-22
sir, pls upgrade EVERCOSS A7N from kitkat 4.4.2 to lollipop. help pls sir. thnx before sir :Devisseptriana 2016-08-21
Hey man, can you upload a ROM for XGODY G200 with MT6572 chipset please?magicjani 2016-08-20
Great work man! You must be a magician or something! You are like the FIRST and ONLY person on the WHOLE INTERNET to have uploaded an Izuxe ROM! Even the manufacturers of the phone have not made one available on their site! Now I'll push for my luck and cross my fingers with the hope that you can pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee upload a stock ROM for Izuxe M-One (MT6592 - MS Board: 719v92_hydy_hd_izuxe). You'd be saving a life! Thanks in advance and kudos for the hard work:Edy_M1 2016-08-18
please man PLEASE!! D: I really really need the stock ROM for NGM P509. You already post for the P508. Thank you in advance, THANK YOU!kemaster 2016-08-18
hi, good morning, i just want to ask if you have a KATA M2L stock romaaron0052009 2016-08-16
Rom Navo d455 don't work... My Phone dont turn on ... Do you have another rom 5.1 android for this phone. Pls. write back me hurry.heddy 2016-08-14
Hi! could you please tell me the manufacturer of eSZS s106/s801? Or give me a link? I am stuck and I need the stock rom to wake my dead phone. Thank you in anticipation.santofox 2016-08-13
Hi.. I own a rooted DOOGEE X5 MAX PRO running Marshmalloow 6.(ROOTED) I cannot enable wireless display in cast screen to connect to miracast.. I have flashed my device with your latest official update that you posted here on needrom.. can you please help or tell me what to do... I have tried many apps and even mirror enabler.. etc..XPOSED. emaiL me at please.. THANKS AGAIN for ALL YOUR GREAT WORK..teretzis1 2016-08-11
Hi sir, can you upload a stock rom for cloudfone spotify edition lite? or any rom compatible with it. Thanks a lot!!! Have a nice day!!!imGreyWolfe90 2016-08-07
Hello do you have the rom for '"POLAROID COSMOS 5.5'" because I flash this one ( because I did not that there was a COSMOS not 5.5 and now my camera doesn't work... Thxbeda974 2016-08-07
i wont a costum recovery for panasonic t44 or rootsloumaallagui 2016-08-06
Hi you are such a talented phone genius l appreciate your works I have a Lenovo a890e it crashed when l tried to boot into droid boot it turns black and switches off it keeps on rebooting l m stressed l can't retrieve my phone since the qsb can't be flashed via computer the device can only boot into recovery mode onlyMikeswiss9 2016-08-06
hi, appreciate your work to help us. i bought new mobile huawei g7 plus rio-ul00 B161 which i updated yesterday successfully with your provided B210, one thing is missing Google Apps. I can't access my google account and can't sync my Contacts and other things even i installed play store app, gmail, google drive but not helped me, sign in from here, in play store app i can see my purchase history but it is not showing my Balance and Settings -> Accounts -> is not showing Contacts to sync. is their any hack if it is blocked by huawei for some reason. i will be much grateful if you can help. regards.Ahmed Haroon 2016-08-06
good day greetings to you let me know or if I could you please have a verykool helix s5025 and can not find the ROM, the phone is not completely brick recognizes the pc if I could you please provide it or tell me where this is the I'd be very gratefulldaxsosa 2016-08-05
Thanks so much for the eachine m1 ROM. You saved my phone!krisneedsrom 2016-08-02
Plz not support ni tha rar file for tha official rom in gionee m2bbpolara 2016-08-01
thank you for the rom. worked as expected. i have one request, please provide also for POLAROID PRO5043. thanks.bojs 2016-08-01
Please update Rom Android 6.0 for spc s11 , thank very muchbintangf 2016-08-01
'"Honor 5X KIW-AL10 - Update B215'" link does not work for me. Can u recheck it/reupload it please? I need this very much.Mams 2016-07-31
Dialog infinity 4Gb ROM plztuwanroshan9610 2016-07-28
Please, Android 6.0 for Nomi i504wersus99422 2016-07-25
hi bro i need rom for my jiake n9200 mini. i did format and flash on it. now it comptely dead. just connect on pc. help meishohid 2016-07-24
SoCr@Te, i really appreciate for post FOTOLA 808, u saved my phone. I want to learn how to do full ROM Dump on New chipsets like MT6580M or new operating systems like android L and M. Im techie and i come across a number android phones. I would also like to start posting, like sharing is caring. i would be to share also.SUZgo 2016-07-23
Hi, i have this maware installed Jiake m8 MT6572. i have followed the instructions, i got confused, when i attached the scatter file, i saw the purple progress, then , i hit download and attached the phone, and nothing happens, no progress. Also, since i am naive, new to this, , what is the difference between '"downloading'" and '"Firmware upgrade'"? which is better for infected phone? Thanks, i appreciate help , and again thanks in advance.gali_leo 2016-07-22
Dear SoCr@Te, would it be possible that you upload an update for the THL2015 ?dieter 2016-07-18
hello are we automatic connect flare s4 lite to pc or we will do something please help meRenzo Bumalic 2016-07-18
need flash files for GEN X H1shoaibsafdar980 2016-07-18
Why in Cellular Networks Settings, lack of options Preferred Network? This option is on other Android6 phones . Perhaps for this reason, my Oukitel C3 continues to lose GSM coverage?marmarek 2016-07-17
Hello, can you check and reupload the rom for hs-u988? please I guess its damaged, because my phone don't read the .bin Thank you. have a nice dayshawniero96001 2016-07-17
Thanks a lot...helps alot :)bakmiman 2016-07-15
sir do you have a OUKI G5 firmware i really need it thankslarongpating 2016-07-15
When will the firmware on the basis of Android 5? Sony X-bo v18Nark_a 2016-07-13
PROBLEM – Flashed DOOGEE-F5-Android5.1-20160701 this morning. All works except Developer options. The usual list of options has vanished. The only option available – only one?! – is USB debugging. Have played around trying to get the others back but no luck. Can you help?Taff93 2016-07-12
sir please do upload FIREFLY INTENSE 64 LTE FIRMWARE., badly needed., thanks in advancepongzelanus 2016-07-12
Hello, I need this rom? - MODEL : G4 - MANUFACTURER : G4 - VERSION : 4.4.2 - PRODUCT NAME : xinjiexin_qhd_kk - DISPLAY ID : ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.7 - BOARD : xinjiexin_qhd_kk - MTK PLATFORM : MT6572 - BUILD ID : KOT49H - BUILD VERSION : - PDA : - UDISK LABEL : - SERIAL NO. : 0123456789ABCDEFjefferson 2016-07-11
hi SoCr@Te , thank for uploading firmware andromax :) , can you upload firmware andromax es / andromax c46b2g ??uzu 2016-07-09
hi do you have idea how to remove FRP or bypass google application for kata m2l ... tia...ctjaravata13 2016-07-09
Hi SoCrATe, Do you have the updated version of the ROM Letv X900+ Android 6.0.1 other than the posted version 5.8.259D? What tool or method did you use to extract the firmware from your phone?gideon.44185 2016-07-09
Friend of chance, you do not have the rom of mint 150?jeferst18 2016-07-07
Sir, thanks for listing ROMS of LYF smartphones.Can You please upload LYF LS-5014 Official ROM?vivekpancholi937 2016-07-07
Hi,Can you please provide ROM for YOOZ MyPad 755 3Gybenz90 2016-07-06
Sir You dont have ROM for Firefly Vision 5x?Sir pls upload ..ddhanzbusz101 2016-07-06
Can you please provide a firmware for LYF LS-5009nicknk4 2016-07-06
Hi SoCr@Te, Could you, please, share firmware for Zuum Citi I . Need it urgent!. Thank you.pelobello 2016-07-04
Hello. Could you, please, share firmware for Beeline Fast. Need it urgent!. Thank you.ramsay05 2016-07-04
en la rom de el plum z320 queda bloqueadas las ranuras sim y pide codigo,entre al modo ingeniero e igual pide el sim me code por favor ayudamasc33 2016-07-02
Hola que tal amigo, queria felicitarte por subir esa rom para bitel b8601, pero tambien me gustaria estar en conctacto contigo, tienes algun correo electronico o numero de Whatsapp? el mio es Saludosenzo123 2016-06-29
Hello SoCr@Te me puedes mandar el source del dispositivo Azumi lt50+ thanksharold limas 2016-06-29
Title: XGODY G300 Listed: 12/21/2015 4:58 pm ROM Version: ROM Android 4.4.2 Links: XGODY G300 Flashtools YOU FLASH left me withour SN and invalid IMEI... provide some solutions so i can change the feedback score if you are intrested in that tho.soulsimbol 2016-06-28
hey, can you plz provide phicomm energy 653 rom, ma email is rohitpagare13@gmail.comrohitpagare13 2016-06-27
nicecglrbkyrk3 2016-06-27
thank you !!! ckk hades rom working fine ! thx again :)looters123 2016-06-27
friend how do I get into download mode in hisense u971, for that Chinese rom does not work the rear camera, and only consigui the fastboot method, hence got a European rom but it is by QPST ...dilon 2016-06-24
You can lay out android 6.0 DOOGEE x6?bigbig 2016-06-24
Sir, do you have rom for Gomax GV1?khairul85 2016-06-24
hi sir socrate i made a big mistake try to flash my superinworld c5 with your rom mtk6580 but my phone is 6572 ... can you help me? do you have that rom ? there are a lot of friends with the same error help us ...prank3r 2016-06-19
can you help me? i have a problem whit the cheksum. it says: can not find the cheksum.ini file. I use the tool for generate, but the tool can not find the scatterfile… i am using the rom 6MASTERHEINER 2016-06-19
sir do you have a SKK Griffin 2.. stock rom? This unit is hard to find stock room, im hoping maybe you have a backup rom for this.. Thank you very much...ashiefeym 2016-06-18
sir SoCr@Te . is there an official stock rom of Firefly mobile intense power? it is spreadtrum powered device and im hoping that you can provide the firmware.rrjoe88 2016-06-18
great..oriont 2016-06-17
Can you please post the BLU Dash JR 3G D190U firmware? You've posted the D192U and D191U, but not the D190U. Thankszhongtiao1 2016-06-15
SoCr@Te, can you update official V0.1.3 ( HDC S7 SM-G930F ? Thanks.dusanbg 2016-06-14
Can you please help me to install google services and play store to my PPTV King 7s? (Mediatek 6795, 640dpi, android 5.1) I have rooted it but I didn't succed to install google services... I have tried everything! It seems non compatible and the company doesn't care at all...georges x 2016-06-14
thanks , with your rom my iphone works!! i6spierpa95 2016-06-12
Instale la rom de amigoo r300 y el movil no enciende. Un saludo.tomi06 2016-06-12
Hi there, I see you have put out Roms for iBaby888's devices, do you know which one this would be? 2016-06-11
Hola compañero tendrás la room del logic x5.5 es la q falta x favor ayudamejosepock 2016-06-08
hey, how to root smartfren A16C3H?masruri154 2016-06-07
Will there be a marshmallow update for cubot note s and what's the difference with the ROM I got and the ROM on here keiran 2016-06-06
Hi good day do you have a firmware for this kind of model magcomm82_cwet_lca thanksjakereeshy 2016-06-06
GRACIASss Siempre me ayudas muchocokytornquist 2016-06-04
he never answered mepeppemaria 2016-06-03
can you please upload v5 of cherry mobile flare s play, the one u have here in needroom is is v1.. please.. Thanks you..scartissue27 2016-05-29
As you uploaded Symphony P6 Pro(2 GB) Stock Formware...Please Also Upload Symphony P6 Pro(3 GB) Stock Firmwaremahmudh456 2016-05-29
Please, I need a recovery mod for the device HDC S7 SM-G930F, to make a Nandroid backup, before installing the new ROM. My current firmware is S205_EN_KK_V0.0.2Anselmo70 2016-05-29
Hey my friend do you have Android 4.4.4 for Zopo zp720+? Please if you have provide me link. Thanks in advanceshirinyan 2016-05-28
Hello Need Rom Please Provide Oukitel U10 Marshmallow 6 Update With Multitasking Feature and Fingerprint Recognisation Because in Older Oukitel U10 Lollipop 5.1 Version No Finger Print Recognisation (Open Specific App On Specific Finger Like Coolpad note 3 Have Both Features Multi Tasking or Finger Print Recognisation) its Only Locks App not Opening App On Perticular Finger on OFF Screen . So I Requested You To Make Perfect Rom For Oukitel U10 .MT6753 Processor , 3GB Ram 16GB Rom ,16 MP Camera Front Which is Interpolation 13MP , 8MP Front Camera Which is Interpolation of 5 MP ,FingerPrint on Backside 0.2 Sec , Air Geasture ,Motion Sensor, Double tap home Button to Lock screen, Double Tap to unlock Screen , Geastures , Battery Saver mode etc Present on it But Missing only Two Features . MultiTasking , Fingerprint Recognisation like Coolpad Note 3 . I Requested you To Do Needful ASAPharshji 2016-05-28
hi..could u pliz help me.i need rom for hisense hs-u988 (h3 infinity) in advancekevidnoptam 2016-05-27
Hello! Please tell me how to install the firmware and TWRP Recovery on Huadoo HG04 - did not find any instructions... Thanks! my e-mail: makedowa@gmail.commakedowa 2016-05-26
Where did you find this rom? 2016-05-25
Please Help me!!!!!!!! i need rom for china tel p8+ send me pleasevladoford1 2016-05-23
Please Help me!!!!!!!! I flashed my Thl 5000 with this your ROM and it didnt come back on again...Please what can I do? Is there another ROM that can bring my phone back up?I really need answers urgently....ThanksOsewe 2016-05-23
Hello i get a brom error?? (8) when trying to flash the rom for the blu 5.0 studio d536l can you help me to solve this pleasebreos 2016-05-23
Hello Friend, I follow your tutorial for flash Asus X005 to its original rom, Work perfectly but now I have a problem,the rom doesn't include the Gapps. I tried to flash it in recovery mode with no results, always appears a message '"Installation aborted'", I tried to install google installer, but when I want to access Google Sotre this message appears:'"error retrieving information from server rh-01'". I tried a lot of solutions(uninstalling and reinstalling google apps, flashing gapps, reseting apps preferences...) but I have no good results. Do you have a custom rom for this mobile? I really appreciate if you can help me with this. Apart of what I said, the tutorial is perfect, my phone works good, the only problem is that I can't access to Gapps. Thankssebas1934 2016-05-18
Hello With what version of TWRP to place this ROM for LENOVO S658T LeWa os6?godji_1 2016-05-18
hello is there any official website of the brand Amigoo ?yurs12 2016-05-18
hello, i need help, my doogee valencia y 100 pro is dead. to actualize R3 and then my phone will not turn on.isako77 2016-05-17
Please i need a help, i have bqs5200 but after flash blue lcd... thxdarckw16 2016-05-14
Hi,please can you help me,after update software on homtom ht3 pro,my touch screen is become up side down,for about 180 degrees,I did not made the back up of older version and now can not make downgrade. Can you send me the older version rom for homtom ht3 pro, or just put here on forum.I hope that you understand me and that will try help me, Best regards,Mariochinese.device 2016-05-13
No me funcionan los driver de la pantallarojo160 2016-05-13
Sir do you have BS MOBILE DUKE IIwildwacky 2016-05-13
Не могли бы загрузить обновление для prestigio grace s5 lte 1.0.15 и 1.0.16barmot 2016-05-12
thk for aplusdubdib 2016-05-11
Thanks for cubot note s stock rom.Martin84 2016-05-09
keep it up but need custom rom + recovey for qmobile linq l10faisalamir41 2016-05-09
please upload life view L110 rom files and blu neo 4.5 S320L rom asap please!!neilj12 2016-05-08
please upload for lenovo 3 note t50 latest stable rom which can be flashed via sp falsh toolsadeelhassan 2016-05-06
Thanks for the romsSoulos 2016-05-05
hey good sir! excellent romdumps for the Firefly S90Q! was able to revive a busted unit by using them roms. got a quick question, though. is there a way for me to replace the recovery with, say, CWM or TWRP? if you do know how to, or know where i can go for more info, it'll be much appreciated. thanks again, man!zeroforcexxvii 2016-04-30
Hi, My Doogee Y100 Plus bricked. Doogee doesn't have roms on it's site for this phone. Amazing... I could revive it with your Roms. Both work fine. Thank you very much!! :-) Hoch.hoch 2016-04-30
Thanks for you colaboration. you can upload firmware for MOVIC W3 (v12) and ALPHARD BQ1 (MOVIC V6). Thanksjsls2007 2016-04-30
Hello, my friend. Please help me. I need right official rom of onda v719 3g core 4.Your posted onda v719 3g core 4 rom is bad & my tablet is dead or bricked now.I have no backup. Please help me by sending me the right link of Onda v719 3g core 4 right official 2016-04-29
Hi my friend please help me. I`m writing to you because there are no reactions about my question! My question is - How can I know if my phone (oukitel u7 pro) is a DDR2 or DDR3????????milo2107 2016-04-28
Help! mt6580_w20_c5emaghd_jpx_cc-emag_64gbitp8d3_lp1_wcdma_mul hey dude can you find stock rom for WinkCitySe android 5.1hellyeah54 2016-04-28
Hi! great job for the official ROM for UMI ROME (thx). I've just one problem: i lost root but i have TWRP and i don't know how to flash it with SPFTool. can u help me please? Last question: i want to resolve the problem of connection H+, i downloaded an apnfile (update in this forum) and do u think that it's the solution if i paste the file in the root? (root/ect).misaralay 2016-04-28
mstar m1 rom error: no checksum. how do you generate checksum?dapearce 2016-04-27
Such great roms for the phones I fixed!geraldobeshku 2016-04-26
Help! DC616_MAINPCB_V5.0.0 2014.05.28appash 2016-04-25
HELP!!! X-BQ P8 K006-V1.2-SHX-S20-HD-EMMC-B1B5-XBQ-EN-V34 k006_shx_s20-user 5.1.0 KOT49H eng.flycom-224.1446537919yakup_407 2016-04-25
Glad you are posting roms for i6S A251C ML7G2CH/A. Can you post a rom with AOSP for this device, no IOS skin? or a TWRP recovery? I have been trying to port with no success.jnnuzzo 2016-04-25
+5Orochixxx 2016-04-23
Could you please rename the firmware page title from '"HDC 1:1 S6 SM-G920F'" to'"HDC SM-G920F (MT6582)'" then is more clear that is for specifc MT6582 model? Thanks. Bye.bovirus 2016-04-22
Hiro S255 pac files error when flashing fdl2 please can you check them bothzwanaboy 2016-04-21
hi,when it will be russian language on lenovo vibe x3 c50 ?ironflex120 2016-04-20
Hi, mate i need wolder mismart wink 2 rom my phone is bricked and i 've been looking for 1 year with no results could you help me :(hombraigues 2016-04-18
hi, I installed your Samsung S4 ROM to my THL W7S and its good. The only thing I need help to is how I can totally change the chinese languages on all apps settings.......pleaseeee responseeeeekaede64 2016-04-18
I can't download your Infinix X511- SC 7731 rom.. Please help mee.. Can you send me another link to my email ? Pleaseeefajar_rahman 2016-04-17
Hey yuh. Plz u can create for video how to use show sp flash tool for mi BLU STUDIO G.Andriod5N 2016-04-17
Hi I have downloaded Dupad story Captain Rom and tried to install the update as per instrructions. Flash tool gives error while loading Scatter file. '"Sp Flash tool error 8417 The Load Scatter file is invalid'" Is there any other setting before installing ? Thanksharoonrkhan 2016-04-15
How can I flash Doogee X3 ROM under Windows 7 ? The instructions doesn't work. The Smartphone has emmc storage which for Win 7 doesn't have drivers. In succession Windows doesn't recognize it as a USB drive even though I installed the drivers for this Smartphone. So the flash tool can't find this Phone. Any ideas ?CrazyJose 2016-04-15
Bro, Need Stock Rom (V11) Of SYMPHONY ZV PRO....Plz Upload The Rom! Model- Symphony ZV Pro Firmware- XXX_V11 Plz bro!rimon4u 2016-04-14
Hello can you convert this into pac file Here's the link : thank you very much, we really need pac fileklark231 2016-04-13
Hello! Please help find the firmware on MTK MT6780 Fly FS504 Cirrus 2. Thank Youingener4x4 2016-04-10
Hello! Please help find the firmware on MTK 6735V_A235-MB7 GWBom_V1/34_20151207 A235WP_IOS_648_P1MB7_BS_HD_V2.5_20151211_CN_ML 1225evgen_mavr 2016-04-08
I highly appreciate your work,my Device (MICROMAX BOLT A79) is now in good condition.. {MICROMAX A79 KK - IN - Update V5.0}this '"rom'" save my device.. Thank You.......Tharindu 2016-04-08
thanks for the rom (rush play) but i wonder how can i flash it using spflash toll thank you..JohnSSlaughter 2016-04-07
dude, thanks for the ROM you uploaded. one thing need to know is how to flash ROM using SP MDT on a built-in battery phone. Im using HMI H5 ULTIMATE. it seems like dead phone can you help me dude?kageyama 2016-04-06
good morning friend you when you upload the update of azumi a50c + MX ?julcebu 2016-04-06
And for Doogee X5 is not planned Android 6.0?rock1234 2016-04-05
hello if possible to give me custom rom for huawei enjoy 5s TAG-AL00 i'm in algeria want my phone to support french language PLEASEmohamedouabbas 2016-04-05
hola Buen dia saludos desde Venezuela instale la rom que subiste para el PLUM Z320 y todo funciono bien exepto que al introducirle la SIMCARD me pide un codigo de desbloqueo, que puedo hacer Gracias.amaya2014 2016-04-03
Hope you can make a custom ROm for Cherry mobile Omega HD 3! It's a spreadtrum unit SC7731Radeon13 2016-04-03
Hi, We are greatfully thanks for helping us to post Cherry mobile Flare X V2 roms. Hopefully you can help Cherry Mobile Flare X Lite (2gb ram, 16gb rom specs) Thank you and we are very thankful to youbgsebiosjr 2016-04-03
Please put for MPIE 909T 1GB RAM / 8GB ROM Screen resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD 720) firmware.ray-v 2016-03-31
Здравствуйте. Очень хочется знать какая кастомная рекавери подойдет к этому зверю. У меня клон: Samsung A2000. Спасибо огромное, думал вобще ничего не найду. Встала, лучше чем родная.Imei только переписал и счастлив.l3cLcl 2016-03-31
mi touch not work before flashing mi sane p7 please help programacion75@gmail.comcarrashacker 2016-03-30
Hi, I'd like your assist with a Jiayu G4S issue. Ive had the phone for over a year having with no issues till now. The phone first came with Jellybean which I updated to KitKat with no issues. My screen recently broke and I replaced it with another but now my touch won't work on any Kitkat roms and works only on Jellybean...What can I do?Aeonia 2016-03-29
здравствуйте я ищу бекап nvram от lenovo s880i мой телефон не видит симкарты спасибо !agamurat 2016-03-27
Hey please help me if ypu can. Please upload the stock rom of ginger g4001 booster, my phone is totally brickedrcrajarshi12 2016-03-27
Hello Could you upload the rom stock of e86 timmycdiaz21 2016-03-27
hisense c20 ROM 1 – Update Official ROM Hisense C20 Version: Hisense-LU852T_C20FE-1_L1183.6.02.00.EU00_201601281730 – OTA Russian language is ???snyki27 2016-03-27
My screen is now blank and I didn't save my old rom star n9330compaqsetif 2016-03-27
Good day to you sir, I just wanna ask about the ROM you for Bluboo X1 you posted a while back. The first time I tried to use it, there was an error in the flashtool. It said something about the scatter file being illegal, or in other words, not recognized by the flashtool. I tried again and again without making changes to the scatter file and suddenly it worked. Only problem was the phone was stuck at the Bluboo logo, so I tried to do a hard reset. It said user data mount error or something like that. I tried force-formatting via flashtools then tried flashing again. Once again, the error came up again. Any suggestions? I tried using different flashtool versions, but same error. When I use a flasher box, it flashes up until 90% of the system part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Keep up the great work.jhapz17 2016-03-26
YES MPY47 auto screen rotation doesn't work and YouTube app max resolution is 360. Other than that all great.user-x 2016-03-25
Hi Sir SoCr@T can u make a scatter file for the iview 600.....please and thanks in advancecubanwills 2016-03-24
Hi Sir SoCr@Te, could i request to make a stock ROM for Firefly GT200s? It's launch date is the same as with Firefly GT100-SL. Hoping for your feedback. Thank you and more powers. :)lindjie.cabatuan 2016-03-23
Hi Bro Could you help me install TRWP for Massgo One? Thank you so muchvudaihaui 2016-03-23
Help upload Firmware Polytron Rocket T4 r2506 :'(Ujang Mustamar 2016-03-21
help me s850t stock rom excuse meborabey06 2016-03-20
can you post the original factory rom of SKK Rush Mint?docalvin 2016-03-19
help mi beckuup dati uhappy 580 file system corrotti . non rileva al pc.cindiale 2016-03-19
dear socr@te, i just tried orange logic x1.5 rom and now phone won't boot, it seems you have wrong preloader in your rom, I say so, because after flashing phone with rom phone will not flash or boot anymore, if there is something you can do to help please contact me to haroldbb72@gmail.comhcom 2016-03-18
Sir Please provide Stock ROM of Cherry Mobile Flare s3 Power Kitkat Version. Thank You. Please send the link to my email at if posible. badly needed.thank you so much!kamotekatalagatae 2016-03-18
Sir I need symphony H175 firmware and ota update.ryhanahamed 2016-03-17
Hi I have the link and password of pan baidu for Leagoo Elite 5 rom but cannot download because it Chinese lang if you can download and place in needrom for others.Tks password:se1zsrm16716 2016-03-13
hello please that you're not planning to do ROM on MTK 6752 Bylynd I flash my Bylynd the MT 6580 and it works as I would have liked if there was a ROM of MT6750 will you have in the plan in the future to make MT6752 thank you very muchintel_sk 2016-03-12
Hi SoCr@Te, do you have rom/firmware for akai glory l1?plumika 2016-03-10
Hi I am from Mexico. I have the spirit_plus , and I doubt if you uploaded rom is the upgrade for that model or for only called '" spirit'" (I'm using google translator) :) thanksvel108 2016-03-10
z3+ asugar mt6572 v79davidbad12 2016-03-08
Rom SKG Modern S2 no install 2016-03-07
Thanx but, anyone have e1909c_v77_ov5640_6628_lx529 firmware?necros 2016-03-05
Thanks for you great help for all users of the world. Can you share the stock ROM - BLU Studio ENERGY 2 - S0090UU please?lopestom 2016-03-05
You're amazing!elijah024 2016-03-03
Hello! You have linked the firmware for the Gionee X817 INT. For this phone, you have the complete firmware that I could use to retrieve a terminal hard brick? Thank you!brafio 2016-03-01
how to backup original firmware from Polytron T4 R2506 ?Prasarani 2016-03-01
Hi, I have OWWO Q7 ROM download from your site After install this rom, i change some thing, now i want take full rom backup from mtk droid tool, but I can't backup from mtk droid tool, please can you provide this software rootedmohamamd kaif 2016-03-01
hi bro do you have an i9500 s4 Mt6583/89 firmware? please i need it badly. thanks.ivanheroes 2016-03-01
Could you load a sky devices rom 4.0d/l mt6572 plz ai need it like yesterday.... thanks ur awesome dude!!!!!denel_alex 2016-02-28
Thanks for all the help you provide. One '"small'" request: Would it be possible for you to post an updated official ROM for the Bluboo X9? The one available right now predates the one installed when the phones were finally shipped. Thanks!TheBlackAdder 2016-02-28
help boss style update firmwarehtayzaw 2016-02-27
help rom official Zoom P7marvinsk8 2016-02-25
Hi, hello, mi friend i need the rom for phablet plum z708 MT8312, please, help me.. thanks.. greatingsDIMAXT 2016-02-25
hello...pls help....need rom for cybertec cyb55...namk 2016-02-25
necesito código para desbloquear el np sim codeelpacop 2016-02-24
please help me out i flashed the room for guophone g9092 but after would the phone boots up there's sound,vibration and touch but the no display just multicolored stripes i think the problem comes from the lk.bin. not sure! best regardshusseindaher 2016-02-22
hello pls help me .. i need rom philips w6610 ... .my phone is brick ...FORDEVEREST 2016-02-22 hello help me plsss need itlinkway 2016-02-22
hi sir, can u help me.. I need firmware NX-g3+ baseband version: Moly.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP V15, 2014/08/02 14:12 Kernel version: 3.4.5 root@zy -31 -dekstop #1 Wed Nov 12 11:45:52 CST 2014 Build Number A100_JB3_3G_EMMC_32_4_BP_G3_20141112.115621 Thanks and0 2016-02-20
hola amigo no he podido flasherar me tira error nan_84 2016-02-19
Hi there My U971 cant get com port how do i do that. Thanks for the romsnimtek123 2016-02-19
have a nice day sir, i was searcing for your WINDS rom, but i can't find what i need. Help me please... I need rom for WINDS NOTE Shendyabd 2016-02-19
Добрый день! Мне нужна кастомная прошивка, для телефона jiayu g2f. тз я пошлю. Например, самый первый пункт- замена при запуске телефона экрана со стандартного на мою картинку. Конечно, это не бесплатно. Если интересно взяться напишите тут или на почту Спасибо Андрейab1547 2016-02-18
Hello there ! can you help witch rom need to download for Meizu MX5 with google market ?AMAZONIOS 2016-02-18
Hey Socrate, i have problem with your Landvo xm100 rom. My phone is brick now. Please upload the correct version. I will appreciate. Thank you!infernos90 2016-02-18
helpe me 2016-02-18
Good day sir, ive tried youre roms.. and they worked great.. on other hand this device Samsung galaxy note 4 CLone Hardware : MT6582 Model : SM-N910U Build number : ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.10 Build date UTC : 20150505-085039 Android v : 4.4.2 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V34.P4, 2014/12/09 14:47 Kernel v : 3.4.67 (sw02@sw02-PowerEdge-T620) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Tue May 5 16:46:57 CST 2015 is so stubborn and the roms (not all) youve posted on note 4 are not working for this very single device is there a specific rom you can suggest.? the phone remains soft brickedSPHINSKIE 2016-02-18
can you upload another rom for yezz andy 4el2 lte,this one blocked the touchscreen,thank youemil44 2016-02-17
Can you please get ( SKY 4.0D )Rom, I'll so appreciate it, Thank you.Developer 2016-02-16
kindly delete asus zenfone go rom file its have malfuntion after installation touch is not working properly.and if you have another file which is ported via sp flash tool please share with usranatallat4 2016-02-15
hello sir, i see that you have done a great job to provide us with all the bugfix and new custom roms. I have cubot x9 for which there is no cyanogen 12.1 rom.. but somehow i managed to find a ported cm 12.1 for cubot x9 but there are some heavy issues(bugs) with it. Main issue is the touch is too sensitive. but there is no glove touch disabler for it... I request you to plz port any cm12.1 for cubot x9 with fixed bugs.. Or msg me if you can modify the ported rom which i can give you. Thank you.Vikrant4321 2016-02-14
Hi can you post the stock firmware for Karbonn A60 !? Thanks!ufoshop 2016-02-13
Thanks for great effort on Rom uploadingmegthebest 2016-02-12
Hey, please teach me how to dump Flare S3 Power Lollipop like you had. i have the latest S05B revision of S04 release, Sept 2015 and i want to share it, but i am missing preloader.bin. spflashtools is not making it and mtkdroidtools(updated adb binary) BACKUP wont even work and gives zero file error on preloader_and_dspCastleph 2016-02-12
Amigo disculpa. Instale la rom a un D-Three D-50Z y la pantalla sale con unos colores distorcionados. Y averiguando me dice que por los drivers y no encuentro ni backups ni ninguna rom por internet. para que d3 era esa publicada anteriormente Gracias. El mio es un D-Three D-50Z Musiclberqui 2016-02-12
Hi friend SoCr@Te. I'm watching you work here. it is very nice. You know, maybe you can help me.I downdloaded all of roms from mtk6572. But there is no any affect to solve my problem. My problem is that , rear camera and FlashLight doesn't work. even flash.Every time I put all of my effort to solve it. IT TAKES 2 MONTH.And i would like to fix it. how i can solve this problem? How do I fix it ? Please help me. . I think the Lcd driver- iphone 6 (hdc i6 Mtk6572) The inscriptions on Mainboard *V68_MB_V1.2 2014-07-21ramin7788 2016-02-12
hello,i need your help I have ZTE V967S and i need ORIGINAL STOCK ROM. DO YOU have it,can you send me the link in PM. btw your work is great.thanksskytep13 2016-02-11
buenas tardes flashie un telefono chino Movic W1 con la rom que subiste de ese telefono y se murio el celular q hago e flasheado otros telefonos y funcionan normal pero ese no tienes alguna solucionsimon2020 2016-02-10
thanks for the work :D on the Iocean X8 :)testererror 2016-02-10
plss uplode essentielb connect 451 stock romgtasaid 2016-02-08
hello my friend Hi please help me i installed this ROM the ROM is perfect but I have a problems in color for screen pleas help merabah500 2016-02-07
ThanksSkryabin2036 2016-02-06
Please pass the instructions to enhance the flashing not want to stay with a nice block lenovo k30-w please to omauca85@hotmail.comomauca 2016-02-06
Need firmware AIS LAVA A1 romigor-s74 2016-02-01
Good job man! Good luck in your hard work!Deepflex 2016-01-31
Hi there ! i Just use ROM for F 605 JEEP with Gapps is cool ! THX But I have octa core model with CPU MTK 6595. This one: Waterproof Jeep F605 Main feature: 1. IP68 water proof android phone 2.Memory:2GB Ram+16G Rom 3.MTK6595 Octa Core 4.4.5 inch IPS screen 5.Dual Cameras, 2MP front camera;13.0MP back camera 6.Dual sim card dual standby 7. 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz Please if you have something for this ... i need to Flash back my phone !B.Florin 2016-01-31
Hi friend. I very,very need rom for Please HELP ME!Tikolo1982 2016-01-30
I need a rom for AMGOO-M522, you can help me with that?usuariogsm 2016-01-30
Hello , Sory my english is very bad, the file scatter, (AUDINAC a3 revolution) is invalid (corrupt), Might you help me.gamacelu 2016-01-29
I have all consideration for your work,please help me if you can. I have a Utok 351D phone and i need a firmware for him. He has Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and maybe you have the same variant of Android. I read somewhere that Utok 351D is twin brother of a product of Malata,but i don't know wich is. Maybe you have any idea how to solve my problem. My e-mail adress is : With consideration,Vioreljumanji 2016-01-28
I have small question about Bluboo X2...I would like use new (your) rom from this page...but when I used flash tool...I have problem with drivers...I tried Win XP and win 10...but the same problem...can you sent me link fot the drivers. Thank youmach3mach 2016-01-27
hello! please, i need a rom for my Logicom l-ement 401 android 4.4.2 mtk6582, have you got it? thanksdavsan 2016-01-27
gomax infinite GS4 rom pleaseredzonetrc 2016-01-26
Have you got a lolipop 5.1 rom for a Jiake M8? Mine is currently running root on android kitkat mt6572.supercat126 2016-01-26
slt stp jai un DISKO V6 ou puis je trouver son rompatrick55 2016-01-25
Hi. My phone using zopo 800h. After up Miui rom brick phone then flash again my phone use 512mb ram. Help me fix. Thanksttlovett 2016-01-22
Hi! I install this rom, but display is black. Exist other??efleon9 2016-01-21
Flash Tool just hangs after I click download and connect my phone. ROM ZOOM P7 version: a2_324_ax_tm_p6a_b2b5_zoom_V1.02_09092015 Please help.Ninja_Gaiden 2016-01-20
hello, my phone hanging i try flashing use your custom ROM winds note delight 3 ,now my phone screen vertical linens only.i need winds mobile note delight 1 official ROM!!!pamaran6 2016-01-20
Hello, I am looking for X5_72KK_KK_3GW_B15_EMMC_32_4_QHD_XLD_M11_ZX … it is for Phone JIAKE M8 - ROM Android 4.4.2 based on MT6572.. More thanks !!!denesio 2016-01-19
hi i need your help i have downloaded your provided telenor smart pro firmware and flashed it using spd upgradetool but i had a problem as i flashed it disabled my sim2 option in the settings i cant see sim management option nor i can see my imei1 as i type the imei checking code so i want your help to fix this issue i would be more then thankful to you for helping me outsaif4u2 2016-01-18
hie there, can i have Landvo Model S3 spd 6820/8810 .pac flash ilepmangwana 2016-01-18
Подскажите пожалуйста, исчезнет ли глюк с отключением телефона DISCOVERY V8 врежиме ожидания если его перепрошить заново и какой прошивкой тогда лучше перепрошивать?vladimirsok 2016-01-17
Hi good afternoon , you will have the rom for mtk6582 note 4 sm- n9100 , 1GB ROM , 4GB ROM , 5.7 '" ? I appreciate if I if you providedarkherad 2016-01-15
Hi, Do you have Budget Mobile Alps A610 ROM? Hardware : MT6572 Model : A610 Build number : ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1 Build date UTC : 20150528-132919 Android v : 4.4.2 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V43, 2015/02/10 21:44 Kernel v : 3.4.67 (tj@bu3-server2) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #3 SMP Sat May 30 02:11:24 CST 2015nEwwAke 2016-01-12
Blu Studio C Mini D670u ROM Calls keep ending at 26 Seconds everytime! Please Fix and HelpVish101 2016-01-11
Perfect, if you find the rom for HUADOO HG06 you'll be the best !guips 2016-01-09
Hola, SOCR @ te la ROM que dejaste para el movic w2 no funciona no la acepta el telefono, podrias ayudarme, gracias.eisonmontoya03 2016-01-08
Здравствуйте,скажите пожалуйста станет ли прошивка Qumo quest 458 на процессор МТ6582М ? Спасибо!inemez 2016-01-07
hi, can upload full rom for cherry mobile flare 4? thank you very much...jonacx 2016-01-07
Beeline Pro 3 Update Rel 10 link not working !!!!!correct!!!!demankrab1118 2016-01-06
thanx for my philips s388 romgamesgames 2016-01-06
part to boost the volume of sounds in rome loved because they are very quiet at full volumePolijuh 2016-01-06
SoCr@te could you post the ROM for TTMOBILE M1? There is a youtube video for this phone at Thank you for posting so many ROM. Your help is most appreciated. jlbooth318jlbooth318 2016-01-06
Hey, it's possible to download the Marshmallow ROM for the DAV-703L, but it seems we need some karma points to be eligible. Do you have access? Instructions here: & 2016-01-06
Could you provide the scatter file for Huawei G510-0100 ?coke 2016-01-05
Thanks for the valuable contribution that from the community.Giulio75 2016-01-03
change JXD-T8000L rom download link as its not the appropiate rom but for JXD-T9000 LINK****Arshad145 2016-01-03
please update Official ROM MTC SMART Sprint 4G version: V10.... thankssatxtreme 2016-01-02
Sorry , I need the phone rom WAVA TouchMe W501elcharal 2016-01-02
please kindly upload the latest update for Kingzone K2 , thank you very muchczaphire 2016-01-02
please kindly update mito a80 device rom wih the lollipop version. thank you.bowie 2016-01-02
vPhone i6+ friend does not have a language cz thxBlejz 2015-12-31
Sir, can you please upload a custom rom with andrioad6.0 update for mmx q380........ Thanks in advance:))))94soham 2015-12-30
Official updates, good guides, great work!huaweiwei 2015-12-27
thanks for Official ROM Fly FS502 version: SW02_FLY_FS502_2015_06_17 – FlyX7060+ – Cirrus_1 – sp7731geahdrplusoversea-user 5.1 LMY47Dsever20067 2015-12-26
amigo le hablo desde colombia pasa lo siguiente instale la room del movic w2 la ofical y me prende pero con rayas modaras y de todos colores que pasa como puedo arreglarlo le agradeceria este es mi correo porfa colaboremejeissonomar 2015-12-22
Hello! Do you have source code for goclever-quantum2-400? And of course could you share?MIXTERek 2015-12-21
Hey hi . .. Can You upload the backup device rom for Maxwest Nitro Phablet 7. As the official one is not working in my one and my device is hard corrupt now.Danyyyii 2015-12-21
Excellent!!Arvin1989 2015-12-20
hi sory im needing new firmware for hdc m8 my info for hdc Hardware : MT6582 Model : HTC One_M8 Build number : KOT49H release-keys Build date UTC : 20140515-020832 Android v : 4.4.2 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V15.P2, 2014/03/24 15:17 Kernel v : 3.4.5 (user@linux-user) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Wed May 14 18:32:50 CST 2014 why is rom supported???please4491010 2015-12-18
hi today install your rom but i have problem with auto syng contacts and gmail you have any solytionkaramiilias 2015-12-17
hi friend i heve problem with my doogee x5 sound of headphone very low !! anonyleo03@gmail.comanonyleo 2015-12-17
hello friend...i download your rom for my phone GuoPhone g9002 after brick it , and i can load with flash tool but after that , the phone doesnt turn screem ( with light ) , and i can have access to recovery menu but thats all... can you help me? or do you have another complatible rom? ...thanks very muchelitejin 2015-12-16
Hello Oukitel U7Pro out of the box was a version 1.6. You have version 2.1. Where can I download the version 1.6? There is a suspicion that the 2.1 is not working correctly camera flash.send to mrschkodnik@gmail.commrschkodnik 2015-12-14
Hi I have downloaded your upload ROM for my Innjoo fire plus I am trying to root it but until now I am not able to do that, can you please help me on that or please can you make custom recovery like TWRP or CWM img so I can flash it to root it ... please reply me....Bawo 2015-12-14
Hello, mi phone is A3LGi6 mobile phone i6 A3LGi6, has gone rom lights up and does anything else, have seen the roms for this model (the fonfo screen is the same) and I think they are all 6572, tool flash I get an error that says my phone is 6582 ... you're on that list MTK i6 any rom it 6582? I will be very grateful Thanks and await your response ... Greetings !!skynyrd 2015-12-12
please rom or backup for mobile blumix model 500 my email gostarstar@gmail.comgostarstar 2015-12-12
thanks sir. many many thank you for correct filesajeeb sohan 2015-12-11
can u help me? i have a iswag ruby dual core, 8mpx rear camera, 2 mpx front camera, android 4.4.2, 512 ram, 4gb rom, 4g, dual sim, 4 inches display, my phone broke because a bootloop, and cant find a compatible rom...natozor 2015-12-09
can i have custom rom for gtide s5 with internal storage up to 4gbahmedmoselhi 2015-12-07
gobii ivp mtk 6582 rom needed, Anyone to help thanksfrancois 2015-12-07
Hello you would have the room for the model QILIVE 4046 / 50BPL is the same model QILIVE 50 (MT6572) but with MTK6582 processor Thank youAscor1980 2015-12-01
can you post rom for NOA H40miky_maus 2015-11-29
Hi SoCr@Te, Thanks you for the files you put on but as said roblynch68, the V8 Flash is corrupted and can't be unzip properly. Can you upload a correct version please? Thank you for your work. MrTimberMrTimber 2015-11-26
hello,,please help me, I have HoonRun H3 mobile , inned the stock firmware YunOs 3.0.5 and flash tool ,, and root also if you can help me .. thanks in advance .. sad_but_cool1@yahoo.comsad_but_cool1 2015-11-26
hi sir goodmorning.. i just saw your ROM on Royqueen RQ-049.. and i was wondering if you have a rom for royqueen t788? or is it possible to use the RQ-049 rom for my royqueen t788.. thanks and more power!!uchiha907 2015-11-24
HY, can I flash on my inew V3C '"INEW_V3_v1.0.8'" or '"cxq_v3_inew_v1.0.8 + CWM'" THX2mad4 2015-11-21
hi i am Eric need some help i need firmware for Orro A8 7'" inch processor A23 axp223 esp8089 thanks for the helpxirex2015 2015-11-19
Hi, I have a request if you can not find a ROM phone Honor C-H30 L02 4G. On the build number V100R001CHNC17B151Mr.Oizo 2015-11-16
Hi, can you make a ROM for OWN Selfie i62s_v6 pls !kumiiasd 2015-11-15
Hello how are you? please help me. I am lasha from Georgia. i have galaxy note 3 mtk6582V screen size 5.7 single sim card, GT-N9000, now i need Rom for my Note3 please give me link for download.or tell me how i can find Rom for chines clone samsung.lasha 2015-11-15
hello looking, rom of Polish language for this model goophone i6s plus: Baseband version: MOLY.LR9.W1444.MD.LWTG.CMCC.MP.V6.P7,2015/09/22 15:32 Bulid id: LMY47D Fingerprint : alps/fill_ios6735m_65c_al/ios6735m_65c_a_l:5.1/LMY47D/1442930037:user/test-keys1234piotr 2015-11-14
Good Work Sir, Please Upload QMobile Z8/Z8 Plus/Z9 Lollipop Firmware + FlasherShoaib Khan 2015-11-14
Hi, I have the phone firmware T7_6825C_SC2330B_CHAOHAITONG_16+2_EN_RC_140605. You can find this? Thank you.gor_alex 2015-11-14
hello! do you have the rom for the movic W4 pleassee??milevis 2015-11-14
Hello. Really need your help to find the firmware on P800 Polybeautymorchekan 2015-11-13
Thanks for great work,would you help me with rooting script for this phone Cubot P11,thanks.nyakwarolang 2015-11-13
Hi I need your help Can u give me download link of stock camera zip for lenovo a536bhavin 2015-11-12
Hy...please share link stock rom gomax invinite gv1putra ariansyah 2015-11-11
buena noche amigo, flash a mi telefono movic w3 con la rom que tu dejaste y ahora solo aparecen rayas en mi pantalla ayudame por favor.raptor.39 2015-11-10
Thx 4 u... mas broooicanpondok 2015-11-07
MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V1.P1.T1, 2013/06/18 21:57 need fake hongmi with this base band Kernel v : 3.4.5 (build@taishan) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Wed Nov 6 13:12:51 CST 2013 please help megakers_02 2015-11-06
hola quisiera saber si pudieras subir la rom del inco zero v05 me seria de gran alluda ya que el atencion a clientes no sirvejuanicoxlr8 2015-11-05
sir socrate,can you provide a spft version of your uploaded cherry mobile flare x 6752 version 5.1 lollipop rom?thank you very much!amalgarne 2015-11-02
please need rom for gionee m3mini4peace 2015-10-30
sir can i have the hwinfoimg file of myphone cq4005?marcoz27 2015-10-26
need to contact yo how can i do this? 2015-10-25
BRO need firmware Samvivo D9700 SPDblack-micron 2015-10-24
Select a the MT6572_Android_scatter_emmc.txt in ROM newman k1w file corrupted,scratter.txt is corrupt. help please.janoe 2015-10-24
спасибо, выручил.world_01 2015-10-21
Please, check new version firmware TAKEE T1. Thank you )stas30 2015-10-20
Hello! I need a custom firmware for my Cubot x15, it is desirable to MIUI V5. You could help with porting the firmware MIUI for Cubot x15? I'm willing to pay you for your work! Please offer me all your mail nabrodoff@mail.ruchicky777 2015-10-18
Good Jobzbisz41 2015-10-16
gud pm sir... i have a problem of my Senap F7 Youth after i flash the rom the is inverted touch screen how to fix that... plss help merylie 2015-10-16
hey I just saved my bricked Bluedot BNP-500k with the ROM you posted, Thank You :) I was just wondering do you have the Freetel Priori2 stock ROM ?techno200 2015-10-16
Hi, I wanted to ask, where you get the latest Ulefone Be Touch 2 ROM you posted from ( Ulefone states that they did not release anything new, making it confusing where those two updates are coming from. Thanks for your info in advance, Greetsusername_test_lol 2015-10-14 desperatly need an update 4.4/5.1 kernel & rom. i have dowloaded of tons of gb, try to find matching but nothing, i salute this device that never get a hard brick hahaahha, thanks in advance..myballgotkicked 2015-10-14
please help me, how to fix imei invalid in sc8830?winert 2015-10-13
I have a problem with upgrading the ROM. I've downloaded flashtools and the ROM, then i load the program > add the scatter file > select firmware upgrade > connect device w/o battery and that's all it does. It's stuck and i have no coloured bar showing up and I've waited for 10 minutes without anything happening. What may be the cause of the firmware upgrade not installing?lordsplooge 2015-10-11
Kitkat for Orro N500 please?narek1993x 2015-10-11
Hi I download rom lenovo a850i official I love it but I can't setting time zone automatic please fix it Thankstaufik6460 2015-10-11
Good!SevenMaxs 2015-10-08
HTC Desire 820G+fastchip 2015-10-06
Hi, regarding CHUWI VI10 32GB just installed Windows 10 and it works perfect, but it is not activated and I cant do it. Please help and also do you have the official Android 5.x Rom? Thanks and best regards ArmadoArmado 2015-10-04
Hi, I lost on my LeTv x800 the Russian Language Pack. The seller gave me the NEED ROM to fix the problem. Can anyone give some istruction how to get my problem fixed? Thanks.Grigore Chirica 2015-10-04
Please Root this Rom (HDC s6 mtk6582) ...I Tried every method but failed....Can u please Root this Romrockstarvishal98 2015-10-04
Intex aqua speed v06 lollipop. I tried beta version you posted but its full of bugs. And other versions for ddr3 ram doesn't boot at all. I got roms from other sites but they have apps that sends advertisements. Thanks in advance.jaxyboy4u 2015-10-01
Master..sashace2 2015-09-30
please rom krono net k5 led invertido y pantalla invertidayefersoncr 2015-09-28
svp besoin rom pour prixton C52Q MTK6582 merciettalahassan 2015-09-27
hello thanks for your roms. could you help me find rom for Chinese '"hiro s500i'" phone please. thanksvuzalel 2015-09-27
FRIENDLYkayme10 2015-09-25
Can you please Upload Stock Rom for O+ 360 .. I badly needed it .. !mezus_xd 2015-09-25
hi can you update the cmx z3 ?? change the m sdcard to be the primary storage. thanksgelolangs1996 2015-09-23
Hola amigo acabo de usar esta room y pues no se que paso que la pantalla de mi celular quedo en blanco, despues de un rato se ponen rayas de clores, y haciendo el comando de apagado, puedo notar que aun funciona, pero no se ve nada mas que puras rayas, mi duda es si esta rom es para hawuey, la rom que estoy utilizando es para el cel Mijue M680, me podrias ayudar?skulerz 2015-09-23
Hello sir, i bought a phone IPH8, with MTK 6735 and HeliOS, base on Android 5.1, you can help me to put a pure Android Version 4.2 - 4.5 or Miui or something, phone looking great, but software is miserable, camera blocks, application block many times, many many problem. Thank u in advance!mirceadragomir 2015-09-22
hi sir... please upload preloader,mbr,mvr,uboot,bootimg,sec_ro,logo,cache,usrdata flies for kata b1... i cant download the rom on your thread because is too big...i have too slow internet connection... pls give me the link at thank you so muckin advance.... :)angelo12 2015-09-20
sir gud day! can u please upload the firmware of STARMOBILE JUMP NEO, tnx in advance!ieyin04 2015-09-17
Hi, Imy computer is unable to detect my blp2 using sp flashballa29 2015-09-16
Hi I downloaded your M3 ROM but after the flash my phone the LCD screen doesn't work because turns on in black you cant see anything but '"sounds'" working fine but the black screen is the only issuejdev 2015-09-16
Thx for your work. Amount of ROMS posted by you is incredible. Continue your work! Goog luck and thx again!Decker82 2015-09-13
It is amazing the amount of roms you post. keep it up :)atulchemistry 2015-09-11
Hi does someone know were can i find a rom for my Gobii SMT4135-PIA? I look everwhere but I can't find it please i need a help. rogeriodjey@gmail.comrogerio rofino 2015-09-11
is there a french language in that update LENOVO K50-T5 - Update 1537plutoncool 2015-09-10
hi , your A399 rom 1 is stuck in bootloop, rom 2 imei not showing. is there anyway to fix them? thanks .noosnihc 2015-09-10
Hello can you pls help posting Gionee M5 - 1 ROM as i have accidently flash a M5 rom to a M5 - 1 Kindly helpjadedconrad 2015-09-09
canu help me how to flash lenovo a816 with rom your share, i don't know china language, tksthang_hesman 2015-09-08
hi i want rom for mercury elite or k-seris k550 pleasnabilfaraj 2015-09-05
SM-N9000 FCC ID: A3LSMN9000 SSN:N9000SMH REPLICA NOTE 3 PHONE IT WAS SHOWING SM-1327 MODEL IT HAS MT6572_S00 CHIP NAME 0x0000ca01 CHIP VERSION I opened its pcb 1327 main pcb v.5.0 mediatek arm 6572A chip 4GB rom and 512MB ram chip kmn5w000zm-b207 chip. Can you help rom for this please. Thanks Some rom was try not succes.azizmj 2015-09-04
Hello, javacomputer has recommended you. Do you have maybe also this Version of note 4 At home and could you uploaded it and send me than the link. Thank you Bye Sebosebolicious 2015-09-03
please re-upload the ROM STOCK for YEZZ andy A5 it dont workeduall 2015-09-02
Hi, Plz tell me your AMOI N820 MIUI (AMOI N820 - Update 4.8.19) is compatible with Karbonn A30 or not. Thanks You.arpit_joshi1 2015-09-02
Porque sale invertido el touch de mi Krono NET K5?JuanJcDavila 2015-08-31
hi I'm from Peru System Logic X5.5 my computer does not start I need to repair the stock ROM could send me a link to download and install it on my device and also indications of how to do? Thank you.kanonsan 2015-08-30
Do you have studio g lollipop update?Alonsopz 2015-08-29
Lord, help find the firmware 7710_4.1.2_C925W_hteng_S40_DS_v03_0606 ! for I-cherry C115 Screen type: Capacitive (2-Points), Capacitive Screen size: 4.0 inch Screen resolution: 320 x 480 (HVGA) 2015-08-27
thank you for all your hard work and roms that you have put here. can you please put starmobile jump neo rom? thanks a lot.ziane03 2015-08-27
Thank;Uzine 2015-08-27
Menmi p6+ Where are you Topic Starter ? have a suitable firmware for this phone with multi-languages ? with Russian...?zlodey1jal 2015-08-26
good day, please tell me whether you have the firmware for bifer 4g with the new drivers for the display, or choose the driver for the new display 5'". thanksbars2381 2015-08-26
ola te felicito por tan bonita labor que ases ayudando a todos con sus mobiles en verdad gracias yo tengo un telefono marca lenovo modelo A399 resulta que le borraron el sistema operativo y a hora prende ynada mas seve el logo lo lleve a una clinica de celulares qoe no tiene sistema operativo me podrian ayudar graciaslerma 2015-08-26
Please ROM for Huaexl H5 SPD SC8825. Big thank, have a nice day!!!boyvideos 2015-08-25
Please ROM for LOGIC X5.5 PLeaseee lOLLIPOP????Lizander 2015-08-23
Hello. I want to really appreciate your efforts in helping everyone through your generosity. Please i have a HDC SAMSUNG NOTE 4 sm-910c MT6572 single sim(fake 32gb and 3gb ram). I have been searching and downloading roms but none has fixed it. Please would you help me in locating one or direct me to the one that can revive the phone without issues. Please. Thanks.Christianihechi 2015-08-20
Please rom the PMZ g6 ta problem in touch with this buggy . It is to solve.Lucas100 2015-08-13
hello, sorry to disturb you.I have a problem witm my doogee y100 pro. After i root the phone, i recieve one ota update ,and now my phone not opening any more. I see in the past you put a firmware for this phone .Please can you put it back, or please conact me on my pm.Thanks.ade13 2015-08-08
Thank you for reload MIUI on needrom. If you have any free time, please help with whis rom(the same problem): 2015-08-06
Hello there, I noted that you are very knowledgeable and also try to help everyone here! :) That is very kind of you! I bricked my phone G9500L, a cloned S4 with dual SIM, 2 GB RAM and 4 GB Rom. I flashed the Roms you have posted for GuoPhone G9500L and ROM1 the screen isn’t showing anything, but green and black stripes. After flashing ROM 2 the phone booted up OK, but the touch screen is not working. Do you have any other ROM for G9500L to revive my phone? I searched and tried a lot of similar ROMs here at, but with no luck. Thank you in advance!bosi75 2015-08-06
Hello. in yezz 6m How flash the ROM 1 – YEZZ_ANDY_A6M_ES_4.4_B043_V005_20150331 ? recovery mode or flash tool?. Thankz.katan21 2015-08-05
Hi, Thankz for the Hol-U19 ROM but can you make it available on google as well or any other site, coz I am failing to download it from Thank you in advancejmlotha 2015-08-02
hi i need urgent help I tried to install the update for my phone cubot S308 and I follow all instructions in this page but I just can not, the red progress bar is full, drank the purple progress bar won't APPEAR. so I annulled the operation and disconnected the phone. then my phone never works and does not turn how set his .mercijodiom 2015-08-01
Hello. A few days ago i have posted an issue with one of the ROM posted by you, it´s for SOLONE SL-SA5 phone. Please, i download it fine, but when i try to load the scatter file, it says '"Invalid UBOOT checksum'" I really appreciate any help. Thanks.tinkerwind 2015-07-31
i need help to porting any rom to KARBONN a19 plus android device.9732320531 2015-07-30
Hello, about Goclever Insignia 550i rom (OTA version) when i try installing it the phone says /system/app/APK Installer.apk has unexpected content installation aborted. Do you have any idea why? Please help me out cause i cant find another rom for this phone. Thank you!tibyszanto 2015-07-28
Добрый день,очень понравился этот ROM,нужен русский(ru),можно ли это сделать? s80v13_dx_g628_kr_en_msg2xxx_g2_256M_v01slaid 2015-07-28
Dear I need stock rom of gfive g9.I flashed many roms but i did not get sims signals becoz of invalid IMEI.I did not backup its original rom.plz help me. REGRADS, Bahadur Ali 0333-6493939DHOOM4519 2015-07-26
Congratulations for all the info that you put here in this website (sorry for my english). Do you have any idea about a problem with a Gt-N7000, in this case this phone show imei null / null and baseband unknow.jcanelon1982 2015-07-24
Bro i flash ur stock rom of intex aqua 5.0 lolipop rom bt i cant root it tell me what can i domohitkhokhar 2015-07-23
i need official stock rom for Infocus m2 3g Indian Version My Phone Dead :/ Service Center 300km away very bad my 1st android mobile dead after update , i just click on update available and after restart it happen ..nothing appear on display .. , in device manager USB Single Port (Com14) Found plz plz plz save my lifeprspravin 2015-07-17
I need firmware presales with Russian language phone NOTE (the ALPS.JB3.MP.V1.6 build version YK858_BAICHENG_10_128G_XIAOXX_H2_CN_TD_GPS_EMMC1_V01_140822_0940) and phone 4G LTE (ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1 build version YK828G_JIAXIN_HOOT_WG128_CN_BT_FM_GS_WIFI_ALI_EMMC1_V001_140910_2255). Help, please, on your terms. My email: e.piskaev@yandex.rugek77 2015-07-17
Plz Help me flash rom GMI GM5 use CPU MT6589 ok!alohantb 2015-07-17
Hi. My name is Navid Ghorbanzade. I have HUAWEI G700-U10 Can You Find Any Rom With Android 4.4 or 5.0 for My Phone. I Found A rom and Posted To NeedRom .G700_Ua_EMUI2.0 But Can't Find Any Higher Android Version. My Phone Can Load Android 5.0.1 VeryWell.. Sorry for Bad English. Thank You my Friend <3TALILAT 2015-07-16
Great service!Nikophin 2015-07-13
ola me puedes ayudar con el tema de oukitel u8 ya que tenido problema hecho el tutorial pero el movil no tiene señal gracias hello can you help me with the theme of oukitel u8 problem as I had done the tutorial but the phone has no signal thanksdominojd 2015-07-07
hola grasias por subir la rooms del inco flex podrias modificarla la 4.4.2 o subir la 5 telo agradesco grasiasvincentnnn 2015-07-06
my friend. Please let me know where are you get changelog of vibeui for lenovo k3 note t50 for ENGLISH language every time of updates?????!!!sunshine1685 2015-07-03
My clone iPhone6 Plus system is broken the version is Hardware :MT6582 Baseband MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.v35 2014/09/18 09:49 ro.mediatek.version.release=ALPS.JB5.MP.V1.13 ro.fota.version=Q33-QHD-V2.1.1-20150518 Resolution 540*960 I need ROM;Do you have ROM ? please help me,thanks.z1134891657 2015-07-02
Hello I need rom Vivax Smart Fly X50. Please help. thanks a lot. :DjasminCR7 2015-07-01
thank youqq1406249672 2015-06-30
why when i try a rom with flash tool,scatter file is invalid.please explain!?pini0n 2015-06-28
Your Hisense X1 ROM does not work and if we unzip it, there are no image files in it at all. Please help.asifcozy 2015-06-26
Bro i need your help (i dont know english)Install lollipop in blackview v3 but when I open the camera says '" can not connect to the camera '" and try everything am root.. This is my emsil plz help meluis1997trejo 2015-06-26
Need a ROM, a preloader and a proper scatter for MT6582 in the right lenght for this clone. Or a backup flash firmware image for '"mpie mp707'". '"Brom error 4032, 4001...'"vladtheodor 2015-06-26
Hi can you help me I have a problem with the rom T703 Cellacom I flashed but my screen dont appear fine just a intermittent and dont appear anything more how can I do ? I have the cellacom T703a can you help me ??onilink90 2015-06-22
Hello! Thanks for good work! Can you post a oficial rom or firmware for Allview Viper V1 S4G ? Please!steelwolf 2015-06-20
Please develop a ROM for Fake Mi4 WCDMA for MTK6582. I tried your ROM but it was not able to identify the SIM because your ROM was for LTE. A help would be useful.ashking91 2015-06-17
Hi I see you upload some Hisense ROMs. Do you happen to have a Rom for the Hisense Infinity H6, HS-U800? Would really appreciate it. Thanksdemigod 2015-06-11
hi There can you please please please help me I have been rather stupid have tried to upload rom to my lenovo to see if it was a software issue causing the tablet to int not auto rotate. the only one that worked was 1380F blankphone. it installed successfully but as you will be aware i have now lost my phone. I have tried to install /YT2-1380L_S000209_ROW_otaful into phoneflash4.4.4.1 but when it checks it, it comes up saying the following 06/10/15 17:33:49.063 ERROR : Invalid flash file 06/10/15 17:33:49.063 ERROR : Error in parsing xml file please check the contents of xml file! am i doing something wrong please please help thanks Magaloomagaloo 2015-06-10
hola me podrias ayudar a hacer root mi cocodrilo z501 lo actualice con tu rom y no lo he podido logarar te lo agradeceriaozceranzky 2015-06-09
hello genius need you to look what happens with the W3500 Philips rom any of the two works I the last to lower bone rom 2 me strip the checksum problems ....lean149614 2015-06-08
hi, when do you updated jdt n9200 to new firmware?walkman2 2015-06-07
man , you tell me where I can find the stock firmware blackview heatwave DM580 ? I need to revive my phone plis :(ideeko 2015-06-07
Haven't lollipop for HDC Note4 SM-910F?e22pee 2015-06-07
Hello, thanks for the rom phillips w3500, but don't start is freezing in logo screen i'm from Argentina and don't works again thanks a lotbodorola2 2015-06-06
Hi, i need your help please downgrading infocus in810 from 4.4 to 4.3! please help, Cheers!jacquesy90 2015-06-05
Thank you for PiPO W4 Windows 8.1 / Android 4.4vova55 2015-06-02
I would like your help for a Lenovo K3 NoteMad_MaxRC 2015-05-31
Necesito la ro ofifcial del niutek 4.5D por favorr :(dulcem 2015-05-29
Is it possible to port a Lollipop 5.1.1 rom from 'Android One' device's update of Micromax Canvas A1 (mt6582/4.5'" screen/4gb internal) to Lenovo S930 which is currently 4.4.2 kitkat (mt6582/6'"/8gb). Since they both have the same mtk chipset, can it be ported?thamjeedp 2015-05-27
pls update rom s90U with gapps.. we r really hope u will realease this rom soon thxdudeaidana89 2015-05-27
HI socrates. please I need your help. How you can get the sendtel bang single sim nextel rom? I need a rom for sendtel dual sim. or how Can I root my smartphone?? I will pay you if that is necessary, so I need to fix this problem thanks and please, read this message.adolfo_zednanreh 2015-05-26
I need ROM(TXL M-888 MT6571,model:G4) Plztsunamy 2015-05-26
Hello! By chance I put on Lenovo S898T Golden Warrior a 4.4.2 ROM. Now if i connent the phone without battery, not installed in the device list MT65XX preloader, so I can not 4.2.2 ROM installed. 4.4.2 In the Hungarian language and there is no gappz. What can you do? Sorry for my bad english!hawkins 2015-05-24
help please i need rom s9002_mb_v1.3 sc6820arrmand0s0 2015-05-24
hi.. would it be possible to post 1)New updated ROM i6+ 193MW MG482ZP/A with Android 4.3 or 4.4 or earlier? 2) New Recover Img English other than the chinese that comes with maybe CWM please 3) when you post a new file now is V1.8 to let us know what is new in that version Thankskingtut 2015-05-23
Hi, i appreciate your s856 Row, but i have a bricked Lenovo S856 and i'd like to flash ANY Rom with SP Flash Tool. Do you have one? If so please contact me. Have a nice day :)Assistenza3 2015-05-21
Im using Estar x45 smartphone and i can't find custom rom only found this x35 rom the question is if i install x35 rom on my x45 model will it be a risk to brick phone? please help thank you and if there is a rom for my phone model please tell me big thanksmediena111 2015-05-19
need hisense hs-u609 official ROM Software Version: W981.6.03.09.AE00 thanks in advanceaksense 2015-05-19
HI i am using celkon a401 i have tried your method to flash but not working can you send me a video about this upgrade download method EMAIL;fishingboycut5@gmail.complayer675 2015-05-14
How can I find the MT number of my HDC Galaxy S5 with 16Gb so I can find the correct ROM update. I can find the model number SM-G900F, but no MT number. Any help would be appreciatedvictorvanhoek 2015-05-12
Привет! ты автор прошивки DEXP Иксион ML 4.7 - обновление v1.6? Прошу доработать ее, проблема в том что есть резкое падение батареи, причем на всех версиях. Можно ли исправить это? На 4пда есть фикс на исправление этого косяка, но я хочу чтоб была полностью рабочая прошивка@Konstantin@ 2015-05-09
Hi.. I just updated my Sisley S90 with new official Lollipop Rom, and the phone has converted to all chinese, is there any way I can root this and unlock boot loader so that I could put back 4.4 Custom rom, please help, the phone is not usable anymore. Thanks! 2015-05-08
Hello, how are you? As you built Lollipop Rom for Blackview Breeze phone with MT6582 processor , then you 're going to start working more Roms wit Lolipop for mobile phones with the same processor as Inew V3 ? 2015-05-06
Hello, how are you? Look i need a ROM for my Yezz Andy 3.5EI to be 4.4.2 as the Yezz Andy 5EI that both phones have the same characteristics, less clear.. the screen, from truth if you get i would appreciate it very much, thanks :)Solotagl 2015-05-06
can you help me out with the pipo w4s.. it wont let me use ps3 controller in otg modegordy039 2015-05-05
You have been a great help. I will appreciate you more if you can help me here struggling to find a proper working rom. Regardsrimkhan1 2015-05-05
Добрый день! Я установил прошивку MPAI 9999. Но там не работает поворот камеры. Как исправить? Или соберите новую. За ранее спасибо.alexey2206 2015-05-01
I'm stuck I can not install anything adb not working fastboot ok but locket it hew binn installed Lenvo-Recovery after Update Lenovo K910 VibeUI 2.0 VIBEUI_V2.0_1516_ST_K910KemiKremi 2015-04-30
S5 mini mixc version sg616_319_v1.1.5_20141020-204832 Uploadzapata13 2015-04-30
Hi! do you have a link of this version? Lenovo A536 version : A536_S150_140915_PH_ROWjhimcluff 2015-04-30
Can you get spreadtrum s4 mini rom original thanks in advancekhussan 2015-04-28
hi can u upload lenovo a639 with 2gb of ram please. i bricked my phone with 1gb version. thankyouultimatezorro 2015-04-26
Hello, Can i install custom Firmware for zopo ZOPO600 on zopo ZP600+?slonato2004 2015-04-25
hi, pls can you help me i will be very very happy if you can upload a rom for Archos 70 copper thanx,samo 2015-04-24
i have ismart itab79g8 tablet last week tab got brick i want it`s stock rom pllzzzzzz help me krish3450 2015-04-23
plz can u tell where i find H2OFFT-W.exemasterchachu 2015-04-20
Hi can you update download link in this thread: I have error when 1% remain.zxc1234 2015-04-19
Sir Please post Infocus M2 3G rom full with preloader.bin needed urgent phone merely deadviuvek12341 2015-04-18
It is very necessary ROM Beeline Pro (ZTE Blade A430, ZTE Fit 4G), thanks in advance !ramzess1983 2015-04-17
Hello there, I have the HTC Desire 816G Quad core version(MT6582) You have posted a rom for MT6592. Please consider posting rom for my version too and I was stuck in a boot loop. How can I manage so that Sp flash tool recognize my device? It continuously restarts and if at all I wait till charging goes down it never gets recognized at all. Please consider a mail back to amarnathreddy06 of gmailamarnathreddy06 2015-04-16
good day I have a honor 3 c autdoor with problems. struggles to start when I turn it on it takes 5 minutes to stimulate app then tells me ' localization ' problems I would like to reinstall it to see if it goes better with only basic multilingual android 4.2.2..Italian mounted version 1.6-emotionUi-U01V100R001CHNC00B113 HN3 can you help me showing me the link thanks mauro Replyrusso66 2015-04-16
Hi Socr@tes. Can you get me rom for Xiaomi Mi3W (MT6582) ...i need this rom. Google play store is included or new rom for Xiaomi Mi3W (MT6582)imici88 2015-04-14
Hi Socr@tes, can you get me rom for spice mi-407...i need this romkadurau 2015-04-13
Can you please help me with the Intex Aqua speed SPTools flashable firmware along with flasher of 4.4.2. Also the rom2 in the lollipop version leaves the phone in semi bricked condition which just no display. Please look in to the issue.contactwajeeh 2015-04-11
bro need rom for : icube interpark :icube 200 sc6825c hhardware idd : dc616_mainpcb_v5.0.0 2014.05.28 sw v : sw:dc616d_sc6825_v4.0.5 same configuration founded on Mixc G9000royalkerry 2015-04-11
Hi Socr@tes, how can I flash the 6.0 Blu lte because trying to do I get this error: '"Open file ENPRG8X25.hex fail'"tigresa8821 2015-04-08
ANDY A3.5EP !!!!!jairantoni 2015-04-07
Socrates ROM for huawei honor 3c fake (ALPS Honor 3c) does not work, does not start mobile, check it please :) 2015-04-04
Please last update for Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2-830LC thanks very.vatikano 2015-04-03
Hi sorry, I have one question, I have Huawei Mate 7 TL-00 but I didn't have the google play store, i have instolled the Ascend Mate 7 MT7-TL00 - Update B125 but after the reboot and the factory reset nothing, still not have, can you help me?RomanLeonH501 2015-04-02
hello I note 4 SM-N9100 MT6572 single sim. I would need the rom installed from recovery or backup of this phone run from recovery. thanks in advancevittorio.avella 2015-04-02
please i need rom m horse s80 kk 4.4.2 mtk 6582 baseband S80 20141111-000535 thanks for your helpabarca25 2015-04-02
Tell me how to make ROOT pas UHAPPY UP320sandro63 2015-04-01
Hai ... perfect job Boss, can you create MIUI 6 ROM for my new smartphone INEW V7 Thanks , GBUoebhans 2015-04-01
hi, i have an YUSUN T21. which has block when it load his ROM, i've already try your ROM but it doesn't work. i've load the packet but nothing happen when i start to upgrad my phone. can you help me please!! thankseinin 2015-03-31
i need winds 3g note i...rafiq991008 2015-03-30
bonjour ,comment réparer une rom qui ne veut pas installer les service google play . i6 + MG482ZP/Amisteurfred 2015-03-30
hi, i would need hbt x11 firmware P8360HN_HXING_X23_HBT_FOREIGN_V1.0.0_user_r29905serserser132 2015-03-26
necesito el pass del N9202albidalgo 2015-03-25
lollipop for cubot x9? :Dsirricsi 2015-03-23
harikasın kardeş 1363GH için yeni çok fonksiyonlu rom .okacak mı acaba saygılarımlabaskan55 2015-03-20
Hello, could you please port Android Lollipop to Amoi a900w (a mt6582 device)? You have already ported it to the vkworld device, and also Doogee released a official lollipop build for dg700. All your efforts will be much appreciated, thank you. Regards, Phandroid324phandroid324 2015-03-20
Hi, Please upload the ROM for My phone is dead. Please.....manash007 2015-03-18
Sir please me to find exact file of samsung n7100,itry many pac files but all are white screen.,i try and phone alive but the problem is display is in opposite place and touch screen not working.. CPU TYPE:SC8810/6820 [88100001] Flash ID: 00AD00BC90555400 Flash Type:[Hyundai] NAND_HY27UT088G2A FLASH LEN:0x20000000 i hope you can help me sir thanks.Blaze25 2015-03-18
please give me room vivo x5L backup of the phone is not? my phone is being brickhadinhthong9xvn 2015-03-17
You Know if exist kernel for yxtel g7? If exist how to install and download please Congrats for rombilie 2015-03-16
is there any ROM for lenovo s860,2gb ram?andreiu32 2015-03-16
Thanks for the fast upload of the ZTE Blade S6 Uupdate to KitKat 5.0.2. Good work.ioglnx 2015-03-14
hi thanks very much for the fly octa core iq455 rom, I FIXED IT, BUT NOT HAPPY WITH THE 4.2.2, IS THERE ANY OTHER ROM 5.0 I CAN INSTALL , PLEASE, PLEASE SEND ME LINK. Any custom roms for the above iq455 octa core , please let me know many thanks Samaddarkstranger 2015-03-12
gOODYehtutnaung 2015-03-11
Note 3 & 4 ROM, you can do it for X8?Seronet 2015-03-09
hola me puedes ayudar con la rom del star u9000 que no va el tactil no se volver ala stock me puedes ayudar me quedao sin movil :(((adran 2015-03-06
Hello can you update the Lenovo Vibe X2 CU rom?lazagr4 2015-03-05
Hello you have a driver for MIXC Mini s5 sc8825 ?liwix 2015-03-05
Hello sr. Socr @ ts I could change my room satisfactorily sendtel bang but I wonder if you have another advance thank you very much and greetings from ColombiaJuanjoseav 2015-03-05
hello sir i reqwest to you please upload gphone-g550 frimware spd 6825 kindly helpme sir iwill pay u sir thanks mobile details 2015-03-04
Hi SoCr@Te, I have a H9008 with 2GB ram and with 16GB disk space, it has shutdown and sometimes also reboot problem. I would like to know if there is a very stable and fully functional (also KitKat) rom for this. Please can you give me the best download link for this phone? This is what I have from bugreport dump: Build: 1366G_S135G_A1_20140102_v02_MTK6592_FHD_EN_16P128_TST_WP Build fingerprint: 'TXLH/bird92_wet_tdd/bird92_wet_tdd:4.2.2/JDQ39/1388649733:user/test-keys' thank you in advancesim0N 2015-03-02
Mr Socrates, do you have a rom of ALPS magcomm72_cwet_lca? The original installed rom is magcomm82_cwet_lca, but the device hardware is magcomm72_cwet_lca.i having problem on running of games. please help me. you can see my spec on 2015-03-02
Socrates please save my life, I need this rom Bmobile AX620, it is from TIGO Honduras, please help me.darwin valle 2015-03-01
Hello socr@te. I need your help. I changes the room of my sendtel bang and I have many troubles. Do you know how to root my sendtel bang??, because I have tried many ways and don't have any result. or tell me How can I get a rom for my sendtel bang dul sim. I from colombia, south america and the network operator is tigo. Please your help will be very appreciated. Thanks so much. Greetings from Colombiafaresrashed 2015-03-01
HUAWEI Hol_U19 ROM update Thank you!gougoulx52099 2015-02-27
i wand the Original rom off this Phone ROM No Brand GT I9500 Galaxy S4 – ROM Android 4.2.1rover12 2015-02-26
Hi, could you post a new ROM for ORRO FA9500 (I have 4.2.0)? Thanks in advance! GMTgmt 2015-02-25
How can I contact you? I do rom and I have a couple questions for you, please answerDAK777 2015-02-23
Can you help me getting me one rom for Galaxy GT-i8552 Sansumg Mt6577 clone, is a Chinese phone and truth q still can not find the rom for this phone I am very grateful for your help.Jose Fuentes 2015-02-18
goophone v2 metal firmware gps not working. fix firmare have to.erol6868 2015-02-18
Hi SoCr@Te, can you help me on the step by step procedure on how to flash the K-touch touch 3 rom using the file you have shared here Please. i badly need it.. thank you very much.KenZuki 2015-02-18
hello, you have the original room haier Zio p2 HW-W716-H01-S012-EUthanmeo 2015-02-18
Good roms bro, do you have the firmware for the MIXC S5i SC8810?, thanks.dicab 2015-02-18
your hisense u939 rom is not showing in my phone,just getting tf card waiting message.Do you have a rom i can use in sp flash tools?codyseth 2015-02-12
Hi I don't know how to instal the rom for G520 you posted, Flashtool didn't check me all the complements just the boot.imgxxthegtxx 2015-02-11
Hi, I have tried ur rom in my fake xiaomi mi4 GSM version after first reboot there are three language options in that I can not select the language option I don’t know whether it is rom problem or my screen touch issue. I have took backup of my stock room through MTKdroid Tool. Pls let me know if I get back to stock from by using my backup and how?? If possible pls make us new GSM Rom. Thnx in advancesandeep171081 2015-02-08
Hello Friend.please help me find firmware for turkish ROM GiONEE E3T Version: GBT5312A01_A_T0835_SV1.6rasim6612 2015-02-07
Hello, i have installed ROM 20140107_e2709_v92_jbla828 - Unpack FlashTools, and Click on Flash_tool.exe - Select a the MT6592_Android_scatter_emmc.txt in ROM - Wait file to be added into Flash Tool - choose Option->USB Model,click USB Model –> Choose Option->DA DownLoad All->Speed->High Speed, click High Speed - Turn off your phone, remove the battery. - '"Press F9 (hit Download button)'" OR '" if upgrade ROM Firmware->Upgrade '" - and connect your phone into the computer via USB data cable. - The process will start and a red progress bar will appear after color purple, yellow. - And green circles display - Finish ! - You can now safely disconnect your phone and turn it on. Now my phone have black screen and reboot all time. POWER no turn ON my phone, Flash tools no detect my PHONE. In windows, the phone connected/disconnected and connected/disconnected all time My phone is star n9800 rom stock.kiffgirls 2015-02-03
Best rom for S5 Copypsx 2015-01-31
G2F_KK does not work on boot screenDmitriy-1606 2015-01-29
Hi. Do you have access to Elephone roms? New Elephone G5 phones comes with 20141230 firmware wich is impossible to download from official site.deliriumxp 2015-01-29
You can do aosp rom!bakugan645 2015-01-28
Hi Friend :) Please check the rom of Kata B1;) They have a comment that rom are not work properly. Pls update the Kata B1 :) Thanks;)BoxszAsserTUxD 2015-01-27
Good!TopTop 2015-01-26
Hello friend, Can you provide the rom for Orro A950 please I need to flash my tabalet. Thanks best regardssirms 2015-01-26
Please send me the Drivers for the chuwi vi8 you can Backup-them via this program easily: 2015-01-25
where can i buy dakele 3 phone? im from italymuzungu77 2015-01-25
Brother, Requesting ROM of Kata m2. May GOD bless you.abhram 2015-01-25
friend, there is nothing new Thl t200?prog2 2015-01-24
can you give me help about making a rom for h30-l02?raikol 2015-01-22
Can you post full rom for Mtk 6582 quadcore 1.3 ram 2gb rom 16gb 5.1'inchmilanchejgd 2015-01-21
how to intal the update rom for haier max. tqchungs28 2015-01-20
Hello, Thank you for uploading the rom for Telsda T589. I am having an issue with calibration, which makes the phone unusable, as the screen is skewed to the left. Is there a solution for this?Wach 2015-01-15
no sound front lautschprecher iNew i6000 1/16 please help no one solutionschakal54 2015-01-14
Hello...please tell me if version is single sim phone. My phone model philips s388, baseband version MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V11.P17,2014 / 02/18 17:17 Version number S388_M6582M_1427_V05A_RO_VO my e-mail is tried to flash others roms,but flash doesn't start(with battery and without).What can i do?eugentutu 2015-01-14
Dear friend SoCrATe, thanks for your ROM of this link: and I post about my problem, I think the model of my cellphone is the same of you, but not sure, you can read my post in your topic, and say to me if my model is the same or not. Thanks in advanced!Program1 2015-01-13
Can you please help me out with the usb schematics of innjoo i1s mine can't connect to the computer due to dry joints any help will be greatly appreciated you can email it at ssenyos@gmail.comDanzoe 2015-01-13
Hi, Thank You For all your suport and aport, i have the Neken N6 and try you rom, but don´t Works, I follow all the instruction and finish fine, then when i try to turn on the phone never turn on, the screen is always on black, i try the 2 roms, but is the same, can you help me, or any tip, Thank You. 2015-01-13
hello I would like to know if there a kit kat for this device, or a lollipop I'd try one of these rom you please direct me thank you the device is this ONLY For 1: 1 and HDC and Bluebo B9000: MTK6589 + 5.7 inch IPS + 1280 × 720 + 1G RAM + ROM 8G + single simMaNoNeS 2015-01-13
hello do u have custom rom for firefly s160 mobile ?tyhoney07x 2015-01-13
How do i root Glory H3X T00 - B256asianboyz 2015-01-11
por favor necesito una rom para el plum pilot plus z550kenmore65 2015-01-10
please tell me if version is single sim phone. My phone model philips s388, baseband version MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V11.P17,2014 / 02/18 17:17 Version number S388_M6582M_1427_V05A_RO_VOconectarenet 2015-01-09
Hi, you have the firmware for the tablet Alps D101(N9106) or the solution to the problem (decrypt fail, boot error¡¡¡¡¡¡)vasagob 2015-01-06
i would like to ask if you can to fix the rom for turbo x w1. when i try to select the scatter file , flash tool gives me error massage.mtgr 2015-01-05
I am thinking of upgrading my ROM Cubot Zorro 001 the one supplied. Have you got a copy of the old ROM so if I need I can downgrade to the old ROM.myneed321xp 2015-01-04 Works good, but when we got next update?tarms85 2015-01-03
Помогите Gnet u6. только на mtk6577_s00 не могу найти прошивку!!flatron19871987 2015-01-03
i have update the star N9000 from 4.2.2 to 4.4.2 but why the main camera can not use?the sub camera is oksmokerlun 2015-01-02
I use your frimeware G9500L oficial to my phone and now i have white lcd witch black line.gutek2184 2015-01-01
Hello, Sir SoCr@Te wanted to say if you can add more information in HDC/1:1 Note 4 SM-N910F KKstanpm22 2014-12-31
hi socrate im trying to flash custom rom on lenovo s898+ but entering recovery i see chinese can u give instuction how to install cwm thanks!mountris 2014-12-31
please sir i need but foe gsm version not lte. please send me this kind of miui rom for fake MI4 . Thanksgusgus 2014-12-30
I have trouble with loading the scatter file – flasher displays an error message: '"Error: Initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file wich you load is legal.'" WIDW? My mobile phone is ORRO N5 and i try use your firmware. Please reply to me!Stealch 2014-12-27
Hi SoCr@Te! Your MIUI V5 for UMI Zero don´t work...Installation aborted, '" install Error: Invalid OTA package, missing scatter'"... ???Freeddyy 2014-12-25
Hi again dear! Now i have another issue :( In the last process to recover my V3 Plus i lost Wifi & Bluetooth MAC addreses. And in this forum: [url][/url] they say: '"Actually you can also get restore your IMEI, WiFi MAC, BT MAC, SN by restoring a backup created by MTKDroidTools with other exact same model as your phone.'" Then..... PLEASE, Can you give me your MTKDroidTools backup? Excuse me again! Thanks my genius friend!;)mdromed 2014-12-25
Hello Sir , i need voyo x6i firmware , my tablet is breaked , where can i download it?shmp 2014-12-25
Good day sir, Can you upload the A536_S150_140915_PH_ROW? Can't seem to find it ont the page. Regards.stupidboy07 2014-12-22
Dear sir , do u have a custom rom for Lenovo A680 ?Maxicomic 2014-12-21
Hi, please update miui for iocean x7 youth. It's been more than a quarter since last update for this device. Please update. Thanks for all your good work. keep it up.spikywits 2014-12-19
hi thanks for the roms know if there rom android 4.4 for s4 mega mt6592 mt6592 or w9208 thanks if you can answer mejvargasjon 2014-12-19
can u help me please i have a7-3300t and it has chinese firmware and does not have google apps or google play store please tell me which rom to install ..answer me plzadil_guys786 2014-12-18
hi can you help me?? my phone bootloop now. what i can doing?? GETEK GT6001vendetta100 2014-12-18
hello, how to root haier w858...???j4mbr0ng 2014-12-13
Hi can you please port miui to Kolina 100+ V6 phone ? thank you a lot .mathieu 2014-12-11
Thank you very much for functional ROM. G9000 8GB 4.4 ROM ??navras 2014-12-11
Hi. I was checking out your Rom for the HDC Galaxy S5 Legend but my usb port doesnt work. Is it possible for you to get me a version for me to flash via recovery (CWM) (with Meta-Inf. etc,etc)? Thank you in advanceTheMaskaras 2014-12-11
Dear SoCr@Te? I'm a rookie.Pls help me to find the tool called '"SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe'" Many thx, ArankaSzeretlekArankaSzeretlek 2014-12-10
Ruego 9.72 z7mini graciasrallo54 2014-12-10
NOTE ! After downloading the software, in U7 Ulefone killed touch panel. The screen displays ok, touch dead. The touch does not work even at the level of the Factory and Recovery Mode. Factory Mode asks for files '" synaptics.img '" and '" 1080x1920.i '" to update. Any idea on the revival of Touch ?turnip70 2014-12-08
HI...SoCr@Te, can you tell me how to root Lenovo A319? Thank You.rizrboy 2014-12-08
hi i left a coment on h-mobile f1 rom the update zip does not work and please create a scatter file for the flash toolmo4444 2014-12-08
Hello! Please help me to find firmware for Plum Pilot Plus Z550 MTK6582, Thank you.barneca 2014-12-06
can you help me please....... i need recovery.img and scatter file on lenovo a516 pleaseeeeee send to this email a.s.a.pfzan99000 2014-12-04
Hi SoCr2Te/ a Very good job. Would you like to help me. If you have a backup or firmware on this phone, please share. This is a fake Xiaomi Mi3 (T8206 - JBX5 (V3.0). And then I accidentally flashed preloader. Hardware : MT6582 (Qualcomm is Fake!) Model : MI 3W Build number : KVT49L Build date UTC : 20140929-093256 Android v : 4.4.2 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V11.P6, 2014/06/23 14:48 Kernel v : 3.4.0-ge5c06a1-00413-g82904b9 (builder@xiangshan) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP Thu Jan 9 17:46:33 CST 2014 Uboot build v : ----- необходим root shell LCD Driver IC : 1-rm68200a_hd720_dsiUdjin77 2014-12-02
Hi SoCr@Te, 1st of all nice work. You def know what you are doing! (in comparison to me :( ). I could use your help with: Could not find how to PM you. Any help would be very much appreciated. Regards, Urb@nurban85 2014-12-02
Hi I have problem with error on the picture. can you help me? last reply I made update of my new phone and after update I cant switch on. I make factory setings but dont help. From shop where I bought phone send me this website. But is some problem with software? Please help. Thank youKonstantin Babic 2014-12-02
Hi Socrate, the updates huawei G730-u30 are in English or Spanish? thank you very muchJulio Charro 2014-12-01
sir, can you provide me any custom recovery for lenovo A319 ? thanks in advancepoulunk 2014-12-01
Hello Socrate I can noot download the rom for JDT I6 . Each time i try to extract the file there is an error message. Could you explain why or how to do other to get this rom. Thanks in advance Hervéhervedetahiti 2014-12-01
Mr SoCr@Te , I changed my OLD ROM, becouse my phone doesn't go to deep sleep mode, and battery was very drain(I checked on cpu spy) but in this ROM is the same problem, I notice that when I changed in options to '"disable quick boot'", phone go to deep sleep after reboot , but when I charged phone (when phone is power on), phone doesn't go to deep sleep so I must turn off my phone. As well as, battery does't show the current state of charge (for example I have 50 percent, after 5 minutes when I use phone – I have 15 percent ) I calibrated battery Do you have a fix for this problem? Thanks in advance ROM : ROM ALPS GT-I9300 – ROM Android 4.0.4 For Mobile GT-I9300 MT6575 - 512 RAM - FWVGA(480×800) - Dual Sim – 2GB ROM – 4.8 inch Version: IMM76D.I9300ZSALE9 Update V1 : ROM of 01/02/2013flashman_1 2014-11-30
Friend about Rom sophone put i not know put rom , you can help?jccfcb 2014-11-29
Hi friend!!. I have a Hasee X50 TS. It works perfect with the official rom. It is the same than Zopo ZP980+ but when I tried(several times)to install a Zopo rom´s always says Imei error. Only appears the Imei with the official rom. Do you know what can I do?. Thank youmutitolo 2014-11-28
Hi! Tell me, please, which soft is necessary to install this ROM Thanks!Luvenhart 2014-11-27
You're doing really great job uploading these ROMs. Can you upload plese ROM for PC759IN_XHTXHW_H1_FOREIGN_DSIM_V1.0.0_user_r22386? Thanks in advance!alberht 2014-11-25
Can u provide Custom or Port rom for STAR N920E Version: 106_v89_gq2009hd_20140103mgh143 2014-11-25
Hello, please can you upload the rom for kingzone s1 in zip format to install with cwm ?? I need help !! Thank you .zizouken15 2014-11-24
hi, I does not work '"upgradedownload'" program, could you pass me the ROM and / or firmware that is not as pac?cotorra 2014-11-23
after installing rom 4.4.2 to n-9800 does not work as a rear camera to fix itprzemek74 2014-11-23
Hello I have a Sophone 6 Plus but i don't have Stock rom. Please Make Stock for this phoneTh3H0st3r 2014-11-22
Hi. I need rom for fake HM NOTE 1TD. Android version is 4.2.2 JDQ39. MIUI VERSION is MIUI-JHECNBA12.0. It's 1GB of RAM. Tried one of your roms for ALPS but the screen don't work.rykko-san 2014-11-20
Please hol-u10 international???tvmovies73 2014-11-16
Hello! Please help me to find firmware for Surfing SM-W2014 MTK6589, ROM 2G RAM 4G. Thank you.sev1 2014-11-16
Hi SoCr@Te, is there any chance to get an update for MIUI on P780 ? I will donate 30$ right away for a new release! greetings from germany garfms12garfms12 2014-11-16
E-Mail Adderess is I have been trying to use this to update my Cubot S222 and so far im seeing nothing. can you possibly explain to me how to get this update to my phone? Iv read the instructions at the bottom of the page and nothing seems to be happeningNixon5050 2014-11-15
Hi friend. Do you have nvram.img for Cubot S108 with stock rom Android 4.4.2?johnymaker 2014-11-14
hi socrate.thanks for uploading the roms for zh&k mobile (phlippines).i was just wondering, wy do you have thse stok rms? do you work for zh&k or you wrk fro its manufacturer? your rom are the best! thanksphonejack 2014-11-14
Hi, I have flashed my Mi3 TD-SCDMA with your ROM here : After that, my screen only appear blue/white/red/green light, but sounds & capacitive buttons are OK. Can you fix this? Thank you.blackflame 2014-11-13
Hi Do not tell me that something is known about the update THL t11 4.4? Ty fo you time. My mail darkdestroiter@mail.rumsshturman 2014-11-13
My Thl w200 droped on ground and i cant start him again. when i press power button notification light lights a little with low light same as i put him on charger. But i cant turn phone anymore. PLEASE HELP!souldefiler 2014-11-12
Hi, my name is Alexander.My Please help me to find just such a firmware or similar.Killed firmware.T7_6825C_SC2330B_2318_PULAN_32+4_H19LIYOU_WG32G_RC_140721alex19771102 2014-11-11
i Need a Rom for Bitel B8402 please helpismailahmed 2014-11-10 this rom worked for my s3 clone that I bricked (flashed wrong pre loader) the only problem is it has unknown baseband and imei, help :(tonkits 2014-11-02
Hello The rom in (version 2.07) works almost perfectly in my phone, except for the fact that the '"back'" button doesn't respond at all. Do you have any other version (older or newer) of the rom for this mobile? Thankshundalasiliah 2014-11-02
sir i have a Karbonn A51 H/W ver:S350_02 S/W ver:_A51_V1.10 i download the rom on this site and flashed my phone when i switch it on the logo display upside down and goes white screen pliz sir help melloyd68 2014-11-02
Dear SoCr@Te, thanks for the Cubot X6 KitKat ROM. Do you have possibility to get encrypted ROM which allows change of camera in lk.bin with SP-MDT? Many already have new circuit board but back camera is not working. Thank you for all your work. Best regards!Testinger 2014-11-01
Hello Dear Sir, Would it be possible for you to port android 4.4.2 to Mlais Note Pro please? I know that Mlais Note Pro has Android 4.4.3, but from some sources I have heard that Android 4.4.3 has battery drainage issues. Or better still would you mind teaching me how to port KitKat ROMs? I know the basics! Thanks in Advance :D Danid4n1.551 2014-11-01
Hi :-) Can you get your hands on a Kingzone N3 ROM? I desperately need one.ColonelZap 2014-10-31
Please update '"NO.1 S7+ MT6592 KK'" rom with specs 2G ram + 16G rom + 4g logo network. Thank you so muchoregon00 2014-10-31
Please original ROM iGET STAr P450BGolis2 2014-10-28
Привет, будут ли новые прошивки для Bluebo B6000?Skyl 2014-10-27
hello i flashed my s960 with the s960KK,,but there was signal issue,,i bought my s960 in china,,would u pls help meshakha 2014-10-26
symphony w68q rom mtk 6582. u provided mtk6572. that's not working. reupload the original rom or any custom rom plzsanpzr 2014-10-24
Hi I downloaded your rom for the alps s5 mtk 6572. Got only stripes on the screen. Put on the backup again. Now touch is called calibrated wrong. Can you help me I do not know what I can do. Thanks thorstenthovama 2014-10-20
Please!! rom for THL T11Wylf 2014-10-20
hello SOCRATE plz help me bro you uploaded all roms for Magicon devices.i have a device name OR MODEL magicon M2 plz help me by providing me a rom for this phone. i have this phone build.prop file plz make a filepk963 2014-10-18
Hello Socrate! I love you very much :) Your work for Cubot X6 is awesome! Can you compile TWRP2.8.0.0 for it? And make KK for ModRecovery?HackFeed 2014-10-18
Hello, i hope you can help me... I installed your S5 Rom on my UMI X3 and now its unrooted and I dont get into the recovery menu, bur I want to chang the ROM again... I cant solve the problem....Aranci96 2014-10-17
USB 3.0 1:1 Note 3 Quad core MTK6589 N9006 N9000 5.7'''" 1920*1080 FHD Android 4.3 Smart Phone Ram 2GB fake(1GB) Rom 16GB fake(4GB) Air gesture Air Command 13MP 3G WHERE CAN I FIND ROM FOR THIS PHONE ,PLEASE HELPbane88 2014-10-17
hi,custom rom MLAIS MX58 PRO MIUI for nuclea n1 which is very good. can you provide next update for itVenkata Prasad 2014-10-17
The file update which is given by you!! For micromax canvas a93 Is it tested !! Will it work plss tell !! Wanted a reply plss !1ASHdash1 2014-10-16
Please!! rom for T-109garztech 2014-10-16
Hi socr@te, one question: (i'm italian and live in Italy) i have a huawei ascend mate 7 UL00 (branded right?), can i to install rom for version TL00 (free)?peroni86 2014-10-14
Please star W101 new rom wifi is not working!!!!inbetwee 2014-10-14
the rom posted: Orro 5C SC6820 no works, the file rom is corrupted :(eneolliver 2014-10-14
Hi, i cant get the Lenovo K920 flash to work... HELP..zazz 2014-10-13
hi socr@te pls can i get ROM for OPSSON L3 IVO 6633 v3....thank younanaquameAllDay 2014-10-13
Hello,I have seen that you have got colors X112 official ROM can I please have a ROM for colors X114,And can I flash colors K11/k22 rom on X114?Lankie 2014-10-11
A good afternoon I N9599T Alpes 01_v89_gq3008s_89t Whether I want Some got KitKat paragraph ROM This model , thank you very muchmarvi22 2014-10-09
please help 2014-10-09
Please upload other rom for Elephone P10 not P10c with fixessoupis 2014-10-08
for lenovo s898t czech language. Thanksvizovice1122 2014-10-07
Hi SoCr@Te, I need rom for Melrose P780, or (Majestic Urano SPH-27 or again Ecandy mh5000), Can you procure me this official rom ? Thank very much! Greetingssekurm 2014-10-06
Thanks for all. Talking about infocus m512, how could I root it without changing rom? regardspierangelo74 2014-10-04
Dear I have huawei ascend g525 i try to install custom recovery CMW but fails now my phone not running also when i turned on my device it says image varify signature fail your appboot may have incorrect signature please update to official on now just i have only access to upgrade mode I tried different Roms for huawei g525 listed on the site but evertime says update fail in step 2 I don't know what was the my orignal firmware can you help mesawais8 2014-10-03
hii SoCr@Te, i have use Mpai N9800max ROM Version: ROM Android 4.5.8, can you make custom rom or miui for Mpai N9800max? help please!bustanilaripin 2014-10-03
Ola, queria saber como desbloquear o celular Orro F101 SC6820? sou aqui de Brasil e preciso da sua ajuda, vi que voce postou uma Rom pra ele e queria saber! Obrigado!jason007 2014-09-29
hi just one of the newbies...i have problem with my lenovo a806 texting..its when i text someone their name appear..but when someone text me..the only thing appear is their there any rom version that solve this...hope u can help meraybelakoz 2014-09-29
can you give your fb id link plz ?? I neeed to contact you. fb/muhe420muhe5 2014-09-28
dear please i need rom for HDC 816W THE one that u posted on the site is not working !!!sharky 2014-09-27
please make custom rom for lenovo a66 .. or you teach me how to make transparent sim background colour ?? by the way your work very helpfulbobbystehan 2014-09-27
You hero!! Thank you so much for the Cubot p7 ROM!! LEGEND!!zxus 2014-09-26
pleassss rom for NAMO I9300alizaid 2014-09-26
please rom for koobee s1 official romcool12378 2014-09-26
plz rom solone sl-a500 scateer erroraenalme 2014-09-25
Hello, i make a funcional port for my ORRO N500 for a KIKKAT AOSP rom, but i'm very noob with custom androids, and he have some bugs that i noticed, could u PM me and help for the comunity?viniciuscu 2014-09-23
Excellent Rom for Lenovo A806. Can u upload one with multilnag??pendencia 2014-09-22
good afternoon you will have the CWM recovery for the B953 upgrade because I could not manage to change recovery thanks .....EDLEONES 2014-09-22
I would have a question as I see you post Jiayu ROMS also: do you know somebody who is working on Jiayu S1 ROM update? thanx in advance, Peterjoedream 2014-09-18
HUAWEI G525-U00 MIUI KK is very very nice rom for these phone but access point name in network setting is not work please fix it tnxmeh202 2014-09-14
HI, i have a problem with sm-n900 firm, i was tried your .pac rom, but the display show white lines and nor work, please if you have more versions, up another roms, my best regardsrikiaguilar 2014-09-13
hello friend the rom for star s5a+ support greek language? Thk you very muchphernal 2014-09-12
hello...did you have lenovo a678t multilanguage rom?can upload here..thankshui7288 2014-09-08
Thank u my bro .. ur s4ui rom for g610-u00 is very well .. now plx help me for g730-u00 s4ui or similar rom .. thx u ..Kaunglay 2014-09-05
very good all cooked roms, but could include KIT KAT in Neken N6 4.4 L? my friends are waiting for some good developer can do it ..piqueruno 2014-09-03
Very need KitKat ROM for Cubot X6 pls. You got it?eHoT23 2014-09-03
Any chance for an update Coolpad 9976A S4UI with working NFC ? Or any other multilanguage ROM for Collpad 9976A ?gotenks 2014-08-30
please update lenovo s960s room.. baterry and charger issue.. plleasecrusadertrav 2014-08-25
i need rom for Haipai S5 thank youkenmic 2014-08-18
Roms for the ZTE Grand S2 please. Thank youvauxhall 2014-08-18
hi sir. can you fix the Firefly s110 rom, please? badly need it. :(xxbeaxx 2014-08-18
hello sir i need rom for bricked wham wd35 mobile which is mt6572 android 4.2.2 i did a lot of search and no use will u please help sirbabubks 2014-08-17
hello, I tried to install his rom cubot S308 and the procedure went well .... but after the phone has stopped working .. when I try to put other rom gives me error 4023 ... it might help to please !!!! my email is dellanna.e@gmail.comDraXino 2014-08-13
can you make a rom of the latest tcl idol x+ ota update. or can you upload the stock recovery.img for my tcl idol x+ :)Bastien 2014-08-11
Dear Socrate, Can you make a s4 ore s5 Rom for the Landvo L900 please. ThanksJaschi 2014-08-10
Please be found OTA Update Micromax A350 KitKathanuma 2014-08-07
Where can i found latest n9800 roms? Forum or site link? Thanks for feedback!PREM1Z 2014-08-05
please,you can helpme get this rom Fake Xiaomi Redmi Note MTK6572 WCDMA (MTK6592 Fake) 2014-08-03
please,you can helpme get this room HAIPAI A9592 5'" QHD 540x960 Android 4.2 MTK6592 16GB Rom 2GB RAm Dual Sim THANKSAlucardbeta 2014-08-03
I'm too proud vibeUi rom 2.0 LENOVO S930, but if there is another version of the ROW S215 good, THANK YOUashraff89 2014-08-02
Hi man good work on the ROMs. We are happy to use them for CUBOT GT99/CHERRY MOBILE APOLLO/SEGE XYZ X1. Keep up the good work and if possible get us a good cyanogen rom man. We all need one. :)raviabi11 2014-08-02
Can you check the KitKat Rom for the Cubot S308 again, Please?benzbremen78 2014-07-30
hello this rom is for my S5 MTK6592 KOT49H SM G9006V ? ? And with in apk smart remote ? regardsroca 2014-07-29
Can you suggest, when will the official ROM 4.4 for G4S with LG touch available???? I have a phone this dead touch now (after flashing your last G4S) and waiting for some help very much!lotos4u 2014-07-25
Might you help me I'm from Guatemala, I have a Maxwest orbit 4400 and I downloaded the rom but is damaged and wanted to know if you can put a new link I would greatly appreciate it.shusho9000 2014-07-23
hi mr khairul haslin iwant this rom .can youhelp me.i cant find it anywhere : 2014-07-20
hi master sorry for disturbing you can u help me to find rom Hardware : MT6572 (MT6589 is fake) Model : SM-N9006 Build number : ALPS.JB3.MP.V1 Build date UTC : 20140318-065831 Android v : 4.4.2 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V1.P4, 2013/09/27 05:05 Kernel v : 3.4.5 (root@lyc-desktop) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #2 SMP Wed Mar 19 10:12:20 CST 2014 Uboot build v : ----- LCD Driver IC : 0-otm1283a_hd720_dsi_vdosuryajaya 2014-07-19
PERFECT.. ANY LUCK FOR 4.4 ON THL T11???darkmaker 2014-07-17
Thaks for w200c kernelssnowcatPDA 2014-07-14
My build number er is G610-220V100R001C00B121 what rom should I usemedoff 2014-07-14
Hi! Please upload when available any official ROM for the Doogee DG550. If you had the chance to get the factory KK ROM then you'll be like god...;-)antgz 2014-07-13
Hello, please upload ROM for Jiake S820+ I can't find him on the netmaurer 2014-07-10
Hi, please I also need ROM for Tianhe N9006. Thank you.Tuga Driver 2014-07-09
Good cook;)se_rafa 2014-07-08
you can update this rom to the htc g9000/dapeng 9000/tengda s5 for me ??? the rom is hdc g900f legendgeversonsh 2014-07-07
hi thanks for rom haier w860 but i flash rom phone trun on situation *save mode* you can help me and give me one rom othermiladfergie1 2014-07-05
Great Roms! :)pcprice76 2014-07-04
help me please 2014-07-03 Please update the firmware! Google service has stopped working poor translation for Russian and many other disadvantages not grateful for even earlier) Lewa or can be converted to flash this firmware through SP_Flash_Tool 2014-07-03
Thank you very much for jlt y16 rom... can you help me with gapps for the same...astroguru 2014-07-02
Hello! Do you have kernel sources for subject? We on and are trying to get working KK (or CM11) for MT6589 phones. Thanks!acras 2014-07-01
Hello sorry for disturbing you can u help me to find rom for gt-5100 mtk6577 pleaselifeguard1984 2014-07-01
Hi, please I also need ROM for Star G9000. Thank you.benetowa 2014-06-30
lenovo s720 new rom miui pleasemuratoktay45 2014-06-26
that rom recommend for MLAIS MX59? THANKSviktor1 2014-06-23
Hi SoCr@Te, Could you please give us the gapps file for the MLAIS MX59 ROM or a link that we can download the file. Thank you.arif.santai 2014-06-23
+ Iocean X8mikola1st 2014-06-23
Bro there a problem with your S660 original ROM. after update LK error. please checkdkangelk 2014-06-22
Can you cook rom jb for gionee gn800? I can't build kernel for it. Help! Thank you.virutnghiepdu123 2014-06-21
could you upload UMI S1 factory stock rom? please help 2014-06-20
bro, could you upload rom of HTC Desire 210 dual sim mt6572 bro? :-) thx.astruenot2 2014-06-20
thx bro,keeop up the good work, mito a800 rom 100% workszack_rains 2014-06-17
hallo can any one help me to flash new software on my cube talk5 update or difrendt software i try for weeks but no luck :-S greating marcomtc_nl 2014-06-16
Hi!Please Doogee Moon Dg130 official ROM. Unfortunately, the phone does not work! thank youpalika 2014-06-16
I have huawei P6s dual sim and I want to know if any of your roms is compatible for this device. Thanksrs06085 2014-06-16
cubot one 6589T. problematic this rom. phone screen stayed black. help.jiayudiyarbakir 2014-06-13
Evobt Rs6 for anroid 4.4.2 kitkat update work? The MTK’s 6589T dream of full hd resolution in performons.Games for a Your Work ? In fact, the game would have been the automatic resolution of the hd though perfect When We Get :)evobt1234 2014-06-09
Hello, do you have the recovery.img of this fake NOTE 1TD? Or custom recovery.img for CWM or TWRP? Cheers!bulletaz 2014-06-09
I need a previous version ROM for ORRO I9296 (gc925_hteng_s29_en_v10...). Thanks.smartswap 2014-06-09
Hi! Can You tell me how to flash this ROM of Yours on a lenovo s898t? Recovery is in chinese as well, and i have no idea what to do..thank You!plambo 2014-06-05
how can I port GooPhone I5S GOLD ROM to use in Pinphone i5? MTK6575 2014-06-03
Hi, great developer, I need any ROM for M-Horse N9000W with most real features of Note 3, Regards.mananpa 2014-06-01
i5 fake not work wifi please help mf353zp/a please helpppppppppppppppbehnamdj 2014-05-31
Beautiful ROMs. Perfect work. Thank you very much! :Dmedia7991 2014-05-27
Hi. I have ZTE U817 and I flashed the MIUI ROM. Unfortunately it broke my phone and I can't install anything now. Do you have a stock ROM that I can install from SP Tools? Thankseroldru 2014-05-25
Where do you get the INEW V3 roms from and how is it possible to have a official V1.1.4 when the factory knows nothing about it??????????????????mark9ze 2014-05-25
xin chào! rơm ebest v78 loi.hep me thankNgocTin_mobile 2014-05-24
hi. i have one question, i have a lenovo a850 and run on Vega Rom 1.0 , my wommen has a lenovo s920 with your note 3 rom, can you make the note 3 ui on the rom for a850 ?thaurus 2014-05-22
Hi. Thanks for post the Daxian x158 ROM. Can you explain the procedure to flash it with the ResearchDownload. I can't get the phone into boot mode. I'll appreciate some help.alsierra 2014-05-21
hi, the daxian x158 rom dont work, installer say pac file is empty.sazman2000 2014-05-19
Would you also do a ROM for the 4G-X1-Version from Huawei? (HONOR X1 7D-503L). Thank you!Cyman87 2014-05-19
Thanks for your Iocean G7 ROMs. Waiting for more :)el_prodigio 2014-05-18
please help me to customrom my lenovo a690 s015 .. thank you sir..grandcest19 2014-05-17
HELP ME...HIZ: 2014-05-16
hello friend, the rom for emoto e868 is MTK6582?. In the official website describes having 8 cores with mtk6592. can you tell me which processor is the real one?. thanks offical website: 2014-05-14
need stock rom for huawei h30 u10 2gb that can flash using my fon keep rebooting after update using your rom..nami007 2014-05-13
please i lost root when i upgraded my huawei h30-u10 to update b123john15adex 2014-05-08
hi, is there any other firmware for my alps t960 (or Stock)trava9 2014-05-07
Hi, can you port Lenovo's S930 Kitkat rom to Goophone N3+? Or do you know is there comming stock KtkKat rom for Goophone N3+?Lippo89 2014-05-06
port MyUI mtk6589 please bq aquaris 5 and other telephonemaligno 2014-05-06
Can you post more roms for Hike X1D? Thank youacizcool 2014-05-04
Please feel free to firmware fake mi3 mt6589-armv7 Processor rev2 (v7I), lcd JOP40D. After flashing the firmware fake mi3 mt6589 armvebai-v7a, my fake black screen.MacKintochin 2014-05-03
Good day! I appeal to the huge request, could not you find and put ROM phone zlr f9006, earlier than is currently available on the site. thanks in advance! 2014-05-02
hi, İ am install, CMW v6.0.3.7 and new miui but touch screen not work(language select screen) and I am can't back to other rom, please help me. nubia z5s 16gbayar 2014-05-01
help me find this rom :'( 2014-04-29
Can please someone post a backup of the Ezio 9000B stock rom? It is a MTK6589 Note 3 clone with 5.7 lcd Can't find it anywhere. :'(hoesseinm 2014-04-26
Hey.. This is really not a feedback but a request and a question.. Pls give me your email so we can talk.. Mine's Actually I am going to port one of your ROM's to another MediaTek SoC phone with MT6589.. I want to port this : And there are 3 files to download ( updates ) .. I want to know of what is updated in each section.. And is the launcher shown in the picture same as in download 1 ? Please E-Mail me this info.. ThanxVaibhav4166 2014-04-25
I8190 rom, i like it but i have a problem with itlastdark 2014-04-18
Thank you for all the support to the community. I've seen that you have published a lot of roms. I really apreciate that. If is not too much to ask, could you release some roms for Lenovo A630 with new versions of android, like 4.3 or 4.4? Thank you!fiutcha 2014-04-17
Is there any custom rom for Huawei G730-U00? I am waiting for G730-U00 custom rom. Thank u very much.yaecwetlay 2014-04-16
My phone is f*c%: I bought the star ulefone N9002 2GB 32GB. I Need the original ROM for this phone. Since it is not allowing me to insert a modified ROM. I need the ORIGINAL ROM to put a new cooked rom. Can someone post it please?? If possible, I will be really thankful, I try to contact my provider but tell me the phone of 2GB is discontinued, as far as I know is the only way to fix my phone. I'll apreciate any kind of help. Thanks in advance.bitenova 2014-04-15
Dear, Can you please post the latest MIUI update for Lenovo k860. Its coming over OTA now.Prasad.Gadekar 2014-04-08
K Touch w98, Thanx for uploaded the ROM, but after I downloaded the file, i cant extract, its showed error. its the ROM same with K touch W95? May I flash W95 on W98 by using fastboot?samuelgonzales 2014-04-08
Hi SoCr@Te and everybody. Somebody has the ROM for the M-HORSE S3 mini? The version is the Mocorcroid2.3.5_Trout_gc925_1.04_jhm_E18_wvga_v08. Thanks a lot for the colaboration.jupatoc 2014-04-04
Hi SoCr@Te I have installed your MIUI rom for the V970 and I am quite happy with that. I wanted to ask you if are planning to release some new version of this ROM (e.g. on the website of miui there is a versione 4.3.28). Thank you.pangelo 2014-04-04
5 stars for Color OS Zp910/CaesarA9600errikozz 2014-04-01
Hi SoCr@Te I had an issue when trying to install rom Update MIUI V5 – 4.3.28 for JIAYU G2F I've got an error message:invalid ota package missing scatter. Build Number G2F-20140123-TD_HD_R-V0.10.04 Do you have any idea to solve that ? Thank you in advance Stevmihstevmih 2014-04-01
Provides excellent help..!! Thanks brovisky4u 2014-03-29
Hi friend, I gave you 5 stars for B6000 Rom. It's a Great Job. Have fun.!jocamaney 2014-03-27
Dear friend Can you help me with my HDC Galaxy note 3 VITAS ? It's 3GB RAM 32 GB ROM. Google play do not work nether hangout. I tried to install GAPPS but they did not help :(sarkis979 2014-03-18
Ty my friend, pls port colorOs rom to 9520 or zp998 Best regardsgiino 2014-03-17
Ebest L5 rom doesn't work i bricked my phone can u help me?SSTFAT 2014-03-17
I download your rom SM-M9006 MT6572.tar.gz. i extract with winrar/7zip but that file corrupt. can u help me? please. hard bricked my phone :(achealzy 2014-03-16
Hey can you help me with the htc one v jellybean rom unofficial primo ic installcheese78 2014-03-16
hello,the last update (3.14.2014)is no good,i use mtk6582 clone note3 sm n9006.the phone is unusable, but it is not brick, had to reflash the old version (12.27.2013)that was tested your last update?chris59264 2014-03-15
Can u help me with Ebest L5 i flashed your rom and the phone doesn't boot anymoreencodersofia 2014-03-14
tq so much..u help me alot with the lenovo S650 SP flash tools..chaqz2905 2014-03-12
Please, I need Help. I have this phone, with MT6589. I use your rom, but Smart Phone Flash Tool next error: SP FLASH TOOL ERRR: (8200) Platform Error] The load and target are inconsistent! [HINT] The load to be downloadeded is for MT6589;The target platform is MT6582_S00. what is the solution ? Thank youtecnolog 2014-03-11
can you plz get me the original rom for e1901_v77_jdt1_9p017_fwvga_20130305 china clone NOTE 2 CLONE phone model :e1901_v77_jdt1_9p017_fwvga brand_ :alps cpu hardware: MTK6577 CPU model :dual-core ARMv7 processor android version: 4.1.1 build number: e1901_v77_jdt1_9p017_fwvga_20130305 kernel:Linux version 3.4.0(root@abcdesktop) )#1SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 16 18:43:47 CST 2013t_assal 2014-03-11
do you know how to make root on hisense eg929?ahsim 2014-03-11
Hi, JIAYU G2F MIUI v5 is great! But I have problem. I have 4.1.3 version but I want to update it to 4.2.28. Can you help me with updating my mobile? RegardsEmer 2014-03-11
You have done a very nice jod. I have ported to mu BLUEBO B6000 and just have bugs on Camera and Wake Button. Will you please, help me..? Thank you very much.Isabella 2014-03-10
H30-U10 multi-language rom not so?nikevp 2014-03-08
Thanks for the job. - First if you are no chinese you have to delete chinese letters in the folders and MT6572_Android_scatter.txt will be recognized. - Second I have flashed my Timmy e128 with this ROM and I have lost WIFI and Bluetooth - Any idea how can I get back my WIFI and Bluetooth ? Thank youinadaptao 2014-03-08
Hi, i love the rom you ported from huawei g700 to the gfive g9 its amazing and by far the best rom. Wanted to know if there was a way to make the systemui (status bar a little smaller in height it takes up alot of the screen) and if you could do a small uodate to the rom to make it even faster thankyou love yhe romhassanabid 2014-03-07
Hello, thanks for all the work you have done. Was just wondering if you were going to do anymore work for the Firefly 65/iNew i6000? Also if you are interested, I have the source codes to the BLU Life View which is also the same as the MicroMAx Doodle 2 and similar to the HDC Note 3 N9006. I figured it would you would might find it interesting. Anyway. Here is the link. Take care:!x4UAkZ5R!_ea-I73t1E4SIvtE4xfng0eO-21cEty9KsiWOM5aSRcDvalin21 2014-03-06
Makes a new ROM for GT-i9152 Glaxy Mega 5.8 1,4 Ghz 1,5GB RAMWilfian_Sio 2014-03-06
thanks for the apollo romalvin914 2014-03-05
You are doing very good work... Keep it up.helloansuman 2014-03-04
Thank you for All! :-)hwgeek 2014-03-02 i downloaded this rom but there is no scatter file what to do...i mean how to flash it without scatter file i creatred a file through mtk droid tools but that didnt worktani43 2014-03-02
hello.. should i root the phone 1st???before i update the room???bingot 2014-03-01
I need to know, is it maxtron new 9a is really a genuine ROM? because i've searched it on the net but i didnt find any maxtron new 9a, instead of maxtron new 8a. I'm searching maxtron new 8a ROM, but i don't have a clue about it. Do you have any suggestion??riyosakura 2014-02-28
Always first with quality ROMs you are the best!!! Can you work on Lenovo S820 Viberom rooted with gapps included thankschezy86 2014-02-23
I really would love to experience the android kitkat 4.4. Will you be working on possibly making a 4.4 custom rom for the S890?m.jordan89 2014-02-21
Please cook a new miui rom for S4 MEGA!KikeAt 2014-02-20
Could you make rom for my Chang N9502+?bohdisss 2014-02-18
very good rom for star n9589 thank you !bertrandchan 2014-02-11
THANKS '"GT-I9500 MT6589'"predator_dv 2014-02-09
socrates patrioti please help me i have problem with the camera and the rotation of the phoneKOSMAS94 2014-02-08
dear Socrates, I need help, I tried sp flash tool, and also sp mtd, but the problem remains. in both cases, the camera does not work. Mr. Socrates kindly help me to solve the problem of camera. the rom works perfectly better than the fireflyv65. and 'can manually edit the code to fix the problem? hello I hope to have an answer. thanks lucalucazeta66 2014-02-08
nice worksmartdigi 2014-02-06
Hi, in SLX ROM for Lenovo P780, how can i switch internal and external sdcard? After reboot the file vold.fstab return to orginal text!dibbo 2014-02-05
Please can you download more roms for Lenovo s868t because I need rom multi Language or is the same rom but multi Language Thanks Sir for Help me Thank you very muchusamaalsror 2014-02-04
Absentee author who just deposit and leave the users without supportcracktech 2014-02-03
xiaocai x9 rom 1.03 is good v 1.06 not working thanksalefpiro 2014-02-02
hi, bricked my gionee e7 in an attempt to install stock recovery back to e7.i have bricked my e7. it switch on displays elife and stays there. it is not entering into recovery mode by vol+ and power button neither booting up to home screen. Can you help please? my email id is sajidakbar79fd@gmail.comstallionrider21 2014-02-01
Your ZP998 FW is no way stock :/ please tell me how i can contact you. Are you in xda too?Tommy0815 2014-01-31
Hello, it wanted to know if you can to re-rise or to sendme the file of the rom of the telephone HTM gt-a9500 because the file is damaged and I can't use ir o to repear my telephone, thank youOverkiller 2014-01-30
Hi, friend, I only can say one thing, excellent site and rom, thank you for you time! One small problem with my Xiaomi Mi3 Wcdma... In the past and with the original rom, I had tried to activate the Pro Burgerz and some kind of conflict, I had to disable. Now with the Rom MultiLeng. and once flashed the CWM Recovery, I tried to turn it back on and restarted for the changes to take effect. Well, the logo does not pass ... bitch ... but then there is no way the wipes. Tries to load all the time the operating system and I can not even turn it off I can only access the recovery Is there any possible solution? Thanks again!mbpchv 2014-01-30
do you update rom 4.2.1 for h7500+ with 3g mobiledata fix?basbas12 2014-01-28
If you may and at your convenience please help meif you can. I officially updated my Lenovo P780 to a viberom. I am extremely upset. I feel like I downgraded my phone. How can I get back to S129 firmware or flash one of your roms. Firmaroot 1.81 and the older versions do not work. I feel like lenovo was being spiteful with this update. I did a backup but only the apps and data was backed up not the firmware. '"Crying'" Why!!!!!!!!!!Wuv88 2014-01-28
Hi, I'm sorry to disturb you but I kindly ask if you can help me too... I have a HUAWEI G610S-U00 (MT6589) that after a firmware upgrade try, turns on but remains with black screen. The firmware upgrade has been done with the SP Flash Tool but I think the scatter file or the preloader were wrong. Now the only thing I can do is try to flash another firmware with the SP Flash Tools (it recognizes the phone), but I don't know where to find the correct one. Any other idea? Have you got a full backup of your firmware to flash with the Sp Flash Tool? I appreciate any help you could give.d3cod3r 2014-01-28
hi mate, please i need your ehlp with N7189, the rom you posted is not working, my phone is dead, could you help me please? my model is the fgwa not the QHD please helpppp, my email is pleaseeedjbros 2014-01-28
hello please if its possible up the new version of nubia z5s mini who is avalable multilanguafe.Not the miui.lampisd 2014-01-26
Hi, please can you get me a ZTE N909 stock rom, with at least english language, if possible croatian. And an english recovery, please. :))jopac84 2014-01-25
Hi guy.Thanks for your roms. I need some new cooking ROM for HDC Beloved Honey. Stock ROM is bad for battery :(...Thanks DandrakJBC 2014-01-25
Hi, I need help with the Z5S rooting. I found your ROM here. I have a few questions. (I have not done anything like this before...) So I can download two files from your post. Z5s_Recoveri will install the CWm on my phone? Is the CWM Chinese? (I only found Chinese ones so far...) Thank you!!Ssamf 2014-01-24
Please ROM for INEW M2 Hardware : MT6589 Model : M2 Build number : 06_v89_cxq1_false_20130603 Build date UTC : 20130604-020919 Android v : 4.2.1 Baseband v: ----- Kernel v : 3.4.5 (root@android) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Mon Jun 3 17:31:56 CST 2013 06_89_cxq1_fwvga_1700_falseIntruder 2014-01-23
I try to flash the Xiaocai X9 MIUI Rom on my new Xiaocai X9s. The X9s has MTK6582. After flashing there is a boot loop. Not working. Would you try to adapt the rom to the x9s?pepsiperfect 2014-01-20
My phone is bricked and i can't install the rom. I get this error '"BROM ERROR: S_BROM_CMD_STARTCMD_FAIL (2005)'"andresramirezdev 2014-01-19
bro, im from philippines and im new to rom porting, can i use your roms to port for our device here ??iyizzyjeff 2014-01-18
How to deal with the camera? Tell me please! Very urgently, the icon Disappeared, only the front facing works! What to do please help?????? Star S9500 МТК6589yulicka28 2014-01-17
Can you please give me a solution for my google apps problems with the rom for mlais mx58 air (sony rom)? It crashes everytime I try to execute it.JoseBQ 2014-01-15
Can you make kitkat 4.4 rom for Gfive g9 please.Thank you :-)syedyasirhussain 2014-01-14
hello. i install your LEWA OS 5 Huawei U9510e rom. but the Launcher always FC. is there anyway to fix it? thx a lot. i like that Rom very much...yohansen.w 2014-01-14
I used the files( and it works great but the ROM is now 2 GB instead of 32 GB that had the PULID F17 model, can help me please.ballogemini 2014-01-13 Upload file MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt after that, the program writes incorrect scatter file format. Tried different versions of Flash_Tool, always writes the same. What to do???Dimax174 2014-01-12
I've download & flash rom that you post I use 1:1 HDC N9000 Note 3 - Update 10/22/2013 - Rooted. After I restart it I found my samsung boot animation is change to android. Did you have any solution about it. Can I get it back? Please email me smatnasir@gmail.comsalizzan 2014-01-11
miui for xiaocai x9 in spanish is possible?PAISAMED 2014-01-11
I performed the wrong operation on my a760, when I was trying to update the rom, formatted the driver and where are the drivers of the device, how do I restore the device, does not turn over, help-me.gapoju 2014-01-08