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Very awesome rom (Vibe Savon 3.69)SHAILAJANANDAN07-09-2018
Awesome RomAshwinrg05-18-2018
Plz sir solve my problem and your rom is awesome....Balabhai109-29-2017
More customisable than any lineageOS or AOSP rom. Even MIUI 8 has less features then this ROM. Amazing , This ROM will be my permanent ROM.Annoy08-09-2017
I am using vibesavon 3.6 and it fulfills my requirements 90% This is my permanent ROM untill ur gonna release next versiontitla14302-23-2017
PLZ solve my problem comment is on 13 no. Page notification panel bug....Ashit16701-11-2017
VIBESAVON 3.0 ULTIMATE LinkRom Is Can 't Downloadzervelus11-29-2016
There are some storage issue'sanandu201611-23-2016
kalakki machanealwyn.shyam11-22-2016
Awesome support to customerssanjaykrishnats11-19-2016
nice machaanarunkm9411-18-2016
Very good responce from author....keep it up brooStunner9511-17-2016
great job broitzmesumitt11-16-2016
super rom thanks broReegan43811-15-2016
A big thumbs up bro...#Thank_you@dinesh_suvarna11-15-2016
Perfect rom!SRajdeep36911-15-2016
Almost perfect... keep up with it, you're really skilledolgutza3411-14-2016
Well balanced rom ....and very helpful to users ....keep it up brovikric11-14-2016
Awesome workrouzi11-14-2016
Awesome work + awesome support to users..adikri11-13-2016