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Thumbs up!krasi160602-01-2015
ColorOS A820 is greatBarkilla10-08-2014
Świetna robota.wodzu09-10-2014
Thank for your rom, your miui the best. I've one quest.: can you port miui on device with mtk8389, etc. Freelander PX2?__Vlad__08-01-2014
your Sony z2 is very beautiful but in my counry can not use if you see my message please reply me E MAIL 1414966690@qq.com thanks I WISH YOUR REPLY141496669005-28-2014
hi, do Russian T9 in ideafreand ColorOS v1Tornn05-03-2014
Hello! Thx for u work! Can you port this ROM for Lenovo A820? http://miuirom.xiaomi.com/rom/u149514237/4.4.20/miui_iq446_stas2z_4.4.20_8c0163707a_4.2.zip Very good ROMskyline04-26-2014
Thanks for MIUI. Please, put ru-language in email.apk for miui 4.4.18lexa21reg04-21-2014
Copy roms from others and say that they are his ... and then can not answer questions about the rom! ridiculous!gabryoryn04-13-2014
Thanks for MIUI and updating that. Would be cool to see Vibe ROM from you.TheLittleStar04-06-2014
Good job! Keep it up with new ROMs!jagilka03-25-2014