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Very nice! (Lenovo A820)Kriss747503-24-2017
thank yourocky01-16-2017
amazing job, thanks infrared ;)misiardo07-14-2016
Thanks for your work with Lenovo A820krid9001-31-2016
Great work!!!!!!!!giousko11-16-2015
Lenovo A820V4L110-10-2015
Great jobsindalo6509-16-2014
Excellent Work! 5 stars when translation in Italian is full! Thanks anyway!Cisky8209-15-2014
best rom everSruk09-06-2014
You are the best! Thank you!bisscableguy07-03-2014
Works greatx22004-17-2014
Excellent work!!!daperina04-16-2014
man by chance you do not think some overlock for lenovo A820?jao15903-25-2014
keep up the good work and do something for s920!!!jcevo03-19-2014
Excellent work!!!Dorian8701-30-2014
Hello infrared. Do you have any idea where can i find s150 for lenovo a820 (official rom) . And also can you add albanian language to your roms ? Thnx and keep up the good workEgZipper01-12-2014
Hello Infrared, can you help me pleace, I have a lenovo A820 with you rom, it's working perfectly, but i have too a lenovo a390 cellphone and it have the same frecuency that lenovo a820, but all the rom that i was installed in this cellphone dont work in my conuntry. I am from chile, please help me-!!!coke_strife12-16-2013
Thx for the ROM. Works perfectly.Sarbitar12-06-2013
U are my hero, love u guy :)Graddy12-01-2013
Running my A820 with the A820_Lambda_v2.3.5a_and everything looks sweet, its a gas.Wheats11-22-2013
Great job!Gravis11-20-2013
Thank you! Great work!serycs11-03-2013
He's done very good job for the Lenovo A820 ROM!funkdoc10-30-2013
Si no fuese por infrared el celular chino que me compré no funcionaría para nada! Simplemente graciasfranchoo10-10-2013
Благораря ти за добрата работа , продължавай в същия дух!!!Deganjo10-08-2013
Superb work! 10 stars for amazing email support ! Keep it up :)FxJ09-15-2013
My A820 came from China with preinstalled infrared's 2.3 rom. Indeed, great ROM from a great guy. Infrared spends lots of time on the forum and helps people. I would say that infrared's work is a selling point for an old hardware like A820.bjornh09-10-2013
AMAZING ROM!!!Thanks a BILLION!davidinuk09-03-2013
great rom, great piece of OS for the lenovo a820!!adamastor66608-26-2013
great work thanksabu7abiba08-19-2013
5 stars!!0elultimodelafila008-02-2013
Great ROM!gabriel@ghcoelho.com.br07-29-2013
the man is very talented...thank god for people like him!!!lagathy07-24-2013
The best!Nikophin07-22-2013
help make this firmware to a820t pozhalusta atoms and can `t even make it to the s what rus language thanks in advance for your helppavelzaharchuk07-17-2013
Very helpful information in this thread!w2668b07-11-2013
This couldn't be better. It is over a month of using this mod ROM. It is stable and would HIGHLY recommend it.Jos06-18-2013
Mighty cook and very kind guy! Thank to him we have the best solution for our Lenovo A820!kime0106-12-2013
You are amazing! good job. great ROM and most important - very helpfulpdikov06-01-2013
You are great. Super ROMenter305-18-2013
Good ROM ! :)Raster23205-14-2013
Great ROMBO05-11-2013
Great Job!!!Thank youkokham05-10-2013
Good job!lavinski04-27-2013