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Bro ada lagi ka update Lenovo A936 ... Pm ... saffar321@gmail.comsaffar32102-09-2019
Great guy with some solid builds. Very communicative and helpful. Keep up the good work.modelman196803-13-2017
GREAT !harrydread08-16-2016
Great author, had put a lot of work to provide the best multilanguage rom for A936.wodzu03-17-2016
Hi, I love your work. Will there be Lollipop/mashmallow a936?runar02-29-2016
I have tested all your rom for A936 listed above, some bug here there but usable, i like the most AOSP latest update V2 Final on 07112015 which , Great job. i would like to donate RM50 for compensate your energy burn for creating so many interesting rom for us, Thanks!realguard11-11-2015
Thank you to each of all Russian users for 1522 ROM!Minotavrusus06-23-2015
Grat work!!!ilinov8306-15-2015
Thank you very much!o4am06-15-2015
plz port android l 5.0 for a850+rajaasu00705-30-2015
Grat work and goot ports!muckelmaus04-25-2015