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Very nice man and work!Delit2016-10-06
Very gooooood roms for zp998.I hope you will release soon a lollipop rom so good as the kk ones. Thanks again.Cyberspenk2016-01-19
Hi Marsapa, you saved my zopo zp999! My phone arrived, and within a few hours received an ota update. After installing my phone was dead, no way I could revive him and install the official rom, but your rom did the trick! Keep up the good work, thank you!Eleni2015-01-01
Great Rom's!!!!!!dagoberto2014-12-05
nice work for zp998 romsrodney4412014-10-15
Marsapa obrigado por tudo, quero saber se consegue portar essa rom pra zp998 ?softwork2014-10-11
good job for zp998's romGero6662014-09-13
Hi Marsapa can you help me on how/what tool did u use to deodex stock rom of zp980+.. can u share me the link.. tia hope u will rply..jkiel2014-08-14
Hi, I can provide boot and lk.Vavan292014-07-31
Thank you Marsapaserdalm2014-07-02
The best author ever! Keep working :) Thank you for zp998 roms.xjack2014-06-22
Great ROM author.maalbak2014-05-21
Wow - awesome job - can you port latest official MIUI for zp980 to zp980+ ?Also maybe an updated v8 for your marsapa ROM.I would love to get better battery life if you have any tips.All the best!wbgenetic2014-04-17
Thank you bro for zp998 roms :)giino2014-03-10
Great job Marsapa. I´ve been using your roms since my Zopo C2.AlDuran2014-02-22