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Thanks for all your wonderful work. Keep'em coming!incubryle06-30-2015
Thanks for your hard work, amazing ;-)Fokagoldi05-17-2015
Great job!Deganjo04-20-2015
CM 12 in the Lenovo K910, just a brilliant work!berg04-12-2015
For bringing CM to the Lenovo K910 :)Meuk04-07-2015
the bestyiepgc04-02-2015
for CM11SUCreeper03-01-2015
ok fullprkfranc02-27-2015
Great workdidonch02-25-2015
Thank youMacrom02-24-2015
official please.. :)akmalhak1m02-18-2015
thanks bro!tsarlam02-16-2015
The best rom Thank you!!Cromer02-16-2015
thanks man!kriegaffe02-16-2015
Great job!Speed66602-16-2015
Great work, thank you!Nikophin02-16-2015
the best rom,great work!maprotech02-16-2015
Thanks for your workmahzkh02-16-2015
Thanks for this CyanogenMOD 11 ROM! You have my support! :DMiguel9302-11-2015
Yeah 8)ekkilm02-11-2015