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passwork rom iocean x7s :CM 13-RR (-6.0.1) ỔN ĐỊNH-BUGLESSbaobinh2016-07-02
Great ROM for iOcean X8 Thx!armen1972016-02-14
great work porting CM12.1 to Iocean X8 thumps uptestererror2016-02-10
very helpful, love his work. Thank's for giving the Iocean X8 android 5.1+ :D keep up the good work :Dlikmijnballen2016-02-10
Author is very helpful. Thanks to him iOcean has not only 1 but 2 Lollipop ROMs. Fantastic!fesme792015-10-19
This guy is absolutely mental! Those are a lot of ports man, thanks!L4ff3r2015-10-06