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I have a POSH S500A that I foolishly removed the operating system that was on it turning it into a brick. Am I correct in assuming that I can install an operating system to the phone using an sdcard assuming I can find one a rom that works? Having been rather upset at the battery on the phone I decided to jailbreak it and set off deciding to remove the operating system that was on it. I know very dumb thing to do. I think in the future I shall remember to0 remove anything and everything but the operating system. Is it possible to make the phone work again if I can find a rom that I can put on an sdcard to install it? I can boot into the settings where I see it asking for an sdcard. Please help. I am very new to all of this and I don't even know the technical language to use. Thank you for your help in responding to this message. PS. Do you know what size sdcard I will need and where I can find a rom for the phone?jjarmak08-10-2015