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Great author! ROM looks stable and keep running well. Good JOB!rafni12-17-2018
Thanks x5pro userpapas196104-21-2018
I already try ur stock u make Android 7.1.1 it's work great but when I wanna try root wit Kingroot not successful so that really harsh for me on the real major i had after I use ur stock almost few month n then my kidda have this virus Trojan of wat it call so I go format my phone my after that my call barring not working at all even I try make my outgoing call or in it's just the same so I Wana try find back the origin back to lolipop version the real official stock it's quiet hard to find it so pls fix it I know I said like easy one but hey who care my problem so I just said u just a make good stuff thx for everything assalamualaikum n may peace upon youkenzaken09-15-2017
I really appreciate your work with releasing Android 7 / Nougat on needrom for this device. Keep it up!ShadowDX05-27-2017
Hi master! good work Continue like this please!pancho3904-22-2017
Fall in love with your work, keep it up. cannot wait for android Oreo release by DGXPRO5 develop system by your custom rom.nazd703-31-2017
Good work. Thanks.Pepanek03-27-2017
This person knows how to create good ROMs. Excellent stuff!juliuspepernickle03-24-2017
Thank you so much! My phone will last for years with this. Android 7 Nougat x32billy13211-25-2016
Hello and u please port the the doogee x5 android 7 to doogee X6 pleaseyoungmusa0611-11-2016
Thanks x5pro userdarius94ster08-18-2016
Great work thanksmoshe197403-03-2015
well done keep working thankssokolataki09-04-2014
Отличная работа над MIUI, спасибо.2080006-29-2014