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Fantastic work with your vm4.3 (base android 4.4.2) for JiaYu G3S please keep updating itherc2k805-03-2015
thank youvidoicoem10-09-2014
Hi vredniiy, very good ROM v3.1! But please one question, how to change the lockscreen so that I unlock the phone by swiping right not up?tyrol_gangster04-17-2014
I have this Rom few days, speed is great, no problems, but i need help with battery drain after i get 40 percent it speeds to 0 very fast... thanksjokobuba04-16-2014
Hi vredniiy, are you planning an upgrade for JiaYu G5L''G?Thanks for your workamr03-20-2014
Hi vredniiy, I have Jiayu G4 Advanced and your rom works good, the only thing that won't work is when I go to '"audio profile'" and change the '"Meeting'" profile selecting '"Vibrate on touch'", I lose the option on every reboot and I have to select it again...can you fix this?Pierfrank02-22-2014
tak super vse normalsezz12-16-2013
Nice rom for Jiayu G5.klvogel12-16-2013
Best rom I think. Took 7957 point from Antutu v4. Thanks. Waiting for updates and other languages.madanadam10-20-2013
Excellent Job on Jiayu G3 4.2 MIUI... But WIFI does not work..Please provide a fix to thisimurreflection10-06-2013
4.2.2rom is great. can you port this rom miui ? or can someone do it ?musabatas09-23-2013
Hi,Can you please upload v2.1.Thanks,Michaelmichaelcwl09-18-2013
Bro,How you patched Camera? On my Device ...Rear Camera isnt working :(Canvas209-10-2013
Very good rom G3-4.2.2, great work!JDStar09-08-2013