• Title: AICP 11 Custom Rom
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  • ROM Version:6.0.1
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AICP 11 Custom Rom
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I will be posting bug fixes in this section so you can flash them with recovery

Sim card 1/2 Fix ——-> http://adf.ly/1aTOkx


Hey everyone! Today ill give you out another android rom ported by me for our device. Its an Android 6.0.1 Rom originally built from the AICP Team and then ported by many other developers. I have been using the rom as my daily driver for the past week and im completely satisfied.

I will explain to you how to install it with a step by step guide below but first let me clear out that when installing custom roms, your warranty is void and you are responsible for any damage that you do to your device, its up to you to continue below this!

The mount points that i used for my device and this rom is mmcblk0p5 for /system, if your's is different change it before installing the rom!

Camera flash ( replacing libfeatureio.so from your stock rom will solve it but you will lose autofocus, on the progress to fix this)
Zoomed video recording
Report any bugs that you find here

Ok so lets begin:
-In order to install the rom download all the files that i uploaded, including the rom itself, the GAPPS and the carliv recovery.
After you've downloaded the files you will have to install the carliv recovery first. You can either install it by unziping the carliv recovery zip and copying the recovery.img to your sdcard, and after that open mobileuncle tools and select to install recovery from sdcard option.
-Another way to install it that i mostly recommend, is to copy the carliv zip to your sdcard, then reboot to recovery mode (You can enter recovery by powering off your phone and then press and hold power and volume up until it enter the recovery, or if you have adb installed to your computer and adb debugging enabled to your phone, open up a command prompt and type "adb reboot recovery"without the quotes "")
If you flash the carliv recovery successfully, then reboot recovery so it refreshes to our new carliv recovery, it should look live this: 

-Carliv is a touch recovery but do not navigate to the menu with the touch screen, just use volume up and down to navigate and power off button to select and to go back just use the touch back button right of your home key. Go to wipe menu and do wipe data- factory reset and select it, after it has completed, you will have to wipe cache and dalvik cache again from the same menu. If you did that correctly then you have wiped the previous data of your phone.
-After the we have to flash the rom itself, so go back to the first menu and click install zip, then select your sdcard storage (mine was storage/sdcard1), and navigate to the android6_0_1.zip click yes install  and wait for the rom to install. If you ever get a message to fix root just ignore it and press no, its already installed. After that dont reboot your phone, by the same way install the A-GAPPS.zip from the sdcard. When that is done too, go back to the main menu select Reboot Phone. The rom itself can take 5 Minutes to load so be patient

-IMPORTANT STEP: Once the rom has finally booted up, go to settings, about phone, tap multiple times to build number until developer options is activated, go to developer options, select advanced reboot, go to root access and select apps and adb, you're done!

That's it! I will try to develop the rom and fix bugs but due to college my free time is not that much, i hope you understand this. Feel free to ask any questions and ill try to answer them below. If you feel like helping me out with the development just pm me and i will be happy to work with you. Consider disabling adblock before downloading the files if you want to help me out a little more. Have fun! :)

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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

18 Responses to“AICP 11 Custom Rom”

  1. 07/19/2013
    Posts: 38

    Hi, im glad you made it public. Can you test my RR too? It will be online soon :)

    Can i ask is your phone with 1GB ram? I had to use your kernel to my rom, because mine didnt worked. My phone is theoretically 2GB/16GB but with your kernel i see only 1GB ram, with official roms 2GB. 

  2. rayven18

    Posts: 19

    Hi! Star G9000 actually has 1GB of ram, if you navigate to /system/etc folder there is an xml file called changeram.xml, this file was changing the ram to look like it was 2GB, and also another file called agold_cheat_evaluating_software.xml which cheats the score of many benchmark applications to be higher than it actually is. 2GB is fake, so is the storage of 16GB

    • rayven18

      Posts: 19

      The original changeram.xml code was this: 

      <?xml version="1.0"encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <item name="total"value="2048"/>
       <item name="freepercent" value="70%"/>
       <item name="userdata"value="0"/>

      Guess what, 1GB ram :P

  3. 07/19/2013
    Posts: 38

    Thanks! Now its clear :) Those little yellow bastards 

  4. 11/16/2014
    Posts: 11

    This rom is good.

    Some issues for me, rear camera doesn't work, maybe i have to flash something from my backup?
    Also i noticed low audio :(

  5. rayven18

    Posts: 19

    About the camera, our g9000 has different versions so for example my camera is OV5467, some people may have another version of it, i implement all the camera models in the kernel so it works for everyone but i guess it didn't work. I'm trying to fix some bugs which include the low audio, but for the moment you can try installing Dolby Atmos from the following link on XDA, http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/mod-dolby-atmos-t3109446

    • rayven18

      Posts: 19

      Also, can you tell me how much storage your device shows?

    • 11/16/2014
      Posts: 11

      My G9000 is the 8gb version and if i check the memory with this rom it show: 2,27 gb only. I remember the kitkat version like 2 partition: 2,27 gb and the other with 4gb…:s 
      So.. why there's no second partition on this rom? (also i have sd card 16gb)

    • 07/19/2013
      Posts: 38

      Low volume when? When on speaker (like when ringing, music listening), or when calling someone and you cant hear him? Try this fix

      Before flashing it, save the contents of your /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDCL folder.

    • 11/16/2014
      Posts: 11

      Hey hungi, this fix works very nice, thank you!!!

  6. 07/19/2013
    Posts: 38

    The internal SD wont work with mm roms by default (because google handling memory different nowadays) just with hacking, the best solution if you repartition your phone (merge /data with /internal_sd ) with flashing modified EBR1 + EBR2. If you check my rom i wrote the procedureRead all instructions twice, its really important!  Download THIS 6Gb patch: https://mega.nz/#!Kc8mQSbB!4cZ_YwB-yBMP1nZrtMNiRM9JDs9Hf9kx9kdVppm2znc You can revert it with my revert patch if it isnt work for you or just flash a factory KK rom with SP flash Tools.

  7. rayven18

    Posts: 19

    The volume is low when playing songs through the big speaker, i think replacing some audio libs and codecs will fix it, havent tried it yet

  8. rayven18

    Posts: 19

    The volume fix @hungi provided works like a charm! Thanks a lot man

  9. rayven18

    Posts: 19

    Since i broke my phone's screen from a drop i will not continue to develop for this phone

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