• Title: A6.0+TWRP+ROOT-V1
  • Listed: 06/27/2016 11:24 am
  • ROM Version: V1 (based on 20160617 official ROM)
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1 – Introduction :

This is my custom Marshmallow ROM for the Doogee X5 based on the 2016.06.17 official Android 6.0 ROM. I will also upload the same mod for the 2016.06.24 official ROM. Here are the features that I have added :

  1. - The ROM is pre-rooted and SuperSU has been installed as a system app
  2. - The stock recovery has been replaced by TWRP 3.0.2
  3. - Two different bootloaders are provided, one for devices with the old mainboards, and another one for devices with the new mainboards (see instructions below)


2 – Installation of VCOM drivers and SPFlashTool :

If you already have a working SPFlashTool on your system, skip to section 3. If not, do the following steps:

  1. - Unzip "MTK-VCOM-Drivers.zip" in some folder
  2. - Go in that folder and click on "setup.exe" to install VCOM drivers needed for flashing
  3. - The installer should find the correct driver for your Windows version (works from Win2000 to Win10)
  4. - Unzip "SPFlashTool-5.1524.zip" in some folder
  5. - Go into that folder and click on "flash_tool.exe" 
  6. - If the "Download Agent" area does not show "…MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin" (normally it should automatically select this file), click on "Download Agent" and select "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin" in the SPFlashTool folder


3 – Process for ROM flashing :

  1. - Unzip "DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0+TWRP+ROOT.zip"
  2. - Go back to the SPFlashTool window
  3. - Click on "Scatter loading" and browse to the folder where you unzipped the ROM
  4. - If your X5 has the old motherboard, select file "Scatter file for old board.txt" and click "Open"
  5. - If your X5 has the new motherboard, select file "Scatter file for new board.txt" and click "Open"
  6. - The list of all 9 ROM partitions should be shown on the SPFlashTool window
  7. - According to the selected scatter file, the correct bootloader is automatically selected
  8. - Now open your X5 device and remove the battery
  9. - Plug the phone (without battery) to the computer by standard USB cable
  10. - Click on the green "Download" arrow on the SPFlash toolbar
  11. - After a few seconds, the progress bar at the bottom of the window should become red, then violet, then yellow
  12. - Wait a couple of minutes for the whole ROM to be downloaded on the phone
  13. - At the end, a green popup window should appear saying "OK". Congratulations !!!
  14. - Unplug the phone, insert the battery and reboot… Wow ! You're the most talented ROM flasher I've ever met 


So as I only have a device with the new motherboard, I could not really test if the alternative bootloader works for old notherboards. I'm quite confident about it, but it would be nice if someone could confirm that the process is working well…

EDIT: After the first returns from members that have tested this ROM with old motherboard devices, it appears that the ROM works fine, but the soft keys (Menu, Home, Back) do not work correctly. According to Doogee, there should be an updated official ROM by the end of July, so wait and see if it corrects the issue…


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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

31 Responses to“A6.0+TWRP+ROOT-V1”

  1. bookoo

    Posts: 134

    But after flashing this ROM, can I get back on Lollipop 5.1 without root lately?

    • sciroccorics

      Posts: 46

      Yes, if you flash the official Lollipop ROM with the same tool (SPFlash), you will get the exact copy (byte per byte) of the phone you initially unpacked from the box

  2. sciroccorics

    Posts: 46

    Just an additional comment : if you flash the ROM with the wrong scatter file (i.e use the old scatter file for new motherboards, or vice versa) your device will not boot. No more, never, nada… But no panic !!! MTK devices are really, really, really hard to brick !!! So here is the solution to fix your damage:

    - Remove battery again from your device

    - Launch SPFlashTool, select the ***correct*** scatter file this time (please !) and click on "Download"

    - SPFlashTool should then pause, waiting for your device

    - Then press and firmly hold the Volume Up button while connecting the device to the computer with the USB cable

    - Normally, after a couple of seconds, the progress bar should before red, showing that the download is going on…

    - Wait for the green popup, reboot and lovely kiss your post-mortem resurrected device :D

    • bookoo

      Posts: 134

      Also my phone won't be rooted, when I flash official Lollipop ROM?

    • sciroccorics

      Posts: 46

      I said "byte per byte copy of the initial ROM", so this means no more root because the official firmwares are not rooted…

    • sciroccorics

      Posts: 46

      I haven't read the "terms & conditions" set up by Dooggee, but usually rooting the device should not break the warranty. However, I agree with you that it is always a good idea to reflash the initial ROM before returning a device for repair under warranty.

  3. 03/25/2016
    Posts: 9

    If i have the old motherboard,  should i uncheck the preloader? or which preloader must i choose? preloader_hct6580_weg_a_l.bin    OR        preloader_hct6580_weg_c_m.bin  ?

    • bookoo

      Posts: 134

      Choose preloader_hct6580_weg_a_l.bin because this is for the old motherboard and write a reply for that how it works on your phone if you have the old motherboard

    • sciroccorics

      Posts: 46

      @atsop: if you select "Scatter file for old board.txt", SPFlash will automatically select "preloader_hct6580_weg_c_m.bin", you don't have to select the file explicitely. If you uncheck the preloader, you will your Lollipop preloader which does not work for Marshmallow (at least there is a pb for new motherboard, so I guess it is similar for old ones).

    • sciroccorics

      Posts: 46

      @bookoo: you are wrong : xxx_a_l is for the new boards, xxx_c_m is for the old ones

  4. bookoo

    Posts: 134

    Ok, but on the official Lollipop ROMs for old boards which I have downloaded, preloader is xxx_a_l. I will try with both preloaders

  5. 03/25/2016
    Posts: 9

    @bookoo: you are wrong  i have a bootloop, then i change the preloader as sciroccorics says and all ok.

    I flahed the V2 from sciroccorics ans it  seems all ok. I will test it . Thank you sciroccorics

  6. 03/09/2016
    Posts: 9

    I would like to know if it work on this motherboard : DOOGEE-X5-AH-Android5.1-V04-2016.03.02 – g931bm-dg-a37-wg-hd-64g8g-ah – full_hct6580_weg_a_l-user 5.1 LMY47I
    Please answer

    • sciroccorics

      Posts: 46

      @imad1999 and maybe others:

      - if you see "… weg_a_l…" in your motherboard reference, you should use "Scatter file for new board.txt"

      - if you see "…weg_c_m…", you should use "Scatter file for old board.txt"

      No need to manually select a preloader file, the scatter file already contains the information…

    • 03/09/2016
      Posts: 9


  7. tommik74

    Posts: 21

    x5 with the old board working

  8. 03/09/2016
    Posts: 9

    Thank's it work on the old motherboard

  9. 02/10/2016
    Posts: 5

    Na staré desce spustit jde krásně, ale bohužel nefungují navigační klávesy 

    On the old board run goes beautifully, but unfortunately do not work the navigation keys

  10. 02/21/2015
    Posts: 2


    How to recognize an old motherboard in relation to new.
    Thanks in advance

    • 07/26/2016
      Posts: 5

      i dont know. But i installed the new one, and that went into a bootloop. Then i tried the old one and it loaded quickly. Just try the two and see what works :)

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