• Title: CUBE U30GT-H custom “DeLorean” ROM (4.2GB userdata, +10GB NAND, +1GB System Restore) + Boot Animation Creator + Demo
  • Listed: 07/07/2017 1:15 pm
  • ROM Version: U30GT-H Android 4.1.1 (V1.11) "DeLorean" Edition
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CUBE U30GT-H custom “DeLorean” ROM (4.2GB userdata, +10GB NAND, +1GB System Restore) + Boot Animation Creator + Demo
Showing the partitions (which auto-prep with system restore/first run)Shows the spare system space for YOUR new apps!

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This is a revamped version of the 2012 Cube U30GT-H STOCK V1.11 20121228

OVERVIEW: I got tired of this tablet being so limited – so I decided to try my hand at custom modding of the stock ROM (using the final official release from CUBE) – I like to think that this is the DeLorean version of the ROM as it is maxxed out in all the right ways and allows the user to add to the old stock version with ease.


I have tweaked:

* USERDATA partition is now 4GB (was only 1GB) – and it WORKS – unlike other roms out there for the U30GT-H!

* NAND Flash is 10GB

* SYSTEM (hidden and used when wiping) is 1GB allowing ~350MB EXTRA space for adding your own APKs to the Factory Reset option!

Sizes are approximate!

Default language is set to English.

Use 7z to extract it to prevent any possible errors!


Included in the file (7z) is:

* — INFO for AndroidTool.txt (just notes for first time users)

* — AndroidTool_Release_v2.3 (which I used – BYO drivers)

* — U30GT-H.DeLoreanDMC-12 (files of interest follow…)

* — – RK30xxLoader(L)_V1.20.bin

* — – parameter (where all the new allocation of space happens)

* — – Image

* — – boot.img (stock)

* — – kernel.img (stock)

* — – misc.img (stock)

* — – recovery.img (stock) – needed to properly partition the memory!!!

* — – system.img (custom)


THIS IS NOT A ROOTED RELEASE!!! - because I dont know how to repack a rooted release … yet, however after uploading the images to the tablet, running(setting it up) once and then rebooting, I rooted mine easy with KINGOROOT


NOTES on my tinkering experience (in Windows 7):  Maybe helpful to some?

BESTEST COOLEST SUGGESTION: Once rooted, you can use root RootExplorer to add apks to your system/apps folder (they will be auto-installed next time you Factory Reset the tablet) – this allow you to add your own office, media, games etc as needed and easily check that they are installing 100%!!!

Once they are confirmed as working (system restore and rebooted), you can use the included tool to export images! (using the Advanced tab).

Use the following: COUNT = "0×00200000"  START = "0×00152000" then press "EXPORT IMAGE" button and when done, rename it to "system.img".  This allows you to make a copy of the entire system folder, which you can later flash using the included AndroidTool v2.3 (just make sure you erase IDB and flash ALL the files over again to initiate a fresh system restore).  The file will be always be 1GB as it is a full memory dump (including any blank memory) of the range selected.

You can do the same with the USERDATA (installed and running system) – use the following: COUNT = 0×00800000 START = 0×00354000 rename it to userdata.img … or the intSDcard (10GB NAND) by using the following: COUNT = 0x014AC000 START = 0x00B54000 rename it to user.img/zip

(note: you will need to restore user.img/zip manually as the tools dont accommodate an option to flash it to your tablet)

The same issue comes into play for both dumps, is that you get the ENTIRE memory of 4GB/10GB copied into a .img file, however, this allows a bullet-proof way of flashing/restoring the entire tablet back easy-peasy! – note it takes a while to DL the 4GB, let alone the 10GB!




The best tool for this editing work proved to be "RK3xxx firmware tools by SergioPoverony v5.99.07.00" – as it was the ONLY one to allow easy and complete extraction and repacking of the ROM and the SYSTEM.img – allowing easy access and tinkering with file specs.

Other tools included are the AndroidTools v2.3 (inc) – there was also the possibility to use the Rockchip image flashing tool "RKBatchTool v1.5" – but I didnt get around to creating a single ROM file.

PARTITIONING: Biggest hassle with this tablet has been getting the USERDATA partition working properly – other roms out there had increased userdata partition size, but had stability issues and would crash!  I switched the [system] and the [userdata] locations in the parameters file and this issue was resolved immediately!

RECOVERY: I was using CWM for a while, tried to use the backed up system image and failed, but also ran into all sorts of issues with System Restore NOT formatting NAND after restoring, resulting in "corrupted storage do you want to format it?" – From experience the tablet would be unstable and start thinking that any added (sdext) card was a part of the core file system and would get bitchy about you removing it.  So I pretty much took it as a FAILURE if NAND was not pre-formatted for me (I could be wrong).

Make sure that you have a good quality USB cable for flashing!

I had lots of fun finally doing this myself – (its fun NOW that it is finished and I learnt heaps on the way) …  It took ages and almost gave up trying to REPACK the damn system.img as the internet was ignoring my repeated requests for the best editing tool for the job!


Enjoy - and remember if it breaks, it aint my fault! 

Use these tools and you should have zero problems and be left with a souped up tablet, considering that you can add a 16gb (format it in fat32 first) sdcard to this, you have 4GB internal, 10GB user installed files, 1GB (inc additional 350mb spare for adding to your system restore) and optional 16GB sdcard for big files/movies and such… you are left with an 'older' tablet – that stands out! – just like a DeLorean.


ADDED FILE: Boot Animation Creator (msi installer), plus my own quick attempt at a "DeLorean" boot loader (sampled from the pc game Crash Day) to use as an example to work with.

The "Boot Animation Creator" (zip and 7z) – hard to find, but now here it is!   Allows you to make your own boot anims – tested and working fine on my U30GT-H (16Gb version).  TIPS: you need the device to be rooted first, use "root explorer" to access the system folder in RW mode, copy over the bootanimation.zip file into the System/Media folder, set its parameters to RW for the top line and only R for the rest… reboot to see the nice effects!  NOTE: using low res images speeds the process up.  My bootloader has 1280×800 res to start with, but the anim is only 600×400, which gets stretched to fill the initial hi-resolution settings => high frame rate animations!


Havent looked into editing the initial boot-up Cube logo yet – maybe it is a job I will tackle later?

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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