• Title: MIUI8 6.6.30
  • Listed: 07/02/2016 1:20 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.4.2
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MIUI8 6.6.30
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Project is closet!
Dave will continue to the next topic

Be careful when selecting the firmware version. set of languages interface is different!
See the "Language_included_in_MIUIv7:" spoiler!

   I present to you port MIUI 7 with phone Xiaomi RedRice (HM2013023) for phones ZOPO C2/ZP980, C3, C7/990. Installation is using Aroma Installer. Multilingual build by xiaomi.eu team
   Firmware need an extended system partition 1Gb.
   Recomended recovery – TWRP for C2/980, C3 for C7/990

In all firmware when switching between HD and FHD mode after installing and running the firmware is not to panic, that the entire screen crooked, just reboot again.


Full changelog


Description of the installation process:
New installation:
    1. Make sure again that you have Extended the System to 1.0 Gb.
    2. Recommended to install Recovery – TWRP = for С2/980, C3 = = for C7/990 =
    3. Make a full backup.
    4. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    5. In TWRP Recovery do all wipes except flash drives.
    6. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    7. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    8. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5 minutes and then restart it.

Update a previous version:
    1. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    2. Make a full backup.
    3. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    4. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    5. Wipe a Cache / Dalvik cache
    6. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5 minutes and then restart it.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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499 Responses to“MIUI8 6.6.30”

  1. 02/17/2015


    Hi Dave@NeedRom,

    first, Thanks for your feedback.

    I did several trials, and i end up of using the Vell's version dated from end of November2015 and here I have a correct behaviour.

    Now, perhaps the procedure of installing is changed in the meanwihle and i should look again on the installation steps, probbaly i missed new step….

    What I also noticed is that, when i use the ROM version where it was introduced the first time the option, in the "Mi Account" menu, to restore from miui.com the desktop and the icones and the backup of apps, the LED notification want work anymore, the first ROM version which includes the "Restore backup" option, i have is the 24of Dec( Christmas ;-) ), and i 'am doing install from the begining and not just updating.


  2. 02/17/2015



    I will retry again with you configuration and check the steps of installation, and then feedback here..

    • Dave@NeedRom



      Hello skystar91,

      what Zopo Phone you have? I have a ZP980 2/32, and i install the normal "A" version in the intall process. The only thing i select is the Dreamer kernel and the bootup logo, everything else i leave as default. 

      I never use'd the Miui included cloudbackup. I use Titanium Backup (requires root access) for my App's + included data and always, befour i update to new weekly i make a TWRP Backup (with compression and MD5 generation).

      So with this you will be on a safe side. 

      btw. if u do a clean install you can use your google account to reinstall all of your App's. It's in the google App settings (i would recomend this if you don't have a app like Titanium Backup)

      So you don't need another Cloudbackup from Miui.

      So if you can't reactivate your notification LED's, try a clean install, but make a TWRP backup befour making a factory reset. If the notification works after it you can install all your app's again or let google do it for you. I know, th MiBackup is a nice thing and all apps and icons are on the place where you left them, but sometimes a clean install is a necessarily thing.

      Maybe this Links can help a bit too: MiPhone PC suite   Backup and Restore with build in Mi Backup

      So i hope i could help a bit,


  3. Dave@NeedRom



    To Test if the LED is working, please enter this code into dialpad: *#*#64663#*#*

    You will get into the Engeneering Mode where you can test all things. If you hit the "LED" key you will see a black screen with the color name in the middle and the LED blinking in that color. Did test it some seconds ago :)


    • 02/17/2015


      Hi Dave,

      Ok, then here i see abig differecens, you have the Ferarri and i have …. not ;-) .

      I have a very good but simple C2 1GB/4GB, therefore, i 'am using link2SD staff with external SD to extend both ROM/RAM.

      ROM is extended to SD by a use of EXT4 partition of 4GB ;-)

      RAM is extended by a using a swap linux patition on the SD 1GB ;-)

      My antutu is about 14000 MAX, yours(980+) it should be arround 35000, right.

      Anyway, i will give it again a try this Weekend a,d feedback to the round here.

      Anybody else, is facing the same problem ( no more blinking LED notifications) as me on the same ZOPO model : C2 1GB/4GB B model ?

      P.S.: The MIUI clouud backup and sync is very usefull, it is restoring the exact desktop configuration, the local miui backup to SD is not doing.

  4. 03/10/2016


    First of all thanks for your great work :D

    i have a 1gb 16 gb zopo c2!

    i have already  data partition at 2.5 gb.

    can i increase my System memory? or i must come back to original setting of data parttion? thanks

    • Dave@NeedRom



      You can do it without getting back to original.  Follow the steps written in the above description, see the "how_to_extend_the_system_partition" spoiler. Use the System 1gb-data GB.7z file. In this 7z-file you find other zip-files, there you can choose the "system1gb-data2.5gb.zip" Follow exactly these steps. But read carefully before starting to repartitioning to understand everything. All data will be deleted if you do it. Put the zip-files into the root of the internal sd. Reboot into twrp and make a backup to your external sd if you have one. (if not, it doesn't matter)  Remove the external sdcard if you have one. And start the steps from description. 

  5. Dave@NeedRom




    well, i have the same Phone as you have, only more Ram and SD-Card Memory. I made a AnTuTu Bench some minutes ago with the latest version.

     This BenchResult was made with the Dreamer Kernel as it is. No Modifikation done in KernelAuditor.

     This BenchResult was made with all Core's at max. 1.5GHz and Governor Performance.

    I hope you can get it done, with the LED's. Would be nice to have the latest version of Vell's Port on your Device.

    keep us inform'd


    • 02/17/2015


      Hi Dave,


      Finally it is now OK ! 

      The problem came from the Miui cloud backup restore, there is no compatibility with the latest rom's miui version. concretly speeking, my cloud miui apps / system backup were done in fall 2015, this backup restored with the ROM's version of 26NOV, the LEDS works. But if  i use that backup with th eversion of December onward till the 6.3.3, this does not work anymore.

      So, I re-create the desktop icons organisation and restored the apps from play store… Now everything is fine, i'am using dreamer7's kernel as you.

      My phone is zopo C2, CPU=MTK6589, max frequency 1.2MHz, you should have the T turbo variant which is able to up to 1.5MHz..

      With the dreamer7's kernel, i noticed some lags, this due to lack of RAM, i had to actiavte SD swap and now is fine.

      However, one issue, the adjustement of display dimming( for night vision for example  is cutting off the screen completly which is very tricky and not easy to recover. This has to be fixed …

      Thnaks for the support, and hopefully this aslo helps others



  6. Dave@NeedRom



    Hello skystar91,
    Congratulations that it is working now. Sry for you to install all the apps completely new from playstore.
    Yes, I have the turbo one.
    For the dimming of the screen thingy, are you using a external app for this?
    My auto screen dimming are working… Not really fast but it’s working and I had no completely black screen so far. I use the miui internal dimming.
    For the swap file thingy…. Are you using the z-ram feature in the kernel auditor app?

    • 02/17/2015


      For the dimming, i meant , if we set it to the minimun using miui interface, the screen will be switched off, and only by guess you will be able to retrive the screen on, otherwise the only way is to reflash as this setting is persistent.

      About the swap, i'm using link2sd app to use an SD card ext4 dedicated partition of 2GB. i cannot use z-ram due to low physical ram i have .


  7. Dave@NeedRom



    Hello skystar91,
    I have my dimming at minimum and auto enabled too, never got a black screen.
    Even if I turn the auto feature off, I get no black screen.
    If u dimming your screen, try to move the slider slowly to the left, until it gets low for you, the bar will stay until you lift your finger. This works even if you have auto on. This will be the lowest for the auto feature too.
    But I’m happy that you have the latest version of Miui now :) until Vell post another one ;) but than you can update without losing app’s and there positions. Plz ask if you have questions, will help as I can.

  8. 02/17/2015


    Hi Dave,

    Thx for the support !

    yes fo rthe dimming on th eC2, I did it as you explainned. one shot i lost it, id did it by guess , i was lucky !

    I did some tweak using Kernel Auditor and i got antutu ~25000 which i would like to share:

    - CPU governor : interactiveX

    - CPU HotPlug: Performance

    - I/o : ROW ( internal 1024KB, SD external 2048KB)

    ( on my C2 1GB/4GB, MTK6589, I am using Link2SD with 2 partitions active on SD card: 4GB EXT4 as extention to internal ROM + 2 GB Linux swap extention to RAM )


    • Dave@NeedRom



      Congrats skystar91,

      so it's some more as your first 14000 on AnTuTu :)

      How many times are you loading your battery with this Settings? I need to plug my phone once a day.


  9. 02/17/2015


    In fact i'am not so highly consumer of my phone, i left this morning with 48% battery, i'am at offcie with 21% bettery level left.

    So, i would say, every 1.5 days, i shoul drecharge full battery.

    it depends on the usage, i rate my self as very normal user, no game or high browsing. But when i need to use it , it must be at the TOP of performnance ;-)


  10. 01/05/2015


    Hi, was willing to try out this ROM but have a ZP980+ (mtk6592 with 2gb RAM), and if i use the partition files available to get system to 1gb so i can flash the ROM, after that i can't mount int. SDcard… :S

    Does this rom work on my phone? Can anyone provide me with working ebr1 and ebr2 for this model?

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