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  • ROM Version: 1.0.2 (4.4.2)
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Proton KK AOSP
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This is a custom KitKat rom for Lenovo A820 compiled from source.

It took me a lot of time to get it to this stage, so if you're porting to another device or do some mods, please have respect and give proper credits to original author.

Update 22.10.2017

Added patch for WPA2 vulnerability. Install from recovery, then wipe cache and dalvik. Reboot.

Key features:

- Proton Settings page with useful options:
—– Vibrate on call connected
—– Low battery sound
—– Low battery dialog
—– Volume keys control text cursor
—– Home key unlock
—– CM11 battery indicators
—– Button backlight control

- Fixed vulnerabilities
—– FakeID
—– ObjectInputStream Serialization
—– Settings PendingIntent
—– GraphicsBuffer Overflow

- Adjusted 3G signal indicators levels
- Improved battery life
- Battery tables from S150 exctracted with "reverse-engineering"
- Unlinked volume sliders and expandable volume dialog
- init.d script to control GPU frequency, voltage and DVFS
- kernel compiled with linaro 4.9.3 toolchain, ROM compiled with SaberMod 4.8
- UI mods for statusbar icons
- Extended power menu
- Working GPS/EPO/A-GPS
- init.d support
- Calculator, Apollo, DSP Manager, Browser from CM11 (compiled from source)
- Camera shoots in MP4 format. Increased photo quality to 100%.
- Fullscreen caller picture

And many more improvements…

ART is not working, so it is disabled. Could not solve this problem.

For full kernel changelog, visit my github repo: https://github.com/infraredbg/Lenovo_A820_kernel_kk

GPU overclock (works on some A820):

Currently it is only supported via init.d script
Go to /system/etc/init.d and open 00proton with a text editor
Uncomment and change desired value (all values are explained in the script)
Save and make sure the file has correct permissions
Reboot device
You can verify if the GPU frequency have changed in /proc/gpufreq/gpufreq_var_dump


If you're currently using one of my DEV roms, it is recommended to do a clean install

It is recommended to use my TWRP recovery (install via Rashr from PlayStore on phone or from FlashTools on PC)
Copy zip on sdcard and optional GApps package and reboot to recovery
Do a full backup of your current ROM including nvram block (IMPORTANT)
Wipe system, data and cache from TWRP. The script does not do automatic format.
Install ROM zip and GApps (optional)
Reboot system (first boot takes time)


jwchen for helping me with kernel and testing
hyperion70 for the hint how to fix gralloc mem leak
masterwasome for guides on xda
varunchitre for some initial work on mt6589 kernel
faux123 for dynamic filesync
Christofer83 for prebuilt linaro toolchain
superdragonpt and Dr-Shadow for valuable code which I learned a lot from
mastersanta for finding how to fix USB mounting problem in the beginning
CM11 team
all other people for their guides and information, which I've found over the net


Uploaded new version of the zip with fixed IMEI backup. Sorry for inconvenience, but that's why I have written in the description to make a full backup.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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689 Responses to“Proton KK AOSP”

  1. 08/31/2013


    I have a problem with the SIM card. SIM management in Settings are not available.


    • 04/06/2013


      Is that the first time you install Kitkat rom?

      Check if you have ypur IMEI in Settings -> About -> Status -> IMEI information.

      If you don't have them there, then your nvram got corrupted. It happens to some people in the transition between JB to KK rom the first time they do it. It happens especially on repartitioned devices.

      That's why the installer makes a backup of nvram (/sdcard/proton_backup). That's why I also write to make a full backup.

    • 05/14/2013

      Taiwan; Republic of China (ROC)


      If you arn't using I.nfraR.ed's TWRP ,flash it first. Then you can backup your nvram before flashing the ROM.

      And if you already flashed it, you can find and restore the backup in /sdcard/proton_backup/

    • 12/29/2013


      I have the same problem but didn't do the backup from TWRP (I did backup of apps/documents…).
      There's no IMEI now and MTKdroidtools doesn't change it because it says "ERROR :pttycmd1 device NOT found!". It's rooted.
      What can i do?

    • 04/06/2013


      I was predictive and the installation script does a backup of nvram.img in /sdcard/proton_backup.

      You can try to restore it and the easiest way would be to download my 2.2 kernel from the other thread and use the restore function there. Then do factory reset. If it does not work, then you have to install full stock rom with flash tool and restore nvram.img again.

    • 08/31/2013


      I make full backup, nvram restore in TWRP. And again SIM card disabled. When i restore vMS-4.2.1-IV Rom SIM management are available.

    • 02/02/2014


      Same for me. Do you have a solution for this? Do you think that installation of nvram backup will be enough or do I need to do sth more?

    • 01/22/2014

      Czech Republic

      I have same problem with sim cards both sim is not displaying.  I do not know what to do. You know some solutions for that ?

  2. Slave_cccP


    United States

    Any bugs? Camera ok? Is this worth installing?

    • 05/14/2013

      Taiwan; Republic of China (ROC)


      No bugs so far, this is a stable build with smooth and quick resopnse UI.

      Camrea is ok, and the quality so improved

      If you're uning Lambda, I recommand to upgrade.

      If you're not using Lambda, I strongly suggest to flash this ROM :)

  3. 03/12/2014

    Russian Federation

    Hi, this is a stable and fast build and I like it.

    But one bug I found. In my favorit AlarmClockXtreme now I can't choose melody. It's very strange. Now I think what to do: go back to vMS_III or find out new AlarmClock.

    • 04/06/2013


      What is the issue exactly?

      I can select different alaram ringtone by tapping on the radio button.

  4. 03/12/2014

    Russian Federation

    Извиняюсь, был не прав. Нужно было выбирать мелодию тыкая на точку справа от названия, а я тыкал в само название мклодии.

    Все ОК!


  5. 12/30/2013

    Russian Federation

    Is the installed kernel with default voltage?

  6. 06/25/2014

    Czech Republic

    Hi! Is it possible to add the Ukrainian language?

  7. 03/21/2015


    Thx a lot! Действительно классная прошивка,да ещё и с таким весом!

  8. Slave_cccP


    United States

    Not bad at all!!!! My respect for your fine work!
    Looks very promising.
    Would like to have an option for permissive selinux in order to get tasker & security settings to work.

  9. 12/30/2013

    Russian Federation

    I've used your 4.4.4.Well.Is there a sense to make this when most of fixes are for Nexus devices except OpenGL issue.In graphics there's no changes if compare with 4.4.2.So i just want to clear about it.Did i lose something or that's just numbers of an android version?

    • 04/06/2013


      The whole graphics, chromium, skia, openssl, openssh, dalvik, art and many more libraries are updated.

      There was something wrong with earlier 4.4.4 which was leading to battery drain, but this time I hope everything goes well.

      It's not just changing build and version numbers.

    • 12/30/2013

      Russian Federation

      The whole graphics?Looks very the same with older one.I think we are talking about code which can be much stable than in the previous version.

      I dunno about art but they didn't change dalvik machine at all.There's still "1,6" version in JB/KK.Anyway it would be the goal to make lastest  and bugless KK for our device.

    • 04/06/2013


      graphics are changed mostly to support the new updated skia library. Like bitmaps, tecture cache, fonts rendering, etc.

      I won't spend much time on that. If it's not stable or battery friendly, I will leave it.

  10. 04/28/2013

    Hong Kong

    Hi infrared,

    I also want to use your mod rom.

    However, I am using JB (4.1.2) now. And, am afriad loss the IMEI information of A820 after flashed.

    Could you provide is the doc how to flash you rom step-by-step for safety?

    Thank you.


    • 12/30/2013

      Russian Federation

      The first you better do IMEI backup using recovery.In TWRP tap "backup" then put one check on "NV RAM" then slide.

      Also you can save the whole firmware with your settings using this method.

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