• Title: Samsung J700F/DS MT6572 EMMC
  • Listed: 02/20/2016 4:20 pm
  • ROM Version:full tangxun6572 we l Android Version: 5.1
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Samsung J700F/DS MT6572 EMMC
Samsung J700F/DS MT6572 EMMC - Image 1

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Read Info Start.
 Phone lcd must be on and unlocked.
 If ask for SU acces, accept it.
 Detecting device, wait…..
 Device detected, reading info.
 Name: full_tangxun6572_we_l
 Build Id: LMY47I
 Display ID: LMY47I test-keys
 Platform: MT6572
 Android Version: 5.1
 Partition Info:
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: preloader  Adress: 0×0             Size: 0×880000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: mbr  Adress: 0×880000        Size: 0×80000        
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: ebr1  Adress: 0×900000        Size: 0×80000        
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: pro_info  Adress: 0×980000        Size: 0×300000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: nvram  Adress: 0xc80000        Size: 0×500000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: protect_f  Adress: 0×1180000       Size: 0xa00000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: protect_s  Adress: 0x1b80000       Size: 0xa00000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: seccfg  Adress: 0×2580000       Size: 0×20000        
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: uboot  Adress: 0x25a0000       Size: 0×60000        
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: bootimg  Adress: 0×2600000       Size: 0×600000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: recovery  Adress: 0x2c00000       Size: 0×600000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: sec_ro  Adress: 0×3200000       Size: 0×40000        
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: misc  Adress: 0×3240000       Size: 0×80000        
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: frp  Adress: 0x32c0000       Size: 0×100000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: logo  Adress: 0x33c0000       Size: 0×300000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: ebr2  Adress: 0x36c0000       Size: 0×80000        
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: expdb  Adress: 0×3740000       Size: 0xa00000       
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: android  Adress: 0×4140000       Size: 0x4b000000     
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: cache  Adress: 0x4f140000      Size: 0xf000000      
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: usrdata  Adress: 0x5e140000      Size: 0×60000000     
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: fat  Adress: 0xbe140000      Size: 0x27fc0000     
 [EMMC STORAGE] PartName: bmtpool  Adress: 0xff7700a8      Size: 0×1500000      
 Saved to: D:Documents and SettingsGSMMes documentsAndroid_MTKadb_logfull_tangxun6572_we_l_LMY47I_MT6572_5.1_adb_into.txt


 Reinsert phone battery.
 Battery must be charged.
 Phone must be off with battery inside.
 Please insert USB cable now…
 Detected : PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM3)
 Phone detected…Please wait
 Sending DA agent, please wait…
 BaseBand CPU :MT6572_S00
 BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF
 BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01
 EMMC: (28Gb+4096Mb) HYNIX 0x2058494e5948
 EMMC FW VERSION: 16:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
 EMMC CID: 90014A2058494E : 000000000000000000
 EMMC UA SIZE: 0xe7000000     
 FULL LENGTH: 0xe7600000      [3.615 GB]
 Detecting high speed port, wait……
 If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
 If not need high speed port, disable it.
 After repeat opperation.
 Detecting high speed port, wait……
 Detected : MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port (COM83)
 Detected partitions count: 22
 Start dumping flash, this can take up to 1 hour…….
 Start procesing PRELOADER ……
 Start procesing MBR ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0×880000        –LEN: 0×200          
 Start procesing EBR1 ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0×900000        –LEN: 0×200          
 Start procesing PRO_INFO ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0×980000        –LEN: 0×300000       
 Start procesing NVRAM ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0xc80000        –LEN: 0×500000       
 Start procesing PROTECT_F ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0×1180000       –LEN: 0xa00000       
 Start procesing PROTECT_S ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0x1b80000       –LEN: 0xa00000       
 Start procesing UBOOT ……
 Start procesing BOOTIMG ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0×2600000       –LEN: 0×600000       
 Start procesing RECOVERY ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0x2c00000       –LEN: 0×600000       
 Start procesing SEC_RO ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0×3200000       –LEN: 0×40000        
 Start procesing FRP ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0x32c0000       –LEN: 0×100000       
 Start procesing LOGO ……
 Start procesing EBR2 ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0x36c0000       –LEN: 0×200          
 Start procesing ANDROID ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0×4140000       –LEN: 0x4b000000     
 Start procesing CACHE ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0x4f140000      –LEN: 0xf000000      
 Start procesing USRDATA ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0x5e140000      –LEN: 0×60000000     
 Start procesing FAT ……
 Reading: BEGIN: 0xbe140000      –LEN: 0x27fc0000     
 Saved to : D:Documents and SettingsGSMMes documentsAndroid_MTKfirmware_backup�-By CPU_MT6572_EMMC_02_17_2016_10_17_25
 Wait untill phone will start charging.
 All done.



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  1. 02/23/2016
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    please…i need the rom  j700 h d/s clone….  i need please…help me


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    please help, can't download. thank

  3. 03/04/2015
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    file error download not file

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    please…i need the rom  j700 h d/s clone….  i need please…help me

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  6. 07/25/2014
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    please download link repair


  7. RobinsonCow

    Posts: 22

    Descargando y probando, espero sea compatible con SPFlashTool (ceo que trae scatter) y con NCK.

  8. 04/08/2015
    Posts: 1

    После этого образа дисплей показывает разноцветные полосы!

  9. 06/04/2014
    Posts: 6

    gerizekalı link ölmüş aptal insan

  10. 05/22/2016
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    Thank you sir

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