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Cubot H1 –YUN OS 3.05 Port (LP) With Bugs

Cubot H1 –YUN...

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CM12.1 port for Cubot H1 (With bugs)

Cubot H1 –CM1...

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Cubot H1-Android 7.1.1 Port

Cubot H1 –And...

1302 total views

Fixed camera is optimized to use the phone. Be sure to flash the BOOT.IMG, and SYSTEM.IMG Updated the modem and kernel

CUBOT CM12.1_v2.0

2108 total views

Fixed camera, now works without green shades Updated the modem and kernel Not everything works the same gesture Unlock

H1 Port Oukitel v2.0...

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TWRP Material Play megthebest

TWRP Materia...

2065 total views


Cubot H1

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TWRP Recovery

TWRP Recovery

3846 total views

Cubot H1 Pre-Rooted

Cubot H1 Pre-Rooted

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Cubot H1 Stock ̵...

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