• Title: A889 S017_ROW_Rooted SuperSU2.46
  • Listed: 03/10/2015 1:34 am
  • ROM Version: A889 S017 TWRP
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A889 S017_ROW_Rooted SuperSU2.46
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UPDATE SuperSU 2.46, updated LENOVO CloudSync, Shareit,Updated GApps  Velvet, Camera FV-5,  Apex/Lenovo Launcher only.

The flashing process WILL WIPE your already installed apps.(Backup first)


GO to : Settings>>Storage>>(you will see "Default Write Disk") >> select External Storage.

This will make your External SDCard becomes your internal SDCard (sdcard0). and I recommend you use 32Gb (class 10) SDCard but please check your already installed apps as they might become "uninstall" and you will have to reinstall them .So now your internal data storage has become 32Gb instead of 8GB.

The S017 ROM must be installed via TWRP recovery there and instructions on how to install TWRP either through flashing using SPFlashTool or using MobileUncleTool is given in the instructions sheet.

First you must already obtain root access to upgrade – if you are are not rooted and on stock ROM you must gain temporary root access by using VROOT (which is to be installed on PC and will Root the phone via USB connection- or RootMaster to be installed on phone) this will enable you to use MobileUncleTool or RASHR Recovery flasher to install TWRP recovery.

Copy the zip file on the external sdcard and  go into TWRP. choose INSTALL, select this zip file.

The time settings defaults to Asia/Kuala Lumpur and GPS settings defaults to South East Asia,continent is Asia. DO NOT use MobileUncleTool/Faster GPS/GPS Doctor apps  to change the gps.settings. you only have to edit your locale in the file called "gps.conf" in system/etc folder. Download EPO data files for MTK devices app is included.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

47 Responses to“A889 S017_ROW_Rooted SuperSU2.46”

  1. 09/11/2014


    This is stock android rom right? which version? 4.?

    • 09/18/2013


      No it is NOT a stock ROM it is an AOSP ROM, abide by Googles standard minus all the Chinese junks inside (games, games,games!) Chinese YouTube (called YouYue) but certain LENOVO app are good the rest we removed to make room for Google apps. You think we can simply post stock ROM and declare it as customs ROM? , admin will bar us sooner or later if he finda out.All LENOVO stock ROMS  are only suitable for use in China with China Yellow Pages, China entertaiment apps  (it seems the Chinese are using their phone for games and entertainment purposes and a little phone/SMS, China telephone database (that is why when you receive SMS it says "unknown city"  because we removed the telephone list database (China telephone directory for 2 Billion people) from the ROM only taking up space but, you all are not living in China do you? Nobody paid us to do this work so we couldnt spend the time to compile each and every country  phone book in the world.

  2. 07/03/2014


    Plz add multilanguage :) :)

  3. 09/18/2013


    I am no longer supporting this model but just reading up on feedbacks from users. I develop the ROM using MANNUR (the origionator of the ROM from Russia) sourced with his TWRP Recovery and we both (developers) , he was the one endorse me using his ROM from A880 to A889 since he was working on another model)  and I didnt take the short cut by writing the A880 as A889 model (I took the actual A889 ROM) since the A889 supports 8Mp camera resolution and the A880 5Mp that is the only difference, the rest are 99% the same.

    It cannot be updated from open sourced TWRP Recovery leave it as it is, youre only looking for trouble if you do that.That is why we recomemnd only the use of our TWRP recovery with or ROM, there are CWM Recovery but there are storie from "home cooked CWM"  that it fails to Backup the ROM and Restore it properly resulting in a soft brick phone until you reflash it using SpFlash Toolvia the factory release version of ROMand not modified ROM that are abound around "needro.com".

    Those that dont follow this simple instructions will regeret in the future like using CWM instaed of our own customised TWRP. All TWRP Recovery are "customised by ahnd" for each individual model NOT , thatis why it is more reliable CWM canbe home cooked with disastrous result for other users. unless he also knows how to "finished" up/tidy up the Recovery after it is produced (automated app).

    There is one such CWM Recovery on tis A880/A889 section , read the feedback by users "cant backup/cant restore" only can flash one way street.If we as developers advised and provide you all with the necessary tool recovery/pre-rooted) why do you need to to look elsewhre?? Either used as per instructed or dont use at all and dont blame us if something goes wrong with your phone.(I bought the phone to develop the ROm and it is running fie until today except taht it is ith my daughter now, I am currently using LENOVO S939 for development, just released an updatec ROM a few days back)

    Lastly THIS ROM IS ALREADY ROOTED YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HOW TO ROOT IT AGAIN (the result is that you have to reflash the the ROm as it might result in you losing you losing internal memeory and you acnt install or downlaod any app since the phone thought that its memory is already full trust me it is not a pleasant affair.I learned/exerienced it myself about 5 years ago.

    That is what we meant itis prerooted (rooted ALREADY just flash and use!!)


  4. 04/29/2014


    Hi, i have a few question, what do you mean WeChat removed? Is it works/available in playstore?
    Another thing is what do you mean by this…. “The settings defaults to Malaysia/Asia in the time/date settings and GPS location please change the locale from “my” (Malaysia) to your country ” …is there a setting for changing gps location like you mentioned in time/date setting app? I dont get it bcause i dont found such as “my” “pl” etc… I need a screenshot. Thanks.

    • 09/18/2013


      Run the NTPSync app and at the ".pool.ntp.org"it meant for you to fill up the blanks which is "example France "fr.pool.ntp.org" and in my case I am in Malaysia, threfore I have to fill in "my.pool.ntp.org" that is for theNTP issue only then the GPS and clock will sysnc correctly with your geographical location NTP server to get the time for satellite and your phone clock to sync.

      If you are daring you will need to to go into /system/etc/ foder and edit the gps.conf file to this settings also to reflect the country you are in.if not it will take longer to lock on satellite (since it will have to seek Europe/Asia continent) which I included as fall back settings.

  5. 10/05/2014


    Hi Cracktech..I love this ROM but i do not understand why I can't install Apps from Playstore..It said not compatible with this device..would u help me?

    • 09/18/2013


      Yes it is as per factory settings andI really tried my best to change the settings in :"build.prop" to make the ROM compatible on Playstore. The only thing that I dont want to do is declare inside the build.prop that instead of it being a LENOVO phone , I have to decalre it as a SAMSUNG/Google device.(then it willraise alot more questions than problems)

      Please download the OptionalApps that has 1Mobile Market/Aptoide/Blackmart as relacement market apps for those that are declared as being incompatible.

  6. 09/18/2013


    For Malaysian users please go to my FBpage to get more clarification. https://www.facebook.com/group.....73753182888351/


  7. zonan.pc



    recovery.img in your zip cant be installed via mobile uncle tool. i've tried few times with no success. and i cant find the scatter.text in the zip to  flash the twrp recovery via sp flash tool. we need that scatter.text in order to flash with sp flash tool right? or am i wrong?

  8. 07/13/2014


    can i ask, if i flash this rom, does it will reboot automatic ? mean while playing games or anything suddenly the phone reboot automatic ? is there any problem like that in this rom ?

  9. zonan.pc



    Done with TWRP but unable to flash the zip. "error executing updater binary in zip". any idea how to fix this sir?

    • shazwanyb



      edit those update script file, fix the 1st line show_progress(0.500000, 0);  Since dev not completely close those syntax

  10. 09/15/2014

    Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)

    hi . im install Lenovo_A889S017_SuperSU201_Rev2 rom but create china folder on desktop . how to change name folder on custom rom , im change framewer 500 pcs A889 , i dont want create china folder

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