• Title: Phicomm C230W Dual / Quad Core – Custom Rom EN+ES+CN, Gapps, Root, based on T30 (latest)
  • Listed: 12/15/2014 12:19 am
  • ROM Version: Android 4.3 (T30 and T06)
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Phicomm C230W Dual / Quad Core – Custom Rom EN+ES+CN, Gapps, Root, based on T30 (latest)
Phicomm C230W Dual / Quad Core - Custom Rom EN+ES+CN, Gapps, Root, based on T30 (latest) - Image 1

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I'm here again with custom ROM for this phone.

First af all thanks to  Jbart Developers for their great software.

Also thanks to crazytiti (xda-developers) for building such a nice Philz recovery.

Finally thanks to Astrali for his server and helping testing and giving info.


To install this rom:


1 Be root (the phone usually comes rooted). If no root you can root it using vroot.
2 Install the application Rashr (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.mkrtchyan.recoverytools&hl=en)
3 Put this great touch recovery done by crazytiti xda-developers (thanks!) In SD. Also we put the rom in the SD.
4 Flash the new recovery with Rashr (easy)
5 Reboot into recovery (from rashr or turning off the phone, and start it up by pressing volume and power button at the same time).
6 In the recovery will make a backup of current ROM on the SD, use the option 'backup and restore'
7 select wipe data factory reset and there is an option called something like 'erase phone for a new clean rom installation'
8 Sometimes this step is not needed, but I recommend you to reboot into recovery again, because some users reported problems with installation if you don't reboot. Also, if a problem is given during the next step, you've to 'mount sdcard'.

9 Once finished let 'Install zip from sdcard' or something, and look for the rom. Then we flash it.
10 The phone will reboot twice probably the first to make the installation and the second to change some libraries camera (model quad core and dual core have different libraries).
11 install some of the apps I attached in the application pack (I coudn't add them to the rom directly, because of the weight of them in the /system/ partition), you can install the ones you like).

I'm almost convinced that so commented in step 9, the rom works for both dual core to quad core.

Enjoy it. If you liked it consider to give a beer for this weekend.




Freeze this app (using any advanced app manager like link2sd, Rom Toolbox or Titanium Backup): com.android.caivs.app

Xcooldroid (along with Xposed Framework 2.7) let you to set sdcard1 (real sdcard) as main app data storage. Available to choose default storage for each app.


UPDATE 2 (14-12-2014): T06 kernel version for all those who had problems with 3g and back camera.

NOTE: This ROM is only designed for all those who had these problems with the first ROM. All others should use the #1 with T30 kernel.


UPDATE 3 (26-12-2014): HOW TO FIX PROXIMITY SENSOR: Just calibrate it.



1) Download this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.freespirit.hms&hl=es
2) Click on the last option. Then you go to the advanced menu.
3) Click on Proximity sensor calibration.
4) Do not cover the sensor and click to calibrate.


That's all.



※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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42 Responses to“Phicomm C230W Dual / Quad Core – C”

  1. 06/27/2014


    One question. What happens with memory management? THis phone usually FCs the browser while surfing, with the original ROM.

    What about yours?


  2. 10/20/2014

    United Kingdom

    Great ROM, I love that the it's pretty light and fast!

    Is there any way to fix the camera to use the primary camera and not only the front one?

    • 08/06/2013


      Dear, the camera worked for me in quad core version and some users in xda reported to work it also in the dual core version. So maybe your phone has different hardware.


      In that case, it's needed to cook another rom based on your hardware probably different kernel and cam libraries needed.



  3. 06/27/2014


    Rabby, why do you say that? The back (primary) camera does not work?

    • 10/20/2014


      Yes, it doesn't work and FYI no camera app is included, only in the separated apps ZIP.

      As far as I know it is a bug in stock ROM (T30 maybe).

  4. 06/27/2014


    Have you tried  another camera app in order to see if you can make it work?

  5. 06/27/2014


    I tried the LGCamera of the included extra apps. Works OK with both cameras but the app is  bit heavy for the phone. Need a lighter one.


    • 08/06/2013


      Really, maybe you're right, a bit heavy, but I couldn't find better one. At least this one allow you to change quality in picture and video, and also, format, storage place, and so on.


      Check post, I'll update two new things.

  6. 08/06/2013


    Please, pay attention to the post.

    I'm updating rom with kernel T06 for all those who had problems with 3G and back camera.

    Atm is under beta test because I don't own this version of hardware, but some users report initially to work.

    Please do not give me bad feedback, just write your experience, we can make it functional together.


  7. 03/14/2014


    I own a quadcore c230w phone and I have tried your T06 ROM (no back camera and no 3G under T30).

    My phone did not reboot after installation (as in your description).

    Your ROM does not fix any hardware issue. After installation you NEED TO DISABLE 3G, or you won't make any phone call and you NEED TO DISABLE PROXIMITY SENSOR or the screen is turned off while trying to make a call.

    Different hardware or no 3G hardware at all?


    • 08/06/2013


      Hello, T06 resolve problems for some users who had problems with back camera. They reported to work in their hardware. Anyway this rom is not designed to fix any hardware issues for all hardware, only for some who reported to get fixed using T06 kernel which is their original rom kernel (from the backup). You can check movilesdualsim.com for details.

      But I can't guarantee that there aren't more different hardware version for this phone, so try to send your backup and we will see what can we do. I'm mostly based on chinese phones, if you purchased it on europe it might not work as you reported because it's obviously a different hardware.

      Anyway, you could just install any of my rom's and replace the modem of your backup to get 3g.

      The proximity sensor is not working for all of us and no way to fix it, because kernel need to be modified.

      Besides that, you are free to keep your original crappy rom with everything working, except the phone itself. With this rom at least some people enjoy without software issues.



    • 03/14/2014


      Unfortunately, I have not made any backup of the original ROM, it was so crappy! But, as far as I can remember, there was no 3G with that original ROM either, but I didn't realized that fact earlier.

      I can see the "3G" icon on the top of the screen but I cannot make any phone call, or establish any data connection until I turn 3G off.

      How would it be possible to find out if there is any 3G hardware in this phone and if kernel finds it and loads some drivers?

    • 12/26/2014


      I had exactly the same problems you have with the quadcore version.

      You can look at http://forum.xda-developers.co.....8;postcount=217 for the best I could get

      (fast and fluent system (over 16500 in antutu),  good GPS, proximity sensor working…. but no way to get 3G with any of the kernels or systems and it should be disabled to have a usable phone)

      There. you can find also the original roms that came with the quad core version if you want to try again (but as you say the 3G does not work with them either)

  8. 08/06/2013


    Mate, according to the post the first thing is needed to install any rom is do a backup, maybe the rom itself is crap but the kernel, drivers or modem could help you now in that way.

    Anyway if 3g didn't work in your source rom, claim hardware problem and use warranty if you can.


    Or you can search and try all different roms for different hardware that other users could send.


  9. 08/06/2013



    Today I wake up to try to fix the proximity sensor bug, what we found is that installing rom #1 again with wipes now the proximity sensor works.

    If you've this problem, reinstall the rom please. doing only factory reset, not other wipes. If fixed please report, maybe the rom is ok and reinstallation fix it.


  10. 12/24/2014


    I am really very happy with this rom. The original rom it doesn’t work but this one run fast and it is very stable. Only i had to follow step by step the tutorial it’s very easy. Thank trol_sg by your support and thanks to everybody that have work in this rom, too. Great job!

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