• Title: C2/ZP980 Based on stock android
  • Listed: 05/21/2014 4:11 pm
  • ROM Version: ROM Android 4.2.1 v2.0
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C2/ZP980 Based on stock android
C2/ZP980 Based on stock android - Image 1C2/ZP980 Based on stock android - Image 2C2/ZP980 Based on stock android - Image 3C2/ZP980 Based on stock android - Image 4C2/ZP980 Based on stock android - Image 5C2/ZP980 Based on stock android - Image 6

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This rom should work on all ZP980 and C2. I think it will work on C3 as well, but had no confirmation of that.


Added sony walkman (There was no music app before)

Added nova launcher instead of the stock one

Added build.prop tweaks

Improved overall speed


Fixed many bugs that were present in v2.



Back to basics :) Felt like my previous versions weren't as good as it could be. So I decided to start over and went back to basics.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy it, I have uploaded new screenshots with this version as well.

It's just optimized, if you want something changed, use the included gravitybox/xposed installer app.

Other then those 2 apps, it's completely stock.



1. Sony display technology software

2. Build is optimized, Camera has been improved and videos + photos are better looking.

3. Ghost touches (If caused by software) are now less frequent.

4. Sony bravia engine for better looking videos and photos.

5. English supersu root

6.. Improved GPS, first fix might take awhile, but after that it should be quick as lightning with good accuracy.

7. Has all the google apps including gmail, play store, maps etc


I'm not someone thats really good with roms, so dont hold me responsible if something goes wrong, i'm just trying to help and making this rom avaible for wider public :)

Basic instructions:

If you want to flash custom roms, you'll have to root first, then install a recovery.

To root you can use the following tool: http://forum.zopomobileshop.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=877&extra=

After you've rooted:

1. Install the app Mobileuncle Tools from the google play store.
2. Download this recovery: https://www.needrom.com/mobile/zopo-c2-twrp-v1/ You'll get 1 file called recovery.img. Put this on your phones sdcard.
3. Go into the app Mobileuncle Tools and select Recovery update. Select the recovery.img you put on your phone earlier and press ok.
4. You've now flashed a custom recovery on your phone. Restart your phone.
5. Now you can enter recovery using Mobileuncle Tools app as well, just tap Into recovery mode.

6. If you're asked to give supersu/superuser rights in any of the above steps, allow it.

You can now install roms.

Alright here are the instructions to install this rom

1. Download any rom for your device that's .zip file extension
2. Put it on your phone's sd card
3. Use mobileuncle tools app to boot into recovery.
4. When you're in recovery, wipe cache, wipe dalvik-cache and do a factory reset.
5. Press install in recovery and select the .zip file you downloaded.
6. Let it install, it will say when it's finished. first boot can take a few minutes.

If you want to backup data etc you can use an app like titanium backup.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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433 Responses to“C2/ZP980 Based on stock android”

  1. 06/11/2013

    United Kingdom

    Updated my Zopo C2 using the 0.5 firmware and tried the 1gb to 2.49gb memory expansion that is on the Zopo forum. It didn't seem to work. Has anyone tried this using the 0.5 firmware?

  2. 07/19/2013


    I done the memory expansion before using 0.5 firmware and is working fine for me

  3. 05/21/2013



    Does the dev can unlock the kernel for Zopo C2  / ZP 980 to Overclock CPU to 1.5ghz ?


    Thx a lot

    • 06/25/2013


      No sorry, there's no way to overclock the proccessor yet, but once there is, i'll let people here know. (I'm watching the very active chinese community)

  4. 05/21/2013


    Hi Tc662, 

    The mtk 6589 and 6589 are the same CPU (they have frequences different for CPU and GPU) but there are the same (Turbo version can support 2go of ram the only difference)..

    If we take a kernel of 6589T with CPU @ 1.5ghz and GPU @ Origin frequences won't it work ?


    Thank you again ;)

  5. 06/12/2013


    I liked 0.5 in view of speed. Much better and more responsive.

    But my Bluetooth problem is now back. When im connected with my car and i try to call or somebody is calling me i will loose both sim connections. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next  version.

    Also the Battery Drain is a bit higher.

    At the moment im back on the good running 0.16


    Thank you for your work.

    • 06/25/2013


      I will have an update for the 0.16 rom made by original chinese creator :P

    • 06/16/2013


      Did 0.16 fix the bluetooth problem you mentioned?  I tried that version but still have the same problem!

    • 06/25/2013


      Not 0.16, 0,17 has the bluetooth fix to :)

    • 06/16/2013


      @tc662:  Thanks a lot for your work.   Just installed 0.17, but still have the same bluetooth answering call problem, ie as soon as I answer a call from another zp980 when on bluetooth, both radio die.  May I ask what tweak did you do to try to fix this problem?

    • 06/25/2013


      I replaced a few files with a download from xda, that should fix this problem. I'll check again and see if there's any other reason it might not work, but i can't test it myself since I don't have anything with bluetooth :P

    • 06/25/2013


      Can I also ask in what version the bluetooth was working correctly?

    • 06/16/2013


      @tc662: I tried every version of your ROM, but, none has fixed the problem for me.  Bluetooth streaming works perfectly.  Only phone calls via bluetooth with certain phones (zopo980, Motorola Razr HD and Blackberry Z10 are the few I knew of) is the only issue.   Bluetooth to landline has no problem.

    • 06/25/2013


      Strange, do those calls work on stock/others you tried?

    • 06/16/2013


      I tried many ROMs, so far none fixes that problem.  I have two zp980, one A and one B version.   I knew from other forums, thl W100 has the same problem.  I suspect many MTK6589 based phones may have the same issue.

  6. 05/21/2013


    Hi Tc662 i know this is not easy but i believe in you :D

    0.16 vs 0.5 version which version is the fluidest, i've tried both of them but i cannot feel the difference ?

    Maybe in benchmark or to use everyday ?

    Thank you

  7. 06/25/2013


    0.5 is more fluid imo

    • 06/07/2013

      Czech Republic

      Hi, can I help: When the upgrade from version 0.5 to 0.16 I have to Factory Reset.
      I would like to try out which is better.
      In version 0.5 I have a defect: tefon is the sun and back buttons stop working and middle button. Somewhere on the forum to write about it, but I started doing it after installing 0.5. Thank you.

    • 06/25/2013


      Sorry, but I do not understand you.

  8. 06/12/2013



    I will have an update for the 0.16 rom made by original chinese creator

    So that mean you will make 0.16 faster? Like the 0.5?

    That would be great because with 0.16 everything is working.



  9. 06/25/2013


    Yes, i'm just trying to fix the camera before i release 0.17

  10. 03/20/2013

    Czech Republic

    Any changelog for v0.17? It's based on 0717 stock rom? :]

    • 06/25/2013


      0.17 is continuation on 0.16 with just some fixes for bluetooth, speed tweaks (0.16 was laggy this isn't) and again, hopefully camera fix :p

    • 03/20/2013

      Czech Republic

      Thanks for info! Any news about updated v0.5? I never install the first new version :], so I'm waiting for next update based on 07/17 ..

    • 01/03/2013


      Good work!

      Thank you.

    • 06/25/2013


      I won't have another update for 0.5 right now, however if you send me an e-mail i can link you to one based on 0609 which imo is by far the best one out there (it's not my work so can't upload it here :P )

    • 03/20/2013

      Czech Republic

      What a generous offer! :] If you recommended another rom, not your own, I have to try it! :D Please send me an info at noreply_seznam_cz, thanks!

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