• Title: Color OS 1.2 Hongmi Stable
  • Listed: 02/28/2014 2:44 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.2.1
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Color OS 1.2 Hongmi Stable
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Basic Information

rom name ColorOS 1.2
Android version 4.2.1
Based versions JHACNAL4.4
Test models Red rice phone
Release Date 18.02.2014
ROM makers binbinshe
Rom Introduction


WCDMA model only 


1. Added ROOT authorization.

2. ColorOS 1.0 the latest stable version

3. ColorOS uses only the default phone storage, the path has been replaced with the SD card

4. Oppo browser installed. If you have FC BUG when downloading, press the Menu key in the browser interface – Settings – Save location – choose phone storage option

5. Developer Settings: in the Settings – About phone -Mmore – Click the build version 6-7 times – Returns – Go to Settings – More – you can see the new version

6. Restart BUG should be fixed.

7. Cleaned up some Chinese apps and installed Sony Honami Keyboard




ColorOS Highlights 1.0 Introduction

Desktop – a bold attempt
New Vision: New UI design, stunning visual experience
Liberal Weather: Real-time on-site association, contextualized phone's weather
Exclusive space – mood Album: automatically generate photo wall, with the film with Share
Exclusive space – mood music: the art of vinyl transfer time
Communication – efficient and convenient
1, call
Dialpad tone: You can play dial-up interface, turned into a musical number at your fingertips

Voice backup, security enough, repeated listening, caring enough
2, SMS
Expression Radar: joy, anger, surprise storm coke crying six-dimensional expression, the mood quickly locate the moment
Cloud letter: Inter ColorOS users the most convenient way to communicate economy
SMS popup: Click directly SMS operation, then do not jump out of the current interface
3, Contacts
Smart Contacts: multiple contacts by way communications allow for a more flexible and more convenient

Contact Avatar Import: integrating microblogging social circle, so that your newsletter "live"
Safety – comfortable pleasant
Visitors modes: Master mode, guest mode switch freely, hide little secret phone
Holiday mode: Smart mute, rings, enjoy clean holidays
Pure background: saving electricity flow, intercepting push information, saving time and more peace of mind
Harassment interception: effectively intercept harassing phone calls, spam messages, display intercept reminder to enjoy the quiet and pretty good idea
Program Encryption: Independent password entry, add a layer of security procedures coat of privacy
Virus Scan: a key scan trojan, virus time monitoring to ensure the system always pure
Multimedia – Sound and vision
1, the camera
Wisdom camera: voice, touch screen, panoramic beauty …… variety of camera mode to achieve more choices.

Gallery Album: Farewell Founder era, attention photo arrangement artistic sense, a key switch timeline sort photos look more simple

2, the video
Rich online resources: massive video resources, enjoy wonderful large vertical

Multiple screen operation: Slide the left adjust the brightness, adjust the volume slide to the right, sliding moderate tone progress, more convenient, more clever

3, Music

Thematic Area: Combining festival practical for you to recommend the current hottest songs, listen to good music Xpress
Touch to adjust the volume: Press and slide the screen to adjust the volume and enjoy the experience of a fingertip on the screen
Somatosensory gesture – a new experience
Somatosensory Communication: flip mute, somatosensory dialing, smart answer, speakerphone switch – arbitrary gestures
Three-finger screen shots: three fingers sliding screen capture, let cool more interesting screenshot
Global gestures board – could pull down the global gestures board, custom symbols to achieve operation, less pop, more experience


Application Tools – intimate use

Emotional Alarm: replace with a pulley wheel, alarm clock can also reflect fun, personalized background music, so the alarm is also full of emotion

Compass: conduct precision adjustments for Android native compass, more precise direction
Flashlight: Multi-opened to light more quickly
Recording: new visual programs to achieve greater functionality
Calculator: Exclusive computing memory function, to help you more easily handle digital
Small European Assistant: recipes, songs, TV shows, yellow pages, lottery winning numbers,

Install method:


Download zip and copy to your SD Card

Be sure to use a third-party recovery like CWM

Always do a Full Data Wipe/ Cache/ Dalvik and Format System

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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23 Responses to“Color OS 1.2 Hongmi Stable”

  1. 09/25/2013


    Hi friend. It’s multilanguage?

  2. 06/27/2013

    United Kingdom

    Sorry, but no multilanguange, English and Chinese only

  3. 01/03/2014

    Czech Republic

    Hi, I just found bug on this rom. When I reboot, all installed apps becames as uninstalled. Do you have any idea how to fix it. I would like to use this rom as is very good, but I don´t want to reinstall all apps on each reboot.


    • 06/27/2013

      United Kingdom

      I don't know how you installed the ROM but I can say that I tested it this ROM and never had this issue. what red rice do you own?

  4. 01/03/2014

    Czech Republic

    I have made clean install (wipe all apart data on SD) then install from zip via CWM. I have WCDMA model.

    • 06/27/2013

      United Kingdom

      you will need to do a FULL DATA WIPE:

      1. WIPE DATA

      2. WIPE CACHE

      3. WIPE DALVIK


      Yes you will lose all apps, msgs, and settings, but it is the only way.

      Try it like that and let me know.

  5. 06/27/2013

    United Kingdom

    I always do a Titanium backup just before all the above, so I can just reinstall all my apps easily

    • 01/03/2014

      Czech Republic

      Ok, so I tried agan but the problem persist. I have wiped Data, Cache, System and Dalvik and made clean install. I have not installed any apps from backup. I have remarked that storage fix not working. I have storages connected as follows: Phone Storage (my SD Card), Internal Storage (Internal od 2 GB) and SD Card (Internal of 865 MB). All apps are instaled automaticaly to 2GB Internal storage and can be moved only to SD (internal of 865GB). If I move any app to internal of  865 MB it´s erased on restart. Only icons remains. If you click on it tells that apps is not installed. I have tried to change install location in storage setting and by MobileUncle but there is no effect.

      Any idea? Should be vol.fstab related problem?


  6. 01/03/2014

    Czech Republic

    BTW, one small question….Is it based on latest stable 5? And which vol.fstab is used? I have faound oppo.vold.fstab.dynamic…I suppose that it´s this one but not sure. Is it possible to disable comletely 865 MB memory?

  7. 08/23/2013


    Hello. Very good rom. I would like to ask if there will be an update to version JHACNAL 5.0

       Thank you.

  8. 04/08/2013


    very good ROM 
    but I have the same problem 
    some applications disappear when i restart 
    I've done all the wipes and formats 

  9. 03/29/2013


    please can actulizar the color version 4.2.2 

  10. 09/23/2013



    for me is the best rom to Hongmi, congratulations to developer!!

    I have the same problem about restart and some apps "not instaled", restart again and again until the total apps works. (work with me)

    With this rom i have a problem:

    with this rom and mine apps  i have 1.2GB free on phone storage and day by day this value descrising and at this time i just have 358MB .

    Anyone can help me

    best regards 

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