• Title: CrDroid v3.8.9 REBORN 19.02.2020
  • Listed: 04/04/2020 4:45 pm
  • ROM Version: CrDroid v3.8.9 REBORN 19.02.2020
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CrDroid v3.8.9 REBORN 19.02.2020

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* art/
2606f0d50 Use conservative permissions when creating files in ART

* build/
bbda9923a Bump Security String to 2020-02-05
ebf606706 Bump Security String to 2020-01-05
b677d1cf6 Bump Security String to 2019-12-05
98464f360 Bump Security String to 2019-11-05
5a9365957 Bump Security String to 2019-10-05
bcc90fdcb Bump Security String to 2019-09-05
0a9cd20e2 Bump Security String to 2019-08-05
1c138c464 Bump Security String to 2019-07-05
6df122b92 Bump Security String to 2019-06-05
f09065a75 Bump Security String to 2019-05-05
53b9cc46e Bump Security String to 2019-04-05
0d83be912 Bump Security Patch Level to 2019-03-01
0d13d07fb Bump Security Patch Level to 2019-02-05
289be6065 Bump Security Patch Level to 2019-01-05
c7764e7ca Bump Security Patch Level to 2018-12-05
db0591d77 Security string to 2018-11-05
9283cd777 Security string to 2018-10-05
5d113dbe5 Security string to 2018-09-05
bca8bd58e Security string to 2018-08-05

* external/skia/
421538a98 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Add SkAndroidFrameworkUtils::SafetyNetLog
10d5ebf75 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Fix heap buffer overflow
b06dec3f0 BACKPORT: Cherry-pick "begin cleanup of malloc porting layer"

* external/sqlite/
06b6f41 Disable the undocumented rtreenode() SQL function that is only used for testing, except when doing a build that is specifically intended for testing.

* external/v8/
8ddfec06a Fix OOB read in v8's Promise handling
9e5396c14 Fix OOB Access
688e033b1 Fix type confusion in libpac
d60a3fcfc Fix Integer Overflow in libpac
78832f129 Fix type confusion in libpac
595f63a73 Fix OOB Access in libpac
39e25ab07 Fix OOB read in libpac ast-numbering.cc
861b91e18 Fix type confusion in libpac

* frameworks/base/
ae36a86d2f4d4 DO NOT MERGE back porting for fixing sysui direct reply
b7b41bf75bbc9 DO NOT MERGE: Disable SpellChecker in secondary user's direct reply
d5e3c69f07d79 Prevent system uid component from running in an isolated app process
5a10c36558689 Only allow INSTALL_ALLOW_TEST from shell or root
1016a5671ac17 DO NOT MERGE Validate wallpaper dimension while generating crop
3b398dd525e8e Do not compute outside given range in TextLine
2e407e2449b3e RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Strict SQLiteQueryBuilder needs to be stricter.
045ae4284ad19 Set default phonebook access to ACCESS_REJECTED when user didn't choose one
13ac203142894 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Enable stricter SQLiteQueryBuilder options.
074f3fb94f494 [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Pass correct realCallingUid to startActivity() from startActivityInPackage
91274eebd9539 Fix Layout.primaryIsTrailingPreviousAllLineOffsets
1db7243eb0bbf HidProfile: sync isPreferred() with HidHostService
548252751ca4a Clear the Parcel before writing an exception during a transaction
0ae562a262008 Protect VPN dialogs against overlay.
843f49027c892 Make Lock task default behaviour consistent with Settings.
39b7244a4830c [BACKPORT]NetworkManagement : Add ability to restrict app vpn usage
159fa9883a0fb Add cross user permission check – areNotificationsEnabledForPackage
b7d7da1e40223 Limit IsSeparateProfileChallengeAllowed to system callers
cdab7527a7de2 Permission Check For DPM.getPermittedAccessibilityServices
d858bf4215bf3 Added missing permission check to isPackageDeviceAdminOnAnyUser.
3c4ab40f81bcf DO NOT MERGE – SUPL ES Extension – Safer Init and Not After Boot
196fa04a9d1ed Select only preinstalled Spell Checker Services
6c311e9193010 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Do not linkify text with RLO/LRO characters.
752f1b93eec5b RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Recover shady content:// paths.
c98ab41b1c233 Pass userId through to singleton ContentProviders
c613b356510e2 Changing SUPL_ES=1 for SUPL end point control
9dec31907e67a Verify number of Map entries written to Parcel
fa5564c2f71fc Add support for search in DownloadManager.
ac483a60539a4 DO NOT MERGE. Extend SQLiteQueryBuilder for update and delete.
5fd6d628209f3 DO NOT MERGE. Persistable Uri grants still require permissions.
0588730166f37 Always create grant structures when persistable.
4bd44b30908d4 DO NOT MERGE. Execute "strict" queries with extra parentheses.
c1af541313914 Fix crash during cursor moving on BiDi text
9f57f6d39ea05 Optimise the hit test algorithm
5a3d3a23445fa Fix TrackInfo parcel write
6693f9c2db2f6 Resolve inconsistent parcel read in NanoAppFilter
08031790ab7f6 Make safe label more safe
d3b4e5141b43f ResStringPool: Prevenet boot loop from se fix
cfd707624b933 Fix DynamicRefTable::load security bug

* frameworks/native/
871f49037 Don't leak input events to dumpsys on user builds
17f7f128b Resize object capacity when shrinking Parcel
4e32000b3 Sensor: use FlattenableUtils::align
0b7975d5e Fix race between SensorManager ctor and callback
9d63675cd Free mObjects if no objects left to realloc on resize
a3bea5acd libbinder: readCString: no ubsan sub-overflow
13f4b8dc1 libbinder: Status: check dataPosition sets.
53831bfeb Sanitize InputMessage before sending

* libcore/
387d85e8b Fix hostname parsing in java.net.URLStreamHandler.

* packages/apps/Contacts/
c00bdef3d Patch URI vulnerability in contact photo editing

* packages/apps/Messaging/
6b1c09b Messaging ignores file URIs shared via intent
a8ed852 Revert "Messaging: Request external storage permission before handling shared files"

* packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
7c789d7b RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Always use safe labels

* packages/apps/Settings/
f34796e382 Make ScreenPinningSettings behaviour consistent with lock tasks.
8a5a2ced60 Do not allow draw on top for App notification settings
476ea4b56b [BACKPORT]Settings: per-app VPN data restriction
fd935528cf Do not allow draw on top for default sms picker.
71951dcc96 BACKPORT: Disable changing lock when device is not provisioned.
b2acc99458 Merge translations of Bluetooth confirmation text
2bd40d4768 DO NOT MERGE Fix unexpected behavior in Bluetooth pairing

* packages/services/Telecomm/
b56fc21f Add flag to default dialer change dialog

* packages/services/Telephony/
cf1a87ac Fix potential NPE in EmergencyCallbackModeExitDialog.
752fd0e2 DO NOT MERGE Revise security requirements for TelephonyManager#endCall.

* system/core/
33bbf2b2c FlattenableUtils::align memsets
3f24de653 Fix a memory leak in gatekeeper.

* system/netd/
d45dda4 [BACKPORT]NetD : Allow passing in interface names for vpn app restriction





* n_asb/
9fc4e6f Update n_asb_2020-02.sh
41dc9fd Update n_asb_2020-02.sh
376e01d Update n_asb_2020-02.sh


* n_asb/
f191ccf fix n-asb-2020-02
87498d6 fix n-asb-2020-02
ab7e1e6 add n-asb-2020-02





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    Everything OK, safety-patched 5-2-2020

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