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Flashing Instructions:

Must be running a BUMPED bootstack


Verify that you're using the latest version of TWRP 

Perform a FULL WIPE as described below if coming from another ROM
(A full wipe is when you wipe system/data/cache and Dalvik)

Flash the latest version of this ROM

Flash recommended GAPPS linked below

Reboot and ENJOY!!

**If you fail to follow these instructions, don't bother reporting any bugs**

**Though coming from a previous lollipop version of Dirty Unicorn. Please update the right way by wipe system and cache then installing the update.**

Change Log:


For detailed change log, check gerrit.dirtyunicorns.com

Version 9.8
- Update to Android 5.1.1_r28
- Moar CMTE fixes
- Updated translations
- Added CMTE quick settings tile
- Added fix for COS theme per-app apk

Version 9.7
- Update to Android 5.1.1_r18 (LVY48F)
- Fix 3-finger Gesture
- Slimified Nav Ring targets
- Ability to ignore interruptions while active media playback
- Add OmniSwitch as Recents
- Add Gesture Lockscreen
- Ability to hide Power Menu on the Lockscreen
- Ability to have notification lights while screen is on
- Bring back the Battery Bar
- Allow lockscreen elements to be themeable via color changing
- Ability to disable Privacy Guard notifications
- Add Volume Panel QS tile
- Disable extended statusbar weather by default
- Add ability to rotate the lockscreen
- Haptic feedback for QS tiles
- Time Contextual Headers
- Fix NFC tile disappearing
- Volume panel timeout ability
- Long press lockscreen lock icon to sleep or activate Torch
- Add menu action to OmniSwitch
- Fix Ad Blocker
- Re-organize Dirty Tweaks to make things more streamlined
- Further optimizations and bug fixes
- CMTE fixes
- Updated translations
- Update to Android 5.1.1_r9
- Patched up stagefright vulnerability
- OmniSwitch updates
- Added ability to enable or disable scrolling cache
- Add 3-finger screenshot gesture
- Fix QS - Notification shade blank area bug
- Add DT2S for Lockscreen
- Add Lockscreen Wallpaper functionality
- Add new nav bar icons by Bryan Owens
- Add Enable-Disable notification color inversion
- Customize Battery Saver notification icons
- Add Dotted Battery icon style
- Add Longpress Settings actions to QS
- Add System App Remover
- Add back menu button for navbar
- Reorganize Dirty Tweaks
- Reorganize About Phone - About Tablet
- Update more icons
- Fix backup tool
- Added optimizations to various repos
- Spruced up DeskClock
- Various translations
- Added back Omni's customizable PhaseBeam wallpapers
- Materialized Launcher3
- Fix assorted bugs reported or discovered
G2 Device Changes
- G2 GPS device fixes added from post HERE!!!
- Audio MixerPath Fixes
- Softkey Vibration fixes
- SELinux Updates

- Update to Android 5.1.1_r8
- Add Breathing Notifications (calls/sms/voicemail)
- Slim Recents
- Option to disable Torch on screen off
- Add Slim Navbar customizations
- Add SlimPIE
- Add SELinux Switch
- Add NavBar Tile
- Move button mods to Navigation menu
- Add Expanded Desktop
- Add Weather to Settings (cLock)
- Add back IME arrows
- Add DU Logo in status bar (plus color changing ability)
- Add ability to disable Lockscreen Shortcuts
- Update more icons to Material Design
- Fix 4G instead of LTE switch
- Add Live Volume Steps
- Add Config for WiFi Country Code
- Hotspot Idle Config
- Per App Controls for keyguard
- Simplify how Extra Info determines density
- Font change size for SMS/MMS composition or incoming
- Assorted bug fixes
- Various translations
- Android 5.1.1_r4
- Add USB Tether tile
- Remove carrier settings
- Make DU Extra Info themeable
- Force Expanded Notifications
- Add Music tile
- Fix disabling volume adjust sound
- Various ThemeChooser fixes
- Add Volume Rocker Swap button function
- Add Wakelock Blocker
- Add AOKP System Animations and Listview Animations
- Eliminate more checkbox options (replaced by switches)
- Add Task Manager
- Add ability to disable Lockscreen Shortcuts
- Update various icons to Material Design
- Show 4G instead of LTE switch
- Make headset notification dismissable
- Allow all files over BT
- Dirty Unicorns is starting...
- Stop About-DU from launching at startup
- Increasing ring volume
- Unlink ringer and notification volume
- Add ADB over Network tile
- Add Compass tile
- Notification ticker
- Add NFC tile
- Privacy Guard (functions alongside App Ops)
- Implement PIN keypad shuffler

~Update to Android 5.1.1
~Materialize DSPManager
~Fix SysUI FC for Themes with QS mods
~Change checkboxes to switches
~Remove Voice Dialer
~Fix for Play Services deep sleeping
~Fix various Theme Engine issues
~Add back notification LED settings backend
~Fix NavRing FC
~Expose values for our applications to be themed
~Hide lights settings if device doesn't support them
~Don't set preferred APN's automatically
~Fix battery and notification lights
~Various translations
For a more detailed change log http://gerrit.dirtyunicorns.com/#/q/status:merged,n,z

~Added DU-Updater
~Make Navring available to devices with no navbar
~Add user configurable shortcuts
~Implement ambient display as Active Display
~Change location sensors mode in quick settings
~Show carrier label / custom & change color
~Add Left clock
~Volume rocker music controls
~Double tap to sleep on navigation bar
~Navbar ring targets
~Option to show four tiles per row
~Lots of tiles added
~Theme Chooser updates
For a more detailed change log http://gerrit.dirtyunicorns.com/#/q/status:merged,n,z

Version 9.1
~NavigationBar Customization
~Add navigation bar arrow keys toggle
~Add left and right virtual buttons while typing
~Create expandable volume panel
~Battery and Notification Lights
~Add Sync tile
~Screenshot Tile
~Update default app icon to a more material like icon
~Material Design makeover
~Proximity speaker: add time delay preference
~Headsup Options
~Mms improvements
~Lockscreen Tile
~Lockscreen shortcut customization
~Themed DU kb hints/spacebar
~Add About DU to settings/about phone
~Add our changelog back
~Allow disabling of FC dialogs
~Update SuperSU v2.45
~Materialize volume panel in/out animation
~Powermenu screenshot delay
~Theme Engine

Version 9.0 - Initial Release of Lollipop
~Add customization for Quick Settings
~Add notifications tile
~Add a standalone File Manager
~Proximity speaker
~Add long click support for QS tiles
~Option to disable brightness slider
~Optional DU Blackout keyboard
~Add FAB for recents and more locations
~Pimp the power menu out
~Smart Pulldown
~Add ability to change the color in battery saver mode
~Gesture Anywhere
~App circle sidebar
~Battery Bar
~Add Camera sound toggle
~Battery text mode & Forward port battery icon options
~Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
~Do not allow to access quick settings on secure lockscreen
~Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
~Add AdBlocker
~Add option to disable searchbar in recents
~Quick pulldown preference
~Statusbar clock and date customizations
~MediaScanner behavior on boot
~Add double tap to sleep
~Make voicemail notifications dismissable
~Volume Rocker Wake
~Turn off carrier provisioning by default
~Doze (ambient display) timeout
~Port forward statusbar brightness control
~Disable Immersive Messages
~Added screenshot delete action in notifications
Disable/Enable screenshot sound
~Network Traffic
~DU bootanimtion
~Quick unlock control for lockscreen
~Add back all keyboard IME features
~Dialer lookup
~Allow disabling volume adjust sound
~Don't wake up device when charger is plugged/unplugged



※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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