• Title: DotOS 1.2 XRT4.5.5 /LAST XRT/
  • Listed: 07/07/2018 11:04 pm
  • ROM Version: 7.1.2
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DotOS 1.2 XRT4.5.5 /LAST XRT/

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I've lost interest on ROM development because i'm currently not even using this phone so the point of porting it's kind of dead for me, and some of you that have ported ROMs in the past and published em here on Needrom may know Needrom can give you money for your views on ROMs that you have published but however I'm far away from getting that money and I always were so you can see I never really wanted any reward for this ROMs, greatest things were receiving support comments from people saying my ROMs were the best and that's almost all I cared about.


I ported ROMs because I wanted to learn about Android and share my projects with you guys, and if you see and follow my more than 20 ROMs ported from the beggining to the end you can see I progressed a lot since my first ROM, leaving you with almost bugless ROMs for our great device full of support that has been given by wonderful people with a lot of free time, such as seluce and andrey167 which are really good developers and helped me with what they could and I really appreciate that help they always accepted to give me.

However, now that I'm not using this device and I have a few more ROMs ported that I haven't uploaded (such as DirtyUnicorns, my version of Los 14.1 updated, CrDroid updated and bugless, Hexagon ROM 6.0) but I have no interest on publishing I may just let you guys with my final and most loved project which obviously is DotOS rom.

Now, I leave you with my very last work and more worked one.


DotOS 1.2 (07/07/18)
XRT 4.5.5
Ported to DOOGEE X5 by decentsito.
Contributors: Seluce & Andrey167.



07/07/2018 UPDATE:
DotOS V1.2  XRT4.5.5 This update goal is to fix bugs leaving the ROM on a pretty much stable phase.
Roothless PL has been removed and replaced with original DotOS launcher, no more launcher problems in this build.
GPS should now be working correctly.
Now screen will wake up when receiving a notification & kernel optimizations (Andrey167 work)
Performance overall has been optimized.
Now a lite version of Gapps has been included by Default on the ROM so you just have to Install the main rom and you're good to go.
Due to the lack of laggy Gapps RAM management has been optimized a 200%
Video quality should've been improved.
CPU shouldn't randomly sleep.
Battery management optimized
08/06/2018 UPDATE:
Seluce Found a OpenGL crashes fix and shared his fix, this version has the fix implemented which means going into "My library" or "updates" In Playstore won't crash anymore, or searching in Google app, oropening Spotify/music apps when song name is too big, or using Opera Mini, or using Samsung Browser, or trying to Log in chrome with Google account and much more related force closures. This is by far the biggest fix to Nougat 3.18.19 roms ever and makes this rom the most supported and stable Custom Nougat ROM for Doogee X5. {seluce fix}
You may see camera a little bit different, I had to do some changes with some camera files to get it working, I spent 7 hours straight fixing camera/sim for this rom, {seluce helped in debugging}
Battery capacity corrected, now system will provide right battery percentage display. {seluce gave me modified framework-res.apk specifically for our device, basically he fixed it for me, how amazing can this guy be?}
Blackscreen issue when unlocking has been fixed. {seluce fix}
Connecting to a Hidden network is now working {seluce fix} 
Ram management it's now farely better, with 580mb ram free on first boot. (build.prop optimizations with stock rom lines)
Lag when installing gapps/root MAY have got fixed, if not, it's still much better.
Now using lastest version of Roothless Pixel Launcher, with lots of customization and Android P Style!
Since OpenGL crashes have been fixed, we returned default DotOS browser to provide a cleaner vanilla experience not so far from original ROM build.
February 2018 security patch, REAL ONE (lastest version had december security patch, but I wrote wrong info)
60fps bug in youtube has been completely fixed.
Some bugs with installation that won't let you install without reeboting first in TWRP has been fixed.
Now installation in TWRP has a new face!
Bluetooth name corrected to DOOGEE X5BT M (M mobile and BT blueetoth) {implemented by me using a guide Seluce gave me}
Corrected display name on some places.
Some Google-related issues fixed!
Magisk (root access) has been temporarily disabled by default, flash it yourself if you want it.
29/04/2018 UPDATE:
Camera is now usable, not so dark and doesnt has a unnecesary amount of filmgrain, there's still work to be done but it's SO MUCH BETTER right now, go enjoy your new camera!
Because of new rom version, some system apps has been updated.
Default Browser has been replaced with Jelly browser from LineageOS. (which provides more stability)
Magisk installation has been updated so now you'll get Magisk 16.0 (lastest) when flashing!
December 2017 security patch! (I'm cooking a version with February 2018 and some bug fixes but it's still not here) It shows feb 2018 security patch but it's december 2017, messed up Build.props.
MiraVision it's here!
SystemUI has been updated, now it has a new look.
Some system sounds has been updated.
Blackscreen bug may have been fixed, at least hasnt happened to me while testing the rom.
Settings SYSTEMAPP now has new icons.
Most of system apps have redesigned icons.
AudioFX now working with some bluetooth devices.
27/04/2018 UPDATE:
I fixed some sensor bugs, which results in an actually working Adaptive Brightness.
I've replaced default launcher, which was and old Lawnchair build that I think was very outdated, with the Ruthless Pixel Launcher extracted from Android P Dev Preview.
I've started working on fixing Radio FM, as you can see some changes has been made but it's still not usable.
Now emojis are android oreo ones.
I've started moving the project to DotOS v1.2 so yeah, cool updates, and it will even include a REAL april's patch, which it's more than good. ((I won't even mind releasing V1.2 if camera isn't fixed yet, trust me, i'll work on that, lol)


Install using twrp 3.0.2, 3.2.1 or newer.

Gapps installed, no need to install yours.

Kernel is 3.18.19 (this doesn't really matters to normal user but just so you know)



- Stable and outstanding performance.
- Original DotOS experience.
- Best performance on nougat.
- Bugless
- Good battery management.
- Fastest/stable rom for DOOGEE X5.
- OMS support working perfect. (Substratum theme engine).
- Ruthless Pixel Launcher extracted from Android P Developer Previewnow using lastest version that provides endless customization options and stability!
- Android Oreo emojis.
- Fast response from developer & in constant updates!
- MiraVision with no force closures.
- OpenGL crashes fixes, no force closures!
- Lastest fixes to bugs in all 3.18.19 custom roms!
- Adaptive Brightness & other sensors are now working!
Built in theme engine with lot of colours to choose from without installing any extra application.
Switchable QuickSettings Style (black/white)
- Highly customizable with few but not limited features conservating speed.
- No bloatware or unnecessary stuff installed by default.
Outstanding ram and battery management. now is even better.
- Secure as hell.
Youtube videos are actually playable, not like in other roms for this same devices where even normal media player is buggy and wont let you reproduce videos. Also, youtube videos won't offer you more than 30fps so you experience will be the best you can have.
Working camera with good image quality and recording better than any other custom rom.
- Busybox.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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17 Responses to“DotOS 1.2 XRT4.5.5 /LAST XRT/”

  1. 12/31/2017


    Think you very match


  2. 03/10/2016


    GPS is still not working. Pleace fix it if you can and i will donate for sure…….and without Gapps it was better, i am never using it. Thank you!

    • 04/21/2018

      Brother I have checked on my phone with this same build and gps is working fine if you have GPS mode on "High Accuracy" it will not work on mode "Device Only" in any nougat rom 3.18.19 kernel because of a source problem that can, not be fixed by ours, but if you have High Accuracy I'm sure GPS should work normally, try and tell me if it works.

      (For GPS apps I use an App named "My Location" or "Google Maps" they both work for what I have tested)

      If still not working I can send you link to a gps fix that has not been tested but try first using it High Accuracy or the apps I told you they are good

  3. 03/10/2016


    Thank you!I am using GPS test,GMaps and Sygic navigation, but still not works on my device even with switched on "high accuracy"I tryed GPS fix as well but it can't fix it too. So maybe you can tell me more about the GPS fix which you're using.

    In General I like this and previously xtr4 rom bcs they are fasters for my device. Previously xtr4 was perfect because I don't like Gapps,only if the GPS was working i never will use different ROM. So will be nice if you can help me ;-)

    Thank you!

    • 04/21/2018

      So if XRT4 was perfect you can try and do this, this is a community made solution found for XRT4 GPS fix, I will upload newer 4.5.5 without gapps tomorrow for more options.

      First step; do a complete wipe, Flash original XRT4

      Second step; Don't boot into system, after flashing XRT4 inmediately Flash this GPS fix solution https://www.upload.ee/files/86.....09/GPS.zip.html

      Third step and optional: Flash gapps if you want, but not in your case.

      Try now and tell me bro.

  4. 01/20/2016


    dark camera  and cant import contacts

    • 04/21/2018

      Use google contacts app and start saving them and syncronize there, anyway cant import contacts will be fixed

  5. 01/20/2016


    gapps cant instale

  6. 06/07/2018


    Best rom ever! Upload a version without gapps, please. 

  7. 07/05/2016

    Bosnia and Herzegowina

    Sim not work

  8. 08/25/2017

    Czech Republic

    contains the root?

  9. 02/18/2016


    hi i hv installed this rom great rom for x5 till
    but my in call mic volume is too low the other side caller cant hear me i need speak louder and near by mic
    also there is no mtk engg setting where i can fix it manually
    provide solution for this issue thanks.

  10. 08/12/2018


    decentsito please upload that gps fix file again, link not working

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