• Title: EMoto E868 Custom
  • Listed: 07/04/2014 2:11 pm
  • ROM Version: Android 4.2.2 (fake 4.4.2)
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EMoto E868 Custom
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ROM Phone Emoto E868 – ROM Android 4.2.2 (fake 4.4.2)

ONLY MT6582 (fake MT6592)

Official ROM Emoto E868 version :  L1QTW81.JXD3.MUL.QHD.S9T8H8.0514.V3.04

This rom includes CWM recovery, Gapps and is rooted, 4GB of installable app space (data partition).
MultiLanguage support.



This rom may possibly disable light and proximity sensor (unconfirmed).

If you want the normal amount of app space (1GB), use the included EBR1_1G and EBR2_1G files instead of the default ones.


ALWAYS make a COMPLETE and WORKING backup of your entire phone (including NVRAM).

There is NO guarantee that this rom works on all phones nor am I responsible for any problems that occur from the use of this file.



※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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23 Responses to“EMoto E868 Custom”

  1. mirandam



    Read the description carefully. I am NOT responsible for anything not working or going wrong.

    If you don't know how to make a proper complete backup, don't even try to flash anything as eventually you'll end up with a non-working phone.
    If you want to gain experience flashing, buy two $50 phones, use one as a backup and the other for your flashing. You'll learn a lot that way and chances are you won't mess up a $200 phone later on.

    Due to the coming vacation season, I may answer questions, however don't count on a quick answer, it may take days or even more than a week. Don't blame me if it didn't work and I'm not here to help you, I have a family life too.

  2. 07/02/2014

    Russian Federation

    Thank you, downloaded! Phone today have carried away, on Monday will bring back – then try your firmware.

  3. 06/13/2014



    can anybody confirm or reject the proximity sensor bug. It's not quite pleasant to make a phone call with the screen on because accidental presses on touch screen occurs.

  4. 06/13/2014


    Anyone ?

  5. 02/20/2014

    Russian Federation

    On my proximity sensor works.Firmware Emoto-E868-L1QTW81.JXD3.QHD.S9T8H8.0429.V3.03

    • 06/13/2014



      thanks for the reply.

      Do you mean on your official firmware or you have flashed this custom firmware from this page?

  6. mirandam



    sandr_2010's rom is not reflashed, it is v.3.03, mine is v.3.04

    My proximity sensor worked before reflashing the preloader and uboot (recovery and logo don't affect in any way), or at least that is what appears on one of the few screenshots I have from before flashing.

    I have to pass the img files to my ubuntu server to see if the sensors are affected by the reflash, I can't tell right now and I'm short of time to analize it. My guess is that this part is in uboot which is the android bootloader process. Most probably this is where it sets up the devices. I'll have to compare these img's to find out what is different. This will have to wait until sept when I'll have time to do this. Since this phone isn't my only and certainly not my primairy phone, it has less priority for me at this moment. Sorry but patience will be the word here.

    It would be handy to have some more uboot.img (in droidtools also known as lk.bin) files to compare, if anyone would like to help, feel free to post them here (and please state your firmware version). Thank you.

  7. 02/20/2014

    Russian Federation

    uBoot.img (Ik.bin) - is responsible for the display (display driver). Boot.img - includes drivers sensors and not only them.

    • mirandam



      Sorry but not true:

      Android's boot up process is summarized below:

      Stage Steps Comments
      Boot-loader - Location: bootable\bootloader\legacy\usbloader
        init.S Initializes stacks, zeros the BSS segment, call _main() in main.c
        main.c Initializes hardware (clocks, board, keypad, console), creates Linux tags
          Displays "USB FastBoot". Boot from flash, or loops while usb_poll() awaits host PC connection
      Linux kernel - Sets up the system, loads drivers, and starts running the first process init
      The init process Setup file system Create and mount directories like /dev, /proc, /sys
        Execute init.rc This is the boot-up script, commands are using Android-specific syntax, see readme.txt
        Setup console  
        Display "A N D R O I D" This is just a text msg written to /dev/tty0
        Zygote Zygot process in init.rc brings up Dalvik Java VM and starts the system server
        bootanimation Shows the animation during boot-up
      Framework …. ….

      As you can see, the bootloader stage comprises 4 steps, until it handles loading over to the linux kernel which is when the boot.img process starts. The last step of uboot is exactly why after flashing the new uboot my phone could go into recovery. The step before that sets up the hardware device tags, which is probably where the error is. Boot.img uses these tags to further configure the devices, but if for some reason the tag was defined different, it will not configure the device correctly. Boot.img uses a lot of reference values defined in nvram within the init.rc, but it can do this only if it has the correct hardware handles.

  8. 06/01/2014

    Russian Federation

    tell me, what in the firmware special? I had no Russian 3G, flashed this and still in the settings don't have our frequencies.

  9. 02/20/2014

    Russian Federation

    sergey1 ,стукни мне на мыло sandr1964@gmail.com

    • mirandam



      You are supposed to write in ENGLISH, I speak 6 languages and do understand some russian, but it is not nice to other people to exclude them. And it is not a good idea to publish your email here, you should pass that with a private message, that's what they're for.

  10. 02/20/2014

    Russian Federation

    mirandam   1. Excuse, but wrote all true: it concerns the firmware and not turning on of the phone.
    2.Sorry, but it was a computer error: message sent in a private message, and now I can not remove.

    • mirandam



      1. it is exactly that part of the firmware (uboot or lk.bin) which does the initial startup, that is why it's called bootloader.

      2. pass the mouse cursor over the date and time of your message, you will see it is a link, copy this link into a message to send via the contact form, the admin should be able to remove your message that way.

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