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Flyme OS 6.1 Stable M5
Flyme OS 6.1 Stable M5 - Image 1Flyme OS 6.1 Stable M5 - Image 2Flyme OS 6.1 Stable M5 - Image 3Flyme OS 6.1 Stable M5 - Image 4Flyme OS 6.1 Stable M5 - Image 5Flyme OS 6.1 Stable M5 - Image 6

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Experience version of the system to brush into this stable version of the system need to clear the data. 

· If you encounter problems during the upgrade or use, please feel free to use the "User Help" App for feedback. Among them, MX4 / charm blue note / charm blue 5 users can log Flyme community (bbs.flyme.cn) for feedback. 

Flyme Community the Feedback the Path: Model Zone – bug feedback – the post 

· Through the Image phone to the push the message to the get the system the update, is the will most the secure and reliable way to upgrade,
we will of the BE through the system replacement function added and type optimized, and the this will of not take up closeup of too much storage space, But will of not a cause data loss of the 

of the Entire upgrade process Takes about 20 minutes, please click on the "upgrade " button after waiting patiently, do not press the phone's power button, volume keys, etc. , to avoid system upgrades are disturbed. During the upgrade the phone will automatically restart and may be accompanied by a small amount of fever, is a normal phenomenon without worry. 

· System update part of the change description may vary with the version or model, please charm friends forgive me. 

The Function adjustment 

Each function from the Conditions creation to the floor have spent a great-effort, only to bring more Surprises to the charm is of friends, the this the update, Including video screen 2.0 We do, application avatar Joined:, the shutdown password, to Variety a wallpaper, have come to By explore IT: 

• the system 

All Android security patch the update to April 5, blocking security Vulnerabilities, SO That the virus nowhere to hide 

of the system stability and power performance of a specific optimization, experience every time the "small entry" 

the OCD Patients nirvana, support sharing the after sharing screenshots were, the let sharing and the delete one's step in PLACE 

the Optimize the a micro-video small video playback the clarity of, the eyes have a good experience to the BE happy in the which 

• settings 

the video screen features a Comprehensive upgrade, support the screen and sound with the recording, SO That the video interesting more 

of the application of avatar Joined: Struck, the work and life: separately, to more Focused 

the Path: the Settings – the Accessibility – the Apply avatar Joined: 

the Add the primary! ke y touch feedback adjustment switch, fingertips have a good experience 

Path: Settings – Sound and Vibration – Primary Key Touch Feedback 

Add system font bold switch, or thick or fine, any choice 

Path: Settings – Personalization – System font bold 

• Find a phone 

Set the lock screen Image phone will of automatically turn off the the shutdown password, to Avoid the Image phone is the lost the after the the shutdown is Difficult to the get back 

• Desktop 

the Optimize the style of the weather plug-in, more Comprehensive weather information, to help you the know the rain and rain 

Login TUVdotCOM the Meizu account Image phone the unlock failed The the after the Meizu account to the reset, a top number 

• the system the upgrade 

the Add network a check the before system upgrade to the ensure consistency of equipment and upgrade-packages,-making the upgrades more reliable 

• the File management 

the Add recycle bin directory function, the easy to the find of 15 small files is the lost days, a left hand door 

the Path: the File Management – the Setup – the Recycle the Bin function 

• Theme landscaping 

the Add "to Variety a wallpaper" option switch statement, enjoy inadvert ently of visual a feast 

the Path: theme is landscaping – up my – to Variety a wallpaper 

Problem Improvement 

Thanks to the active A use and feedback of the charm is, the new version has Been fixed, Including But not Limited to the the following Issues, IT is Strongly recommended That all the charm is of friends to upgrade, in order to obtain a better operating experience. 

• the System 

the To the solve the problem the after setting the lock screen password does not show For the lock screen interface 

the Repair the Image phone the restart the after the date of error, the enable automatic torque settings CAN not the BE calibrated Phenomenon 

the Repair of insert the headset the after playing music, lock the screen automatically Become Products smaller the after the Phenomenon 

the to the solve the problem of setting the ape formatted music to a ringtone the after a ringing tone 

• Phone 

the to the solve the outside line through the family short number call the machine, Suggesting That the call CAN not call the problem 

the Repair from Flyme 5 upgrade to Flyme 6, the Different names of contacts automatically the merge the Phenomenon 

• wireless network A 

the to the solve the problem the after the start of the note Note network A without notice 

• the Notification and the status bar 

the Repair the notice of the bar in the glass effect Shows abnormal Phenomenon 

for When there a new notification is message, there is no content display in the notification bar 

Repair the notification bar only shows the icon, no content can not erase the phenomenon 

Repair the notification column in the third row of fast switch and the bottom of the management panel overlap phenomenon 

When there is no task in the download management, the notification bar shows the problem waiting to be connected and CAN not the BE Erased 

• Image phone the Guardian 

the to the solve the power-down mode to the point does not automatically shut down the problem 

Fix the settings to the keep the background Used the running the after the application is to still Killed 

the Repair the limit power saving mode to the open the THIRD, party application Appears flashing Phenomenon 

the to the solve the the open high-performance mode Into the rabbit the after the running, return statement to view the problem Into a a balanced model 

• Camera 

the Repair the specific scene, the beauty beauty mode is the lost 

the to the solve the "priority to the save to the the SD card "option, long press the shutter shot the no response to the problem 

• Gallery 

the to the solve the problem of editing the picture card in the Communities white screen interface 

the Repair the open the any fold er in the picture the after the viewing the details of the Phenomenon of by flashback 

the Resolve editing this photos and of adjust the effects of vignette the after the Preservation of pictures and adjustments do not the match the problem 

• Calendar Viewing 

the Repair the Phenomenon of Occasional by flashback 

the Repair "show For the-in calendar" the Meizu account overlap in the Phenomenon 

• music 

the Repair off the equalizer, Press enter to the view even the when the state WAS the open 

the Repair the music lock screen a wallpaper is Communities white, the interface font blurred moving Phenomenon 

the Repair the whole track song Shows the Phenomenon of IRRELEVANT folders 

• the video 

Fix cached is video failed the 

Fix the video playback process the click on the fast forward file corruption Phenomenon 

• notes 

Fix the Saved That picture does not display of properly

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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