• Title: iNew v8 latest Firmware
  • Listed: 11/29/2014 11:18 pm
  • ROM Version: INEW V8 1.21 20141008
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iNew v8 latest Firmware

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Ok, i know a lot of folk have been looking for this, i was lucky enough to find it on a russian website…..This firmware actually came with my iNew v8 but when i formatted the phone for a reason i couldn't remember now, i tried to find this firmware but it was nowhere to be found…

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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  1. jiggykilla


    United Kingdom

    Just an update! i have flashed (SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1352.01) and been testing this rom and i can safely say that it appears to be the best one yet! Everything i tested has worked flawlessly, any questions ask away. Feel free to say thanks lol

    • 10/12/2013



      i had a 12092014 ver and i updated to your new rom ver 20141008 the off screen does not work on my phone and as i can see in other reply that i am not the only one/

      my question is could it be a driver issue.

      can you please make a cwm backup for the rom and post it in the site in order to checkif it is a driver issue or may be older phones does not support the off screen gesture function.


    • 10/13/2016


      hi, how i can install im lost, i have inew v8 1.21_20140912 android 4.4.2 ,,  how i can update my phone please help me

  2. 10/12/2013


    Thanks for the ROM
    Did you manage to get off screen gesture working ???

  3. 09/23/2014

    Hello , I tried to install the rom and I get this error
    " PMT changed the rom , it must be dowloaded "
    as you have selected the tool download flash only.
    my current rom is iNEW V8 - 05/08/2014 .
    Thank you .

  4. 11/30/2014


    @ achiketere

    change "download" to "firmware upgrade"


    my gesture feature not function, upgrading rom from 20140805 to 20140912 then 20141008


    some times when i turn on my phone the battery level is 1%

    • 11/25/2014


      The battery issue is probably because of the 20140912 fw… Try to flash this onto 20140805 fw it might work then

  5. jiggykilla


    United Kingdom

    I have the 2gb version, but I don't think there's any real difference in the phones bar the ram! Everything worked and still works in my iNew v8.

  6. 11/25/2014


    Thanks for the rom, but the screen off gestures doesn’t work on my phone as well… Could you might make (like alizopo said) a cwm or an entire sp flash tools backup and upload it? It will might work then… Thanks in advance!

  7. 09/13/2013


    Just 2 questions
    Does the update erase data in the internal storage (10 Gb) or not?
    Does the update modify the storage size with the new EBR1-EBR2?

    • jiggykilla


      United Kingdom

      Yes it does format everything and yes the file structure will change, but I swapped the EBR 1&2 and I have internal 3.45gb and phone storage 9.0gb!

  8. 09/13/2013


    Thanks jiggykilla.

    I'm using the 09/12/2014 update and then I'll take the ebr1 & ebr2 from it 

  9. will65mcmanus


    United Kingdom

    i want to upgrade to this but when i select the scatter i get the preloader ,uboot,cach ,usrdata unchecked when on downloaded

    but when i choose formware upgrade it checks them any idea what i need to do ???

    • 11/30/2014


      try to click on "empty" location grid, a file dialog box will show you to choose the correct file.

      may be you can use preloader, cache and usrdata from 20140912 or 20140805 .its look like same file, but try at your own risk, 


      for uboot file, use uboot.bin file from downloaded file 20141008.

      i recommended to select and check this file whatever you can use download or firmware upgrade, because i try to use this file and its file upgrade the baseband version (20140805 and 20140912 have a same version with "P6" letter) to "P7" letter that appear same as New v8 preloaded with 20141008 from factory.

      kernel also upgraded, not the version but the release date to october.

      but i dont know the difference between that version/relesae date.

      this file also fixing battery level issue (every turn on the phone, the battery level is 1%) when my v8 upgraded from 20140805->20140912->20141008,

      try to downgrade to 20140805 and battery level issue is fixing, but upgrading again directly to 20141008, get the battery level issue again too. so i try flash (download) this file only checked, its fixing the battery issue in my v8


      all antutu test passed 100% and the score is reached 25000. (before only get 22000, and cant passed 100% test)

      still screen of gesture not working, but the back touch have more good responsive.

      this is good rom.


      the ebr1 and ebr2 form this rom provide, change internal memory to low, just 1gb, and i change with ebr1 and ebr2 file that provide from 20140912, my v8 have internal 3,5gb.


      i change recovery.img with recovery file from https://www.needrom.com/downlo.....na-inew-v8-cwm/ so after flashing, i get cwm recovery in my v8 too just in on flashing. 

  10. 09/23/2014


    Will65mcmanus I have the same problem to give him to dowload there goes out for me the mistake that I have put mas above, and they commented to me that it should change to firmware upgrade but I am not very sure. Not if it is the solution.

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