• Title: Jiayu G3 JB 4.2 Emir
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  • ROM Version: 4.2.2
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Jiayu G3 JB 4.2 Emir
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 As my other work, this one also is based on smoothness, stability and battery life.  


Of all the ASOP JB 4.2 for Jiayu G3 I tried not a single one matched the fluidity and stability of ASOP 4.1. 


Well this will change! Finally! With this package you ll get at least 98% if not 100% of the smooth operation of ASOP 4.1


The ROM is from Vredniiy. I recommend you flash this ROM even if you already have it installed. 


After flashing, boot your phone. After booting, complete start-up set up and reboot into recover


Then flash UPGRADE_PACKAGE.ZIP and reboot. 

**(Browse down for newer installation procedure)






-ROM is odex


-Comes with Xposed's Gravity box, meaning you can change status bar, clock positions etc


-Widgets on lockscreen 


-Added Xplore file manager and iOS launcher


-Added data files to makes ROM smoother and stable


-Added init.d tweaks,build.prop and kernel tweets


-Added Zipalign and and disabled journalism








Kindly upload the ROM and the Upgrade Package on needrom. Both are part of the package. Thx


Upgrade Package link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mLY3qRUeSGLWF4STUtMnF4T1k/edit?usp=docslist_api 




UPDATE 1 : I'm currently working on an update for an even smoother experience, enhanced UI, new animations (Xperia Z1) and an excellent battery life. Last 3 pics can give u a taste stay tune! 




29 MARCH: UPDATE 1 is on




 Already has UPGRADE PACKAGE flashed as described above






  1. Flash UPDATE V1 PART 1 EMIR


  2. Then reboot


  3. Go to setting and turn off developer option. If it's already off, turns on then off. 


  4. Reboot to recovery again and flash UPDATE V1 PART 2 EMIR


  5. Reboot your phone. Do not clear Dalvic & Cache in any process 






  Update is as promised plus some mor


  Long press option key to access power menu with screenshots, reboots, et


  Long press back key to kill foreground app


  Centre clock


  Dark blue status bar and blue notification tiles 


  Data transfer rate


  Brightness level with lower values


  Full caller ID






02 APRIL: HTC Theme


 As recommended by Illuminatus, I made a flashable zip to HTC theme. Last 2 pics is about this theme. Flash in recovery. Make back up first. 






Replacing apps in upgrade package with odex ones for faster, smoother and more battery friendly apps/OS


New Google boot animation, android kitkat media


Updated kernel codes


Updated init.d scripts


Added missing framework file from Vredniiy ROM (thx 2 Gjjph)


Flash in TWRP 2.4.0+ recovery. You may need to tick your xposed modules in setting's accessibility if they stopped working after this update. Clear Dalvic & Cache after flashing






I've noticed that some of my kernel codes are making the system slower, so I'm fixing it even thought battery life might be affected a bit. See below for more


Odex those unodexed framework files from vredniiy ROM


Odex Xposed jar file


Updated build.prop tweaks


Updated init.d files


Updated data files


Updated busybox


Updated zipalign script


Added sqlite3 for smoother system and some more


Added loopysmoothness ( optimised for browser, yandex opera mini, xplore, phone, systemui, contacts, maps, iQuran, Xperia keyboard, i7 iOS launcher)


* There is no need to flash UPDATE PACKAGES 1 & 2 if you are upgrading from upgrade package to update v3






-Flash JIAYU G3 JB 4.2 ROM


-Flash UPDATE V3 EMIR straight away after flashing ROM


-Boot and complete start up process 


-Go to setting and turn off developer option 


-Reboot into recovery


-Flash UPDATE V3 EMIR again


-Boot system 


# All other flashable zip files including G3N patch come after those 7 steps. 


# Do not wipe Dalvic & Cache in any steps of the installation


# Use TWRP touch recovery 2.4.0+


# Any issue related to settings (including display) , try clearing data for settings in apps (setting -apps – all -settings)


LINK: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9mLY3qRUeSGaE1kTEIzTnRMRW8/edit?usp=docslist_api








UPDATE V4 EMIR should fix stability issues and battery life. Give 24hrs for new values to take effects. 






-Updated build.prop codes


-Updated init.d tweaks


-Updated Xui app


Overall your system should feel lighter. 







-Updated Xperia keyboard with new enhanced UI and predictions

-Should have already installed and working Xperia Keyboard from Vredniiy ROM 







This one brings new animations and reduced lags, updated app and build.prop. V7 is stand alone, you need NOT to have previous updates installed and working. BUT you need to have fully working settings, xposed, gravity and xui ( it is this that gives a blue windows-like tiles in your notification and the Xperia animations) apps. I don't recommend (update to) other versions by your own of these 4 apps because they will impede performance as Google bringing new spying tools like analytics that will decrease privacy and of course ask for more resources, aka decrease performance. If you have update and follow my procedure correctly you'd have a very stable and smooth OS by now. 



1.Do not email me, I rarely (do not) check my Google mail, leave your msgs here publiclyor on fb @ rehaan emir

2.Your previous init.d scripts will be backed up in your SD Card under the folder, Emir_Files, so if you have battery and/or speed issues, you can restore them. 

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

275 Responses to“Jiayu G3 JB 4.2 Emir”

  1. 07/02/2013

    Viet Nam

    Dear Emir,

    I can not access your file " upgrate package"in google drive.

    Pls kindly give me the instruction to download.


    Thanks you for your help,



  2. 12/31/2012


    Give me 2 hours. I’ll make the file public. n so you won’t need to log in Google

  3. 06/06/2013


    Can´t acess the upgrade package. How do I access it? What do it include?

  4. 12/31/2012


    The link UPGRADE PACKAGE is public, you can download without login. It is this part of the ROM :

    -Added Xplore file manager and iOS
    -Added data files to makes ROM
    smoother and stable
    -Added init.d tweaks,build.prop and
    kernel tweets
    -Added Zipalign and and disabled

  5. 12/22/2012


    the font and icon has become too small

  6. 12/31/2012


    download LCD density from play store @Ergattone

  7. 12/22/2012


    The dialpad is smaller and married to the left

  8. 12/31/2012


    I know I’ve edited the LCD density coz I like it dat way. if you want bigger icons n fonts either install an LCD density editor or u can edit the build.prop file manually and set the permission 644 using xplore file manager included in the upgrade package@Ergattone

  9. 12/22/2012


    Ok I solved with lcd density setting to 320 dpi. Thanks

  10. 01/19/2013


    or you can make something like this i think its more beaty

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