• Title: L861 – HNR-LOS15
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  • ROM Version: Android 8.1 - LineageOS 15.1
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L861 – HNR-LOS15
L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 1L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 2L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 3L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 4L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 5L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 6L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 7L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 8L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 9L861 - HNR-LOS15 - Image 10

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Changelog :

- Fix for iSU 7.5 in monitor/auto mode
- Battery Enhancements for Efficient Power Profile
- Call Recording fixes
- Recovery Support for system images loading
- OK Support for Automatic Dark Mode with Google Play Store and Instagram


Changelog :

- New AV HW/SW Codec balanced management
- RIL / IMEI management fix (just if you have issues comment 
ro.ril.imeifix=1 in build.prop) 
- New Viper4Android Additional Profiles (if you use them delete former folder in data and replace it)
- Android Auto fixes


Changelog :

- DRM fixes for Chrome
- New AV codec management for videochat
- Power/Performance Profiles for Battery/Thermal
- Power Toggles support
- Fix for LTE/3G border areas

Changelog :
- Bluetooth phone-audio fixes
- Software Interpolations for Camera Apps up to 42Mpx (IMX230) and 21Mpx (OV8858)


20190804 TEST-BUILD = DEVELOPMENT BUILD only for camera support tests




0. Disclaimer



The usual stuff :


This package might be most suitable for experienced users but everybody is welcome to use it at his own risk.


Flashing / Rooting your phone and using software tools have risks indeed = if instructions aren't followed you can BRICK YOUR DEVICE. Therefore please read carefully all of the instructions & follow them if You choose to go on at your own risk.


If You don't understand the instructions stop & search on Google/Boards/XDA/etc. and / or ask for help.


All the mentioned software & tools belong to their respective owners/developers. Neither I nor the owners / developers are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device.



1. Before Proceeding



Although you can install this package – even directly on devices running stock CiaoOS firmware, you should proceed, only after flash of one of formerly released (Lollipop 5.1 / Marshmallow 6.0.1) custom ROMs.



The installation of these custom ROMs removes the double partitioning of the internal archive (set by default  in  original CiaoOS firmware).




Starting already from a custom ROM, it is not necessary to perform additional IMEI / NVRAM fix, since it has already been performed.


Therefore, whoever was still with the original CiaoOS firmware, and would like to install this package, should proceed in this order:



Install a custom LP5.1 ROM – I suggest FuelOS for simplicity / convenience – following the specific step-by-step instructions in the respective 99_ROM_L_ * folder of the Main Repo.


In each specific folder there are all required drivers / programs, as well as instructions to download & activate a W7 TPC virtual machine (usable with VirtualBox – https://www.virtualbox.org) already prepared to perform the various operations without having to install anything else on physical system.




Configure the LP5.1 custom ROM as for a new device =  choosing in setup wizard not to import any backup, that you have formerly registered & associated with your Google account.




Follow the instructions to correct the IMEI of your device via MAUI META 3G.




Proceed with the simple instructions in the following chapter to complete the installation of the HNR-LOS15 ROM package.




As with previous custom packages – the installation of this custom ROM requires to perform a clean flash / full wipe procedure. Therefore, always perform a data backup on the SD card (not involved in the wipe) and / or in the cloud (Google Photos, Drive, etc.).


In this way, you can quickly restore your configuration by restoring Backup & Sync Google + data recovery (archives, photos, videos) copied, even without using Titanium Backup or other app / data backup solutions.






2.1. ROM Flashing – Fastboot


Pre-Requirements :

-          Preloader USB VCOM MTK6795 Driver support

-          SP Flash Tool


If You've already customized your device, You already have these tools. Otherwise, reinstall them on your system or use the provided Virtual Machine for Virtualbox.



Once ready launch SP Flash Tool with Administrative privileges, go to Download Tab and click on 'Scatter Loading' by the right.


In the window that pops up, go to the folder where You've extracted the rom You've downloaded, and select the scatter (scatter file is a text file with the word "scatter" in its name) then click Open.



If Your device uses FUELOS Partitioning scheme, you must use scatter file that ends with MARK1. Otherwise, use PPOS scatter file

You can check partitions with Device Info HW https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.andr7e.deviceinfohw = go on the partitions tab and read start / size values for system partition .


Partitions FUELOS

 System start : 0×6800000

 System size : 0xda000000



Partitions PPOS

 System start : 0×6800000

 System size : 0×70800000



1. Click Format at the top.


2. After clicking Format, a dialogue box will pop up, ensure that 'Auto Format Flash' and 'Format whole flash without Bootloader' are selected.


3. Click OK, Stop should now be red or green in color.


4. Connect the switched off phone (with battery inside) to the PC via USB cord.

5. A progress bar should load till you get a 'Success' message (green circle with OK).

6. Disconnect the phone from PC.


7. Go back to Download Tab and ensure that formerly selected scatter file & list with ticked boxes appears in SP flash tool.


8. click Download (with an arrow above it). You'll see that Stop should now be prominent while other options should be grayed out.


9. Connect the switched off phone (without battery inside) to the PC via USB cord.


10. A progress bar should start running. Wait till you get a Success message (green circle with OK) and do not interrupt before then.


Disconnect the phone & put the battery back.

2.2. ROM Flashing – TWRP Recovery & Google Apps



Reboot into TWRP custom recovery is required in order to wipe ART/Dalvik + Cache + Data & install .ZIP package for Google Apps (download & save it on SD card).



Turn on phone, keeping pressed both VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons.


When you see boot options, press VOLUME DOWN button in order to choose Recovery, then press VOLUME UP to confirm.



Once device reboots in TWRP recovery You just have to follow these 9 steps:














Tap on Mount.

Select first 4 partitions, then press the Back button to return to main menu.

Tap on Wipe.





















Tap on Advanced Wipe.

Select Dalvik/ART – Cache – Data, then Swipe. When finished, press the Back button to return to main menu.

Tap on Install.













Tap on (Up a Level), then scroll & tap on external_sd .

Find the ZIP package of OpenGAPPS inside SD Card & tap on it.

Select Reboot option and Swipe to start GAPPS flashing.



3. TEST Build WIP 20190616 Advice


WIP 20190616 is a TEST / DEVELOPMENT build = NOT suitable for daily usage.




- If firstUpdate Check lasts more than 5 minutes, press Back in order to go on with next setup step.


- Set lockscreen PIN only after Google account restore & first reboot.


You will notice that – once you confirm lockscreen pin – the device will not go forward with next screen. Just wait = after 3/4 minutes lockscreen PIN will be enabled. You may experience also a UI crash, but it won't repeat..


- Cameras are not working.


- SafetyNET full pass fails.





4. Credits & References


Andrea Conficoni

(Facebook / Telegram)


Provider of first L861 device for custom ROMs' development / testing






Thanks for his hard work on sources & support + friendship during last years






Oreo bringup of LeTV Le1S device





Sandeep Seethi (XDA)


First instructions & suggestions for MT67xx same chipset ROM portings





Lucky76 (TuttoAndroid.net)


aka erlucky (XDA) 


Provider of first MM Prebuilt kernel for Marshmallow-6.0 ROMS.





megthebest (Androidiani / Needrom) 


TWRP 3.0.2 custom base recovery for PPTV King7 & other MT6795 devices






Additional credits :



YUWENG (XDA) – hints/suggestions

AlexZap (XDA) – partinfo script

SuperR (XDA) – Superr's ROM kitchen



Team M.A.D. (XDA) 


CM13 Porting on Elephone Vowney Lite





blyha (4DA.ru) 


CM13 Porting on PPTV King 7





bmv1510 (4DA.ru) 


Cameras & RIL/SIM patches





(Lorenzo Ori)


First kernel source contributor on October 2016 for AMOI L861



※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

4 Responses to“L861 – HNR-LOS15”

  1. 07/12/2019



    error ?
  2. rawmain



    Sorry for late reply (NeedROM didn't notify me about your comment).

    Such error happens when you use wrong scatter file, that doesn't match device partitions. Please follow provided instructions in order to check your partition table & know which scatter file to use (MARK1 or PPOS).

    Besides, as also written in the instructions, this package is NOT meant for direct upgrade from stock/official firmware (CiaoOS 1.0x or Santin rebranded). Who still has stock/official firmware on device must before flash a Lollipop custom package, setup device (Fix IMEI/NVRAM) according to instructions, then proceed with upgrade Oreo 8.1 flash.

  3. 07/12/2019


    thanks,another problem occurred this time

    L861_FUELOS_1700  ok ,install no problem phone is working 

    20190811 RTM   No problem installing  sp flash tool ok.  but the phone screen does not turn black

     I obliged to reinstall the old version….?



    • rawmain



      Sorry for delay, but I don't receive notifications from NeedRom yet :/ …

      If You haven't already solved, try with 20190826 package and mainly check that SP-Flash Tool is loading OK boot + recovery + system. Then unplug the phone, insert battery and boot into TWRP recovery (keeping pressed VOLUME DOWN + POWER).

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