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  • Listed: 10/30/2016 8:11 pm
  • ROM Version: Android 5.1 - Factory Image - STX1 build 1.06 C 2016-05-09
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The usual stuff :

This package might be most suitable for experienced users but everybody is welcome to use it at his own risk.

Flashing / Rooting your phone and using software tools have risks indeed = if instructions aren't followed you can BRICK YOUR DEVICE. Therefore please read carefully all of the instructions & follow them if You choose to go on at your own risk.

If You don't understand the instructions stop & search on Google/Boards/XDA/etc. and / or ask for help.

All the mentioned software & tools belong to their respective owners/developers. Neither I nor the owners / developers are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device.


Package Contents :

* Stock Factory Image Android 5.1 – STX1 Build CiaoOS 1.06_C 2016-05-09
-> GApps included / No Rooted / Multi Language Support
-> FineOS (rebranded CiaoOS) Framework + Apps (Calendar, Camera, Gallery, Photo Editor)

- Instructions / Readme File
- SP Flash Tool (Windows & Linux64bit) & MTK VCOM/ADB Drivers (Windows)
- MTK Engineering Mode APK
- TWRP Recovery + Pre-root Boot fix package
- Internal Memory Resizer (Aroma Installer – requires TWRP Recovery)

Before proceeding

Write down your phone's IMEI.

You can find it printed on a sticker that is affixed to the phone underneath the battery.

You'll have indeed to apply / restore it after ROM flash according to provided instructions.


ROM Flashing

Pre-Requirements :

-          Preloader USB VCOM MTK6795 Driver support

-          SP Flash Tool

If You don't have already installed them You can search on Google/XDA in order to find download/install instructions for Your specific operating system.

VCOM Driver package for Windows (from XP to 10) & SP Flash Tool (Windows & Linux-64bit) have been included in this package for your convenience.


Once ready launch SP Flash Tool with Administrative privileges, go to Download Tab and click on 'Scatter Loading' by the right.

In the window that pops up, go to the folder where You've extracted the rom You've chosen (Factory Image 1.06 or Custom ROM LCK76 Pre-Root + TWRP), and select the scatter (scatter file is a text file with the word "scatter" in its name) then click Open.

1. Click Format at the top.

2. After clicking Format, a dialogue box will pop up, ensure that 'Auto Format Flash' and 'Format whole flash without Bootloader' are selected.

3. Click OK, Stop should now be red or green in color.

4. Connect the switched off phone (with battery inside) to the PC via USB cord.

5. A progress bar should load till you get a 'Success' message (green circle with OK).

6. Disconnect the phone from PC.

7. Go back to Download Tab and ensure that formerly selected scatter file & list with ticked boxes appears in SP flash tool.

8. Click Download (with an arrow above it). You'll see that Stop should now be prominent while other options should be grayed out.

9. Connect the switched off phone (without battery inside) to the PC via USB cord.

10. A progress bar should start running. Wait till you get a Success message (green circle with OK) and do not interrupt before then.

Once You've got the 'Success Message' disconnect the phone, slot the battery back in, then power up the phone.

Apply / Restore IMEI

After flashing You'll have to apply / restore mobile phone IMEI (that You have written down before). In order to do so You can use app MTK Engineering Mode by TheMonster – available on Play Store :

- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.themonsterit.EngineerStarter

MTK Engineering Mode APK has been included in this package for Your convenience. Remember to enable 'Unknown Sources' in Settings Security if You want to install it offline instead of downloading it from Google Play Store.

1.Tap on MTK Engineer Mode

2.Tap on CDS Information

3.Tap on Radio Information

4.Tap on Phone 1

5. Digit the AT Command string (paying attention to spaces) :

AT +EGMR=1,7,"867833xxxxxxxxx"

Replace 867833xxxxxxxxx with Your IMEI & tap on Send AT Command

Additional Packages


TWRP Recovery Boot Fix Lucky76

This package for SP Flash Tool allows users with Stock Factory Image 1.06 to replace stock recovery with TWRP 3.0.0 Beta 1 & enable root. Users who flashed Custom ROM LCK76 package already have TWRP + Root ROM.

Owing to locked bootloader TWRP recovery can be started only from ADB (adb reboot boodloader command – USB Debug must be enabled in Settings Developer Options) & can't be used to flash custom roms.

Further information & instructions available on :




Aroma Memory Resizer

This package allows users with TWRP + Root ROM to resize split partions of the device.

Further information & instructions available on XDA related thread :




Stock Boot Recovery

This package allows users with TWRP + Root ROM to revert boot & recovery to stock 1.06, allowing them to download & install official stock OTA updates.



Credits & References


SoCr@Te (NeedROM)

ROM files (preloader,LK) from stock image L861_V1.1_2015-08-07 – Android  5.1 LMY47I





xin **** 1219 (Baidu)

ROM files (boot,system) from stock OTA update CiaoOS_1.06_C_2016-05-09





xpirt  (XDA)

Python3 script to convert sparse Android data image (.dat) into filesystem ext4 image (.img).



Lucky76 (TuttoAndroid.net)


aka erlucky (XDA) 

TWRP Recovery + Boot Fix for L861 (STX-1) – CiaoOS 1.0x ROMs


Additional credits :

JEMMINI (XDA) for TWRP Recovery

YUWENG (XDA) for his suggestions

AlexZap (XDA) for partinfo script

SuperR (XDA) for his superR kitchen

dario5890 (TuttoAndroid.net) for his suggestions & guides

Matt85R22 (TuttoAndroid.net) for test support & guides to edit system.img



odigitech (XDA)

Working Aroma Resizer package


Additional credits :

HypoTurtle (XDA) and AlexZap (XDA) for the initial idea, creation and development

mrsim (XDA), viper08 (XDA) and baxevan (XDA) for helping to dig up the issues.

Lucky76 (TuttoAndroid.net) aka erlucky (XDA) for testing for MT6795, and his Italian translation



pai (TuttoAndroid.net)


Testing & helping to dig up the issues





※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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