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  • ROM Version: 7.1.2
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LineageOS 14.1 NX503A
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Rom LineageOS-14.1 for NX503A (Nubia Z5S)

If you dont know how to merge the partitions or if you don't know what i'm talkin' about, let's go and see THIS (post #2) guide written by Hackever! (obviously you can undo this modification when you want with nubia tool studio)

Please don't bore me with this question "Can you port this rom to nx403a?" The answer is NO.

Rom in full development.

What’s Working:
Camera (video in 4k, 120 fps, 240 fps and slow motion)
   - Flash led/torch
   - Gps
   - Geolocalization
   - Wifi
   - Audio 
   - Mobile Data
   - Sensors
   - Bluetooth
   - Led Notification/Charger
   - Infrared
   - Display Color Calibration
   - Softkey
   - Double Tap To Wake
   - Otg

   - F2FS support
       - ( Let system in EXT4)

What’s not working:
- FM Radio (probably this feature will never be implemented)
Snap camera is a little buggy atm, lineageos team will fix it soon (i hope)


In order to enable File transfers:
1 – Scroll down the status bar
2 – Tap “USB for charging”   
3 – Select “File transfers”

In order to enable contacts sync:
1 – Open settings->Apps->Menu button->Show system->Search google contact sync->Permission and enable the contact permission
2 – Reboot the phone
3 – Settings->Account->Google->Contact sync-> Disable and re-enable to force the sync

In order to enable Root permissions:
1 – Settings -> About phone  -> Tap 7 times on  “Build number" in order to enable developer setting
2 – Settings -> Developer Settings -> Tap on “Root Access” and select “Apps and ADB”

ATTENTION: If you want to modify the kernel settings DO NOT USE "KernelAudiutor" 'cause it breaks the Mpdecision processm until a reboot


07/19/2017 Beta11: 
Security patch July 2017
   - Fixed car bluetooth & calls on car bt 
   - Remove SIM card batch operation
   - Media codecs have been updated
   - Jelly has been updated
      – Kernel:
         - Some CVE patches
   - Sync LineageOS source code (07/19/2017)

06/06/2017 Beta10: 
   - Security patch June 2017
   - Switched from Gello to Jelly
      – Kernel:
         - Removed all the modules
         - A lot of patches for stability and security
   - Sync LineageOS source code (06/06/2017)

05/07/2017 Beta9: 
   - Due a com.android.phone crash you must have to perform a full wipe if you want to upgrade to Android 7.1.2
   - Updated to Android 7.1.2
   - Security Patch May 2017
   - Fixed Double Tap to Wake activation/disactivation (Maybe now the DT2W option will work on that devices that have synaptic touchscreen,please tell me if now DT2W works on your devices)
   - Fixed headset sound form stock music player
   - Kernel:
      – Updated and added the following i/o scheduler:
         - Fiops
         - CFQ
         - BFQ
         - Deadline
         - Sioplus
         - Zen
         - Tripndroid
      – Updated and added the following governons:
         - Interactive
         - Ondemand
         - Dancedance
         - Lionheart
         - Ondemandplus
         - Wheatley
         - Nightmare
         - Darkness
         - Smartass2
         - Alucard
         - Conservativex
         - Bioshock
         - Interextrem
         - Preservative
         - Conservativex
         - Hyper
         - Pegasusq
         - Wave
         - Smartmax
         - Smartmaxeps
      – Added some toggles to activate/deactivate some wakelocks
      - Removed ois camera support (seems useless)
      – Some patches for power consumption
      – Some patches for stability
      – Sepolicy: updated
   - Sync LineageOS source code (05/07/2017)

03/30/2017 Beta8: 
- Security patch March 2017
   - Added some profiles for video recording (720p 120fps, 1080p 60fps)
   - Updated wifi configuration
   - Added bluetooth aptx support
   - Added support for some headset buttons (Xiaomi Hybrid, Samsung)
      – Kernel:
         - Revert back to Nubia configuration
         - Added OIS support for camera
         - Fixed country code selectiond for 5GHz wifi networks
         - Improved wifi stability
         - Some security patches
         - Sepolicies: update
   - Sync LineageOS source code (03/30/2017)

02/19/2017 Beta7: 
  – Re-configured Ril (network/sim) [Fixed manual network selection]
  – Updated Bluetooth configuration
  – Updated Audio configuration (We couldnt increase or decrease the volume in a call)
  – Re-added integrated supersu
  - Kernel:
      - Some patches for security
      - Sepolicy: update
   - Sync LineageOS source code (al 02/19/2017)

01/20/2017 Beta6: 
   - Switched to LineageOS
   - Updated RIL configuration (network/sim)
   - Updated Audio mic configuration (The microphone now is more sensible)
   - Added blur lockscreen
   - Added Network traffic status bar icon
   - Vsync improved
   - Kernel:
      - Some patches for network
   - Sync LineageOS source code (01/20/2017)

12/21/2016 Beta5: 
   - Compiled with SnapDragon LLVM
   - Restored ondemand as default cpu governor
   - Updated audio configuration
   - Added ZRAM Support
   - Added "Ambient Display" (the function to show notification when we pick up the device doesnt work, cause we dont have a tilt sensor)
   - Kernel:
      - Fix livedisplay color temperature after standby (Thanks to PaoloW8)
      - Added automatic lowmemorykiller
      - Added "partial resume" function for wifi
      - A lot of patches for RAM
      - Added bfq scheduler
   - Sync cyanogenmod source code (12/21/2016)

12/09/2016 Beta4: 
   - Update to Android 7.1.1
   - December 2016 security patch
   - Changed brightness for side buttons (back & menu buttons)
   - Kernel:
      - Updated from 3.4.0 to 3.4.113
      - Fixed Otg support for 7.1.1
      - Updated video driver to support live display
      - Updated vibration driver (now it's possible to control vibration "sound –> other sounds –> vibration intensity")
      - Some patches for wifi and bluetooth
         - Added some governors:
            - Pegasusq
            – Smartmax
            - Smartmax_eps
            – Smartassv2
            - Ondemandplus
                  - Added some i/o schedulers:
                        - Sio
                        - Fiops
                        - Zen
                        - Tripndroid
      - A lot of changes (cpu, gpu, ecc.. ecc)
   - Sync cyanogenmod source code (12/09/2016)

11/26/2016 Beta3:
Fixed GPS (now it's 1000x faster)
   - Switch to "interactive" as default governor
   - Little patch for wifi stability
   - Updated bluetooth rules
   - Kernel:
      - Patches for battery stats
   - Sync cyanogenmod surce code (26/11/2016)

11/13/2016 Beta2: 
Due to some recent changes to the phone DB the upgrade from a previous version (beta1 or older) may not work (FC android.phone and not detect the sim). in this case you must do the full wipe and reflash.
   - Security Patch November 2016
   - Little patch for Camera
   - Added Gello Browser (Qcom oprimized browser)
   - Enabled proximity check for dt2w
   - Kernel: some patches for stability
   - Sync cyanogenmod surce code (11/13/2016)

10/30/2016 Beta1: 
   - Update to Android 7.1
   - Added battery customizations
   - Added softkeys
   - Kernel: some stability patches
   - Sync cyanogenmod source code (10/30/2016)

10/20/2016 Alpha2: 
   - Fixed video recording with stock camera app (thanks paolotw8)
   - Fixed torch tile not being registered on boot
   - Fixed thermal-engine service that wont start and caused reboots (thanks paolotw8 too)
   - Kernel: some stability patches
   - Sync cyanogenmod source code (10/20/2016)

10/06/2016 Alpha1:
First public release
   - Security patch October 2016
   - Sync cyanogenmod source code (10/06/2016)

Installation procedure :
- Do a TWRP backup (if you want)
- Wipe (only “cache” and “system” if you come form a 13.0. If you come from another custom rom, just full wipe)
- Flash the rom’s zip from recovery
- Flash the gapp’s zip from recovery
- Reboot the device

Source Codes Source Codes (Branch cm-14.1) : https://github.com/Maegorn

I don't take any responsibility for any damage made to your device.


I thank Hackever for the merged partition guide.
I thank Paolothlw8 that answered and guided me through the right direction.
And I thank BambooIV the developer who made all this possible.e.


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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  1. 02/11/2016

    Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)

    Please make it for nx403a

  2. 03/10/2017

    Hi, this ROM runs for MX402? with an Digitizer Touch Screen replacement?

  3. 01/15/2015



    After installing the latest version lineage-14.1-20170330-UNOFFICIAL-nx503a (14 dls) , my internal storage memory is full .

    I tried with others ROM's and no problem .Your ROM works great, the only problem is memory, please help solve it.

    My phone is rooted and I have Root Explorer ,Can I clear the memory somehow?


  4. 05/08/2017



  5. 05/08/2017


    非常感谢你!我已经合并分区成功了,以后就可以用到 android 7.1.1 也希望你以后还能为我们更新z5s rom 

  6. 05/08/2017



  7. 01/15/2015


    Maegorn on 05/08/2017 @ 12:11 pm Author ad

    Did you merge the partitions before installing my rom?


    Yes, after the installation of your ROM, it is treated with the memory

  8. 01/28/2016


    no se como descargar


  9. 08/08/2017


    friend please tell me if it works for the nx40e?

  10. 06/09/2013


    Can you please share merged partition bat's, I can find them nowhere. Thanks.

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