• Title: N9500 complete stock firmware for 8GB version Build 08082013
  • Listed: 10/15/2013 11:29 pm
  • ROM Version: ROM Android 4..2.1
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N9500 complete stock firmware for 8GB version Build 08082013

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Stock firmware for build N9500_20130808 8 GB (Please use ONLY with this version)

Use at your own risk

Unzip firmware

Use SP Flash Tool, load scatter file, click on Firmware upgrade and connect the smartphone without battery inside

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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

26 Responses to“N9500 complete stock firmware for 8GB ve”

  1. 09/27/2013
    Posts: 94


    This is quite dangerous version (for Flash Tool).

    It's better the zip archive that should be updated easily and minmum risk with CWM.

    Please add in the ROM title the ROM version (v. 08.08.2013).

    The version 08.08.2013 is 4.22. (not 4.2.1).


    • pcprice76

      Posts: 103


      This is not a dangerous version or whatsoever… it's simply a complete firmware as stated in the title, not an Upgrade rom, and the only way to upload a complete firmware is with Flashtool.

      Actually is the only version that saved my phone, bricked by your so "safer" rom upgrades

      No more dangerous then any other firmware upgrade, if yuo know what you are doing.

      The 08082013 bersion is 4.2.1 NOT 4.2.2 as you are wrongly claiming

  2. 09/27/2013
    Posts: 94


    There are a lot of different hardware version of N9500 with different board ID.

    If you flash using FlashTool you have to know very well the tool, and you flash a lot of hardware elements (ex. preloader, etc) that should be incompatible with the hardware where you have to flash to.

    In this case the wrong flash file make the phone bricked and you have to return back to technical support.

    Flash with update,zip flash just only the operative system.

    If teh flash is wrong (and you have made a backup or teh original stock) your phone is not bricked and you can reload the orginal firmware.

    Flashtool file is the right file ONLY for techical support of the sellers.

  3. 09/27/2013
    Posts: 94


    You are wrong.

    I have the stock 08.08.2013 and is 4.2.2 (NOT 4.2.1).

    I have the habit to write what I know.and to check before to write.

    • 09/02/2013
      Posts: 2

      Russian Federation

      Уважаемый ты по русски шпрехаешь?! по нику очень похоже что земляк)) вижу что ты в теме по прошивкам N9500, подскажи, на твой взгляд, толковую прошивку для данного девайса. Что бы не лагала, но в то же время интерфейс был симпатишным.

      С уважением Павел.

    • pcprice76

      Posts: 103


      Ahahahah, you bought one smartphone and think to know everything about it pretending to be an expert! That's so funny! Bad news for you, you checked wrong and spoke without knowledge! Maybe it's better to change your habits and check better before speaking :)

      Well, let me tell you that i have 40 of these phones in stock (i sell them for work), bought from different sellers in china. Each one of them have build 20130808 and has 4.2.1 NOT 4.2.2.
      This smartphone come out with 4.2.1 stock and 4.2.2 actually exists ONLY in custom roms… or in FAKE 4.2.2. roms
      Maybe future versions will have 4.2.2 in stock firmware…

      Obviously modifying the "version number" in the smartphone info is really easy and is a joke that more then one chinese seller does to cheat buyers. But maybe you were too smart to realize that ;)
      Sadly i should tell you that you probably bought a 4.2.1. thinking to have a 4.2.2
      And it's easy to verify it, simply search n9500_20130808 and you will have proof of that

      However, yes, using flashtool maybe is for people a little bit more expert, so, please… you shouldn't use it ;)

  4. 09/27/2013
    Posts: 94


    The number of the phone that you have didn't qualify you as an expert.

    And the type of answer (or missing answer that you provide) confirm that you are not an expert and didn't know the market/harwdare of this product.

    THE N9500 is sell in many hardware version with different board id and with different harwdare components (chispet/camera/etc).

    The loading of a flashtool image (that contain preloader/drivers/etc based on specific hardware) on an hardware that is not exactly the same of the hardware designed for flashtool image can brick the phone.

    The flashtool is not the right tool/image for most of teh user that didn't have the experience to sue well Flah tool and have an differnt harwdare.

    The iamge that is mroe usable is system image as update.zip flashable via recovery.

    The ROM stock 08.08.2013 is upoaded in this site and it's 4.2.2.

    I checked in my phone and it's 4.2.2.

    Bye big expert….


    • pcprice76

      Posts: 103


      40 phones in stock won't make me an expert… that's true (and do not pretend to be, contrary to you…)
      But 40 N9500 with build N9500_20130808 with 4.2.1 make you a lamer

      i tried the ONLY ROM in this site with 4.2.2 you are speaking about 2 weeks ago… it's a 4.2.1 with the version modified in the build.prop to cheat the big experts like you ;)

      I know there are differences in LCD, camera and whatsoever. for this reason i put the BUILD version.

      if you look in needrom is full of complete firmware to be flashed with SP. That's because there's plenty of people that do not need a rom upgrade but a complete firmware, people that, contrary to you, know what to do.

      My country, that unfortunately is also yours, is full of experts like you that pretend to know everything and give us a lot of work to do fixing their damages ;)
      Enjoy your FAKE 4.2.2. rom version and inform yourself better before speaking..

      Bye BIG lamer! ;)

  5. 09/27/2013
    Posts: 94


    Thanks so much for "My country, that unfortunately is also yours…". You are very polite!

    You can see just your idea and not the others. Or just say that you see only yourself.

    The scope of ull ROM is only for technncians that should unbrick a phone or a user with a good knowledge with a brick phone.

    For most of teh suers the full ROM in Flashtool format means a lot of risk to have at the end a bricked phone. For most of the users its more usfull the update.zip to update with a minimum level of risk the ROM without touch other hardware dependent modules.

    To publish the build (that is not enough info – you have to publish the hardware id and device hardware dependent modules)

    • pcprice76

      Posts: 103


      Yes, i have a master in politeness :D

      Publishing those info is a good idea and i will do for sure soon

  6. 10/23/2013
    Posts: 11

    Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)

    i dont undresting….this rom is 4.2.1 or 4.2.2 ??

  7. 05/24/2013
    Posts: 2

    Russian Federation

    There is whether the firmware for the 4GB?

  8. 05/24/2013
    Posts: 2

    Russian Federation

    And where is the promised firmware for n9500 4GB?

  9. 10/28/2013
    Posts: 27


    It is a very good rom. Good signal, gps wfi sensor etc. Baseband version MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V6.P9,2013/07/09 20:18 Android version 4.2.1

  10. 11/08/2013
    Posts: 1


    esta version vale para H9500+

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