• Title: No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5)
  • Listed: 05/02/2015 6:34 pm
  • ROM Version: Based on Update 12/17/2014
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No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5)
No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5) - Image 1No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5) - Image 2No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5) - Image 3No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5) - Image 4No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5) - Image 5No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5) - Image 6No China Mod Beta(updated 3th May 2015, beta5) - Image 7

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No China Mod

An attempt on stopping all dissent internet connections back to China(no garuntee, tho, but probably free of weird China connections now at the moment, unless you, of course, install applications form China *shrug*)


*update beta5(final, unless more bugs were found), patched Settings.apk so that printing related notifications does not crash settings anymore

*update beta4, removing superuser components somehow still inside Settings.apk

*update beta3, changed the wording of "how to call up task manager" in display settings to "Task Manager Hot Key"

removed quick torch option and have it disabled by default since it does not work, and my ability to poke smali only lets me to disable and hide it

optinal packs for solid/transparent status bar for home screen and launcher(not really made by me, but extracted from different version of the rom)

*update beta 2, turns out that Shell.apk defines adb shell permissions, so that's actually required if you actively use adb shell to install apks, like if you're developing android applications*

rooted during flashing with SuperSU installer script, Gapps updates from cyanogenmod wiki & googleplay

when flashing this phone with custom recoveries, I recommend that you do a pre-flash wipe in the menu. It might just be a problem with the ported cotrecovery for x1 (ported from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2452856 thank carliv for making such goodies)

flashing clears /data, please perform backup if necessary

first boot after factory reset will take some time to install gapps, avira, adobe reader, wps office into /data



To make it easier, please go ahead and flash the 5GB internal storage mod, it includes the custom recovery already and it will boot into recovery on first boot. For Flashtool and how to use it, please refer to


If you wanna keep the original storage sizes, please again, refer to the above link, download an official rom, and then replace the recovery.img with the one hosted on this oage. There you will then have a custom recovery.

Forgot to mention:

To boot into recovery on this model without adb or root, you turn the phone completely off(turn off will be fine, but pulling battery works better), and then hold volume button, plug the phone into your computer.


Before you use the back up and restore function of the recovery, I recommend that you to change the file format from dup to tar under COT Options->COT Settings->Choose Backup Format, since I did have issues when using the default dup format, it does not work sometimes.


Ran some black box tests with tcpdump and netstat, found that some apps connecting back to China so I performed some fixes/sabotage so that they no longer does that


Issue: looks for http://w1.mumucloud.com

Resoltion: stops by changing assets/config.ini

Issue: looks for, seems to be updating cooee and kpsh services(no idea what they do, but by updating it adds jar packages to sdcard)

Resoltion 1: change all internet links in Launcher3.apk to empty strings since it should not do anything related to internet, but cutting off permission causes freezing

Resoltion 2: disabling all receivers related to launching cooee and kpsh updates from android manifest


Issue: establish https connections with a host on amazon cloud

Resoltion: REMOVED, sorry, can't figure out what it does, while removing does not mess things up

—SysMarket_offline_noicon.apk(Varity Lock), and locker themes(YL_*.apk)

Issue 1: seeks www.yunlauncher.com(it's dead currently), despite all such urls are removed from smali

Issue 2: found multiple China services from smali, but no internet connections found yet

Issue 3: connecting to umeng.com and uploading encoded stuffs upon multiple user actions, such as call, sms, and changing locker theme

Resolution: REMOVED, sorry, just can't stop it from doing www.yunlauncher.com queries, using empty usl string in smali causes freezing handling umeng.com

PS: Entry of varity lock also removed in Settings.apk so that it cannot go wrong, no freezing from choosing Varity lock in settings c;

Still, sorry for being lazy and getting rid of the whole app


Issue: Connecting to http://loc.map.baidu.com/sdk.php without any user permission to use location services(probably, who knows what a chinese location service do other than location service…)

Resolution: Disabling baidu location services by changing all baidu.com url string to empty strings in smali


Resolution: looks useless, REMOVED


Resolution: looks useless, REMOVED


Issue: got ads as a preloaded app 

Resolution: replaced by https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.n5fl.nexus5flashlight&hl=en, go thank the author of that app c;


Issue: looks fishy.

Resolution: Replaced by legit google calendar(not the newest, extracted from google play updates on an android 4.0)


Resolution: seems to be useless, REMOVED

—Gapps & framework, replaced from http://itvends.com/gapps/gapps-kk-20140606-signed.zip + google play updates

found on http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Google_Apps as well as extracting from google play updates

—Includes super su installer script and files http://download.chainfire.eu/696/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip

go thank Chainfire for rooting script & files, it will be deployed during installation of the rom

—removed some non-system apps stored in /system, eg. facebook

—non-core gapps are installed in /data, making it possible to remove without extra permissions

—used softwares





text editors

android kitchen modified

—Pending changes

1. It seems that the rom uses time servers(NTP, hshh.org & t1.hshh.org) in China as default, not sure if I should edit it

2. Personally hate to have incomplete languages with preloaded apps. So I have removed all languages except English US/British, might upload a patch to re-enable removed languages in the future

3. Might introduce patch packs in the future but no promises

4. Pending 'consumer version', unlike the current beta shipping with root, would provide root-less version without terminal app in the future

5. There are reminances of the original root manager from iOcean in Settings.apk of the very first version of aviliable rom, even though in newer version they're not visible still in there. Avast will pick that up labling Settings.apk malicious. However it should be fine as supersu's su binary trusts only supersu's app, and by default does not trust system apps, hence SHOULD not cause any security issues.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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  1. fiberman




    Could you please explain how to install the ROM first the 5gb internal rom with the flash tool. but how to install the x1b_nocn_final.


  2. fiberman



    Great rom with the 5Gb option but the rom is a draining the battery. So use a battery optimizer to stable the drain.


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