• Title: NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!!
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NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!!
NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 1NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 2NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 3NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 4NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 5NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 6NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 7NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 8NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 9NOOB Tutorial change Bootlogo + over 100 Bootlogo Variations all you Need inside!!! - Image 10

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Little Update, Logos still work on TWRP!!!

1) Bevore we start, the Steps in this Giude are not optimal, because on other Devices it is possible to repack the Files DIRECT as Logo.img, without going over TWRP…but from the Originaltreat (see here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1953726) Nobody could help me, so if somebody knows a easyer Way please kontakt me!
2) As we can create dozends of logos now maby someone could write a small script/program which can change logos on every restart automaticly!? Would be Nice if you kontakt me…

Prerequisites: This Tutorial is made on MIUI 8 and TWRP or! If you use different configuration maby not work!!!
All needed Files and Programs in this Tutorial you can find here:

Ok, let's begin…


Step by Step Guide, create and install your own Bootlogo on Xiaomi Redmi Note 2/Prime, from a Noob for Noob’s!
Important, this Guide is explizit for Redmi Note 2/Prime!!!
There may be compatible Modell’s, but i dont know which!
Special thanks to  ankadnikov@xda-developers.com
for his phantastic Tool „Logo Builder“, which make it possible to change the Bootlogo on a easy Way!
Please take a look on his treat and vote it on
Things you need (all attached here for download):
1) Logo Builder v.1.60 (Note, there is a Version 1.61 avalable but it seems that this Version is Buggy, because many People, me too cant start this Version in Windows and you get a Errormessage, so better use the Version 1.60 i uploaded here)
2) TWRP Recovery for Redmi Note 2/Prime (i attachet the latest official/inofficial Version here)
3) A (sample) logo.img or logo.bin (i attached a sample logo.img here)
4) Rootprivileges on your Miui (if you look for a nice Custom Rom see my other treats here)
5a) Any Rootexplorer App you like, (i attached a freeware)
See here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speedsoftware.explorer&hl=de
Note, the free Version is very old and limited!
5b) Optional for easy wireless Filetransfer betwen PC and Phone WifiFile-Explorer app (i attached the free version here)
See here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dooblou.WiFiFileExplorer&hl=de
Note, the free Version is very limited!
6) Irfan View 4.50 +  Add On’s/Plugin’s, this is a Freeware Graphic View/Designtool
See here: http://www.irfanview.de/
5) A good Idea for your personal Bootlogo or take one of those i attached here
As i am a big Fan of Luminous Icons and Pictures i will focus on this in this Giude (see my Memberlogo here).
You can use of course any kind of Pictures and Logos you like, the Way you make it, will be allmost the same…
Here we go!
a) First of all you, if you wanna use your own Original Bootlogo as sample, there are 2 easy Ways to get it! If you wanna use the attached here go to Step b
1) If you installed a Cusom Rom from a TWRP Zip, open this Zip,
look for a File called logo.img



and extract it… now there should be placed a file named logo.img on your Desktop!


2) Go into TWRP Recovery, tick Backup,



mark only „logo“ (unmark the rest), chose where to save (internal or external SD Card)



and swipe backup!



Now your Logo will be stored in the TWRP folder from SD Card you chosen bevore.
If you restart your Phone you can open your favorite Root Explorer app and go to  storage/sdcard (internal or external, which one you chosen bevore) and open the folder TWRP.



Inside you will find a folder BACKUPS/Redmi_Note_2




and a folder with Date and Time you created the Backup



there is stored a file named logo.emmc.win



(the logo.emmc.win.md5 you can delete, because you wanna change the logo, so the md5 checksum will missmatch if you activated md5 check).
The logo.emmc.win you can transfere to your Computer and rename it to logo.bin,



if you are asked you shure wanna change the fileextension you klick yes! Now the File is for Logo Builder readable and you are ready for step b…
b) Place your logo sample (.bin or .img) on the Desktop.
Then  create a Working Folder (you can name it what ever you like, in this Tutorial we call it Working Folder) on the Desktop and extract the Logo Builder allso seperate on your Desktop and Run inside the Folder the LogoBuilder.exe!



Close the Tip Window and click on the main Window Create a new Project!



Depending on the Type of logo you use you have to chose in the right bottom Dropdown Menue logo.bin or logo.img and navigate to the desktop (where you placed the logo bevore) and select your logo file.



On the next Window navigate to the Folder you created bevore e.g. Working Folder on your Desktop and select it!


Now all Pictures of your Boot Logo will be extracted in the Working Folder and Logo Builder will show them all as a preview!



All this Pictures you can edit or change the Way you like with some Limitations!
1) You have to Name it the same Way like the Original!
2) You have to give the Pictures the same Resolution like the Original!
3) You Pictures got to have the extension .PNG (the Creator of this Programm says it doesn‘t matter which file Format, the Programm convert it by itselve, but…see next Limitation).
4) The filesize of the Pictures is very limited, so the .png Picture must be compressed very high!               See the Original Pictures as Reference, the Pictures can be a little bit bigger, but not to much, otherwise you will see only a black Screen instead of your Bootlogo (don’t be afraid, your Phone will still boot, but for the time your logo normally shows the screen will stay black) if this happens, you can go back to recovery and restore the original logo from the backup you made before!


For the fastboot Picture





you can use allso the normal boot Picture





instead if you like, i created allso a custom picture for fastboot…
If you made all Changes and saved them in your Working Folder you can open again LogoBuilder.exe and click
Open existing Project


And it should look like this


If it look like this there is something wrong (wrong named, size, extension, deleted or what ever)
and you have to correct/replace the wrong file,


if all is ok click make
Now you can Find in your Working Folder 2 new Files named logo.bin and update.zip
The update.zip you can ignore/delete and the logo.bin you have to rename back the same way like bevore you did from TWRP
Copy it back to your TWRP Backup Folder on your Phone (replace the existing if still there)

Boot to TWRP and Restore



your Backup with your new created Bootlogo
Reboot your Phone, if you see the new logo everything is perfect, if the screen stays black for the boottime
One or more of your Pics are to big in size or maby got a wrong format (but last option should not result in a black screen, only the picture should be smaller)…
I cant tell you the exact Limitations, but what i found is for boot/fastbootlogo you can use a size between 595 kb but smaller than 704 kb.
The standart Picture Format is 1080 x 1920 x 24 Bpp
and the Standart Picture Extension is .png!
Now have a look in the folder BOOTLOGO PARTS VARIATIONS, there you can find all parts of the Original/Modified Bootlogo and one Folder with ready made Bootlogos, each with Preview Pictures!
you can just copy them to your Phone TWRP Folder and restore them via TWRP…
Thats it man!!!
You made your first Custom Bootlogo…
As you seen bevore, i got allso a customized/themed TWRP, if you like and wanna use it copy the .img you like on yore SDcard and install one of my twrp.img versions (if not allredy installed)!
Copy allso a theme zip/s to your SDcard, standart is the two lollipop versions (v1 and v2), the marshmallow version is only if you got such rom installed!!!


after you done reboot to recovery and flash the theme zip


then go to Advanced,
Theme Options

Change Theme


and chose the theme you like to test, swipe Go for it! and see the Result…
If you like it, keep it, if not, chose another one by the same Way…
Thats it man, your custom TWRP Theme is installed (don't ask me for creating TWRP Themes, this is a bit more complicate)…
The last chapter explains Image editing using Irfan View (see attachments) and some Online
Image editing/creating tools (see links below)
Here you can create the digits in the bootlogo (neonstyle or how ever)
and a alternative Website for the same purpose
And a website for change normal Pictures in neon Style
and allso a alternative Website
So lets start with the Logo Digits,
In the LogoBuilder Chapter we seen in the Bootlogo inclouded are the Digits 0 – 9 and the % Sign…
open the Website



scroll down and select the textfont you like


click on logo
then on glow color

klick ok and klick back to Text and reduce the Font Size Slider to 121


then type in the textfield the digit 0, the preview will show your Digit in that color and Font you selected bevore,
if you like the result


click on the upper field done
and Download the Logo in a seperate folder (Safe it with transparent Background, thats standart, otherwise it got a ugly white or whatever Background)
Don't close the Browserwindow now!!! click instead on  Edit Text and…


Redo this with each digit 0 – 9 and % in the same Way (just change the text, the rest will stay the same)
if you are happy with the result you can close your Webbrowser and go to edit the images! You should now have a Folder with all Digits you created bevore, like this


but the resolution of the images have to be correctet!!! For This take a look to your Working Folder where you stored all Original Pictures and open img.5png (the Digit 0) with the Programm Irfan View (see Attachment)


on the left Bottom of the Window you can see the correct Resolution for this Picture = 84x121x24 BPP (this is for all Digits from 0 – 9, only the % Sign have a different Resolution = 108x121x24 BPP
Now open the Custom Digit Image you created online bevore, there you will see it got a different Resolution


to correct it go to upper Menue and click Image – resize/resample


and you will see the next Dialog like this


In this Dialog untick first Preserve aspect ratio (proportional)
then correct the with size (in this case 84) and the high size (in this case 121), klick ok…
on the left Bottom you see now the corrected Size


Click the safe as Button, select as Imagetype PNG, chose the Folder where to safe the Picture and click Save!
Redo this with all Digits and store them in the right resolution and right Filetype in the same Folder (you can use for all steps the same Folder, if you just replace the pictures)!
Now you have to name the Pictures correct, starding with 0 = img.5png, 1 = img.6png and so on…
in the last Step you have to make each Picture as small as possible, so open again beginning from 0 each picture


and klick Save for Web…in new Dialog activate PNG
Select on Color reduction Optimal 256 Colors Palette,
now you can see the bevore/after Picture/Size(above)
click save and replace the picture or store it in a different folder…
Redo this with all digit Pictures and check that you made all Pictures correct with the correct Name, Size, Color and whatever…
Now lets have a look into the Bootlogo…
lets take the Original one and make it glow!
open in your Web Browser http://www168.lunapic.com/editor/?action=neon
and click on the searchbotton like shown on the Picture


in the next Dialog search on your PC where you stored your ORIGINAL Fastboot Picture (Working Folder) and upload it, now it should look like this…

Now you can save this Picture or you can click on above Now, Light it up and make it Glow , after that your Picture should look like this


You can safe this Picture, undo the effect adjust the Glow Effect  (on first Screen) and do some othe Effects, what ever you like, if you like the result you can safe it on your PC by following Steps…
On the right side of this Page you can see the the Menue, klick in safe (Diskette Icon)
in this Window dont safe it direct, klick instead on Set specific file size
and there on Resize dimensions
on next Window enter


on With 1080 and on High 1920 (remember, the default Resolution Size was 1080 x 1920) click scale Image and click again the Diskette on the right menue to safe your Picture, on next Window klick Save as PNG – for transparent



and Save it on your PC in the Folder you like and name it how ever you like…
To make another Picture glow you have to undo all you made bevore (click on undo and click on upload a ner Picture and then reopen the upload Page again because the website keeps your steps Stored, or you close your Web Browser and open it again and open then the link again)
Sorry that this is a bit complicate but until now i found no better Way to edit direct the next Glow Picture!
Now open the Picture in Irfan View, check if all is ok and the Resolution is correct, then safe it like bevore the Digits for web as PNG with 256 colors…
You Done!
If you are not happy with the Neon Picture Color from youre Bootlogo Picture go back to the ORIGINAL BOOTLOGO PICTURE (BEVORE YOU COLORED ONLINE IN NEON)
and open it in Irfan View!
Click Image-Color corrections, a new Frame will appere like this…
play arround with the Sliders in this Frame and see how the Colors of youre Picture change, if you happy with the Result, klick OK to save the chanes (if not just cancel) and save the Color modified Picture and open it again in the Online Picture Neon Maker, depending how big the changes you made the Result of the Neon Picture will allso change. Redo this Steps until you are happy with the end Result!
Now one last Example to see some more Funktions (There are hundrets of Funktions more you can explore by yourselve, you can even install and use Adobe Photoshop 8BF Plugins for advanced editing Funktions and…and…and )!
Ok, let's now create a Standartboot Logo in the last Step of this Tutorial!
Open Irfan View, klick  Image – Create New (empty) image


in next Dialog type With 1080 High 1920 and klick OK



Now you have a black Picture as Background (you can use any other Color even transparent for the Background)!
Now push and hold the right Mouse Botton and slide your Mouse diagonal over your Picture
and you will see somthing like this


Now push the left Mouse Botton and expand each of the 4 White Lines as shown in the next Picture
Now you can see the Dimensions of this Picture
We wanna place in the middle of the Picture a logo, therefor we reduce the two horizontal lines, so the Picture look like on start.
Then we leave this Window and open any Logo Picture we like in a new Irfan View Window like this


Then we klick the copy Button (see above) and go back to the other Irfan View Window we left open before, there we klick the Paste Button

Then we Mark the area above the Logo to insert any text we like


klick on edit – insert Text


in this Dialog you can edit/change your Text, Font, Color, Size and much more…
if you are not happy with the result you can undo every Step with the undo Button until you got the perfect Result!
The same thing you can do with the free Space under the Logo or you can insert another Logo like shown in the step bevore or whatever you like…
You can allso insert only the Logo/s you like save the Picture, make it online (Neon) Glow like we did bevore, save it and create a text with the Online Logomaker like we did in the Digits Step, then open in Irfan View and copy/paste it to your Neon Logo Picture…try different Variations and see whats the best Alternative…just remember the Steps bevore!
Ones again, the Image Editing Tips i give here are for Noobs like ME!!! If you got allready experience in Image editing there is a lot more possible, and you got a big advantage to me…
One last Tip, Browse the web for the Pictures you like to use via Google Pictures, for example search Google Pictures for your Favorite (whatever)Sports Team, Car Logo, Movie Picture… and safe the Picture to your PC. If it is for example a .jpg Picture you can easyly convert it by open it with Irfan View and safe it like shown before as .png…
Ok, this was my first Tutorial, hope its made understandable and you enjoy it!
And sorry for my Awful English and Grammatica -:)

Access only to this rom via donation to "aolkunde" not with a premium account.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

Donate with PayPal to aolkunde

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    Phantastic tutorial, thank you so much for share!

    To be honest, first i was a bit skeptik, because i had to vote bevore i get the Password!


    The tutorial is quied easy and even for Kind's easy to understand.

    Some of the Logosamples look very professional, others a bit poore, but with this tutorial you can create allmost every Logo you can imagine!!!

    So thanks again and very well done!:(

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