• Title: Ressurection Remix 5.8.5 REBORN 17.02.2020
  • Listed: 04/04/2020 5:13 pm
  • ROM Version: Ressurection Remix 5.8.5 REBORN 17.02.2020
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Ressurection Remix 5.8.5 REBORN 17.02.2020

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▼ Resurrection Remix Nougat Ver 5.8.5 Changelog

▼ 02/18/2020

▪ project art/
▪ 5d67258a6 Use conservative permissions when creating files in ART

▪ project build/
▪ 0a78e085b Bump Security String to 2020-02-05
▪ c2f2c6936 Bump Security String to 2020-01-05
▪ 64dc735a9 Bump Security String to 2019-12-05
▪ 703a3199e Bump Security String to 2019-11-05
▪ b9e44c935 Bump Security String to 2019-10-05
▪ ba443984e Bump Security String to 2019-09-05
▪ 50cae28de Bump Security String to 2019-08-05
▪ 1518833a7 Bump Security String to 2019-07-05
▪ db9ac3656 Bump Security String to 2019-06-05
▪ 62c567743 Bump Security String to 2019-05-05
▪ ad83afd0e Bump Security String to 2019-04-05
▪ 7d6db58b0 Bump Security Patch Level to 2019-03-01
▪ a14f8331c Bump Security Patch Level to 2019-02-05
▪ 86898548f Bump Security Patch Level to 2019-01-05
▪ baaef9059 Bump Security Patch Level to 2018-12-05
▪ cad3d48f4 Security string to 2018-11-05
▪ 22c565b92 Security string to 2018-10-05
▪ 0853e564c Security string to 2018-09-05
▪ 8e0cd893c Security string to 2018-08-05
▪ df596a1a1 Security string to 2018-07-05
▪ eb4cd56bf Bump security string to 2018-06-05
▪ 4203ec2ba Bump security patch level to 2018-05-05
▪ 5920c66bf Bump security patch level to 2018-04-05
▪ 5ee4fd0db Bump security patch level to 2018-03-05
▪ 82bb1a05f Specify –max_timestamp when calling brillo_update_payload.
▪ d2c55e23b Bump security patch level to 2018-02-05
▪ 2bc5e3025 Bump security patch level to 2018-01-05

▪ project external/skia/
▪ 097034a9c RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Add SkAndroidFrameworkUtils::SafetyNetLog
▪ d16b075f9 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Fix heap buffer overflow
▪ 4049a5b6d BACKPORT: Cherry-pick "begin cleanup of malloc porting layer"

▪ project frameworks/av/
▪ 0405de304 m4v_h263: add a test for invalid/negative value
▪ 2a095d8c4 Fix OOB access in mpeg4/h263 decoder
▪ fffae5fd5 AMR WB encoder: prevent OOB write in ACELP_4t64_fx
▪ 319336e4e httplive: detect oom if playlist is infinite
▪ 4f1bd874d Fix overflow/dos in 3gg text description parsing
▪ 1ccb09a62 DO NOT MERGE: audiopolicy: Remove raw pointer references to AudioMix
▪ 2e66f67ec Remove unused AVIExtractor source
▪ 758c9a063 AudioFlinger: Prevent multiple effect chains with same sessionId
▪ fbe255e63 audio: ensure effect chain with specific session id is unique
▪ fd6fa04cf NuPlayerCCDecoder: fix memory OOB
▪ 141ef4761 Reserve enough space for RTSP CSD
▪ 2fb46fecd CTS error while media dump()
▪ a3ee85ae6 MediaExtractor: stop rendering when an error occurs
▪ 58b77a410 Check for overflow of crypto size
▪ 91618c756 Fix information disclosure in mediadrmserver
▪ 5d44b4ac6 M3UParser: handle missing EXT-X-MEDIA URIs
▪ 7c9f61303 M3UParser: make url on demand
▪ e92a838aa Fix possible out of bounds read
▪ 20b9f77cf Speed up id3v2 unsynchronization
▪ 25f32fc9e Add check preventing div0 issue
▪ ddd8aa094 Sanitize effect descriptors for AudioPolicyService binder calls.
▪ dc2b83a08 Init gain config to prevent uninit leak.
▪ 37d106cde Handle bad bitrate index in mp3dec.
▪ f526cdcc7 better mpeg2 TS elementary stream Access Unit parsing
▪ b4d2f817d Revert "libmediaplayerservice: fix deadlock on gapless start failure"
▪ 7d818c4d9 Prevent MediaPlayerService::Client's use-after-free
▪ 1d0d809a8 Check NAL size before looking inside
▪ a4f9d3433 M3UParser: detect variant streams without EXT-X-STREAM-INF
▪ f6b8be9e1 AACExtractor: check bounds during seek
▪ 2ab76e797 httplive: check for malformed EXT-X-STREAM-INF
▪ 72531014c Apply input buffer validation also to AVC and MPEG4 encoders
▪ 874fc9d3a IAudioPolicyService: Add attribute tags sanitization
▪ 2807b8d42 Fix the UAF bug caused by a dead stack variable
▪ 92245a1ff Fix edge case when applying id3 unsynchronization
▪ bb85ea7b1 Add EFFECT_CMD_SET_PARAM parameter checking to Preset Reverb
▪ be3d24371 Validate decryption key length to decrypt function.
▪ 63e3710a3 stagefright: MP4Extractor: allow 10% overhead on default sample size
▪ 517385065 Access AVCDEC context after create fail check
▪ 5bb108cb0 SoftAVCDec: Handle zero length input without EOS
▪ c3bbb797a Access HEVC context after create fail check

▪ project frameworks/base/
▪ b42f118ab55 Prevent system uid component from running in an isolated app process
▪ d9ce6975ca6 Only allow INSTALL_ALLOW_TEST from shell or root
▪ 00fa0326110 DO NOT MERGE Validate wallpaper dimension while generating crop
▪ 6b13004780b Do not compute outside given range in TextLine
▪ dd501904aa9 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Strict SQLiteQueryBuilder needs to be stricter.
▪ 37c8af2baa7 Set default phonebook access to ACCESS_REJECTED when user didn't choose one
▪ c439cd23590 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Enable stricter SQLiteQueryBuilder options.
▪ 13d499eb189 [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Pass correct realCallingUid to startActivity() from startActivityInPackage
▪ f6cb4f864c7 Fix Layout.primaryIsTrailingPreviousAllLineOffsets
▪ 783b16985e7 HidProfile: sync isPreferred() with HidHostService
▪ 66d1c0d2b54 Clear the Parcel before writing an exception during a transaction
▪ 9a1651e4864 Protect VPN dialogs against overlay.
▪ 43be8512e19 Make Lock task default behaviour consistent with Settings.
▪ 87ddee5c6c2 [BACKPORT]NetworkManagement : Add ability to restrict app vpn usage
▪ 66d8e0dd5ad Adding SUPL NI Emergency Extension Time
▪ f1545418f5d Add cross user permission check – areNotificationsEnabledForPackage
▪ 28de115aac9 Limit IsSeparateProfileChallengeAllowed to system callers
▪ 468ceff2675 Permission Check For DPM.getPermittedAccessibilityServices
▪ 08635b69741 Added missing permission check to isPackageDeviceAdminOnAnyUser.
▪ 5daa59dc996 DO NOT MERGE – SUPL ES Extension – Safer Init and Not After Boot
▪ 434951160db Select only preinstalled Spell Checker Services
▪ adba66ff434 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Do not linkify text with RLO/LRO characters.
▪ e4548b3a3d6 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Recover shady content:// paths.
▪ ceac47f2582 Pass userId through to singleton ContentProviders
▪ bc08ba3bc38 Changing SUPL_ES=1 for SUPL end point control
▪ 696a4df88e5 Verify number of Map entries written to Parcel
▪ 6ce1097fbfd RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Hide overlay windows when requesting media projection permission.
▪ c1423816f4a Add support for search in DownloadManager.
▪ 9fa6f070517 DO NOT MERGE. Extend SQLiteQueryBuilder for update and delete.
▪ afdfc6204ee DO NOT MERGE. Persistable Uri grants still require permissions.
▪ e67b8a1e8e0 Always create grant structures when persistable.
▪ 58d8c9b4bed DO NOT MERGE. Execute "strict" queries with extra parentheses.
▪ 24e20351e0f Fix crash during cursor moving on BiDi text
▪ f1f58728bdd Optimise the hit test algorithm
▪ b83dd4b6c99 Fix TrackInfo parcel write
▪ 7b819a19e15 Resolve inconsistent parcel read in NanoAppFilter
▪ 14bc30fda62 Make safe label more safe
▪ cfa4f68d072 ResStringPool: Prevenet boot loop from se fix
▪ bcdc5d6f0f0 Fix DynamicRefTable::load security bug
▪ 1ac56187a67 DO NOT MERGE Truncate newline and tab characters in BluetoothDevice name
▪ bda6fe89e5c Rework thumbnail cleanup
▪ 58905c6a86b ResStringPool: Fix security vulnerability
▪ 551c6d94903 Add NETWORK_STACK permission
▪ 8b3222de628 Copy PermissionChecker from support lib and use in RcognitionService
▪ f1080918367 Fixed Security Vulnerability of DcParamObject
▪ b4f2d6992a5 Add permission check to setAllowOnlyVpnForUids
▪ be48bb12228 Verify last array's length in readFromParcel
▪ 792c932fb41 Update internal ViewPager's SavedState to match Support Library version
▪ cb9da5d96e4 Adjust URI host parsing to stop on character.
▪ 53bf632c09c Check for null-terminator in ResStringPool::string8At
▪ 112f066942f [RTT] ParcelableRttResults parcel code fix
▪ 77504519bfe Fix VerifyCredentialResponse parcelling code
▪ ee2e21c017b DO NOT MERGE Backporting potential usb tapjacking precaution.
▪ 61bde7f4b0a mtp: fix double free of thumbnail data
▪ 1d7876035c4 Throw OOME if Bitmap.nativeCreate fails
▪ 64839c99cae Adjust Uri host parsing to use last instead of first @.

▪ project frameworks/native/
▪ a00f76820 Don't leak input events to dumpsys on user builds
▪ 75e5d0994 Resize object capacity when shrinking Parcel
▪ d4dfe7c24 Sensor: use FlattenableUtils::align
▪ c892e6f8b Fix race between SensorManager ctor and callback
▪ 26ae026c2 Free mObjects if no objects left to realloc on resize
▪ 7a4cafd60 libbinder: readCString: no ubsan sub-overflow
▪ e050002f3 libbinder: Status: check dataPosition sets.
▪ 5e93aa5ef Sanitize InputMessage before sending
▪ 2c07afc30 Increment when attempting to read protected Parcel Data
▪ fd0e0d13e Disallow reading object data from Parcels with non-object reads
▪ 994289c3c Don't pad before calling writeInPlace().

▪ project packages/apps/Contacts/
▪ c492b2aae Patch URI vulnerability in contact photo editing

▪ project packages/apps/Messaging/
▪ 0605fda Messaging ignores file URIs shared via intent
▪ 4468fae Revert "Messaging: Request external storage permission before handling shared files"

▪ project packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
▪ 2c2991d2 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Always use safe labels

▪ project packages/apps/Settings/
▪ 72e9829e64 Make ScreenPinningSettings behaviour consistent with lock tasks.
▪ f528394135 Do not allow draw on top for App notification settings
▪ 62fdce6ff1 [BACKPORT]Settings: per-app VPN data restriction
▪ 7980e67d8c Do not allow draw on top for default sms picker.
▪ 6825038b56 BACKPORT: Disable changing lock when device is not provisioned.
▪ 983efe5750 Merge translations of Bluetooth confirmation text
▪ 6bfddc04df DO NOT MERGE Fix unexpected behavior in Bluetooth pairing
▪ 2d91d6cd1e Reword bluetooth confirmation dialog

▪ project packages/services/Telecomm/
▪ cf58de10 Add flag to default dialer change dialog

▪ project packages/services/Telephony/
▪ 213d1efd Fix potential NPE in EmergencyCallbackModeExitDialog.
▪ 53c37643 DO NOT MERGE Revise security requirements for TelephonyManager#endCall.
▪ 66c910da Enhanced permission checks for TelephonyManager#endCall() API.

▪ project system/core/
▪ 8eb2a684c FlattenableUtils::align memsets
▪ e428ee65a Fix a memory leak in gatekeeper.
▪ 3bd0dc556 String16: remove integer overflows
▪ 2233fe8ec libnetutil: Check dhcp respose packet length

▼ 02/16/2020

▪ project n_asb/
▪ 9fc4e6f Update n_asb_2020-02.sh
▪ 41dc9fd Update n_asb_2020-02.sh
▪ 376e01d Update n_asb_2020-02.sh

▼ 02/15/2020

▪ project n_asb/
▪ f191ccf fix n-asb-2020-02
▪ 87498d6 fix n-asb-2020-02
▪ ab7e1e6 add n-asb-2020-02

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