• Title: Restore Fix Lost IMEI for All MTK
  • Listed: 05/29/2015 2:22 pm
  • ROM Version:Mtk65xx
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Restore Fix Lost IMEI for All MTK

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1. Extract and install Maui META Software. Do not launch the program yet.

2. Switch your phone on and connect it to your PC. Install MediaTek VCOM Drivers.

3. Disconnect your phone and turn it off.

4. Keeping Device Manager open and visible in the background, locate MauiMETA Program and Run as Administrator.

5. Click on Options in the menu bar, and select “Connect Smart phone into META mode”


6. Click on Reconnect. Maui META will now ask you to “Please connect cable to target and then power on”.


7. Connect your phone to the PC, but DO NOT turn it on. Maui META will trigger the power up sequence. You should hear about 2 connect-disconnect sequence sounds from your PC.

a. During the first connection to Maui META, your phone will boot partially while CDC VCOM Drivers are installed automatically. Wait for it to finish.

b. After successful installation, you should see “Gadget CDC VCOM Driver (COMxx)”in Device Manager.

c. Even if the installation was successful, Maui META may still be unable to connect to your phone. If this is the case, close Maui META and disconnect your phone. Shut your phone off manually.

d. Run Maui META as administrator again and repeat step 5 to 7 and proceed to step 8.

8. Check if the connection was successful.

It is successful if you see the following:

  • Your phone will appear in Device Manager as a Gadget CDC VCOM Driver (COMxx)
  • Maui META indicates “Connected with Target”and shows your RF chip versions
  • Your phone shows a static boot logo


If the connection was successful, proceed to step 9. However, f your phone shows as a MediaTek Preloader in Device Manager, or if your phone starts charging via USB, follow the steps below.

a. Go to Device Manager, highlight your phone in the list and right-click on it. Choose to update drivers manually, then point to this folder: (D:…MTK_USB_ADB_UltimateAll MTK USB Driver 2014 Properties)

b. Disconnect your phone, and repeat steps 5 to 8.

c. If you are continuously returning to these sub-steps, try using a different USB port.

(note: If your phone is not showing in Device Manager at all, uninstall drivers. Download USBdeview software, Run as Administrator, then uninstall your phone’s Device IDs. Restart at step 2.)

9. Once your phone boots into META mode, a Get Version pop up window will appear. Ignore and close this window.

Restoring Values

From here, there are two possible methods to go through. If the Update Parameter does not work (i.e. no successful flash message), do method B.

A. Update Parameter

A.1. In the main Maui META window, click on the drop down menu and select Update Parameter.


A.2. At the bottom of the pop up window, tick Barcode.

A.3. Click on “Change NVRAM Database”and select the NVRAM Database file that is suitable for your current ROM. Click Open.


A.4. Click on “Load from File”and select the .ini file that is compatible with your phone.


A.5. Click on Download to Flash and wait for this message: “Download Barcode Settings to flash successfully”.


B. Barcode Download + IMEI Download

B.1. Barcode Download

B.1.1. In the main Maui META window, click on the drop down menu and select Barcode Download.


B.1.2. Click on “Change NVRAM Database”and select the NVRAM Database file that is suitable for your current ROM. Click Open.

B.1.3. Type in the Serial Number you obtained from the back of the phone.

(If you are restoring a backup, click on “Load from File”and select the appropriate .ini file.)


B.1.4. Click on “Download to Flash”. Check the bottom of the window to see if the flash was successful.

B.1.5. Close the Barcode Download window.

B.2 IMEI Download

B.2.1. In the main Maui META window, click on the drop down menu and select IMEI Download.

B.2.2 Click on “Change NVRAM Database”and select the NVRAM Database file that is compatible with your current ROM version. Click Open.

B.2.3. In the SIM1 tab, type in the IMEI for SIM1. (Note: the last number of the IMEI goes into the checksum box.)

B.2.4. Click on SIM2 tab, and enter the IMEI for SIM2.

(If you are restoring a backup, select “Load From File”and select the appropriate .ini file. You only need to load this once for both IMEI numbers.)


B.2.5. Click on “Download to Flash”. Check the bottom of the window to see if the flash was successful.

Exiting META Mode

1. Close all pop-up windows.

2. Click on Disconnect, you should see a message saying “Please Standby”

3. Wait for Gadget CDC VCOM Driver to disappear from Device Manager List.


4. Wait for your phone to shutdown and enter charging mode.

5. Close Maui META and disconnect your phone.


You may now reboot your phone and check via *#66# and *#06# if you now have a valid Serial Number and IMEI Numbers.

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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

21 Responses to“Restore Fix Lost IMEI for All MTK”

  1. 03/06/2013
    Posts: 17

    How to fix lost serial number for Lenovo k3 note???have S/N &P/N ??????


  2. thejack2555

    Posts: 4

    : D

  3. 11/11/2014
    Posts: 1

    i have the same issue.

    when I´m entering the serial no like described above I have the serial no under the SN, named as PN:, and SN stays as zeros.

    also with the terminal emulator was no chance to regain the serial no.

  4. 07/02/2014
    Posts: 5

    please any one can tell how to repair serial number lenovo k3 note i successfully repair my imei number through maui meta 3g but how i found serial number on back of phone when i see the back of phone it has S/N xxxxxxx(xx) type written but serial number require on maui meta is 18 digit

  5. 04/08/2014
    Posts: 7

    thx man.

  6. 10/14/2014
    Posts: 3

    i no see mt6592 file step A.2 A.3


  7. 12/19/2015
    Posts: 1

    how to fix my lenovo a 889+ it keep rebooting and fail to open. i alrdy go to recovery mood and wipe all data but still same. when i try to find ROM in this website for Lenovo A889+ i Cant find it! pls help me to fix this .

  8. 02/29/2016
    Posts: 1

    kya app bata sakta ha k mara pass qmobile a600 ha us ke imei kasa fix hoti ha s/n sa ni ho ri my mail id shahzadnaeem14@gmail.com

  9. 04/06/2016
    Posts: 1

    Succes download SN. But the phone update it as PN.

    Any explaination? Thanks.


    • 04/15/2016
      Posts: 2

      I face the same issue. Did you get this fixed? If yes, could you share what you did to get it back ?

  10. 04/15/2016
    Posts: 2

    I also face the same issue with Lenovo K3 Note k50a40.

    I entered the serial number, but SN shows as 00000000 and PN is the serial number I entered.

    How can we enter the SN correctly?

    Please help! Thanks in advance.

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