• Title: ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6
  • Listed: 04/06/2014 2:42 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.2.2
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ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6
ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6 - Image 1ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6 - Image 2ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6 - Image 3ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6 - Image 4ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6 - Image 5ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6 - Image 6ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6 - Image 7

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It has been updated to version 6.6, which fixes problems related to detecting sd card


You can modify the rom and post it in other forums, but please, cite the original source and give me credits.

ORIGINAL POST: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=784439


- Changed the colors of the LED (full , medium, low ) for mobile notifications into a deep sleep . WhatsApp To change it from configuration .
- Default language to Spanish on first boot .
Default – network to WCDMA / GSM ( Auto) to save battery
- Removed the roaming R blue.
- Reduction of all transitions in 200 ms each ( just below the floor, but as you can see ) If you notice something slow even have to go to Settings – > Developer Options and put animations in section 0.5
- I autobrillo improved, save battery .
Google – Bootanimation changed Edition, is less mobile initiated .
Displacement Improves
Color changed to blue Holo lock
- Added busybox
-Performance Tuning
Saving and battery settings
Dalvik – cache update on every boot
Gps.conf added improved . Since such comentareis usually not much use GPS. In a window that has taken me about 4 minutes to establish the first position. The second , 20 seconds.

- In addition to cleaning , there have been many changes . All applications are visual changes. Soon also performance.
-Added the application Camera + JB
-Added the Clock application JB +
He has changed the name of some applications
-Added File Manager .
-High in the settings section Rom Extras Adrianmm2 TitaniumBackup full implementation . – Coming attempt to add more applications as the picture of gravity. “All” these applications refer to the configuration of the phone , I mean , I will not add the WhatsApp application.
-Launcher : Apex Launcher , very fluid and smooth. It has also changed the wallpaper. There is a FC in Settings> Display > scene has been removed because the default launcher
- Keyboard: Google . Works pretty good , simple and quite a few options .
- Added Xposed Marco and Gravitybox . Now with Gravitybox and 4.2.2 , many more features and graphics settings are added.

-High in the improvement of GPS tracking applications
- Improve the photo quality
- Improved speed HSPA and WIFI
- minor changes
-Lantern vol – hardening is suspended while
- Optimization and Performance
- In this section there are other changes that affect performance differently :
- Zipalagin all applications to the folder / system / app /
- Odex has made some applications to load faster .
- Removed some background processes .

1. Put the rom on the SD and boot the phone in recovery mode ( CWM )
Two . IMPORTANT ! Make a backup of the rom section backup and restore . I am not responsible for any damages that may cause your mobile
Three . Ask the following tissues :
- Wipe factory data reset /
- Wipe cache partition
-Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache
- Mount and Storage -> Format / system /
April . Install: Install ZIP from SD card and search
May . When you have finished installing reboot system now
Note: Always install a new rom is recommended to calibrate battery

I want to make clear that this does not affect performance or anything like that rom , but would not have posted . They are small improvements that I have to do
- Translate the ” Mobile Networks ” . secondary
Fix FC – giving scenes produced by removing the default launcher . Anyway , does not affect the use of mobile telephony. If you install the launcher FC lest I leave here the download link .
- Optimize the weight and reduce some unnecessary applications and language clean. This is not a failure to make , but each update will improve in this area .
- Fixed a bug that meets (I have not seen any ) and comenteis me .


Jiayu G2 ROM 4.2.2 ADRIANMM2 V.1.10
V.1.10 is because there has been a small change , and I ‘ve noticed that there were several failures caused by the frame , could not leave without fixing and some days I can not update it for lack of time . So I decided to upload this rom is more stable. From v.1.9
-Fixed all visual and performance bugs that caused the frame
Removed the odex 4 applications , will soon return to make
- Fixed error adding scenes starting pitcher ( temporary solution ) . If you do not have the original launcher as default continue giving that error because it is not in use

Jiayu ADRIANMM2 G2S 4.2.2 ROM V.2.2
In a post I said that the v2 and the new version would take jiayu.es . Not so, I have found all the issues that had been discussed and ” ALL” are resolved.
This version is now fully functional and it looks like it’s finally stable. It costs nothing, but here it is then said changes. From v.1.10
- Fixed the bug that was in Settings – > Phone Info
- Corrected visual errors and problems that have been discussed (brightness , wifi , gps, … )
He has done Odex , zipalagin , optimize images , …
Well, a little adjustment will be made ​​.

Jiayu ADRIANMM2 G2S 4.2.2 ROM V.3.3
On the occasion of the mistakes that gave earlier, this has started from scratch, from jiayu rom. All modifications mentioned above are maintained .
What I have done in this update has been cleaned at all of the folder / system / app / , probably , problems came to remove any required application.
This version can not be considered stable enough until proven guilty. If you have not given me any problems in three days, will be stable and have pending changes (paragraph “I left to do? ” Will take place in a base version .
- Reduced the size of the rom
- Multiple applications were withdrawn before added . For example suport init.d ( Fraggel ) and other applications that do not appear in the launcher , but are necessary for the normal functioning of the rom, such as location services
- Improved online Eliminated in GPS tracking programs , because that fails. He can add, but this line is not working well the gps
minor changes

Jiayu ADRIANMM2 G2S 4.2.2 ROM V.4.3
Camera – Added libraries . No longer gives FC
- Added OTA update for convenient installation ( credit OTA Updater Center)
- Settings: Titanium Backup Settings deleted because it was not very useful , however , have been added to the applications ( Gravitybox from this version will be updated with each update of the ROM) and XposedFramework OTA update . Hits were removed. These applications now not now appear in the launcher
- Removed the background processes that load the system. Now more fluid
The name was changed for some applications , such as Camera + JB – > Camera
- Changed icons Gallery, Camera, Clock (that does not appear in the launcher , but you can access the application from your widjet )
-Added 4.2.1 Tethering App Official Jiayu wearing . Now, this works
Has reviewed all the build.prop to remove duplicate lines . High Line for GPS and other minor changes
- Removed some of the icons in the notification bar
- Added better gps.conf (credits to @ davidgl )
- Removed unnecessary languages ​​of some applications (not the framework – res.apk )
Pictures of some applications optimized as SystemUI.apk
- Improved some transitions
He has done odex ( some applications) and zipalagin (all apps / app / )

Jiayu ADRIANMM2 G2S 4.2.2 ROM V.5.4
Added Adrenaline ™ Engine Parts , mods improvement
-Minor changes to Build.prop
-Improved init.d support also added some scripts
- Adjustments : Changed the icon ( TouchWiz ) ​​. Other minor changes
- Added application Viper4Android , greatly improves audio . It was included in the configuration. You must install the driver prefers
Lower -Changes in the framework – res.apk
- Edited by the installation script for the recovery partition to format / system / data /
- Replaced the Tethering application that did not work, and the other if it works. Fixes tethering
Updated – Gravitybox Applications ( 3.0.0) , Google keyboard (3.0 )
- Fixed the App Clock.apk to appear in the launcher and can be used in other applications as HDWidgets
- Busybox updated
I’ve done odex ( some applications) and Zipalign (all apps / app / )
Changes under -

Jiayu ADRIANMM2 G2S 4.2.2 ROM V.6.6
This update would you say is the most important. Fixed many errors and amendments have been included (although it looks like another rom). This based v.5.4 . Give least score in AnTuTu other versions Build.prop because I removed the lines , but it works much better than others that give more score.
ALL – Fixed errors that gave the switch to turn on or off something (wifi , data, gps, airplane mode, … ) . It was the main problem I had the rom.
- Fixed bug hot start .
Fixed sporadic boot loops .
- Fixed connectivity issues .
Transparencies were added – in ” Theme.Holo ” . Transparency settings apps and more . If someone does not like , there is a patch to remove these slides in the “Modifications and Recovery”
-Settings : Added an entry in the telephone information and as I said the transparencies. Na is changed logo ( KitKat )
It has changed many transitions CyanogenMod style. It has also reduced the time
-Launcher : Removed ApexLauncher and added NovaLauncher (I like more).
- Music Player : Replaced by Apollo, who is the player of CyanogenMod . It has been translated for me. Changed the logo and name
- Scoreboard , mobile networks have been translated into Spanish . I have not translated, I took the translations of the rom Note 3
- Browser: Replaced the native browser for the AOSP browser. Allows control of the pie. I deleted the bookmarks and pages preguardadas
- SystemUI : Minor changes , such as clean notifications came three bars before, now is a broom ( I like ) .
- Tethering : Improved support . Now there is no problem to turn .
- Updates Applications Gravitybox ( 3.0.1) , XposedFramework , Google Play , Game Google services .
- Build.prop : Eliminated many lines that were added in previous versions . They produced the boot loop error . Also I have to say I did say “placebo effect ” because the battery performance , and speed of wireless data , fluency, … are just as good (or even better) . The only thing that made up AnTuTu score . Some have been preserved as GPS, …
- Optimized ( png ) for many applications
- Removed some unnecessary applications
he has done as usual Zipalgin (all applications ) and Odex (some )
- Changed icons for many apps for Kitkat
- Minor changes and solutions

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

42 Responses to“ROM ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.6.6”

  1. 12/19/2013


    Buena rom
    Me funciona el movil bastante rápido.
    A mi parecer, por el momento la mejor rom 4.2.2 para el Jiayu g2s.
    Como dices aun faltan corregir algunos errores, pero de todas formas funciona muy bien.

    Gracias por tu trabajo.

  2. 04/19/2013

    Czech Republic

    MULTILANGUAGE…… where is czech? :( (((

    • 04/19/2013

      Czech Republic

      + i found another bug: When i want to see About phone tab in Settings it cause "Unfortunately, Settings Has Stopped" error. And do it over and over again. Btw i try hard wipe and factory reset but no help. Any advices?


  3. 05/14/2013

    Czech Republic

    Czech languague too?

  4. 04/25/2013

    Czech Republic

    Nejmenší problémy jsou s touto ROM https://www.needrom.com/mobile...../jiayu-g2s-3/ a to 2.4.2013.Chce to ale šetřit s množstvím nainstalovaných aplikací.Zkoušel jsem krom jiného i DAVID G rom, ale tam mizely ikony pod čarou.Jestli popsaná chyba kolem položky About Phone je jediná. Tak tuto rom ROM: ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.1.10 určitě betre.

    The smallest problems are with this ROM: https://www.needrom.com/mobile...../jiayu-g2s-3/ and April 2, 2013. He wants to save up with the amount of installed applications. I tried besides, DAVID G rom, but there were disappearing icons below the line. If the error described by item About Phone is the only one. So this rom ROM: ADRIANMM2 Jiayu G2S 4.2.2 V.1.10 certainly better.

  5. adrianmm2



    Hi, the rom 1.9 and 1.10 have several problems. Today I uploaded the 2.2, which fixes all these errors, but still is not needrom. You can download from the official post.

  6. 09/09/2013


    I have installed rom 3.3 version and it's almost the best rom. Light pressure to touch, android 4.2, but the problem is lagging. Game aren't smooth, and sometimes rom stuck! Also i noticed scenes in settings doesn't working. It rom will be faster and smooth, it can be replacement for orginal rom

    • adrianmm2



      Good night,

      You’re right, the rom is going a bit lagged, I’ve found what causes this lag, try what I say: look at Titanium Backup and you freeze an application called BatteryWarning.apk, reboot and you’ll see how it goes better . the problem is due to scenes that I deleted the default launcher, I do not see it as a big problem, I am trying to remove that line for the next update.

  7. 03/14/2014

    United States

     You’re right, the rom is going a bit lagged, I’ve found what causes this lag, try what I say: look at Titanium Backup and you freeze an application called BatteryWarning.apk, reboot and you’ll see how it goes better . the problem is due to scenes that I deleted the default launcher, I do not see it as a big problem, I am trying to remove that line for the next update.

  8. adrianmm2




    Recovery can download from here: https://mega.co.nz/#!xsgEWZAb!.....xDtg7X4pXZN1Xog

    1. Download the file and extract it. copy the img file. at the root of the phone
    2. Install the Mobileuncle Tools application, which is free and available in the Play Store.
    3. Within the application, we will change recovery and select the file you just copied to the SD. (Look closely at the file name).
    4. That’s it!

    • 03/17/2014


      thanks…already i install twrp..but i will try ur cwm…i want to know one thing is ur version 5.4 works with twrp or not? can i flash it using twrp?

  9. adrianmm2



    Yes, you can install via cwm or twrp

    • 03/17/2014


      yesterday i was install ur rom(5.4)…but i faces some problem i can't use 3G and can not make video call using this rom..other rom is just good in my country…i dont know its bug or i just only person who faces this problem..otherwise its a great rom…great work also…try to build a bugless rom for our G2s. thanks for ur work…good luck

  10. adrianmm2



    I did not understand much: do not connect to the 3G or can not make video calls via 3G?
    So far nobody has reported this error. I find it strange that the 3G if it works.

    • 03/23/2014


      I had the same problem, but the 3G connection can be enabled in setting: SETTING/NETWORK/PREFERRED NETWORK.

      Instead It seems that the wi-fi connection is weaker than before…

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