• Title: LA-Q1 – FonzoChili
  • Listed: 11/25/2014 3:22 pm
  • ROM Version: ROM Android 4.1.1 v008 (b1r024)
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LA-Q1 – FonzoChili

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Updated 25th November 2014 to v008.

                  FonzoChili  _//
                     v008    /'-?
                           ,'  ;/
                         ./'  ;'
                       ,-" _;' 
                    ,-'_;-"   Arfonzo's LA-Q1 ROM



Dear friends, it has been a while! I have been very busy, and although I had intended to stop providing any further upgrades to this ROM, I've decided to release the latest version of the ROM, v008, for any brave Small Chili users still out there. :)

Major improvements: OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability has been fixed, fix for those experiencing Home button not working, installer script cleanup and more.

I debated whether I should put any more effort into supporting FonzoChili, but I decided that if any loyal users are out there, the least I can do is provide them with an updated ROM with the above improvements.

Thank you all for your support and kind words, and keep them coming.
- arfonzo  



- Fix Heartbleed (SSL vulnerability).
  – Note: this fix uses the same OpenSSL version 1.0.1c, but disables the exploitable capability. Some "Heartbleed Check" apps only go by version number alone: ensure you check with an app like Lookout Mobile Security's Heartbleed Security Scanner. This type of app checks the version, and as well the exploitable feature to accurately determine that the vulnerability no longer exists on this ROM. :)
- Fix Home button not working in some upgraded scenarios.
- Update Google Framework (Play) Services to 6.5.87.
- Update Google Play store app.
- Remove default application(s):
  – Calendar (I suggest you download the improved Google Calendar app, the new widget now works with new framework)



FonzoChili aims to stay as close to the official stock ROM as possible, giving you the stuff you need (i.e., root, Google services framework), and removing the stuff you don't need (i.e., crazy Chinese applications that add little green robots to your Home screens).

Briefly, the latest version of FonzoChili features:

From the stock rom:
- Android version: 4.1.1
- Based on official ROM: US9230-BW90810-0101-V0137

FonzoChili removes from stock:
- System applications removed, including:
  – AreaSearch.apk
  – BaiduInput.apk
  – Browser.apk
  – Calendar.apk
  – CooeeRota_Signed.apk
  – ThinkFree.apk
- Some applications that cannot be removed from /system/apps. They reside on a separate partition. FonzoChili removes them, too:
  – AndroidAppManager.apk
  – BaiduSearch.apk
  – FromXiaolajiao.apk
  – LA-Q1QQ.apk
  – LajiaoMarket.apk
  – TencentMobileManager.apk
  – UCBrowser.apk
  – iReader_V1720_yuxin.apk

FonzoChili changes from stock:
- English as default language.
- Comes with:
  – Root.
  – BusyBox.
  – Chainfire SuperSU.
  – Google apps and services, including Play.
- No Google Play/Market restrictions (as noted with some other ROMs for this device).  
- Zip aligned.
- Deodexed.
- Camera/camcorder shutter sounds completely disabled.
- Debugging tweaks:
  – Enable performance tuning (in Developer options).
  – Disable USB Debugging notification.  
- Dalvik VM tweaks:
  – Heap's growth limit set to 256m, and other tweaks.
- Memory management tweaks:
  – Automatically purge assets from memory as needed.
- Phone behavior change: 
  – No delay before ringing.
- Camera tweaks:  
  – JPEG encoding quality set to 100%.
- Networking tweaks:
  – Network buffers set to widely accepted improved values.  
  – DNS servers set to Google's and
- Battery life tweaks:
  – Reduce WiFi scan interval.
- New in v008:
  – Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability fixed.  
…and more.


WARNING: There is a chance you may lose everything, or even worse, brick your device. If you attempt to use FonzoChili, you do so at your own discretion and agree not to hold its authors liable for anything that happens.

Follow the steps pertaining to the recovery ROM you have:
  [A] If you have the stock recovery.
  [B] If you have CWM recovery such as Arfonzo's CWM Recovery ROM.
- Put the ROM's .ZIP file on the root of the SD Card.
- Make sure the ROM's filename is renamed to "update.zip".
- Power off the phone.
- Make sure the USB cable is not plugged into the phone.
- Hold: Volume Down + Power, until you see a green "RECOVERY" on the screen.
- In recovery, apply update.zip from SD Card.

- Put the ROM's .ZIP file anywhere on the SD Card. You don't need to rename it.
- Power off the phone.
- Make sure the USB cable is not plugged into the phone.
- Hold: Volume Down + Power, until you see a green "RECOVERY" on the screen.
- In CWM recovery, pick a zip from SD Card.
- Pick out the ROM's .ZIP file and apply.

For either method, after the above steps, you should:
- Factory reset the phone.
- Wipe the cache partition.
- Wipe the Dalvik cache.
- Reboot.


If you are upgrading your FonzoChili system, things should be easier. Follow the install steps in order to pick and apply the new ROM's .ZIP.

Afterwards, there is NO NEED TO FACTORY RESET, but you do need to:
- Wipe the cache partition.
- Wipe the Dalvik cache.
- Reboot.

It will spend some time next bootup, ODEXing the APKs. This should only happen once, and you should notice a quick bootup process following first boot.


Thanks to everyone using FonzoChili. In particular, thanks to Gijs, for testing FonzoChili since inception, and providing the feedback.


For discussion/questions/support, please join IRC.
IRC:      #SmallChili, on OFTC IRC network.

Email:    ART at POORCODING dot COM

- arfonzo


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

Donate with PayPal to arfonzo

55 Responses to“LA-Q1 – FonzoChili”

  1. 05/02/2013


    Hi Arfonzo,

    Downloaded ROM from your website, seems fine so far! Will report back.

    If everything seems stable, will you be customizing the ROM as well. Or let's say, will you accept suggestions. ;)

    Phone is great, but I miss some AOSP stuff like extended power menu, battery percentage, use power/volume buttons to take picture and some more. If not, no prob! If so, even better! :D

    Thanks and best regards!


  2. 05/13/2013

    United Kingdom

    Hi Gijs, thanks for testing. Glad it's going ok so far.

    I would like to do some further customizations. But I will need help. It has been a long time since I've looked at the AOSP code (I used to do some kernel building for my Dell Streak 5, nothing more than that). So in short, if someone wants to join in the fun and help me, I would be more than happy to collaborate with anyone do enhance this ROM, but I cannot do it alone.

    If anyone wants to discuss, since there is no forum here, you can find me on IRC #SmallChili on OFTC network.

    Kind regards,

    - arfonzo

    • 12/09/2014


      Hello, I’m through recovery formatted folder modem mnt / modem imail and now there is no network that you can create one?

  3. 05/13/2013

    United Kingdom

    Hi all, v007-b4 (revision 5) can now be downloaded for early testing on my website. So far, v007-b4 contains the ADDITIONAL changes:

    - Installer script improvements.
    - Disable camera shutter sounds as mandatory.
    - Disable the camera shutter sound .ogg.
    - Default timezone: Europe/London.
    - Installer removes third party applications from /thirdparty partition:
    – Removes the apps one by one, explicitly: we don't format the partition lazily. You can keep anything custom you've put in /thirdparty.
    - Configure agpsd to use (experimental):
    – brcm4751 module.
    – /dev/ttyACM4.


    - arfonzo

  4. 03/13/2013


    Hi Arfonzo, 

    Thank you very much for this rom, works perfectly so far. If I find a problem I tell you.
    In pandawill.com, sell-q1 support the band:

    2G Band: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz
                     3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
    you have this rom, which is also multi-lingual?




  5. 05/02/2013


    Hi Kancervero,

    I'm not Arfonzo, but I use his Fonzochili ROM as well. Works very good, but like stock ROM it's just Chinese and English. Default is now English, which should make navigating through your device alot easier.

    I don't understand your question about frequency bands. Care to elaborate?



    PS, if you want you can join us on https://webchat.oftc.net/ as well. Enter a nickname and 'smallchili' for channel. 

  6. 05/13/2013

    United Kingdom

    Hi Kancervero, thank you for the feedback, good to hear it's working!

    Unless that site has put it's own ROM on the phone, the specifications I've found on pandawill's LA-Q1 page are incorrect. As Mr. Cloggy says, the official ROMs ONLY support English and Chinese (at least for now). From the screenshots it does not look like they have put on their own ROM.

    I believe the LA-Q1 stock ROMs support both those bands, 2G and 3G.

    I would like to release FonzoChili with more languages, at some point, but more work needs to be done, and assistance from native language speakers.

    Hope this helps,

    - arfonzo

  7. 06/20/2013


    hye, ive just purchased a la q1 phone, and so far i'm dissapointed, i cant get to make google play store to work, or instal any other apps, can i change something or is a lost cause, if yes, how, thanks!

  8. 05/13/2013

    United Kingdom

    Hi veronel86, 

    Yes, you can do all these things, if you install FonzoChili, or any other non-stock ROM for the LA-Q1.

    - You can root and install Arfonzo's CWM recovery (check the page here on NeedRom for instructions).
    - Then you can install FonzoChili ROM, which has Google play, root and more.

    Good luck,

  9. 05/13/2013

    United Kingdom

    Hi friends,

    Revision 15 of FonzoChili v007 has been put up last week, for testing. I will upload it to NeedRom soon, but any eager adopters and testers can get it here:


    Mr. Cloggy and I have tested this image for a week or more.


  10. 06/13/2013


    Hi, I download your last ROM (b4r15) and doesn´t works, it stop in the initial screen (before the chilli arrives). Also test b4r14, but the home button does´t work and when any one calls me it vibrates for a sec and automatically rejects the call. I expect this can be useful to you. Now I will try b3.

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