• Title: Super SunRom V6.5
  • Listed: 10/28/2016 2:41 pm
  • ROM Version: 6.0
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Super SunRom V6.5
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LR team full name: Lenovo ROM team, belonging to the association of mobile phone music powder home, by familiar with the production of Andrews Rom developer composed of non-profit Rom team dedicated to providing the ultimate experience for the Lenovo mobile phone Rom, and long-term service Lenovo mobile music powder home Community, music powder based on the official Rom or other third-party Rom version of the experience.

【This ROM by the LR.Team — Sunny starting music powder association, reproduced please indicate the source】
★ This is by far the fastest official change, whether it is task switching or open applications, SunRom fast only speed.
This is a great experience of the Rom, whether it is cool features, or personalized features, or … …, a ROM, there is tolerance.
This is a very personalized ROM, as long as the user needs the function, we will increase, the user is good is really strong.

● National Day holiday, Sunny although anxious to go back, but still did not forget the pursuit of the ultimate experience of Rom you, specially to give you time to update the SunRom V6 National Day Edition, repair and optimize a number of issues this issue, would you like to play the National Day holiday Hey a little!
● In addition: Sunny endured a lot of oil has been asked "when to update" the problem has been endured, endured, endured …, in fact, want to give you a surprise before the National Day, SunRom and you want to have been in , So that SunRom blessing to bring you personally!

[National Day version update point]
★ [on the upgrade push] SunROM v4.4.2 has started to support the upgrade package push updates, will be pushed to the recent update of these users.
★ 【Brush before the proposal】 This version of SunROM changes and optimization of more, in order to achieve the specified results, please refer to the following information to see whether the need for double-clear.
(SunRom V6.0.3 and above users can directly upgrade this package, the other Rom recommended double-brush after the brush, this upgrade will clear the alarm has been set information, please upgrade and re-set)

★ ROOT request box on the part of the scene can not click to confirm the problem: This is because the authorization management default enable screen anti-hijack protection reasons, in SuperSU can be closed.
★ SunRom unique optimization, if the first boot Caton may be the optimization process was terminated, try to restart the phone to complete the optimization.
★ brush into the completed, the proposed re-apply the default theme, in order to achieve the best results.

★ SunRom V6.5 National Day Edition to two branches: Elite and Business Edition, the two versions of the same function, but the elite version of the bias in the direction of performance, the business version tend to long life direction.

(09-30 V6.5 National Day update point)
☆ the United States, the United States of the Li and better than Li. SunRom well-designed SunRom notification bar, more fresh, more concise, better look.
☆ show, sturdy optimization not only in the United States. SunRom since its debut, praise continued, from our constant innovation and careful adjustment.
☆ good, perfect experience the ultimate pursuit. SunRom continues to improve its functions at the same time, for each version will be harsh test to ensure that experience.
☆ fast, the world martial arts only fast not broken. Sun limit challenge, so that every moment of your operation is really faster.
☆ New SunRom National Day Edition, special edition magazines, love me China, and SunRom together blessing the motherland is getting stronger.
☆ Sun desktop theme optimization, repair Lenovo calendar icon partial white problem, while more applications fit the icon (upgrade the user to re-apply the default theme).
☆ repair shutdown alarm clock does not ring the problem, thanks to the feedback from the Sun group machine friends, there you guys.
☆ cleaning part of the built-in plug-in advertising, ad zero tolerance.
☆ repair Sun status bar battery icon edge too far from the right problem.
☆ repair status bar alarm clock icon, vibration icon is too large, while landscaping.
☆ Remove Baidu browser and other three applications.
☆ greatly enhance the Sun Toolbox open speed.
☆ carefully calibrated audio, Waves sound tuning, good voice of the National Day.
☆ support notes function, readily share graphics, from XXX, full of personality (the original plan Lenovo note, for some reason the temporary use of ZUI notes).
☆ upgrade music, calendar and other system programs.
☆ new business edition, bring you longer life time.
☆ animation optimization, visual more quickly.
☆ memory crush, as much as possible to release more memory.
☆ Add Busybox support.
☆ automatic desktop features, bid farewell to the desktop after the brush messy.
☆ Sun Group to solve machine feedback Sun speed Internet technology in some parts of the Internet operators anomalies.
☆ delete desktop reload instructions, from the desktop layout after the upgrade unchanged.
☆ strong launch of WIFI signal enhancement, to help you at all times have a speed Internet experience.
☆ more eggs and surprises, please upgrade our version of V6 as soon as possible.

(08-27 V6.0.4 Commemorative Edition update point)
☆ repair version 1622 SunRom V6.0.3 clock center-right problem.
☆ repair version 1622 SunRom V6.0.3 version of the Sun Toolbox — SD card outage problem.
(08-27 V6 commemorative edition update point)
☆ heavy on-line Sun's exclusive development of intellectual constant technology, lower power consumption, higher performance, better life.
(Intelligent constant technology is intended to intelligent regulation, in the case of the lowest power for you to release more robust performance, and smart to determine the state of the phone, in the use of general applications, standby smart adjustment power, bring a better life experience. In the phone when charging, according to the battery status and use of intelligent regulation of current, reducing the damage to the battery at the same time can be more quickly filled with electricity)
☆ the default Lenovo speech synthesis technology to help poor eyesight better play machine, the love to bring every one.
☆ well-designed SunRom notice column, more fresh, more concise, better look.
☆ Optimization Lenovo fast charge function, by the new intellectual constant technology management, more intelligent.
☆ new animation effects, bringing more shocking visual effects.
☆ time center, dot signal ….., you want to see are here.
☆ Sun speed Internet technology, lower delay, surf faster.
☆ smart game mode, ultra-smooth gaming experience to give you the same wonderful, the strongest of the king is none other than you.
☆ Add voice unlock entry (full version).
☆ support for mobile phone features, hardware, fast test (full version).
☆ Add the local FM function, support the recording function (full version).
☆ Add screen RAW quick test function (full version).
☆ increase the smart power-saving features (full version).
☆ strengthen super power, life long.
☆ Remove the green guardian and other applications.
☆ optimized camera speed, it is necessary to shoot the speed of seconds.
☆ optimize the sound quality, so that music without complex into your heart.
☆ Repair Click the red box in the Sun toolbox, Sun toolbox to stop running the problem.
☆ optimize the memory mechanism, faster and better, not only in large.
☆ part of the system program code tuning, run faster, more power.
☆ status bar custom text function optimization, optimization part of the font causes the custom text base margin too big problem.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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  1. 12/17/2015


    fu** no download link in english only china language using baidu


  2. 10/11/2016


    Only Chineese… 

    Upload in Gdrive or MEGA or Mediafire…


  3. 09/29/2015



  4. 03/08/2016


    posting roms with expired links!! So damn stupid!!

  5. 07/17/2014

    Basically a modified 1622 ST. It's a nice rom…in case you manage to download it lol. =]

  6. 08/27/2015

    Russian Federation

    This rom is in chieneese or english ??????

  7. 02/28/2016


    Cant disable flash alerts please…help

  8. ismailozses




  9. 09/27/2014


    use another download link please, not everyone installs Baidu download client on their machines… Gdrive, Mega, try something else, otherwise I can't evaluate this ROM.

  10. 08/14/2013


    come on guys, just install jDownloader and download it, then YOU can upload it to MEGA…. and share the link


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