• Title: TWRP android 6.0
  • Listed: 08/03/2016 7:01 pm
  • ROM Version: TWRP recovery version 3.0.2 for android 6.0
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TWRP android 6.0

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FIRST OF ALL : i'm NOT a pro or a developper or anything
2ND OF ALL : please make a BACKUP of EVERYTHING in case you have to flash your stock ROM again

3RD OF ALL : i am not responsible for anything occuring to your phone

this twrp recovery was ported from the previous recovery for the 5.1 lollipop rom and it works well …

you need to unlock your bootloader to flash it via Minimal ADB and fastboot (google it it's easy to find and download )

NOTE : unlocking bootloader WILL WIPE your DATA ! please make backup before doing anything

1)-install Minimal ADB and fastboot on your PC and the ADB drivers as well …
2)-On your phone go to settings>about phone> tap on the build number 7 times to unlock developper options
3)-head back to the developper options and enable 1: USB debugging 2: OEM unlocking
4)-connect your phone to the pc with USB cable and launch Minimal adb and fastboot

5)-type command "adb devices" you should see your device there

6)-type "adb reboot bootloader" your phone should go to bootloader (fastboot mode)

7)-wait till you see fastboot on your device then type in ADB " fastboot devices" it should detect your device as "fastboot"

8)-then  type "fastboot getvar all" ADB will give all info about your bootloader , you will see that it says unlocked: NO
9)-then type "fastboot oem unlock" and goo to your phone , it will ask you for confirmation  by pressing the volume up button , after you press it your device should say : unclock pass …
okey now your bootloader is unlocked , you can either type "fastboot reboot" to reboot your device to see that everything is working fine (except the data wipe)(and don't forget that because your data is wiped your phone will take a bit longer to boot to set everything up so don't panic ) … if you did reboot your device , do the 7 first steps again till your phone is in bootloader , or you can continue straight without rebooting it

10)-download the recovery image and name it whatever you want (just remember its name ) and put it in the ADB folder

11)- this one is optional but i haighly recommend you to do it , essentionnally with this you can try this recovery on your phone without installing it / flashing it there … so you just type in ADB "fastboot devices" to check if your device is still there , then type "fastboot boot <name of the recovery.img>" and the recovery will be displayed on your phone , don't disconnect your phone ! you can mess around a little bit with it to see that everything works fine then press reboot and select bootloader to head back to the fastboot mode , or you can reboot ro your system again to see that is all fine
12)- now to finally flash that recovery , just type "fastboot flash recovery <name of the recovery.img> and your good to go , when it finished type "fastboot reboot" to reboot your phone to your system then type "adb devices" to detect your device , "adb reboot recovery" and your TWRP recovery will be working

i would love to get some feedback for this

i know that there's other ways to flash that recovery and all but this one is the only one that worked

try it and let me know in the comments how it went

and PLEAASEE if someone could have rooted this rom with this twrp recovery please let me know how , i tried ti flash the zip file and it went succesfull but my system didn't wanna boot ( stuck after the boot animation ) again the flashing went successful , that means the recovery isn't the problem , i would like to hear your thaughts on it

and finally if anybody can improve it pleaase contact me via the comments and we'll communicate

thanks for your time

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

16 Responses to“TWRP android 6.0”

  1. 07/20/2016


    Update for you guys ! it's official , this TWRP recovery is working 100%
    by conducting further tests i managed to make a backup and restore that backup with it , use the terminal , and most importantly i ROOTED that 6.0 B*TCH that took 10 days of my life just trying to root it , if you have any questions please contact me i will respond to all comments
    thank you

  2. paxster


    United Kingdom

    I am sure you will be able to use Flash Tool as well. Just repace the Recovery File and Download that way. Not Tested yet;-) Also Rashr.



    • 07/20/2016


      i tried to do it bro , it flashed it successfully but everytime i reboot to recovery it boots to the stock one … even the ADB method does this sometimes , the best method is to just boot it without installing it ( step 11 in discription ) , root your device then install it through flashify apk ;)

      thank you for the feedback

  3. paxster


    United Kingdom

    @Rey The Boss.

    Once you have flashed the Rom start the Phone with "TWRP Recovery" Straight Away mate. Swipe to allow writting, then reboot. The Recovery replace file is still present in the original rom, so it will replace Twrp if Found.

    Regards Paxster;-)

  4. 04/21/2015


    i cant flash custom roms with this ine recovery ;(


  5. 09/08/2016


    Does this work with the Pro version?

  6. paxster


    United Kingdom

    This version has a File missing so People may have Problems which I found. After de-compilling I found "ueventd.mt6580.rc" missing. So it will not work with the New Zips Posted, plus others. I have re-done a new Twrp Material Version;-)

    Or If you want you can use the other Twrp V3.0.2 posted in this thread. Regards Paxster;-)

  7. paxster


    United Kingdom

    OPS: its the Other Version that has the file missing lol… Egnore above post.. Sorry..

  8. 09/08/2016


    I can't do either step 11 or 12. If I try to either boot into TWRP without flashing, or to go to it after flashing, it just boots normally…

    Everything is going well in the ADB command line window. It's on the actual phone that nothing seems different. No matter how hard I try, can't boot into another recovery mode than the stock installed one…

  9. 09/08/2016


    I have the pro version. I can't complete step

    9)- "fastboot oem unlock" 

    Because I am asked for confirmation, I press the volume up button but nothing happens.

  10. ...:::::NP™:::::...


    South Africa

    VFD 300 not working

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