• Title: UnBrick for Free X727, X720 , X722
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UnBrick for Free   X727, X720 , X722
UnBrick for Free   X727, X720 , X722 - Image 1

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Leeco X720/X727  Qfil, drivers and tools to unbrick your phone.   Update ( September 24, 2018 X722 can now be unbricked too)

You will never have to pay to unbrick your phone – See Links below

  • If these steps works for you, great spread the news to others who also have bricked Leeco devices.

  • Myself and FJV helped countlesspeople unbrick their phones by using the steps below

  • If something fails, moves on down the list until you are unbricked. 

  • Once you unbricked you can show your appreciation by donating a coffee or at the very list give us a good rating.

This Thread dedicated to unbricking The Leeco variants X720 and X727  ( New X722)

X722 QFIL File and instructions here:    X722 OWNERS DONATE TO FJV


>>>>>>Snapdragon 821 Variant QFIL —Link Below   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  

X727 and X720 Qfil  Here :    https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=244213


* Fastboot: * Press and hold the power button and the volume down (minus) to enter fastboot mode.*
* Recovery:* Press and hold the power button and the volume up (plus) to enter Recovery mode.
* Qualcomm FIL AKA "Emergency Download Mode ( Also called ËDL" Press and hold the power key and the volume up and down key ( at same time!) to enter EDL Note, you have to be in EDL mode to see Port 9008

If you can not get the computer to recognise the phone
Try another usb C cable
Try another usb port
Make sure antivirus is disable
Reinstall android drivers
Reboot the computer
Make sure that your user has admin rights

Qualcomm Mode
Manual Method
You need to press all 3 buttons Volume up and Volume down + the power button simultaneously
Turn*off and press and hold [*Volume button**+**Power button**] for about 10 seconds to enter*fastboot mode
plug in the data cable to connect the computer



What you will need: ( See Links Above)
a) A Windows computer
b) FlashOne program – the flashing program for the software
c) QFIL files for X720/X727 – X722 ( see new Link)

1. Download Flash 2( Tool)

2. Download the Qfil file for Lex Pro 3 file ( see above links)

3. Make sure you place and run this file from the root of your PC I.E : C:/

4. Do not unzip, when selecting it needs to stay a zip file

5. Keep these files. In case you ever need them again and if it works for you. 


* QFIL mode: Press on vol+ and vol- simultaneously while holding power 

* Alternate way to get into edit mode ( Press vol+ and vol- while plugging usb into pc. enter in edl mode. 

* Then start flash one

* Flash Type: Flash dead phone 

* To Flash Developer Rom: rename of rom to 1.zip

* After completing the flash press and hold the power-button down for 30+ seconds and the phone will vibrate

* Release the power-button, it will vibrate again after 10-20 seconds*


After you have performed all of the steps 

* Your Le Pro 3 will have the temporary repair version of EUI. 

* The phone may not boot automatically. 

* Press and hold the Power Button for two minutes or longer. 

* iIt will leave the QFIL Mode, and will vibrate continuously for 20 seconds or longer.

* The phone could take as long as 15 minutes to start.

* Immediately you will notice that part of your storage is missing. 


Repair Storage

* Restore the storage back to default by going to Backup/Restore in Settings and Factory Resetting the Phone with the "Format Virtual SD Card" Option selected.

* *Next install the latest Official EUI download EUI 21S ( do mot load anything above this) 

* Rename the file to Update.zip and place on OTG drive or into phone storage using file manager.

* Go to check for update and click hamburger icon in top corner and select you Update.zip file to upgrade

* If it doesn’t work retry steps,, If you have an issue from here let me know, also let me know if it works.


Worst Case after restoration attempt to resolve size issue.

* if you still have a problem install Twrp and Flash via TWRP install., 

* Wipe EVERYTHING… and flash the ROM using a usb Flash Drive and after mounting USB OTG Storage.*

* To Flash TWRP simply shut down the phone and By Keeping the Volume Down Button Pressed Hit the Power Button to Enter the Fastboot Mode.*

* flash TWRP Recovery… 

* Boot into TWRP Recovery… 

* Restart TWRP Recovery… I

* insert the USB Flash Drive 

* Using USB OTG Adapter… and flash the ROM using the Install Tab in TWRP Recovery.


Addendum: not working?

Have you tried removing and reinstalling Qualcomm drivers, turning off firewall and antivirus, reinstalling and rebooting? Sometimes the most basic steps are the solution.


Updated instructions Reiterate the Above:  ( Maake sure to Click thanks, or send beers if possible to the parties that helped you, If you can only afford $2 send $2)

More In Depth Instruction Here:  


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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28 Responses to“UnBrick for Free X727, X720 , X722”

  1. 04/10/2014

    Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)

    hi every one

    i have a x722 and brick software

    i did flash update.zip rom in twrp and flash is completly , because i had a mistake to flash rom my phone is bricked but it could enter into fastboot and edl mode

    bootloader is locked and no enter to recovery mode

    could every one had any suggestion for my problem ?

    • stupidbomb


      United States

      I hate to tell you that there is no fix for the Le Eco X722


      However, ther is a couple of things you can try this cable : https://www.amazon.com/GPG-EDL.....008+cable+usb+c

      It will force the phone into Deep Flash and open Port 9008, which may then allow you to flash the official EUI 5.8.26 to your phone resolving the brick.

      Note, I do not know if it will work. But, I have read on Chinese Forums that that it works for some people

      Usually, you would use Flash 2.0 along with the Qfil and firehose. Since the official firehose files have not been released by leEco ( They may not even have it anymore?)  This is one of the only things you could try.  Another option is to install a X720 motherboard into your  X722 essentailly turning it into an X720

    • stupidbomb


      United States

      Please revisit this page, we now have a solution for you

  2. 03/25/2018


    oeu tenho x722 tmb ele bloqueou com a 26s depois que tentei atualizar atraves do twrp, fui leigo na época não sabia tenho ele ate hoje novinho, ele liga mais trava com nomes chinês em leeco, entra no fastboot mais não desbloqueia com bootloader bloqueado, entra no modo EDL qualcom mais não tem qfil pra ele, ele não entra no modo recovery mais aparece rapido e depois da tela preta

    • stupidbomb


      United States

      I sent you a private message.  Noone, anywhere has a fix to unbrick the X722. The people who say that they can unbrick the the X722 are liars.  The Qfil for the X722 is not publicly available.

    • stupidbomb


      United States

      Update, we now have a fix for the X722

  3. 03/25/2018

    I bought the cable EDL but I do not know how the Chinese did to undbrick the x722, because not a way to do it because it does not have QFIL for it in fastboot mode do not give blocked if it came in nomodo download would help but not enter tmb that cable EDL so servepra enter EDL mode, plus my x722 enters without the cable tmb …. do you know any tutorial how the Chinese have made recovery through cable EDL?

  4. 07/04/2018


    Hola!, primeramente agradecerte por este gran aporto. Te cuento que he intentado todo lo describes y aun sigo con el problema, tengo un X720 que de un momento a otro se apago y no volvio a prender mas, he visto tus comentarios en distintos foros y he realizado una variedad de cosas para poder encenderlo y aun no consigo exito. Hago todo bien, me detecta el modo Qfil y tengo bien instalado los drivers Qualcom 9008, al momento de usar FlasOne 2.0 no tengo errores, el Flash lo realiza con exito pero al momento de encender mi X720 no sucede nada y el problema continua, no se que mas hacer y me gustaria pedir tu ayuda. Quedo atento y gracias!

    • stupidbomb


      United States

      In Order To Enter The Recovery Mode On Qualcomm, 

      * Turn off the smartphone, and then 
      * Keep the Power, Volume (+) and Volume (-) buttons pressed and connect the phone with the USB cable to the computer. 
      * Again the correct combo is to hold both vol buttons while insert USB Cable and continue holding buttons for 3-5sec.

      Rephrased Steps
      1. Install the QDLoader 9008" driver. 
      2. Unzip FlashOne and run "main.exe". After you opened FlashOne, select "Qualcomm – flash dead phone" in the Flash Type window. 
      3. To enter Qualcomm Recovery mode, first turn off the phone and go to step 3
      4. Keep pressed Vol Up (+) and Vol Down (-) together and connect the phone by USB cable to the computer.
      5. You will see that the computer will install drivers for "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008"
      6. Click Refresh, the connected port will appear in the Device variant window. 
      7. Unzip FlashOne and start "main.exe". Once you've opened the flash-tool you'll see "Flash Type". Here select "Qualcomm – flash dead phone".
      8. Select your phone – "COM …" from "Select device" – here should be the same COM … as it shown in Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT) > "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM …)"
      9. Select File the QFIL from the folder where it is saved
      10. The path to the firmware should not be contain spaces and Chinese characters, do not unpack the archive with firmware!
      11. Press "Flash" in the lower part of the window
      12. Once completed, disconnect the phone and power it up,
      13. To exit the Qualcomm Recovery mode, keep the Power Button pressed for about 1 minute or until the phone will vibrate and restart into system.
      14. After the first start, you need to reset to the factory settings, Go through the normal steps to prepare for custom Rom
      15. After the recovery, the phone memory is not correctly displayed, the solution is to flash the original stock firmware.

      Qfil Failed
      The error means that the firehose file was not installed.  

      It is necessary to disconnect the cable, press the correct combo mentioned above and connect the cable and then press the refresh button, and so it may be necessary to do it several times until the firmware finally starts. After successful flash of the QFIL, hold power button for a minute or two to leave the EDL repair mode.

      * Temporarily  disable your internet connection, and unplug your phone from computer.
      * Install the latest .net Framework : https://www.microsoft.com/en-u.....s.aspx?id=30653

       After installing Net Framework, we need to start with a clean start 
      * Uninstall android drivers, and Qualcomm drivers
      * First uninstall from Control Panel>System> Device Manager 
      * Next uninstall from Program Manager.

       TEST SIGNING Boot Configuration Option   

      Paraphrased from From Here : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-.....guration-option

      The port issue could stem from a driver fail or  because of a "signing error" follow steps below to enter test signing mode

      Open the Windows command prompt as “Run as Administrator”.
      Run “bcdedit -set loadoptions “DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS” (without the “”).
      To finalize the process run “bcdedit -set “TESTSIGNING ON” (without the “”).
      Reboot and reinstall all required drivers, previously mentioned.

  5. stupidbomb


    United States

    Free X722 Unbrick here:  Donate some coffees!



  6. vaneno



    Xda link recovery the phone nice from a full brick.

    • stupidbomb


      United States

      Great, I am glad you successfully unbricked your phone.

      1. Can you give this post a rating? 
      2. If you can afford it,please  make a donation to F.L.V 
      Go to XDA F.L.V has a donation link next to his name.  Please Thank him for his work by buying him a coffee.  Consider how your once useless expensive phone is now once again the beast that it was, then consider the massive amount of time that F.L.V spent to modify existing Qfils to de-brick the X722.  He damaged his frends display while testing his qfil his test builds prior to finally making the final breakthrough and having success.  I am not asking for much $5 to $10 would be great.  I don't even own a X722 and yet I donated $9.00


      Thank you.

  7. bppjenil


    Thank you Stupidbomb and FJV, 

    I unbricked my x722 phone. 

    I donatel 10$.

  8. stupidbomb


    United States

    Updated Link for

    X722 Qfil : https://forum.xda-developers.c.....l-x722-t3846553

    Please donate to F.L.V for turning your expensive paperweight back into an awesome. phone

    I contributed also, and I do not own an X722.

  9. 08/28/2015

    X722 QFIL file here ,https://www.needrom.com/edit-i.....tem/?aid=281762

  10. stupidbomb


    United States

    Dont believe Tony Zhong: He has been charging people $30 dollars for a fake Qfil for  many months,  ( Calling it a donation, is laughable, no donation no password.)

    He posted a link for te X720 Qfile which required a password to unlock charge $30 for that password, and told people that they had a hardware issue when it didn't work)   the only working solution is available for free on XDA.   

    Mr Zhong, I wlecome you threat to take me the court, I have proof that you are a fraud against and I would love to see you in court.  I know several people that would love to file fraudulent chargesagainst you.

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