• Title: VIBE UI 2.0
  • Listed: 03/30/2016 5:57 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.4.2
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Languages: EN/CN/RU

ATTENTION!!! Before installing the firmware Recovery (TWRP/CWM) S750 Lenovo VIBE UI 2 + AROMA Installer, you must reallocate the memory this Lenovo-S750_partition_VIBE.zip patch (resized system and data). Previously posted patches relabeling include memory not suitable for this firmware.

Installation instructions for firmware Recovery (TWRP/CWM) S750 Lenovo VIBE UI 2 + AROMA Installer

- Throws a patch Lenovo-S750_partition_VIBE.zip and Lenovo S750 firmware VIBE UI 2 + AROMA Installer onto the SD card

- go in recovery

- install the patch

- Parashurama again in recovery

- do a wipe of internal memory emmc, data, cache (for twrp: wipe -> advanced wipe -> emmc, data, cache)

- back to main menu of recovery

- install the firmware

Attention!!! All your installed programs and your personal data on internal memory will be deleted. Be careful about their safety

– Attention!!! When sewing this method changes the memory layout which is different from the standard.

If you want will return to the standard layout you will need to repeat the process with the stock firmware for SP Flash Tool.

Decompress the archive with firmware for SP Flash Tool go to the folder with SP Flash Tool and run the program flash_tool.exe.

On the Download tab select MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt in the folder of the unpacked firmware image.

Go to the tab Format. Click START and connect powered off phone (preferably with extended battery).

Wait until the program will say OK. Disconnect the phone and go to the tab Download, press Download and connect the phone.

Waiting for the end.

After the program completes, disconnect the phone from the usb cord, plug the battery and run our favorite!.

I look forward to when the phone will boot, go through the initial phone setup, on requests from Supersu answer is Yes.

Then plug our phone to the usb cord. Pop up window (Settings USB connection).

Put a check next to "Usb Debugging"

Further, the nvram restores. Run the program MTK Droid Tools click on ROOT button.

On the phone POPs up a window with a resolution connect via ADB. Say YES and wait until MTK Droid Tools will get root shell

Click the button IMEI/NVRAM, in the resulting window, select RESTORE. And ukazyvat the path to the previously saved NVRAM backup

Reboot and enjoy )))

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

9 Responses to“VIBE UI 2.0”

  1. 04/03/2016


    Man can u upload a video pls. If you could upload a video with the whole procedure from scratch we newbies would appreciate it. I have this phone since 2014 and lately moved from andrea rom to lewa os which both are 4.2 android roms. I am interested cause this rom  is 4.4 android kitkat, if not mistaken. So pls upload a video with the procedure and how the phone works after the install. Is the rom smoth or has bugs? Also upload its pros and cons. Thanks.

  2. 05/24/2016

    Czech Republic

    According to build.prop this is still Android 4.2.2 :/ But I havent installed it yet, so there might be 4.4 by some miracle.

  3. 05/19/2016


    Why camera app crash when HDR mode is on or hang on black screen? Can I fix it?

    I change rom from stock to this and feel like brand new device :)

    Sory for my language 


  4. 01/28/2014


    О! да это вроде как моя прошивка VIBE 2.0_ZIF_4.2.2. Автор исправь 4.4.2 на 4.2.2, а то как-то некрасиво )

  5. 01/28/2014


    ABOUT ! Yes, it's kind of like my firmware VIBE 2.0_ZIF_4.2.2. Author correct the 4.4.2 to 4.2.2, and somehow ugly)

  6. 10/11/2016


    ————— REVIEW —————

    Great Rom! First of all, this rom is Android 4.2.2. JellyBean with baseband version MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MPV6.P10, 2013/05/17 18:58. I gess there isn't any version of KitKat for this phone yet, being the most recent that i'm aware of, the Android 4.3.1 from CyanogenMod (already tried it too). Been trying to find a good 4.2.2 or above rom for this device to give it an update and this one was the best/more complete/trouble free of all. It gives an revamped look to the phone because of the Lenovo Vibe UI comparing to the Android default UI. I came from 2 years of Etotalk 4.2.1 and noticed big improvements. Also, all of the original phone functions are working: Alarm when turned off, good cell network reception, wi-fi without drops, soft keys lighting up correctly, notification led and proximity sensor working good and haptic feedback not too soft. The other custom roms above 4.2.1 failed somewere in some of these fields, being the most trouble free, the Etotalk 4.2.1 that i used before. One of the major specs that made me move to this version was the Wireless Display. In this rom it works perfectly (tried with a full movie of 1:30h and some games), and the only downside in this function is the need to turn off the Bluetooth to activate the Wireless Display but saw that on most other roms (only one didn't need to turn BT off), so i gess this is the standard behaviour. I didn't experienced any problem with HDR mode on the preinstalled or custom camera apps as an user indicated, maybe I got lucky.

    ————— PROBLEMS —————

    The only problems i found with this Rom were during the instalation, mainly because it seems to be all in Russian and for someone that doesn't understand it, we need to gess a bit through the process. After the system is installed, one can choose english for system language (actually i have mine in portuguese with MoreLocale app, but it isn't a 100% conversion yet). The other problem is related to GAPPS. For some reason, this rom comes with Play Store, but none of the other Google apps and that gave me big trouble to make Play Store, Gmail and Calendar work correctly. If you install a GAPPS pack from recovery (appropriate to Android 4.2.x), you get them working as they should, so no big problem. I'm still facing some sync problems on Gmail, but will try to tackle them.

    ————— CONCLUSION —————

    In the bottom line, this rom is a keeper for me. Combine it with custom launchers (currently using Next Launcher 3D) and you get yourself a killer look with excelent funcionality. The rom has lots of customisation, really stable (not one FC yet), pretty looks and animations, with fairly good battery and nice funcionality. Isn't that what we all look for on a rom?

    • 10/11/2016


      EDIT: Fixed the sync problem on gmail by replacing all the running services responsible for google apps from other rom to this one with a backup on TitaniumBackup. Now it is working at 100%.

      Also, just for fun, added a module with Xperia apps for Android 4.2+ and it accepted well, no errors or FC. The result is great, and fits well in this rom design as the Xperia Walkman, Gallery and Videos apps have a modern design and improved funcionality. They integrated well the sound options too.

      I'll leave some screenshots of the system as it is just to show the potencial of this rom and because there aren't many pictures of it on the first post.


      PS: For someone thinking that i might have something to do with this Rom because of so many good talk, don't be mistaken. I'm only a really happy user thats thrilled to "re-find" the useability of this device. Its getting old, but i still love it. And now with this refreshment, don't see me changing for other so soon.

  7. 04/03/2016


    King richard can you give a tutorial in proper english?

  8. 10/11/2016


    Hello Savvikas, sorry for the really late reply. Don't know why i didn't receive email notifications when new message apear. Only noticed when i came to visit the page again searching for updates.

    I installed this rom some time ago, don't remember 100% how i have made it, it was a trial and error process and lots of assuming/guessing, as i don't know russian. I bit the bullet and tried installing by what i thought would be the best options, guess i got lucky.

    Lately i've been facing some FC's that force me to restart the phone, seems that when it turns itself on (scheduled turn on or turn on after snoozing alarm) it sometimes throws the "System Ui has stopped" error, and you are left with no other choice than restarting because it wont go away. When that error apears, it usually keeps giving the error until the 3th or 4th reboot, then it gets back to normal. The error only happen when booting the phone, not during normal usage (if booted ok). During these months that i had this rom installed (about 5 months by now), this was the only FC i got that wouldn't know why it would apear (not user fault). Seems a pretty solid rom to me.

    Other issue i noted is that we are left with a bit less storage space (not really a issue, but more a nuisanse). On Etotalk i could easly cram about 200-220 apps on it (counting with system apps and staying with only 15-50mb left of free space), with this one, i had to leave behind about 10 big apps (mainly games) due to lack of space.

    In conclusion, the rom has a few minor glitches and problems, but feels pretty stable, and i don't see any other more "modern" to this model, and for that i'll continue using it. If only it had an update addressing those few bugs, it would be perfect.

    If i reinstall the rom soon, i'll make a guide on next time for all non russian people (like me) to understand. Until then, my advice is to you simply try. Get out of the confort zone, try different options, different combinations and even when you get nervous about the outcome, remember that you can always flash it again. Just keep at hand a good backup and a rom that you are familiar with in case things go South.

    Best Regards

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