• Title: Z11MINI V1.42 fifth edition
  • Listed: 03/22/2017 12:50 am
  • ROM Version: V1.42 fifth edition
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Z11MINI  V1.42 fifth edition

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● ROM status bar function code re-reference aurora ROM, and PIXIE ROM expressed thanks!

● It is strongly recommended to charge the brush when the mobile phone is higher than 50%.

● Some of the built-in software can be removed by the system in the individual settings. Do not want to wait two minutes to search for a simple uninstaller. Thanks @ nightmare help test help!

● on the micro-cloud prompts to download traffic exceeds the limit, please try again or try to share the number of downloads over the outside limit of the solution

● click the brush package right to save to the cloud to log their own qq number, and then to their own micro-network Click to download!

● This post has been automatically set to 6 days after the automatic cancellation of hidden reply! So thank you

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main features:

20170320 update to modify the content of the log

This update is mainly for the details of the perfect, optimize powerconsumption.

New features:

● new lock screen display shows the lunar function, the current lock screen pictorial, the default lock screen, are supported to show the lunar calendar.

● Use the new scheme to disable the selinux policy

system fix:

● Repair when the status bar layout for the time left, the time is right. Open the speed display and WIFI signal overlap problem

● repair part of the user system after the restart part of the application to stop running BUG

● repair part of the user can not use the status bar layout switch in the center button

● repair the system version of the default wallpaper can not read BUG

● Optimize power saving, try to solve the above version of the cost of electricity BUG


● key tone to modify the bootanimation to modify the personality

settings call SH function script Brush process

automatically set permissions toimprove the success rate20170226 update modify the content log

● Added: Based on V1.42 | The official version recompiles the  screen assistant to optimize the screen assistant sliding fluency, the new creation of the screen assistant shortcut keys to the desktop button transparency for the slider mode.

● Added: based on V1.42 | official version  update upgrade to the latest V2.

79-SR3 version, and do reinforcement to System and Authorization Response Speed ​​Optimization. Optimize software for ROOT prompts. ● Added: based on V1.42 | official version of the  new support time center layout switch now support the time center, time left, time right three status bardifferentdisplay style layout● new: based on V1.42 |  Adjust the default status bar layout for the time center, if you like other styles of friends can be  personalizedsettings – show – layout switch inside the other set● new: based on V1.42 | official versionre-support INIT.D self-scripting, need Friends can put the script to SYSTRM-ETC-INIT.D inside● new: based on V1.42 | official version of  the optimization performance INIT.D built a script to improve performance, if you feel uncomfortable to SYSTRM-ETC- INIT.D delete the performance of this file● new: based on V1.42 | official version of  the adjustment Buiild dalvik.vm.heapminfree value of 4m effect need self-test● new: based on V1.42 | official version of the  repair part of friends set the desktop Layout and icon size is invalid● new: based on V1.42 | official version of the  next version of the update notice:performancemode rewrite the code to support the boot application of their own selected mode of operation to choose whether to start their own temperature control and eight nuclear full Do not spray! 20170216 update modify the content log● new: based on V1.42 | official version  re-optimized ROOT built-in program SuperSU version is currently the latest 2.79-SR2 and do start optimization, ROOT response speed optimization, optimization software to obtain ROOT prompt language● new: based on V1.   42 | The official version of the updated Android System WebView to the latest 56.0.2924.87 stable version, help part of the software online experience optimization (only for the complete package)● Added: based on V1.42 | official version  update VIPER4 sound to the latest VIPERFX sound Drive the official version v2.5.0.5 default does not open, such as the need to be personalized settings – finished machine – Viper sound click to install (PS: pay attention to the installation is complete to the phone butler to give Viper sound related permissions such as read and write storage, use Bluetooth Etc.)● New: based on V1.42 | official version of the  newrelease of the blanklog log open this feature after the use of Xp framework does not record any module usage log, effectively reduce the use of XP framework after the frequent recording log system consumption electrically Caton● new: based V1.42 | official version  before rejoining repair Busybox Busybox incorrect installation problems, some software can not be used until repair issues Busybox● new: V1.42 based | official version  before open repair Set the transparent part of the invalid or must restart the system to have the effect of the problem● Added: based on V1.42 | official version of the  switch before the state bar layout when the defaultwallpaper torestore the original problem20170123 update the contentsof the updatelog,integrated 20170115 update Log

● new: based on V1.42 | official version of the  anti-compiler to amend the status bar,referenceto the Aurora ROM status bar function,expressed gratitude!

● new: based on V1.42 | official version  due to re-modify the status bar, so the previous part of the status bar function may change!

● Added: based on V1.   42 | full version of the status bar time: show seconds, time to switch, display the week, display the date, display the month, show the year, time refinement (show morning, morning, noon …) and (display child, Ugly, when …) and so on

● new: based on V1.42 | official version of the  status bar speed support thefollowingmode switch: disable, display upload speed, display download speed, display upload and download speed!

● Added: based on V1.42 | official version of the  new sliding status bar to adjust the brightness, double-click the status bar and long press the status bar to support thefollowing operations: no operation, power menu, lock screen, return, background tasks, The menu key ends the current application.

● Added: based on V1.42 | official version of the  new lock screen lantern display and pull down the lunar display, the new support for custom display  runners

● new: based on V1.42 | official versionto join the perfect ROOT, and update the upgrade SuperSU to The latest V2.79-SR2 version, and do reinforce to System and Authorize Response Speed ​​Optimization.

● Added: based

on V1.42 | official version of the  added ringtones  switch, low powerringtonesswitch, the default opento the personalityset off● new: based on V1.42 | official versionto join the VIPER4 Viper sound, the default does not open, Need to be able to set the personality to open the installation!

● Added: based on V1.42 | official version of the personality  settings – play machine new RE manager, the default is not

installed, you need to click to install● new: based on V1.42 | official version of the  new bootanimationswitch,currentlysupports Three animations, disabled (that is, Nubian official animation), Google animation (that is, the first few versions we see the animation), native animation (that is, the whole boot only show android boot faster).

● 20170108 modify the update content log:

● new: based on V1.42 | official version of the   perfect ROOT, and update the upgrade SuperSU to the latest V2.79 version, and do reinforce to System and authorized response speed optimization.

● Added: based on V1.42 | official version of   the three state bar to join the layout switch, support the time left, time center, time right, and real-time switching, no need to restart the system.

● Added: Based on V1.42 | The official version of   the status bar to join a variety of functions Key definition, including the time significantly seconds, significant, significant week, Home background memory remaining, speed, lock screen pull down the lunar calendar

● : Based on V1.42 | official version of   the desktop layout to join the switch and desktop icon custom size, support 4 × 5 and 5 × 5 and desktop icon custom size

● new: based on V1.42 | official version   joined the shake mobile phone action comprising: a memory cleanup, lock screen, Home button to end the current application and return to the previous menu keys, power key, screen shots, and other functions on one application

● new: based V1.42 | official version   added more Personality features, support system animation switch, including 7 different animation effects. Supports font switching, including 6 different fonts. Support set transparent.

The new version: V1.42 | official version   added more auxiliary functions, including call flash, night mode, screen assistant, red envelope assistant, a key to install XP frame, lock screen automatically clean memory, call recording, full function NFC, Hardware acceleration, disable the phone steward, a key repair due to the use of WeChat for the XP module caused by WeChat flashback, custom 420-480DPI switch, the system freeze and view the connected WIFI password. (PS: already mentioned functions are used to achieve the code).

● Added: based on V1.   42 | official version joined the lifting temperature control rewrite the lifting temperature control related code, it is recommended to open the eight nuclear full load before the start to lift the temperature control ● new: based on V1.42 | official version   support to modify the CPU frequency , and for the Z11-MINI- S models made the parameters ● Added: based on V1.42 | official version   of the mandatory modification selinux strategy to 0, and merged part of the APK ODEX, joined the relevant Busybox. Hide the shortcut icon for the personality settings, you can use the drop-down status bar click on the lunar calendar or settings – personality settings can quickly enter the personality settings, and can also be created through the personality settings in the shortcut icon to the desktop!

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