• Title: ZTE Nubia Z7 Max, Official Update v1.48
  • Listed: 11/30/2014 3:19 pm
  • ROM Version: NX505J-update 1.48 (Android 4.4.2)
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ZTE Nubia Z7 Max, Official Update v1.48
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Name: Z7 Max SD card Brush Pack V1.48 version.

Published: 2014-11-24

Rom size: 755MB


No multi-language, only English and Chinese

Important reminder:

To prevent accidental data loss, back up important data (recommend backing up to a computer or using third-party tools) in your phone before you upgrade!

Make sure your phone's root privileges before the FOTA upgrade has been canceled!

V1.48 version of the main changes described, including but not limited to the following list:

  • When the phone is turned on 4G telecom solve the problem of crash
  • Solve two GSM cards are set to have a card no signal problem
  • Solve the total mobile phone display changes limited access issues
  • Operator error is displayed solve Click preferred network type error problem
  • Solve the problem of mobile 4G cards as China Telecom's network mode
  • Call volume automatically solve smaller problems
  • Optimization card a strong signal from no signal to the local network still can not find the problem
  • Optimize mobile network can automatically find out network problems
  • When optimizing the caller hear an echo problem
  • Optimization of end-use Unicom card only in G under the call probabilistic have intermittent no sound problems
  • C network optimization handset reception strength
  • Optimization of the dial dial and hang up button
  • Call recording files are named with the phone number was revised to add the date named
  • Optimized brightness camera photo shoot
  • Solve dim environment, the corners have a blue-green shadow problems pictures
  • Optimized panoramic dim viewfinder interface, photo effects display brighter than the viewfinder interface issues
  • Metering position coordinates optimum light painted patterns and electronic aperture
  • Improve metering light painting mode
  • Solve the electronic aperture and slow shutter camera countdown and progress percentage is displayed overlapping
  • Solve open independent white balance, electronic iris photographs all black issue
  • When the camera is switched solve Xinggui mode, the camera error problem
  • Click the button after finishing Xinggui solve unreactive problem
  • After photographing solve slow start gate delay time bar issue is not disabled
  • Solve the rapid capture of U disk mode has a vibrating alert but no problem to save photos
  • Resolved by the camera into the gallery, screen brightness problems increased sharply
  • Photo Stream interface to solve the original problem of inconsistent picture and terminal guidance
  • Gallery 1970 retreated to solve the problem of time
  • Unlock solve visitor enters the camera after taking the photo preview mode is not the right questions
  • Problem solving Gallery menu bar does not show
  • When the phone book to solve the whole problem of error selected text
  • Contact resolved on the phone and then import export merge interface displays wrong question
  • Unable to resolve the name to a number of contacts search problem
  • No more settings to solve contact problems sharing contacts
  • Without prompting the user to re-import contacts problem solving
  • After importing vCard file failed to solve no problems prompted
  • Unable to enter the unsaved contact interface problem solving dialpad to enter
  • Under easy mode to solve common contacts appear after editing a contact problem has been deleted
  • Solving easy mode to view contacts click on the "call" no response problem
  • By refusing to solve the easy mode terminal after a missed call is outgoing call records show the number of questions
  • After the call to solve the interface displays text messages sent during unusual problems
  • Solve the terminal after the restart notification bar unread SMS tips go away
  • Resolve SMS notification bar after viewing the problem still remind
  • Send button will not edit the text input when set to gray
  • Resolved in SMS search box can not be matched to the corresponding input% SMS issues
  • SMS notification ringtone solve probabilistic revert to the default settings for the magic bells problem
  • There are two thump thump bite problem solving SMS notification ringtone ringtone
  • Only when you choose to send content to solve the information into the easy mode reply unsuccessful problem
  • When you receive a call to resolve SMS reply, and then unlock the lock screen, write your own point the question of error
  • Problem can not receive multimedia messages
  • Optimization of real-time speed display font
  • Solving Keyboard and respiratory lantern lamp is not lit probabilistic problem
  • Solve the sleep problem does remind charging light up the screen prompts
  • Solve enterprise domain password settings interface using the "select all" the question of error
  • Unable to set the theme of solving the problem of terminal
  • Optimized playing machine manual carved screen Features
  • Solve the lock screen and PIN unlock screen time display inconsistencies
  • After solving the lock screen to unlock the icon of the real problem is not the whole election
  • Double-click optimization feature bright screen
  • Optimization of dynamic wallpaper lock screen caller hang up key interface and background color display
  • Solve the lock screen calls, UI interface wrong question
  • Niu Dun modify add duplicate numbers when prompt to blacklist
  • Resolve to clean up the lock screen will clean out the problem Niu
  • Niu Dun in solving the problem of ineffective click Exit
  • Niu Dun spam messages solve Click the Add button after the question of error
  • Flow exceeded prompt will pop up to solve the problem, not the card Niu / flow rate is not set
  • Solve the set alarm time to remind awakened wrong question
  • Alarm clock ringing only solve part of the player can repeat it again some questions
  • Press the Home key to solving probabilistic error cleanup backstage problems
  • Nubia cloud solve probabilistic error stop running problems
  • Optimized data backup and recovery capabilities
  • Optimized open holster bright screen terminal speed of response
  • When prompted to change the storage location to solve the U disk mode connection is disconnected twice problems
  • When the terminal is connected to solve the USB mass storage error problem
  • Through Beam + unsuccessful solve the problem of sharing schedule
  • Solve the short video sequence error problem saving
  • Solve interactive play pictures, music, videos off the TV during the terminal error problem
  • Sound solve a small problem with a friend when the other party to hear QQ video
  • Solve plug headphones playing music after the restart, music intermittent problems with noise
  • Solve the problem completely extinguished screen playback order under the last song is not playing
  • Switching back to solve the next song, play songs and songs notification bar display inconsistencies
  • Solve the music player does not have to download a list of short-form music broadcast by problems
  • Friendly songs being prompted to increase knowledge of song
  • Solve lyrics superimposed advance or delay time is not a problem
  • And incoming calls virtual keyboard interface to solve the problem of overlapping music search
  • Problem solving Radio remind bar shortcut keys no retreat
  • Solving download management TWITTER and circle of friends, the song information is wrong questions
  • Resolve when entering settings, set the digital code under the horizontal screen digital display half the problem 0
  • Solve sliding around the clock under the horizontal screen interface terminal probabilistic automatic restart problem
  • Optimize horizontal and vertical screen switching speed
  • Solve renaming a file or folder, magnifying the problem appears to be blank
  • Monthly View resolve inter-day schedule does not show a problem
  • Monthly View does not display the day to solve the problem of schedule
  • Chinese holidays closed resolve schedule display, still shows the problem of holiday vacation information
  • Solve the Chinese, the upper left corner of the widget into the Notepad menu displayed in English question

Brush Note:

  1. Cancel the pattern to unlock the phone, such as a password to unlock the screen lock;
  2. Brush the front, back up the important personal data (mobile cloud backup personal information and system information, and will also back up important information on the PC), so as not to cause errors during Brush phone text messages and other personal information of the missing;
  3. Brush before, make sure your phone has enough power;
  4. Brush, the phone flat on a desktop, be sure not to touch the screen.

Detailed matters, please refer to nubia phone SD card Brush guidance.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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24 Responses to“ZTE Nubia Z7 Max, Official Update v1.48”

  1. 10/21/2013

    Russian Federation

    Почему же нет мультиланг русского в частности

    • 08/07/2014


      There isn't a new update for the Multilanguage for now.

      You can Install Morelocale from the link and add the language you want.

  2. 12/01/2014


    thank you for the update, downloaded way faster then the nubia site link, and for the extra apps.

  3. daneyboy


    United Kingdom

    I am in uk with a rooted device but when i download from official source on phone it just keeps rebooting back to old ver 1.41?

  4. 10/31/2014


    i have download your rom  unroot the device but i could not update to your rom ?


    any advise please 

    • 08/07/2014


      First Step: Check with Root checker that your smartphone is realy unroot.

      Second Step: Don't rename the file and don't put it in subfolder.

      Third Step: Enter Settings and follow the numbers:

      Let me know if it worked for you :)

  5. 10/31/2014


    thank you 

    i have download the rom 3 times and i have same problem  it does dont continue update 


    e:signature verfication failed

    installation abored


  6. 02/02/2014

    United Kingdom

    i tried update my phone with this package v 1.48

    but there was an error 

    E : Signature verification Failed

    Installation Aborted

    my device 

    stock recovery and ver 1.29 official rom no root

    • 08/07/2014


      Hi alizandi,

      Did you tired what I told enay to do?:

      if you get this message:

      Install Rom Installer and from there try Install rom from SD:

      Let me know if it worked for you :)


  7. 02/02/2014

    Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)

    Hi    SAMKLN

     i will try it soon and tell you

    • 02/02/2014

      Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)

      Hi    SAMKLN

      i tried it but  it does not work :(

      E:signature verification failed…

      instalation aborted….

  8. daneyboy


    United Kingdom

    I have same problem even after un rooing my phone, which ver of TRWP can i install on Z7 max please.

  9. daneyboy


    United Kingdom

    Hi which ver of TRWP can i install on Z7 max,  I have rom installer installed as you said but need to know which TWRP to use before i try to flash.

    • daneyboy


      United Kingdom

      Hello, i have managed to install trwp but when i try and make a back up, rom installer says error you need rom manager to complete back up, thanks for your help  Samkin.

  10. daneyboy


    United Kingdom

    This link is not working also bud: "nubia phone SD card Brush guidance" 

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