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And411 S113mod
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ROM Android 4.1.1, the most stable ROM for P770, mod of original Lenovo ROM S113_130424 (was designed for Europe). This is probably the best workining ROM for P770, works without problems and shortcomings encountered in different custom ROM,  phone goes smoothly without lags. The big advantage of this ROM is really very good battery life, ROOT is included, ROM contains Google apps, LED notification works, writing SMS also works in landscape mode and GPS fix is fast (considering options MTK6577 chip). The older version of the Android does not matter, differences compared to Android 4.2.2 are minimal. ROM is suitable for people who do not conform to errors an unoriginal custom ROM. 
MaxAntutu rank: 9733

Languages support to v.16: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Czech, English, Slovak, Tieng Viet, Russian, Chinese
Languages support from v.17: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Czech, Danish (Dansk), Netherlands  (Dutch), English,, French, German (Deutsch), Greek, IsiZulu, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Magyar, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Rumantsch, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Svenska, Turkish, Tagalog, Tieng Viet, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Taiwan, … (some languages ​​haven't translated all phrases, languages are from Foxtrot ROM, help with better translation, info bellow

My homepage (in slovak only): http://androidforum.cz/post769445.html#p769445

- New installation script 
- Deodex 
- Root 
- Added Busybox 
- Changes in build.prop 
- Added multilanguage translations 
- Discarded all chinesse apk 
- Added automatic startup item in Settings 
- Added Battery item in Settings 
- Added "Engineer Mode Settings" in "Settings/Developer options" 
- Added item Reboot/Recovery to Power button 
- Added buttons for Call and SMS to Call details card
- Added Torch (bulb) to lockscreen
- Added 
download data stream monitor in the notification bar 
- Unlock the screen into 4 pages 
- Added sensitive modem V15_P15 
- Change the display battery status - OGBatteryMod v2.1.0 - change battery style in Settings/Display/Battery Style
- Changed boot/shutdown animation
- Option to manually change the brightness in the notification bar (if auto mode is switch off) 
- Infinity Engine for better performance in games 
- Zipalign
- Unlocked boot.img 
- Added useful apks (can be uninstalled by default)
- Corrected some small errors of the original ROM
- Remove chinese/russian applications
- Add performance modifications
- Change default launcher
- Add Lenovo Power 1.6.7. apk

TWRP/CWM is required for an installation.
TWRP 2500 here:  http://yadi.sk/d/5e4SK60p5nrGU
CWM 5504 here: http://yadi.sk/d/awAUa-Ve2gMMK 

If you haven't good CWM (there is no Install choice) and your ROM is ROOTed use this instalation procedure:
1. Download file "recovery.img" (it's TWRP  http://d-h.st/UTJ,save it to the root directory on SD card
2. Install Mobile Uncle apk from Google Play and run it (ROOT required)
3. Choose "Recovery update", you will see file list on SD card, first is "recovery.img"
4. Pop up two choices, click 2x to OK:

5. Now you are in TWRP 2500

1. Format SD card and place ZIP ROM on SD card
2. If you haven't it, install TWRP recovery (see above), go to TWRP
3. First Wipe (select all options except SD card), then install ZIP ROM
   -in TWRP click on Install button and choose ZIP file ROM
​   -drag button "Swipe to Confirm Flash" to install it
   -click on button "Clear cache/dalvik"
   -clicik on button "Reboot System"
4. System will restart – patience required – first boot takes a while
5. Go to Settings/Storage/default write disk, click here to "SD Storage" and then "OK" 
6. Phone restarts and boots up 
7. Done, using phone
8. To display the number of unread e-mails, SMS and missed calls on the corresponding icons, install this modified Tesla plugin for Nova Nova Launcher and in Nova settings turn it on - http://uloz.to/xSb37fQU/teslaunread-plugin-2-3-apk
9. To change battery style, click on icon Settings/Display/Battery Style
10. Setup well Lenovo Power apk (for better battery life)
      If you do not know how to adjust it well, do NOT switch ON functions in Smart Settings of Lenovo           Power 1.6.7. apk:
      – Wake locklist
      – Whitelist settings
      – Manage whitelisted apps

      If you set it wrong, the battery life will be shortened.
11. Disable popup notification of Superuser application
12. Setup well set Lux Auto Brightness.apk:
- run icon Lux Dash 
- in the window set up "Adjust" to "Dynamically", "Using profile" to "Day" 
- now click on the icon looks like cog-wheel, select "Profile Editor" 
- click on "Add" and enter the following values ​​(first setup "Lux", enter number, then drag to set the brightness in %): 
0 lux – 10% brightness 
40 lux – 25% brightness 
100 lux – 50% brightness 
10000 lux – 99% brightness 
- come back, select "Advanced", then click on "Light sample interpolation" and select "Cubic" (very important!) 
- done 

GPS activation:
- connect to internet
- enable GPS
- go to Developer options/Engineer mode settings/Location/Location Based Service
- go to folder "GPS" click on "Full", then click on "GPS (OFF)"
- wait to GPS Fix, about 30 sesond (maybe more)
- if you have GPS fix, close Engineer mode
- try GPS fix in GPS Test application

If you have in your phone an earlier version of this ROM (e.g. v.08), you can simply install a new version (e.g. v.11). It is not necessary to do full wipe (as is described above). In TWRP simply install new version, do Wipe Dalvik/Cache and restart to system. All your personal settings will retained.

Warning: Do not use GravityBox in this ROM, most settings not working well.

If you have any problem with installation (especially if you have an asian ROM in phone) or something in phone don't work normally, first install standard european ROM S110, then install THIS ROM. Right order is: ROM S110 > CWM > TWRP > S113 ROM.

Here are instructions to install ROM S110 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2220275


Memory repartition (optional):
Lenovo (as a most phones with Mediatek chipset) has normally very badly divided internal memory. This can be easily corrected by the repartition applications "anzhuo365.apkhttp://d-h.st/ra0. Ideally reallocation of memory do immediately after installing ROMs, do not let them bother with the backup.

0. Make sure that you have installed TWRP recovery, link is above the download link ROM 
1. Install apku "anzhuo365.apk" and run it 
2. In the application, click the item "2.5 Гб внутр. Памяти, 80Мб SDСагd" 
3. Then click on the "Загрузка в Rесоvегу", it throws you into TWRP recovery 
4. In recovery click on the "Wipe" and uncheck all items except the SD card. 
5. When deleting complete reinstall ZIP ROMs Android 4.2.2 
6. Restart your phone should boot up 
7. Done

8. If after memory repartition the phone hangs on the Lenovo logo, start TWRP, first do factory reset (swipe button in Wipe menu), then wipe all (except SD card) and finally install ZIP ROM again.
9. Then phone will work normally.

Allocation of memory for each application possibilities "anzhuo365.apk": 
1 Internal memory 770 MB, SD Card 1.5GB, system 769 MB, data 769 MB, cache 513 MB 
2 Internal memory 1GB, SD Card 1.5GB, system 769 MB, data 1 GB, cache 256 MB 
3 Internal memory 2GB, SD Card 0.6GB, system 769 MB, data 2GB, cache 256 MB 
4 Internal memory 2.5GB, SD Card 80 MB, system 769 MB, data 2.5 GB, cache 256MB 
5 Internal memory 2.7GB, SD Card 20MB, system 769 MB, data 2.7 B, cache 128 MB

How to set a custom mellodies:

Custom mellody for SMS notification
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Notifications" on SD card.
2. Then set it 
in Settings/Audio profiles/General/Notifications
Custom mellody as Ringtone
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Ringtones" on SD card
2. Then set it in in Settings/Audio profiles/General/Voice call ringtone
Custom mellody as Alarm clock
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Alarms" on SD card
2. Then set it in icon Clock, choose Alarms, set alarm time and choose your melody

Help with better translation into other languages:
1. Download ZIP file "used_languages.zip", unpack it – link is above
2. Install text editor Notepad++ http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.6.3.html
    (translate strictly in Notepad++ editor)
3. The best way to translate:
    - setup phone to your language, e.g. Slovak
    - If you see some english text in phone settings, use e.g. Total Commnder and find this text (you have to find text in files) in files form ZIP archive
    - you will find location of english text in file name (e.g.
strings.xml in folder values)
    -  find the same file in slovak folder (values-sk)
    - copy full strings from english file to slovak file and translate it, e.g.

  – do it for all english text which you found
6. If you will have translated files, send me it, I will prepare a new version of ROM

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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256 Responses to“And411 S113mod”

  1. 02/21/2014


    Please install portuguese brazilian language. This ROM is very good.

  2. 07/29/2013


    Could you add Dutch to the languages please?
    Best regards,

  3. 08/04/2013

    Viet Nam

    @rbarat: Can you please mod the OFF icon to the top left of status bar?

    It will be easier to touch OFF when the phone is on left hand.

  4. 03/22/2013


    great job! pity that so few languages ​​… I'm waiting for PL ;)

  5. 03/18/2014


    Hell yeah!What took you so long?ALL IS WORKING as it should be!My jaw dropped when Flash was working on Dolphin and the fine adjustments on brightness!Learn English!Gravity Box unneeded for tweaking;just use settings.Thank you;my brick is alive again and kicking!

    • 05/14/2013

      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      Yes, almost of Gravity Box settings doesn’t work. Please don’t use Gravity Box.
      I will repair mistakes in my english text.

  6. 04/11/2013


    Please enter the Romanian language

  7. 05/14/2013

    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    All new languages will add in the future, if I will find it on internet (in some ROM). If somebody wants help me with translation, write me, I will sent you an english text to translate.

  8. 08/04/2013

    Viet Nam

    Hey @rbarat:

    I am trying this ROM with Lenovo Launcher 5. It's quite good until now. Nova Launcher in this ROM is unrecognised by its plugin unread count.

    Some other good launchers from xda 4rum: Samsung s4 launcher; Lenovo 3.5 & 5; xPeria Home

    You should try those cool stuffs :D ^ ^


  9. 05/14/2013

    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    If you want install Tesla plugin to Nova launcher to count unread email, SMS and calls. It will show numbers on appropriate icons.

    • 08/04/2013

      Viet Nam

      Tesla installed showed that your nova launcher is unofficial. No working!

      I have moved to Touchwiz and it's supported unread count by default.

      (Lenovo launcher 5 is also)

  10. 04/11/2013



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