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Android 4.2.2.
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ROM Android 4.2.2,the original ROM comes from 4pda.ru forum by iwewni (based on final version of iwewni 4.2.2 –V.03_p770_4.2 ROM for Lenovo P770). GAPPS are included, LED working, ROOTed, integrated latest Xposed installer and Gravity Box. Max. Antutu rank: 9492

Languages:multilanguage (43 different languages, from version 3_24):
Afrikaans, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia,Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Czech, Dansk, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, IsiZulu, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian,Magyar, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Russian, Rumantsch,Serbian, Slovak, Slovene,Spanish, Swedish, Svenska,Turkish, Vietnamese,   Ukrainian, Taiwan, …

My modifications:
- corrected many errors of the original ROM (e.g. fixed crashing AOSP keyboard )
- add multianguage support
remove chinese/russian applications
- add useful applications
- add performance modifications
- change launcher (choose Nova or Apex)
automated USB-OTG, be sure to run USB-OTG.apk, click on  "Mount", USB key content opens in OI FileManager (the first run should be ticked "always")
- integrated Xposed and Gravity box
from v.26:
- you can choose Apex/Nova launcher (Nova is more smooth) and uninstall second 
- changed boot/shutdown animation
- Lenovo Power - 
significantly extending battery life

Versions (see my homeage) - http://androidforum.cz/topic48024.html

TWRP/CWM is required for an installation.
TWRP 2500 here:  http://yadi.sk/d/5e4SK60p5nrGU
CWM 5504 here: http://yadi.sk/d/awAUa-Ve2gMMK 

If you haven't good CWM (there is no Install choice) and your ROM is ROOTed use this instalation procedure:
1. Download file "recovery.img"(it's TWRP  http://d-h.st/UTJ,save it to the root directory on SD card
2. Install Mobile Uncle apk from Google Play and run it (ROOT required)
3. Choose "Recovery update", you will see file list on SD card, first is "recovery.img"
4. Pop up two choices, click 2x to OK:

5. Now you are in TWRP 2500

0. Format SD card and place ZIP ROM on SD card
1. In phone Settings switch off control PIN code for both SIM cards
2. If you haven't it, install TWRP recovery (see above), go to TWRP
3. First Wipe (select all options except SD card), then install ZIP ROM
  -in TWRP click on Install button and choose ZIP file ROM
​   -drag button "Swipe to Confirm Flash"to install it
  -click on button "Clear cache/dalvik"
  -clicik on button "Reboot System"
  -click on button "Do not fix"
4. System will restart –patience required –first boot takes a while
5. Set language and setup phone
6. Initialize Xposed installer:
  –run Xposed Installer
  –click on "Framework choice", clik on "Install/Update"(accept ROOT access), then on "Reboot"(phone will restart)
  –after restart run Xposed Installer again
  –click on "Modules"
  –mark the check box before "GravityBox [2.6.9]"
  - leaveXposed Installer and restart phone
  –find GravityBox icon and run it, you get to the menu with lots of very useful new settings, try it all, many are really    excellent (e.g. you can switch display speed data in the notification bar, more icons in not. bar (as shows picture nr. 4, …)
7. Install the latest Google Play 4.6.16. http://uloz.to/xanztPTk/com-android-vending-4-6-16-apk
8. Turn-off display of  ROOT pop-up dialogs: click to icon SuperSU, then Settings/Show notifications ->uncheck it
9. Set-up Lenovo Power apk

Speeding fix GPS satellites: 
a) You have to internet in mobile (3G or Wifi)

b) Turn EPO –Settings / Options Developer / Engineer mode / Location / Location based service / EPO, switch off EPO function (if enabled) 
c) Choice Location / YGPS / Information, click for the first on "Hot"button (wait a moment), then click "Full"(and wait a moment) and finally click to "AGPS restart"(if option YGPS is not an active, from TWRP install CWM and from itto install this ROM) 
d) Restart the phone, run GPS test apk and try GPS fix
e) If it doеsn't work repeat this procedure again
Once this setting is successful, do not change the GPS settings. Do not use the GPS Status apk and especially not download over it AGPS data. If you do it internal AGPS might jam. To check the GPS fix, use GPS Test apk, Finds satellites much faster than GPS Status. Do not use GPS test apk to download ADPS data. AGPS data will record by the phone.

Increase the earpiece volume during a call (default maximum is rather weak): 
a) start icon Settings / Options Developer / Engineer mode 
b) pull your finger across the screen from right to left, you will be in the "Hardware Testing" 
c) click on the "Audio", select "Normal mode" 
d) under "Type"select "Sph"and set the following levels: 
  Level 0 ->40 
  Level 1 ->60 
  Level 2 ->80 
  Level 3 ->100 
  Level 4 ->120 
  Level 5 ->140 
  Level 6 ->160 
e) exit from Engineer mode 

Increase agility visual system running: 
1 Settings / Developer options / Drawing 
2 Set "Windows animation scale, "Transformation animation scale", "Animator duration scale"to "0.5x"

ROM contains the function flashlight by camera LED: 
1. press 2x Power (ie, telephone wake up / sleep) 
2. then immediately press and hold key Volume- (LED lights) 
3. still holding key Volume- and press key Power again, then release key Power then release Volume- and LEDs will illuminate steadily 
4. Turn off the LED: again slowly press 2x key Power consecutively (phone wake up / sleep) and then press key Volume- )

Memory repartition:
Lenovo (as a most phones with Mediatek chipset) has normally very badly divided internal memory. This can be easily corrected by the repartition applications "anzhuo365.apk"http://d-h.st/ra0. Ideally reallocation of memory do immediately after installing ROMs, do not let them bother with the backup.
0. Make sure that you have installed TWRP recovery, link is above the download link ROM 
1. Install apku "anzhuo365.apk"and run it 
2. In the application, click the item "2.5 Гб внутр. Памяти, 80Мб SDСагd" 
3. Then click on the "Загрузка в Rесоvегу", it throws you into TWRP recovery 
4. In recovery click on the "Wipe"and check all items except the SD card. 
5. When deleting complete reinstall ZIP ROMs Android 4.2.2 
6. Restart your phone should boot up 
7. Done

8. If after memory repartition the phone hangs on the Lenovo logo, start TWRP, first do factory reset (swipe button in Wipe menu), then wipe all (except SD card) and finally install ZIP ROM again.
9. Then phone will work normally.

Allocation of memory for each application possibilities "anzhuo365.apk": 
1 Internal memory 770 MB, SD Card 1.5GB, system 769 MB, data 769 MB, cache 513 MB 
2 Internal memory 1GB, SD Card 1.5GB, system 769 MB, data 1 GB, cache 256 MB 
3 Internal memory 2GB, SD Card 0.6GB, system 769 MB, data 2GB, cache 256 MB 
4 Internal memory 2.5GB, SD Card 80 MB, system 769 MB, data 2.5 GB, cache 256MB 
5 Internal memory 2.7GB, SD Card 20MB, system 769 MB, data 2.7 B, cache 128 MB

How to use USB-OTG:
1. Run USB-OTG app
2. insert USB-OTG cable to phone and USB key to it
3. In USB-OTG app click on "Mount"option
A window appears with a question, check "Remember"and choose OI File manager
You'll see the contents of the USB key

How to set a custom mellodies:

Custom mellody for SMS notification
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Notifications"on SD card.
2. Then set it 
in Settings/Audio profiles/General/Notifications
Custom mellody as Ringtone
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Ringtones"on SD card
2. Then set it in in Settings/Audio profiles/General/Voice call ringtone
Custom mellody as Alarm clock
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Alarms"on SD card
2.Then set it in icon Clock, choose Alarms, set alarm time and choose your melody

ROM contains the function keys to controll LED camera: 
1. press 2x Power button (ie. phone wake/sleep)
2. then immediately press and hold the Volume-, LED will lights
3. Still holding the Volume- and press Power button again, then first release the Power button, then release Volume- button and LEDs will illuminate steadily
4. Then turn off the LED (see section 1. ie. again press 2x Power button consecutively (ie. phone wake/sleep) and then press Volume- button

Known small issues in this ROM: 
- Bluetooth does not display the first 4 characters of the connected device
- If you restart phone connected to a charger, , it stays stuck on the Lenovo logo (remove/plug-in the battery)

If you have any problem with installation (or something in phone don't work normally), first install standard european ROM S110/113, then install MIUI ROM. Right order is: ROM S110 >CWM >TWRP >MIUI ROM.

Here are instructions to install ROM S110/113 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2220275

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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

288 Responses to“Android 4.2.2.”

  1. 04/11/2013
    Posts: 48


    is a very good rom

    if you could put a button proximity sensor would be great

    good job thanks

  2. 04/11/2013
    Posts: 48


    you can say that increasing the volume settings for external speaker?

  3. rbarat

    Posts: 1027

    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    Increase volume setting for phone speaker:
    a) start icon Settings / Options Developer / Engineer mode 

    b) pull your finger across the screen from right to left, you will be in the "Hardware Testing" 

    c) click on the "Audio", select "Normal mode" 

    d) under "Type"select "Sph"and set the following levels: 

      Level 0 ->40 

      Level 1 ->60 

      Level 2 ->80 

      Level 3 ->100 

      Level 4 ->120 

      Level 5 ->140 

      Level 6 ->160 

    e) exit from Engineer mode 

  4. lenovo.p770

    Posts: 212


    How about notification/Icon for headset? already appear? because this ROM before, Headset Icon is not appear when we plug in Headset.

    • rbarat

      Posts: 1027

      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      No, there is still no icon in notification bar, if you use earphone…A small mistake.

  5. rbarat

    Posts: 1027


    There are new tweaks in build.prop in new version 3_18.

  6. 02/21/2014
    Posts: 10


    when I do call the screen goes black and does not return

  7. 12/31/2013
    Posts: 5

    Viet Nam

    U should add the funtion add contact as text in sms ;)

  8. 11/05/2013
    Posts: 1


    03_19 is the best 4.2.2 rom for P770 till now…I am happy that the developer is still considering the updates for this awesome rom. Thanks a lot.

  9. rbarat

    Posts: 1027

    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    If you want do memory repartitionI added instructions above. You will have an internal memory of 2.5GB.

  10. rbarat

    Posts: 1027

    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    I’m thinking about adding new languages​​, what would you like?

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