• Title: CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016)
  • Listed: 05/16/2016 11:00 am
  • ROM Version: 6.0.1
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CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016)
CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016) - Image 1CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016) - Image 2CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016) - Image 3CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016) - Image 4CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016) - Image 5CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16/2016) - Image 6

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Cyanogenmod 13 ported from http://www.mtkroms.com/2016/04/stable-cyanogenmod-13-v2-for-mt6592.html. Right now every sensor (wifi, camera, gravity..) seems to work but there’s still something to fix. Vibration on softkeys does not work even if the screen vibrates (on keyboard) and they can vibrate on long press (I guess the device for which this rom was made to did not have such a feature). Rotation works only after reboot for a short period of time (don’t know when it stops), even if all gravity/acceleration sensors still fetch correct data (can check through CPU-Z). Some FC somewhere (after a phone call or while changing lockscreen type). Random screen flickering (going to recent apps and coming back stops it).

My device didn’t explode runnning this ROM, but that do not mean yours will do it as well, so BE CAREFUL using it (expecially while charging with stock charger, when it can reach very high temperatures if using the device). I am not responsible for any nuclear damage your mobile can make to you.

Gapps not included, download them from here A-GAPPS 6.0.1_10.04.2016_v5.0.zip. It should work also after booting the ROM but I recommended to flash it immediately after the ROM in order to start google setup on first boot (this would at least restore something from your account).

If you find some other problems or you know how to solve some of these bugs, please write here or pm me (in english).

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

38 Responses to“CM13 unofficial BETA for umi zero (05/16”

  1. 05/16/2016

    Russian Federation

    Google play is absent

  2. 10/12/2013


    I said to flash gapps, no google app is present, u can find them in the link I added but u need to flash them while u’re installing the ROM (otherwise it will say error)

  3. 01/20/2014


    Gabry25  How do you flash the gapps while u're installing the ROM. aftwerwards its not passible.

  4. 10/12/2013


    Every custom recovery has a queue where u can set more than one zip to flash (only select Add zip before flashing). Instead u have only not to boot the new rom (come back instead of reboot system) and u can flash whatever u want ;)

  5. 08/14/2015


    I cannot can install the rom to my phone.. when i try tó flash it the recovery say ,,failed"

  6. 04/12/2015


    This rom is piece of good job but i have 2 questions … 1. Is there any chance to fix Engineering Mode? I mean there's error "engineering mode app not found" or sth like this and i don't know from where should I download it and move to system\app. 2. I have problem with flashing GApps. There's error 126 and what should I do? I tried with Umi recovery, now I'll try with CWM or TWRP but i don't know what does this error means.

  7. 10/12/2013


    I know that problem but, engineering mode is for mtk roms only, this is cyanogen mode and I don’t think it will ever work on this. If u disable Audio FX u may experience a slight increasing of volume. Actually on cm volume can be raised changing some values in /etc/mixerpaths.xml, but there’s not such a file so I do not know if it would work to add it manually.
    Anyway I suggest to always use last twrp, with this I know it works.

  8. 04/12/2015


    I noticed a bug with calling. When sb calls me I can't answer :/ and there is bug that process which is responsible for calling stops when i try to call sb and i have to try few times.

    • 10/12/2013


      It didn't happen to me, but phone is a bit unstable sometimes. It happens that when someone calls I have to wait few seconds to answer the call (the screen stays black for a while, what does it happen to you?). The other problem is the force close of com.android.phone when hangin up, but right now it does not cause any real issue to me. I don't know when this problems will be fixed, they seem to be related to source code hence also users with other devices are experiencing something similar. I guess we have to wait for brillant developers.

  9. 04/12/2015


    well when i try to answer and swipe to right it laggs and then goes back to home screen after few seconds … there's notification that i have missed call :/

    • 10/12/2013


      So it seems like u refused the call? I never noticed such an issue, the only thing i can suggest to you is to wait few seconds before answering or to swipe slowly to ensure that the circle (the one with the phone that u move while answering) is moving as u want. How frequent does it happen?

  10. 12/31/2014


    Why is it impossible to format in intersal modus?

    the smartphone say sdcard is too slow (but it is a Scandisk extreme class10 & u3) avery fast card!

    external is all ok, but i will use the internal ext4 format.


    please help!!!!!


    • 10/12/2013


      I never used that option cause I don’t want to format my SD, which filesystem do you have on your card (should be fat32 if u didn’t do anything)? Maybe try to format it as ext4 by yourself (every partition manage from PC, create a single primary partition) and repeat the procedure on the phone. I’m not sure if there’s a bug on that feature but maybe there’s some compatibility problem with some combination (partition tables or filesystem)

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