• Title: Cubot One by bigrammy
  • Listed: 01/21/2014 3:49 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.2.2
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Cubot One by bigrammy
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This port is from a Star S4 and is based upon this Cubot One version (My Phone) info is found in your build.prop

ro.build.date=Thu Dec  5 19:53:46 CST 2013


Which has a mtk6589 cpu speed 1508Mhz. If you have this exact same version then everything works perfect.   

This ROM should also work on the following but more Feedback is required because I cannot test it on these versions.

mtk6589 cpu speed 1208Mhz

mtk6589T cpu speed 1508Mhz 

If your on a 1208Mhz cpu or mtk6589T your feedback is important so please let me know your experiences in detail with the rom. 

Constructive Feedback is always Welcome 

One thing though I am not here to tell people how to use an application thats what google is for so please just make sure it's nothing in your setting's or any setting in a app first before commenting.


Things look a little different in this ROM but all the features are still there so breathe and think a little before before telling me "IT NOT WORK"  

Things to note!!

App installation: Check the default storage location is set to "Let System Decide

For some reason the default on my phone seems to be SD card so any system app will fail to update if this is not corrected.                  

For Stable Wi-Fi: If you have Wi-Fi issues try these things. Reboot the phone then try Wi-Fi again then once connected make sure Wi-Fi is on then go to Apps/Wi-Fi/tap menu button (bottom left)/Advanced/Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep/ toggle on/off/on Always/ Back/Wi-Fi optimisation/ deselect (untick) minimise battery useage.

If you still have issues after trying the above try using your stock boot.img with the rom.

If you still have problems then let me know what cpu version and kernal you are on this will help narrow down any issues.

Launcher:  Stick with the stock launcher I have had reports of other launchers breaking some functions.

Language:  This ROM is a international Multi Language Version





Backup First!!

Very important!! 99% of problems happen because people do not follow instructions so PLEASE  Wipe Dalvik Cache, Cache and Data Flash the ROM Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache again then reboot to system once the ROM has booted allow a full 2 > 3 mins for the rom to fully load before you begin to play around with things  Do not skip the startup setting's app and make sure the Wi-Fi gets properly connected before moving on to the next step

This must be a CLEAN build do not restore data from another ROM reinstall all your apps, contacts, etc etc manually. 


For Support see here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49487936&postcount=330


Don't Forget To Rate It and Hit the Thank's Button on xda.


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

50 Responses to“Cubot One by bigrammy”

  1. 01/21/2014


    The wifi doesnt work

    • 02/17/2013

      United Kingdom

      Thanks for the detailed feed back :(  

      Did you even read the instructions above?

      It works 100% on my phone. So read the instructions and try again. 

  2. 11/23/2013


    WiFi non va

    • 02/17/2013

      United Kingdom

      Thanks for the detailed feed back :(  

      Did you even read the instructions above?

      It works 100% on my phone. So read the instructions and try again.

  3. 02/17/2013

    United Kingdom

    For anyone with Wi-Fi issues PLEASE WIPE YOUR CACHE AND DALVIK CACHE

    I stated this in the OP and even highlighted it but people still skip it !!! why when it's not even hard to do  :? 

  4. 01/22/2014


    Hello bigrammy,

    I applaud you for what you have done this rom is really kicktastic :) . I installed it a few minutes ago so I am not still playing around with all the features. I am using the 1208 MHZ version of the MKT6989. The only thing I have found so far is that when unlocking the phone with my pincode there is a button for information on which simcard is active. That button is not lined out correctly. Its not a big deal but I thought I would point it out.

    I will keep you update with my experiences.


    • 02/17/2013

      United Kingdom

      @CPTdodo Thanks for the constructive feedback bro. :)  Please keep me uptodate with your phone because I can not confirm anything on that cpu 1208Mhz. If you go to xda link in the descrption I can support you more fully. ;)  Thanks bigrammy.     

    • 02/26/2014


      will it work on tronsmart TS7 with 1.2GHz as well?

  5. 11/23/2013


    Hi bigrammy,

    I'm silly man from Italy…..

    My cubot don't works or better my Wi-Fi

    I made all wipes

    I don't know to do




    • 02/17/2013

      United Kingdom

      @moric5  Bro please read the descriptiton for Wi-Fi Fix. Also try Reboot your phone shut it down pull battery put battery back re start this ROM works 100% on your phone unless you have mt6589T then we may need to do further investigation. :)

  6. 11/23/2013


    Cpu 1500mhz kernel 3.4.5

  7. 01/22/2014

    European Union

    Hi Bigrammy,

    Will do thing is I can't post on that subforum because my 10 post limit is still active xD.
    Ill try to work something out.

  8. 01/09/2014


    Nice rom mate, but I miss the wake device on volume rockets feature….or I just didnt found the option!

  9. 01/21/2014


    I have 1 big problem. If I put my screen in sleep mode and I want it back on my screen is black. And I have to power it off and back on. Than another problem: I can’t uodate apps. If you can fix this or help me with it than I will give this ROM a 10 plz help me

    • 02/17/2013

      United Kingdom

      Which CPU version are you on??? and what was you original Kernel version???

      If you are on a older 1208Mhz with older Kernel you can try a couple of things.

      1:  Upgrade your phone to the latest Kernel with the latest factory update.zip uboot + boot.img

      2: You could also try using your own boot.img just restore your previous boot.img and me know if that fix's it or you have any other issue's.

      I suspect Maybe there are a lot of users on older Kernels so I would suggest to Upgrade the phone with the latest Kernels ment for your CPU's. So the boot.img and uboot.img need to be matching ask on xda for the latest :)


  10. 01/21/2014


    Yes it workt :D

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